The Rat Worshipping Bastards

Seemed harmless enough – Heidi was expressing a dislike for those call centre jerks that call you during dinner to compare phone line rental plans and won’t get off the phone until you hang up on them. But then, because the majority of them are Indian (Australian companies use Indian call centres to lower costs), she starts to make sweeping negative generalisations and derogatory comments about all Indians. Then she goes ahead and calls them ‘rat worshipping bastards’, when it seemed that her initial gripe was with their inconvenient time of calling and their thick accent. Finally, a ‘stupid Indians’ comes out.

And for those that think that racism hurts nobody, and that racist ‘jokes’ are okay when contained to your private Facebook profile, take a look at the Indian guy who is clearly upset by her comments. In fact, there were another two Indian guys that were at the bottom of this conversation and we excluded them because of the size of the conversation.

Can you be more offensive? Making disgusting comments about Indians on a public forum – knowing full well that there are Indians on your friends list and on your friends’ lists too.

This is probably the most mild post on our entire website and it still reeks of absolute disrespect and offense – and it is completely unAustralian. No doubt about it.

13 thoughts on “The Rat Worshipping Bastards

  1. Unfortunately this is normal have heard people do the same to so many races… damn… oh but you are not like them when someone says but I am …. you are like us 😦 I know if she was my frined she would not be for long

    • I was wondering that too. The disclaimer tab explains it all:

      “These are screenshots that have either been sent to us via email, screenshots of private profiles or screenshots where the discriminator has asked us to remove their name/photo.”

  2. Jeez Heidi, getting these calls annoys everyone but so easy to deal with just say no thanks and hang up! It’s that easy, add yourself to the Do Not Call registry (this will cut down the amount of calls but not get rid of them completely) It doesn’t have to have anything to do with their accent or whatever once you have picked up the phone and established that you do not know the caller, hit the hang up button and get back to dinner 10 seconds of your life you’ll never get back, but no big deal and certainly no reason to slag of an entire country and alienate some of your own friends, Stupid girl.

    • Said exactly what i was thinking, do not call register its not that hard to use…

      hopefully those friends will not deal with her, i cant believe she tried to lessen the blow to Rajvinder but then launches into another attack a few comments later, horrible little creature

  3. Hmmm not sure if that case is really that worthy of a mention on here. Those phone calls are irritating; a lot of the call centre guys do have really thick accents; and ‘stupid Indians’ is pretty mild racism (I’ve been called a ‘dirty pom’ on here before and TAB hasn’t blinked – apparently it’s ‘affectionate’).
    ‘Rat-worshipping bastards’ is, of course, entirely inappropriate but perhaps not enough to justify a whole page – there is a hell of a lot more abusive filth to expose than this.

    • Some sects also have rats. There’s a temple where the rats are cared for and not harmed. Can’t remember much more about it. Hinduism has a heap if gods.

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