“…never fined (sic) a husban (sic)

And we ‘fill’ sorry for the bird that ends up with you, Neil. You live in an outhouse, your hair is a shameful attempt at a Patrick Swayze, your jeans were on special at Lowes, and your genitals have been rendered dormant from years of riding your penis-extension chopper – yeah – the one that you ride around trying to get people to look at you, but only end up with looks of annoyance and utterances of ‘fuck I hate bikies’.

To be honest – the fact that you’re a bikie is irrelevant. It’s completely hypocritical of you to make sweeping generalisations about specific people and their appearance when you look like you fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down.


28 thoughts on ““…never fined (sic) a husban (sic)

  1. I do get concerned that this page has moved from an educational page to a page where we heap hate on bogans. Of course this guy is an idiot with terrible spelling and grammar, but do we have a right to hate on him? Does that not just extend the cycle we’re opposed to?

  2. I agree it is better to stick to the issue which is the abhorrent, bigotted, sexist, bigotted views he expresses. The issue is not the he is a biker, nor that he is unnattractive or otherwise. It is that he chooses to belittle women in general through his implication that marriage is the only aim for women, that women he finds unattractive would not find a husband and that muslim women in particular fit into this category. There is an irrestible irony though in someoen who by most standards is not especially attractive making such comments.

    • “There is an irrestible irony though in someoen who by most standards is not especially attractive making such comments.”

      Agreed. That’s the main crux of the post…

  3. Excuse my typing – there is something wrong with the comments box and I can’t see most of what I’ve typed until I post it.

  4. There’s bikers in this group that would feel that this guy is being a complete fuckhead. Because, well… He is. Not every biker is a try hard wannabe hard nose biker gangster. This tosser, who is making broadly visible public statements has barely though about what he’s saying before he’s typed it, a d reckon’s he’ll get some hard-core kudos for saying it.

  5. I really feel like ranting and this seems like an apt place for it. Yesterday I participated in a lively discussion on Yahoo!7 (my first mistake) on France banning the burqa. I think all I said was ‘they should be allowed to do what they want’ and then 104 dislikes later my comment was called the ignorant do-gooder attitude of a 12 year old smelly hippy. A few people assumed I was ‘one of them’ (Muslim, I think they meant). Unfortunately there’s very little paraphrasing in those insults, they literally said that to me. All for having a different opinion! Needless to say I’m avoiding all right-wing inclined websites from now on.

  6. Okay, so I just went to the F.R.E.E Australia Party website. They seem somewhat progressive (albeit without enough policies in many areas) in a libertarian way. Does anyone know what their deal is? With the Neil Simons being a part of them you’d think they were a bunch of racists, but I can find no racism in their policy platform:

    Resolving the environmental water crisis is a number one priority
    A legislated bill of rights to prevent governmental excesses
    Abolishment of the S.O.C.C.A laws and secret police legislation
    Increased support for the chronically disabled
    Eligible people in housing trust homes empowered to own those homes
    Freedom of choice to remain that of the individual, not the government
    Rights for prisoners with education and trade skills being taught
    A “treatment not punishment” approach through drug decriminalisation
    That legislation is actually drafted with the motorcycling community in mind
    State governments to form independent commissions against corruption
    Deadline on parliamentary questions
    Utilise unused buildings to provide more support for homele ss & aged
    Subsidised education for Australians to re-enter the work force
    Inclusion of aboriginal elders in parliament by the creation of a seat
    Teachers to be paid the same nationwide, along with improved conditions
    A return of the rights of construction workers
    No more selling of public assets without a referendum
    Australians to be given the right to initiate their own referendum
    A National FREE dental service
    School curriculums to include parenting classes

    • I believe they are pro-biker and want helmet laws and the SA consorting laws repealed.

      I don’t know whether their platform encompasses the hundreds of recreational bikers in Ulysses-type groups or whether they are only interested in clubs like the Gypsy Jokers etc.

    • Oh this one is a bigot all right and not very respectful generally towards women.

      His political alignment is irrelevant but if a significant bunch of his mates in the F.R.E.E. Party think as he does you might have to question whether they are just a pro-biker libertarian party.

  7. The Eureka flag is the flag of the Eureka miners movement and can be used by anyone fighting for what they believe in!! Especially if they feel they’re being patriotic!

    • i can be totally patriotic without ever stooping to racist denigrating bs, they besmirch every Aussie with their hate filled crap, they take up so much space and make so much noise that it almost becomes a shameful admission to say im Aussie.. thats why so many people here are so loud in opposition to their ignorance and hate, i will not be tarred with the same brush.

    • We know what it is Deano and certainly anyone can use it as no-one “owns” it. but using it as a symbol for racism is quite ironic don’t you think?

  8. What does Ban The Burqa Know about what is “aloud”? Gah, I’m “aloud” to do whatever I like and the Muslim women I work with are “aloud” to go out and make fabulous lives for themselves and we have a great time at work, some of the girls wear the burqa or the hijab and some of them wear their hair out cos they are in actual fact “aloud” to do what they like (there are obviously exceptions but it isn’t the rule that they aren’t “aloud” to show themselves.) And in a suprise quiz any single one of them could spell allowed right out loud if you asked them 😛

    • And of course no-one is “aloud” to speak on ban the burqa if they disagree with the dimwit that runs it. Everyone I know is banned.

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