Made-Up Stories Make My Hatred Justified…

1. Really?

2. If it’s true – why is it a problem if a Muslim wants to help raise funds for Japan?

Logic lesson to be learned:

* It’s okay to threaten to spit on/poke in the eye with a red hot poker/kill/assault a woman if

a) she’s a Muslim

b) she’s showing unity with those affected by the Japanese catastrophes.

* It’s okay to perpetuate hatred for Muslims by making up stories about them and then critiquing made-up facts relating to said stories.

P.S: ‘Angel Cake’. ‘Nuff said.

18 thoughts on “Made-Up Stories Make My Hatred Justified…

  1. All these people hate Islam because they perceived it as a violent or uncivilised religion. Yet they fail to see the irony in their statements…

    • Or theyre incapable in seeing the irony. Islam has had a heap of bad press over the last decade, it needs a PR company or something.

  2. Essentially it all comes back to marketing and media… And labels.
    Most people are not smart enough to realise human varience on an individual level… So they stupidly catagorize groups of people in to labels and then make decisions and judgements based on whole labels of people…

  3. Hmmm, threatening to abuse (sexual abuse was also suggested there) a woman coming around to collect for charity. Might as well molest a nun while you’re at it. And funny, no one comments on their religious garb.

  4. My favourite part is that these are most likely the same people who love to rant about how Islam supposedly condones violence against women…and then they encourage it in the comments.

    It’s so ironic it just hurts.

  5. What’s the bet most members of that group will be the first to deride migrants’ English skills yet there is a cringe-inducing level of the instead of in their written expression? (eg: “should of” and “would of”)


  6. One thing that really annoys me about this is that Muslims are derided for not being part of the wider community and ignoring the world outside their communities… Yet here is a women (supposedly) going from door to door to raise funds for people in need from Japan yet she is subjected to abuse.

    What can they do to make people like this respect them?

    • EXACTLY.

      Honestly – religion is a joke. But why get pissed at people whose only crime is to be part of a religion and demand that they fit in – only to get shitty when they try to fit in?

    • Nothing. People like this need someone to hate so they can blame them for their crappy lives. Without a scapegoat they only have themselves to hold responsible for their lack of education, ignorance, dead end job (if any) and inability to go anywhere in life.
      Much better to point the finger at muslims and say everything is their fault and if they’d only go home everything would be fine.

      They still don’t get the irony in demanding that “foreigners” assimilate yet abusing them when they try. Personally, if I was a muslim/arab/asian/african immigrant living in an area with a high population of fuckwits like “Sean” I’d stick to people from my own culture too.

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