‘I’m Not Racist, But…’ File no.397

I’m not racist, but…

* Grandaddy fought to keep non-whites out (???);

* We should cut Lebanese girls up and stuff them into barrels;

* The only real Aussies are white;

* We are full of ‘imports’;

Oh and just for the record – this guy, his younger brother and his older brother have all spent time in jail.

Yeah, Aussie pride. Hating on non-whites and spending time in jail at the expense of the rest of us.

20 thoughts on “‘I’m Not Racist, But…’ File no.397

    • TAB regularly features the dregs of the dregs. Criminality and psychological problems go hand in hand with racism and bigotry. Many of the featured losers are “known to police”.

      And I don’t know about his friend Jay but unfortunately Simon Fucktard is a parent.

  1. wow what a delightful catch of a man, he seems so sensitive and well adjusted, he would make such a compassionate and caring parent, shame he is already taken!

    ok now i have that sarcastic venom out of my system. How do these people even manage to function at all? how do people even manage to justify to themselves this hate and violence filled nonsense let alone thinking its ok to spew it out in public?

    baffling and deeply troubling

  2. It’s so sad seeing this fucking filth outside the bars they belong in.
    People like this need there genitalia cut off so they cant reproduce, thrown in a cellblock and have the key destroyed.

  3. Judging by the commentaries/replies, the anti-bogan contributors to this site are coming to resemble mirror images of the bogans they are criticising.

    • Really??? lonhro12,

      Since this blog is all about naming and shaming why don’t you name them so we all can shame them 🙂

  4. A lot of those words were written in some kind of English, but fuck me if I could understand what the hell he was trying to say…

    Oh, and while I’m at it, I just wanna give some resperts to their grammar. Big resperts lads. Keep trying, one day you’ll get your pen license. Then you can get rid of the crayons for good!

  5. Bad grammar, as bad it is, is tolerable. But when they blame it on being dyslexic, that’s just a piss weak excuse for not getting off their arse and going to school.

      • I actually was dyslexic, and an Australian English as a Second Dialect student, but I learned to spell respect, how do you even make a mistake like that? I tried excusing it as a typo, but that can’t be right, r and c are no-where near each other. Perhaps they should re-educate them in prison, seeing as there not going anywhere….

  6. Honestly, they should continue to spend time in jail – this guy is scary!

    Chopping people up? He makes me feel sick to my stomach.

  7. And I think Simon, you should go for an Education and Dept of Community to give up your kids, as you are not a fit and proper parent.

  8. I wonder what Simon’s grandaddy or great-grandaddy would have to say about Simon’s rather crass variant of the Australian flag?

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