A True Fuckwit – Ibrahim Siddiq Conlon

A message to the anonymous neanderthal who posts under the profile ‘Ban the Burqa in Australia’:

We couldn’t agree more with you about the Conlon-colon. We’ve just been a little busy featuring you and your redneck jerk-fester friends.

Theantibogan’s collective opinion on Conlon: a fuckwit of the highest order. Comparable to Pauline Hanson in terms of the fact that his views completely polarise the majority of the people living in Australia and have the support of so few. In fact – to even mention his name on our blog would do nothing other than give him what he absolutely desires – publicity.

So that’s why he hasn’t featured here – yet. Not so sure why so many have waited for us to feature him here – we are often attacked for featuring white people, and he is a white, Anglo-Saxon native-born Australian.

Here are some reasons as to why we

a) refuse to give him publicity;

b) find him to be perfect fodder for our blog:

“My attack is on the Prime Minister of Australia. I hate the parliament in Canberra. I want to go straight for the jugular vein and advise the parliament that they have no right to legislate. They should immediately step down and let the Muslims take over.”

What a joke. Muslims want to take over do they? Probably time to take a look at the facts

“One day Australia will live under sharia; it’s inevitable.”

Muslims make up less than 2% of the Australian population, and none of the top 10 contributing migration countries are Muslim-majority countries. To believe that this handfuck will have any influence in guiding the minute percentage of the minute percentage of Australian Muslims to somehow overthrow democracy is absolutely ludicrous. The amount of ‘true-blue’ Aussies he has fooled is equally ludicrous.

“If it causes a backlash against the Muslims, I can’t help that. This is a necessary debate.”

He has no intention of considering the struggling profile of Australian Muslims and as such does not represent them in any way, shape or form. In fact, his shitty little group (Sh**ria4Australia – name blanked to prevent publicity) hasn’t even got a website, nor are there any other public members or supporters.

He is a true fuckwit, and deserving of any criticism he attracts.

19 thoughts on “A True Fuckwit – Ibrahim Siddiq Conlon

    • Treason is an act; he was just speaking. Ironically, this is actually the ‘denial of free speech’ that Pauline Hanson complains about all the time when she’s criticised*.

      *Always seemed a bit wierd to me. It’s ‘denial of my free speech’ for you to criticise me, but it’s not ‘denial of free speech’ for me to demand that you do not criticise me.

  1. What is happening in this safe country for freaks like Conlon & O’Connell to jump around shouting ‘look at me, look at me !’
    Ban muffin tops & hairy arse cracks !!

    • Nothing really. It’s not so unusual for people with zero political support to court media attention by being deliberately provocative, perhaps while ‘confirming’ other people’s prejudices.

      What would be really scary is a bigot like he getting serious political support. Now, which party can we remember that did that?

  2. Someone like him, and the other (“British”) radical featured in that story, are not actually the worst problem.
    They are an open and honest enemy.
    Far worse are those like the smug girl pontificating about “our” society…and of course the white liberal journalist, gleefully going along for the ride of racial obliteration and social fracture.

    It’s truly bewildering how leftists/liberals/multicultists go on about the numbers and percentages of foreigners and foreign groups that are here…and the different manners in which you emphasise them.
    On moment it’s to declare to the Australians (or the White population of any other Western nation) that there are so many foreigners/immigrants here now that they are now a minority, and that’s change, and that’s the way it is now.
    The next though, to deflect attention, and to derail any discussion or investigation, the foreigners or foreign groups are only here in small percentages, and so it doesn’t matter.

    This is extemely disengenuous, to say the least.
    For immigration is not halting, and you’re keen on that…and the entire point of “multiculturalism” -which YOU advocate – is the construction of large foreign populations and cultural groups within formerly homogenous nations!
    That’s the entire goal of “multiculturalism”.
    You also…quite deliberately…obviously ignore that people have babies, and most immigrant groups have a lot of babies, and Muslims have a LOT of babies!
    African and/or Muslim births outweigh French in France by some ten to one.
    Similar in Britain.
    There should be no numbers of any Muslims bought into Australia that could ever rate as groups, or even register as a percentage.

    Radicals like this DO speak quite rightly of the intentions of Islam, as a socio-political system!
    As soon as massive groups of foreigners enter your country, all other considerations are to the side. This is invasion, confrontation.

    Mr Conlon is a traitor, but is also an honest enemy.
    As I said, FAR worse are the numbers of foreigners, being brought here, and arrogantly pontificating about what “our” society is now, and about how “racism” (which means White people that naturally oppose this invasion) has to be stamped out. They’re vastly more offensive.
    There is no “moderate Islam” as some fools refer. As numbers of Muslims grow within another society…as they will if allowed…then the hardline WILL be brought to bear by them upon that society!
    Talk about setting into motion a time-bomb, and then ignoring it.

    As shocking, is your absolute lack of knowledge, or else total denial, of over 1,000 years of history.
    What has happened before, is being allowed – being made – happen again.
    This time though, by default, by proxy, by insidious infection, by design.

    Those of you who advocate such “multiculturalism” are also simultaneously inviting in LARGE groups of people and nations – Chinese, Hindus, and non-Muslim Africans – who shouldn’t be coming here either, and who each have long and intense conflicts with Muslims and Muslim powers.

    This is a bitter recipe, for total social fracture, which is the intent of the power elite that engineers “multiculturalism”.

    YOU though, CANNOT welcome mass immigration and foster “multiculturalism” AND then disassociate yourself from the problems and conflicts that issue from all this.

    Numbers of foreign groups here are growing, rapidly.
    Mr Conlon is not a wildcard, he actually speaks for the genuine intent of a major group among them.

    Your linguistic jostling will count for nought very soon if all this reaches it’s terrible conclusion.

    You either have ZERO comprehension of the forces you’re dealing with, you have ZERO understanding of history…OR else you do, both, and take malicious part in this social devestation.

  3. I can’t keep banging my head against the wall, it is starting to lower my I.Q to the levels demonstrated by these racist Neanderthals…..

  4. Not sure this dudes sillyness is any different to the sort of dumbshit nonsense spread by the family first/christian democrat types. Its all boorish theocracy nonsense.

    Not defending the spaz, but its not like he’s unique in this country!

  5. AS far as I can tell “Sharia4Australia” are not, you know, A REAL GROUP. It’s just this fuck-knuckle, twangling his wanger. Last time I checked, a group has to consist of more than one person!

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