12 thoughts on “Politically Incorrect? Fuck You!

  1. I don’t care whether someone is “politically correct” or not. That is a term used largely by the right-wing fuckers to denigrate people who just want to stamp out racism and homophobia in society.

    I am not “politically correct” for saying racism is wrong – I am correct. End of story.

  2. I think I just ‘assimulated’ here quite well thank you very much.
    I dont get how anzacs/diggers have anything with us being here.


  3. Let me tell you what is pissing me off.
    The faaarking chunt that has bought the apartment directly above me & has been doing diy renovations for 6 months now. Circular saws, masonry drills etc, non-stop in a pissy studio flat.
    I think it’s become his little play-pen.
    I want to kill kill kill.
    When I’m suffering from sleep deprivation I want the whole world rid of this naked ape evolutionary experiment.
    Hey TAB, what about some posts regarding the increase in the torturing of animals ?
    Now that’s a subject that makes me RABID !!!! Grrrr

    • Yeah, what’s the point of just having the screen shot when their names in text will do so much more to make them understand that they are spouting their crap on a public domain – the internet.

    • It may be that they were given these screen shots as is.
      Of course the only problem I can see with showing their names is that they may take pride in their recognition as the Westboro Baptist Church does.

  4. I will repeat my prior demand that these people learn to spell! PLEASE go and buy yourselves a dictionary. Hang about, that has four syllables in the word. They might not know how to say it or spell it. Just like “assimulate”! What the hell does that mean? I know there’s “assimilation”, learned about it last year with the one and only Professor Kevin Dunn, who is God.

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