“Maybe I’ll Paint My Self (sic) Black and Rob a Bank…”

Chantelle admits to racism.

Chantelle tries to tell Sudanese ‘how it works’.

Ryan provides links to mediawatch transcripts and refugee information.

Chantelle refuses to listen because she doesn’t ‘…give a flying fuck…’ about them.

Chantelle then says she ‘has a heart’ just not for ‘them’, and goes on a rant about how Sudanese are allowed to rob banks and steal cars etc etc.

Fail whale.

33 thoughts on ““Maybe I’ll Paint My Self (sic) Black and Rob a Bank…”

  1. The very deliberate process, planned and put into action by a power elite and encouraged all along by their leftist dogs, of introducing a massive Black/African population into Australia…is itself entirely and maliciously racist!

    • Fuck you Scott. You’re a poor simple bastard. Can’t you see that your opinions are not supported by any more than 2% of the entire voting population of Australia?

      • The impression I get from Scott’s rants/comments are the same images I get from my grandmother’s recollections about her time as a prisoner in Hamburg, Germany during the 40s: Hitler espousing how he and the Socialist (Nazi) party and the War would make Germany a better place to live, securing jobs for Germans, wealth and industry, and denouncing the Allies for their efforts against them.
        Simply an observation…..

    • Also you realise crimes been falling for the last decade right? Your “immigrantz cause CRIMEZ!!!1!1” story is nothing bit pure fiction.
      And we’re a democracy. We don’t have a leftist power elite. Nor indeed much of a power elite.

    • I really have had enough of people like you. Every where I go I have to listen to the moronic ranting and blatant stupidity of idiots like you. If you have nothing else to offer Australia but incoherent babbling then it’s time for you to leave MY country. Society expects more of you now Scott, being born white and having past relations that have a connection to England means absolutely nothing any more. Either you can face up to this or you can keep looking like a imbecile.

    • So snot sorry Scott who planned and put into action that both you and your partner in crime (As racist comments is a crime) Chantelle are heartless human beings with Paranoid personality disorder?

  2. the sudanese people I have met here in Australia are very compassionate. They take care of children that are not even their own.

    they are also the most industrious and will do anything to get out of welfare. they take pride on having jobs.

    many people in australia do not even know how long they stay in refugee camps before they are granted visas–about a decade! some of them were born and grew up in them.

    statements made by chantelle really make me sick.

    • I couldn’t agree more. My MIL has tried to spout some of the same crap about refugees “getting everything handed to them on a plate while hard working aussies get nothing” to me, makes me sick and I always correct her.
      What’s the alternative? Give them nothnig? Send them out into the world with only the clothes on their back and tell them to find a house, a job, food, clothes, educate their children all on their own?
      Great idea…I wonder how long it would take for even the most honest, enthusiastic of new arrivals to resort to crime just to survive and begin to resent the country that was supposed to help them?

      Uneducated racists like Chantelle truly do make me despair for humainty. :o(

  3. I concur with Dexter. Many people of Sudanese origin that I know work hard to make a living here, they work hard to get a command on the English language and they’re open to sharing their culture and stories with us, which we should be grateful for their endeavours to connect with the Australian community.

  4. Theantibogan,
    I think you are doing an excellent job. I admit that I have never lived in Australia and have virtually no connection to the country. But as a female brown immigrant in another predominantly white country, I really appreciate your efforts. I have not really faced all that much racism myself but I have seen others being victimised by it. Some amount of sexism is, of course, a part of corporate life and almost everyone has faced it at some point or the other. Sad but true.

    Racism and overt sexism has no place in a modern, liberal society. Those who indulge in it must be made aware of the fact. I am not sure that I entirely agree with the profanities and caricaturing that you throw at these people, but I suppose we all have our own methods of dialogue. Your method may even be more effective. I do not know. What I do know is that these people must be shamed publicly, and they must be made to realize that outside of their suburban cliché, the their hateful rhetoric is simply unacceptable.

    Now that I have been led to your site by the potent mix of chance and insomnia resulting from Trans-Atlantic desynchronosis, I think I will stick around and read some of your other posts.

    You have my gratitude for doing what you are doing.

  5. So Scott who planned and put into action that both you and your partner in crime (As racist comments is a crime) Chantelle are heartless human beings with Paranoid personality disorder?

  6. Dear Antibogan,
    thankyou for the page. It’s great to see racist fuckers being shot down in flames. I also appreciate that, despite that you’re engaged in some serious work, you do see the need for occasional comic relief. The “posts” of your parody of a pig-ignorant delusional right-wing moron, the one you have labelled as “Scott”, bring tears of laughter to my eyes. Seriosuly, rather than simply posting such comic gems as “Scott” may I suggest that you take the “Scott” persona on the road and make some serious money as a stand-up comedian. Keep up the good work!

    • Well the Melbourne Comedy Festival is coming up, so if he wanted to I’m sure that they do have a few open mic events. However I think he needs some new material. Usually his schtick is the same stuff over and over again (only re-worded) and has become quite boring.

    • Agreed – I have read enough of Scott’s rants to get what you are saying, he certainly seems so deranged that he probably is trolling. However, it has gotten pretty boring and I usually skim over what he has to say.

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