Please Don’t Talk to Me As If I’m Bumb

Don’t you hate it when people like Steve Lucas and Jessica Davies ‘talk gibberish really load’? They should go off ‘horse rapping’ together.

There’s not much else to say about this post. It’s just so damn disgusting.

12 thoughts on “Please Don’t Talk to Me As If I’m Bumb

  1. I think steve might be just fishing for attention now, im surprised he has any friends left to comment on his status updates. The best thing everyone can do is remove him as a friend, he might get a clue when he has none left.

  2. Steve really needs to attend some english classes, trying to read his nonsensical diatribe has made my brain hurt.

  3. I am sorry but you are B.U.M.B.

    Mouthing of

    Congratulations on the a delicate balancing act of deciding whether to give these persons the attention they deserve.

  4. Best laugh this week! Thanks for posting…

    Know one likes yous really load beleavers hey…..

    And since when do horses rap? I want to hear!!!

  5. The Rappin’ Mr Ed. A horse is a horse of course, of course. And as for “sand monkey” (Somebody over Youtube called me “sand nigger” a few years back upon realising I have Persian/Iranian background) I don’t know if Mr Lucas has noticed but there’s a heck of a lot of sand in Australia. Quite a large patch right in the middle actually…I believe it’s called THE OUTBACK!

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