“I Just Had a Bath in Japanese Tears”

Not racist? Meh, whatever. Can’t use apostrophes? There’s almost always a link, isn’t there folks?

Dear Emmoll,

Karma’s a bitch.

Love from the 5000+ people who read this blog every day and find your public racism disgusting.

But I guess while you’re writing under the persona of a whale, perhaps you and Trent Nicholas would be good for each other, as he seems to look for marine life to mate with.

Various statistics suggest that around 2,000 are dead, 20,000 are missing and over 1,000,000 are homeless. Did any of these people ‘bomb Pearl Harbour’? Did any of these people head out on the whaling boats? No? But of course, they deserve to die and lose their families and homes. Why? Because they are Asian and bogans like Emma and Trent don’t care for their humanity. What a sick world we live in. Thank dog these handfucks are in the minority.

131 thoughts on ““I Just Had a Bath in Japanese Tears”

  1. I do not completely agree with these sentiments.
    I have always been in two minds about the Japanese. Holding a very serious grudge for the terrible things they did during the 1930’s and 40’s, to the Chinese and others, especially to Australian and other Allied prisoners of war.
    They, as a people and a nation have never come to terms or made amends for any of that.
    I also admire and enjoy much about them.
    Only yesterday I bought CD’s by one of my favourite Japanese musicians, the brilliant and legendary Stomu Yamashta, and my favourite Japanese pop star, the totally hot Koda Kumi.

    There’s many other aspects that illustrate this dichotomy as well, this meeting of animosity and admiration.

    As I say, I do not entirely agree with the sentiments expressed by these people, though I do understand where they come from.

    You completely forfeit the right to criticise and castigate ANYONE for accrediting the Japanese tsunami to any form of karma or retribution for past, or present acts…because YOU cite whatever might have been done to the Aboriginals in the past as the “reason” why Australians should lose their country now!

    • Currently living Japanese people are not responsible for the horrors their parents committed in WW2- horrors that were, let’s recall, easily matched by their allies in Germany and their opponents in Great Britain, the United States and the Soviet Union, both before and during the war. Colonialism and Tojoism were not so very different. Does that make all Englishment (such as yourself) suspects because of the awful rimes commited by the British in (for instance) Tasmania? Or Kenya? Probably not.

      However, it does mean that you don’t get to claim the country that you invaded as your own. And you’re not allowed to racistly discriminate against people of different background for no good reason. That wouldn’t be ‘losing your country’, it would be not being a racist fuckhead for once.

  2. Comments from scumbags like these make me sick. Wonder what they’d think if someone tweets “LOL. QLD floods. Serves them right for killing kangaroos”?

  3. AntiBogans: I like your blog, you’re doing important (/hilarious/horrifying) work here, throwing light on Australia’s shitty racist issues. I just wanted to quietly suggest that you go easy on comments such as the one above, directed at Emma – I know this stuff is frustrating and hideous, but don’t stoop to fat and ugly jokes. You’re giving the fuckwits something to work with by doing that, and making to little of this site’s usual humour and grace by doing so. Take a deep breath before writing 🙂

      • Dear nameless faceless tool who rights this crap,

        You’re a bitch!!

        You are no better than anyone else and your personal attack on Emma is a disgrace. Ur comments are nothing short of defamation!

        theantibogan disclaimer says you grab posts available to the public and repost it to the same audience. Mine and Emma’s Facebook accounts are set to private so either you are a backstabbing friend or you’ve stolen our interlectual property by having our names and photo’s on your site.

        If you truely believe “fugly bogans” and “handfucks” (I can’t believe anyone actually reads your shit) like Emma and I are the minority, then that really just makes you a bully. Then when she emails you to apologise, you post it and redicule the grammar. You are not credible enough to preach tollerance.

        Also, the comments on the Facebook status you posted are incorrect. There were more comments on this status and on your post there is only four shown. This takes the comments out of context. If that’s what you have to do to get people to make your “Wall of Shame”, then maybe you are the one who makes this a sick world to live in.

        Emma is one of the nicest people on this planet and a better friend than you will ever know. Your attempt to humiliate her is as disgusting as your ugly inner-self!! And trying to name-and-shame me for a tasteless joke is a joke within itself. At least I have a name. Who the fuck are you anyway? NO-ONE, that’s who and you know it!!

        • Hi Trent. I’m one of the people that ‘rights’ this crap. First of all, thank you for providing us with material for our website. Apparently, people who empathise with Japanese earthquake and tsunami victims ‘have small cocks’, according to you. In addition, if anyone has lost a loved one as a result of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami, you’ve helped those people out by reminding them that there are a lot of other loved ones ‘under the sea’.

          “Mine and Emma’s Facebook accounts are set to private so either you are a backstabbing friend or you’ve stolen our interlectual property by having our names and photo’s on your site.”

          Emma’s profile was public at the time of screenshot. If one is going to make comments on a Facebook wall (that is accessible to people who are most likely going to be incredibly offended and angered) basically suggesting a giant ‘suck shit’ to an entire country of people, 1,000,000+ of whom have become homeless, killed or buried under rubble in the past few days, then once again, karma is a bitch. Her name and face have been blacked out and nobody reading this website has any idea who she is. If you’d also like the ‘blacked out’ treatment, just email us at aardaction@gmail.com. Once again, you’ve chosen to use social media to express a joke at the expense of people who have been killed by a combination of earthquake and tsunami, under the justification that ‘karma’ is at play because the Japanese Government have made a few unethical decisions over the past century.

          “If you truely believe “fugly bogans” and “handfucks” (I can’t believe anyone actually reads your shit) like Emma and I are the minority, then that really just makes you a bully.”

          You ARE the minority. Most people care about what’s happened in Japan and feel empathy and compassion – something a handfuck like you knows nothing about.

          “Then when she emails you to apologise, you post it and redicule the grammar. You are not credible enough to preach tollerance.”

          It’s spelled ‘ridicule’. Irony? And she deserves whatever she gets. As for preaching tolerance – this website does not. We couldn’t give two shits. As mentioned before, if you’d like your name and photo hidden, we are more than happy to oblige for you.

          “Also, the comments on the Facebook status you posted are incorrect. There were more comments on this status and on your post there is only four shown. This takes the comments out of context. ”

          Taking the more important comments was important for simplifying it for our readers. It did NOT take the comments out of context at all you brain fart. We’ve returned to the comment in question and posted the remaining comments for you, just to make you look even more like a douchetard.

          “If that’s what you have to do to get people to make your “Wall of Shame”, then maybe you are the one who makes this a sick world to live in.”

          Yet you’re the one talking about Japanese people floating dead in the sea. Irony again?

          “Emma is one of the nicest people on this planet and a better friend than you will ever know.”

          She isn’t that nice towards the people who have suffered as a result of Japan’s worst ever natural disaster. And quite frankly, after reading her comments, I doubt many readers here would like to be her friend.

          “Your attempt to humiliate her is as disgusting as your ugly inner-self!!”

          Attempt? My friend, she did that herself. As did you.

          “And trying to name-and-shame me for a tasteless joke is a joke within itself.”

          You may have noticed that the content that people like you provide us with make this website anything but tasteful.

          “At least I have a name. Who the fuck are you anyway? NO-ONE, that’s who and you know it!!”

          Yes, and we are happy to black it out for you, as you’re no doubt embarrassed about the comments you made. I represent theantibogan, and we all strongly oppose racism and sexism. Preaching love and tolerance won’t happen on our website, we encourage people to OPPOSE people like you.

      • Hello no name,

        Thanks for posting the extra comments on the above Facebook status.
        I just wanted to make you post the small cock comment lol you are a tool! I did not expect the “douchetard” response though, so now you poke fun at people with special needs, thank you for exposing your true colours lowlife.

        People from Japan are Japanese. That country has been hit by a Tsunami, therefore my joke is about a current event, not racist. Obviously you were offended by it’s insensativity, in that case please start an Anti Big Meanie site and have a whinge on that.

        tunatown, if you actually read this you would see that it was a joke and not an attempt to defend myself.

        Thanks for aksing(yeah that’s right, that’s how it’s said!!) three times to black out my photo, but it’s you who are ashamed to have your name and photo next to the things you say. I don’t blame you.
        You’re just an antagonist with too much time on your hands who picks bits and pieces up from conversations, after the fact(like a Vulture) and use them to feed your ego. You’re a PC thug with no credibility and your views are subjective and tainted with hate. It seams some “occa” person has wronged you in the past and you can’t get over it. Also, when your “frustration shines through”, it’s quite comical. Thanks for the laugh!!

        Cody, yes I am a Boagn. What else you got?

        James, my joke is offensive, I’ve never denied it.
        If you read it and were offended and have NEVER offended anyone in your entire life, I will apologise to you. May I suggest you merely don’t repeat it and stop having a cry about it. Problem solved!

        There you have it Fuckface!!
        I’m sure you’ll have fun countering this post, as you are unable to come up with anything yourself and are solely re-actionary. This time, try not to critise me for not knowing about “empathy and compassion”, then in the same post write, “We couldn’t give two shits”. You’re a fool!
        Have fun waking up every morning and looking into the mirror at someone you dispise.

        • “Thanks for posting the extra comments on the above Facebook status.
          I just wanted to make you post the small cock comment lol you are a tool!”

          Cool logic Trent. Pfft.

          “I did not expect the “douchetard” response though, so now you poke fun at people with special needs…”

          No, the word retarded actually means ‘less advanced in mental, physical, or social development than is usual for one’s age.’ You do seem to fit that description so it’s not ‘poking fun at people with special needs’, it’s poking fun at specifically at you and your apparent special needs. Oh, that and the fact that you’re a douche as well.

          “People from Japan are Japanese. That country has been hit by a Tsunami, therefore my joke is about a current event, not racist.”

          Yep, you’re not quite all there up top.

          “…please start an Anti Big Meanie site and have a whinge on that.”


          “…it’s you who are ashamed to have your name and photo next to the things you say.”

          No, it’s called understanding the distinction between having a private pursuit (exposing racism) and having a public persona and being a responsible representative of a company who wouldn’t bring the company’s name into disrepute by having controversial interests. The only reason you want a name is so you can conduct personal vendettas. The names of TAB admin are completely irrelevant to what we stand for.

          “You’re just an antagonist with too much time on your hands…”

          It takes less than 5 minutes to create a new blog post. Besides – racists are the antagonists – we are the protagonists.

          “You’re a PC thug…”

          Yep. Politically correct. I have no problem heavily enforcing that ideal. It’s better than being an obnoxious politically incorrect thug who sprays his or her diatribe onto a public forum without considering the feelings of others.

          “Have fun waking up every morning and looking into the mirror at someone you dispise.”

          Did you mean ‘despise’? LOL. Yep, a spelling correction for you. Just one, to keep you pissed off. Luckily Emmoll and Trent’s love parade isn’t jumping about in my mirror or that would certainly be reason to call in sick and go back to bed.

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one who was disturbed by the fat/ugly snipes. How is that any better than racism? Two wrongs don’t make a right.

  4. I think it particularly hilarious that some bigots seem to be mistaking the very liberal-democratic Japan with the rather more authoritarian regiemes of mainland Asia (cf: Vietnam, North Korea, China).

    Quote: ‘we are allowed to have opinions’- implying that the Japanese government restricts the freedom of speech, which it doesn’t).

  5. Do all these idiots who go on about whales and dolphins and karmic retribution realise that no doubt hundreds of thousands of animals (including most likely some dolphins etc) would have been wiped out by this event as well? Do they also realise that the whaling does not have majority support amongst the Japanese? Are they also happy with the negative ramifications that this event will have on our economy (in particular the resources sector) now that Japanese industry is all but wiped out? How about the ill effects of the nuclear disaster that is brewing there right now? Do they seriously think that won’t affect us? F****** morons.

  6. Okayyyy, Lt. Fred (and please, elbaorate, what are you actually a lieutenant of, the moron platoon?), yes, we Australians all know about what ‘we’ did to the Tasmanian Aborigines (who, as much evidence indicates, were on their own way to extinction, that does not grant us right to accelerate that though, no!), along with what ‘we’ did to some of the mainlanders.
    That’s things that WE did, as WE were pioneering here, as WE were making OUR nation…and it’s up to US to make some amends for it when possible.

    None of this is news.

    It is amplified, ad nauseum, by leftists, libtards, assorted multicultists, and even your average people who’ve been taught byt two decades of negative history teaching to hate, or at least be ashamed of, their own people, society, and nation.

    What we did, is equivalant to…or often pales in comparison to…that committed by other people, societies, and powers.

    Why does all that fly over people’s heads? Why are so many of THOSE people now welcomed in here by those self same liberals fools?

    How come the atrocities committed by Arabs and Turks, by Indians and Chinese, by Africans and Islanders…as they conquered and destroyed and massacred and murdered and enslaved and raped…now get wiped off the record? Now go unnoticed? Now go unanswered for? Now seem, in the minds of self-loathing white liberals to…”not matter”?

    We know precisely what we did in forging our nation here…both good and bad…and there’s been bad, and mostly good.
    It’s OUR nation though, that’s the point!

    It’s ours to cherish, to populate, to move ahead within, to make amends in of need be, ours to love, live in, and defend if need be.
    We’re NOT to lose it merely due a change in “policy” dictated by snakes who’s very LAST concern is the well being, happiness, safety, and future of the Australian people.

    Let all these people coming in now – who have their OWN frightfully cruel and bloody histories of taking other’s lands and killing and torturing them – try and openly invade…not arrive and consume so duplicitously, under the false guise of “immigration”.

    No matter what they’ve done in the past, either to Asian peoples, to the Ainu, or to British and Australian prisoners, the Japanese will NEVER accept mass immigration.

    We’ve got to wear anything we’ve done, AND hold fast, stand firm, and protect who we are and what is ours!

    • it is racist to lie that Indigenous Australians were ‘dying away’ before white invasion. Their economy was sustainable and they were able to feed everyone in their society. The sole reason for the rapid and near-total decline of their society was white arrival; partly the unintended nature of white settlement (competition over resources) and also the specific policies that white people chose to employ (shooting them dead). This genocidal policy ultimately led to the deaths of nearly all Tasmans, one of the most successful genocides in history. Perhaps the most successful.

      The other crimes of British colonialism, including mass-murder in India and Ireland, mass-torture in Kenya, and general agression, invasion, exploitation and slavery all over the world, easily meet and exceed the crimes of the (brief) Japanese Empire. The British Empire ultimately backed one of the great crimes of the century- nuclear extermination of two Japanese civilian targets.

      I suppose this obscures my main point: people are not responsible for the actions of their ancestors. You cannot predict the actions of an individual by the actions of a different person. This would seem obvious, I would think. Above all, people of different ‘races’ are not inherently different in any way barring skin colour.

      Immigration is simply not a ‘threat’ to white people security in Australia. Anyway, who are you to decide that your ‘security’ is more important than their right not to victims of irrational and stupid racism?

  7. To Trent and Travis…you’ve noticed the malice, the utter spite, the contempt, that white leftists like those who author the “anti-bogan” site hold their fellow Australians in.

    They claim some new “moral standard”, that they themselves can play fast and loose with…and the unspoken clause is that anyone who actually opposes this “multiculturalism” being inflicted doesn’t actually come under the umbrella of this dictate of compassion, eqaul and fair treatment, and non-discrimination.

    No, anyone who in any way voices oppositiong to this enforced “diversity” makes themselves a prime target for merciless liberal snipers.

    As you yourself noted, Trent, that they are bullies, neither the “anti-bogans”, nor any of the other self-appointed policy and taste makers dictating multicult dogma now can figure out if they’re attacking a majority or a minority.
    They flit between making it seem like they are defending a poor, downtrodden, group of ethnic minorities (the massive hordes of Asians, Indians, Arabs, Africans, and Islanders filling Melbourne’s streets and trains now are NOT a “minority”!) against a nasty white majority, that just “has” to be changed for diverity’s sake, and who have to be mocked and insulted any chance they can get….AND callously boasting to White Australians that THEY are now the minority, and that anyone of them who raises a peep against this opens themselves to any and every form of foul liberal insult.

    They haven’t made clear exactly what angle they’re pushing.

    The only thing they’re sure of is that any Australian who doesn’t remain completely still and silent as an ocean of foreign humanity washes over and consumes them, is liable to be opened to insult!

    It never, ever, takes long for leftists and liberals to show their true colours…their true, hate-filed, spite-full, ugly plummage.

    • “foreign humanity”? Really? You realise that there is no real genetic difference right? You could use the same argument to deny people from Germany entrance to australia. There are so many holes in your argument that it’s beyond funny. Just how deep does your delusion go?

  8. Snott, please get lost. No one reads your boring, long-winded posts but even if they did this page is not the place for your anti-foreigner rants.

  9. Couldn’t have said it better myself Paddy!

    Also, I think I just took a bath in Emmoll and Trent’s tears… typical bullies, always brave with their braggart buddies, but as soon as someone calls them on their crap, they invariably start bleating that “it was just a joke”. If what they said was so inoffensive, they wouldn’t feel the need to come to this blog to defend themselves. Do these wankers actually realise that they’re wankers? And what is the sound of one hand clapping?

  10. Awful, awful comments from the small minded people about the poor suffering Japanese.

    I must agree with a couple of others though, that name calling, particularly in reference to how they look is hypocritical. I have mentioned it before. It stops a very important site from being a top notch very important site.

    As for the hard done by people coming on saying they did not mean to offend anyone????? Seriously !

  11. Is it just me or does it seem that the only thing these people know about japan is pearl harbor? By their logic canada should be declaring war on America for all the times America invaded them in the 1800’s. Pearl harbor was over 70 years ago. Let it go.

      • “That country has been hit by a Tsunami, therefore my joke is about a current event, not racist.”

        Huh? That would have to be among the dumbest comments I have ever read here. Even Snott and Shonk couldn’t produce such idiocy in print.

        Time to go Trent. Thought you’d have learnt your lesson by now so you’d best harden up and admit your mistakes. Never mind, I’m sure we’ll encounter you in the future as you await another set of victims of overseas natural disasters to rubbish.

  12. Keep up the good work Antibogan.

    To all the idiot bogans incapable of even a shard of historical context to their statements regarding Japan’s use of ocean resources, it was the Australian fishing and whaling fleets which pushed southern bluefin tuna and whale numbers to the brink. We only stopped when reduced numbers made the industries commercially unviable, not because we gave a shit. Australians also developed tuna farming which does nothing but expidite the demise of SBT breeding stocks.

    Oh, and my wife is Japanese and she gave more money than i did to recent bushfire/flood appeals as she feels Australians have treated her so well. Thank god she doesn’t know about this site and the depressing racism of bogan Australia.

    As for me, I don’t know what depresses me more, the racism or breathtaking stupidity. Am currently living in Asia and I’m embarrassed to admit I’m Australian sometimes because of dipshits like the ignorants exposed by this site.

    You dumb fucks……

  13. Equating one virtual non-issue, weirdly considered a big one by bogans and other hypocrites (whaling) with the massive tragedy in Japan just goes to to show how sheeplike people are when it comes to ‘things they care about’. The comparison is just obscene. Even more stupid is people’s use of Twitter/Facebook to spout their views. I yearn for the days when people could keep petty opinions to themselves without the use of technology which deludes people into thinking their views are important.

    • I disagree that whaling is unimportant. The likely collapse of certain ecosystems in case of whale extinction isn’t unimportant. However, I agree that whaling is significantly less immediate than the tsunami.

  14. Well, I think its time for the Aussie to stop using our “inferior” products. Stop buying our cars, stop buying our electronic products, stop buying our entertainment products like blu ray etc, just stop altogether using our products. If you think we all look alike across Asia, then STOP USING ALL OUR PRODUCTS including products from China and Korea. But it shldnt be a problem for the superior white Australian, I mean come on Australia have Holden and got bunch of farms that is producing cows that Im pretty sure is sufficient for milk drinking Australian to survive in the coming years.

    Why do they actually want to use our inferior products since we are so low in intelligent compared to the superior white so called aussie anyway. Hahaha. Nothing amuse me more than bogan trash thinking they’re still living in the 19th century. LOL a backward agricultural country still thinking they dominate the 21st century.

    • Every time I hear racist, sexist filth coming out of someone’s mouth, I have to remind myself that I just encountered 100 (or more) people who don’t hold these sentiments, and who are tolerant, urbane and civilised. It’s tough, because the bad ones are the most vocal, and it tends to stick in your mind and then is more apt to become the stereo-type.

      I am ashamed of the people who have made such hateful comments about such a terrible tragedy, but glad that as a population we can self regulate to some extent. This website is a good example of that. As a culture, holding these views is not acceptable, as evidenced here.

      Tenshou, while I understand your anger after viewing these comments please take a second to recognise that most Australians don’t hold these kinds of views, and are deeply empathetic at what has happened to your countrymen.

  15. I’d like to refer to “billison_”‘s tweet, in particular, in which he states “If we had mass earthquakes who would come to aid us?”. Within 2 days of the Christchurch earthquake, sixty-six Japanese Urban Search and Rescue members and three specialist search and rescue dogs arrived to provide aid. So, in response to this question “who would come to aid us?”, the answer is : The Japanese.

  16. Here’s the key question Rob…how much immigration – and I do not mean poultry amounts of individual Westerners, I mean mass, multiracial, immigration – is there into these countries in which you are now (you traitorous scumbag) “embarrassed” to be an Australian in?

    How many foreigners, how many massive foreign “communities”, are being set up in these countries that you now feel “embarrassed” to be an Australian in?

    How many hundreds of thousands of Arabs, Indians, or Africans, are going to live, and grow in numbers, in the Asian countries in which you now so foolishly feel “embarrassed” to be an Australian in?

    Are the people of these Asian countries in which you now claim to feel “embarrassed” to be an Australian in in ANY danger of being made a minority in their country at any time in the future?

    NONE! NO! These are the answers to these questions Rob, just in case you try and dilly dally around with some more bullshit.

    These people, of any ethnicity and any nationality, in any Asian nation, have no qualms whatsoever about maintaining their racial, ethnic, and national identity…in fact they’re very keen on it…and they will NEVER take any numbers of foreigners in, beyond any tiny fractional number of individuals, and you know what Rob? They don’t feel one iota of embarrassment about it!

    • Why would you bloody care? Even in the unlikely event white Aussies become the minority who gives a shit? So long as you;re not socially inept awkward idiot, the race, colour, creed ra ra ra etc. makes no difference you can talk to people from other cultures, work with them, have babies with them, talk about books movies, music they are in fact the same thing that we are! Give it a shot, I do! If you do I promise you, you won’t be disappointed, you see, they are people just like us something like 99% DNA makes us pretty similar and the differences are wonderful and interesting not scary! It’s true!

      • Jane Marguerita,
        I think you’ve mentioned what EXACTLY Scott’s problem is.. 🙂

        He is in fact a “socially inept awkward idiot”.
        He has no friends,no partner, no job, no education, lives at home with his mum at the age of 40+

        Tragic! 😦

    • The first white immigrants were willing to murder to uphold their ‘racial, ethnic and national identity’. If refusing to conform to the pre-existing culture’s preferences and opinions is a crime, the first white settlers to Australia are by far the worst criminals ever in history. Japanese and Koreans look like angels in comparison with the mass murder committed so that the mass wave of white Australian illegal immigrants didn’t have to intergrate with the local population.

      Presumably, whatever punishment you suggest should be given to Japanese and Koreans for some Japanese/Koreans’ refusal to intergrate with white Australian immigrants should be given to the decendents of those white Australians a hundredfold more. After all, according to your own standards, every member of a race is responsible for actions committed by a single member, any time in history.

  17. Hey, Tenshou, We hark back to the 19th century, when we ruled the world, and did so very well…and we hark back to the 20th century, when for the most part we ruled the world, and for the rest dominated much of it.
    You, what can you go back to, the 15th century? At best?

    You’ve managed to have a LOT of children, and callous Western businesses have decided to go “offshore” to Asia for some time now, thus raising you to prominence now by only default, not by any great inspiration or achievment on your part.
    It’s “good”, in a loose manner of speaking, to have people of your kind speak as you do, for it is an open declaration of war…and should alone be notice to any and everyone to END “immigration” into this nation, and steel ourselves for a coming conflict.

    Here’s the thing though Tenshou, the vast majority of your population have never moved beyond the status of serfs, and the vast bulk of your population/s are always on the brink of famine and disaster.

    Watch, just WATCH, how quickly your society would collapse within a short time if Australia halted all exports of produce and materials!

    Why does anyone think that foreigners, especially Chinese, are buying up millions of hectares of Australian farmland????

    It’s SHOCKING that everything we as a nation knew and feared could happen IS now happening, is being allowed to happen, is being MADE to happen!!!

    We’ve GOT to stop immigration, IMMEDIATELY! We MUST STOP selling of the very ground from underneath us, NOW!

    200 years ago Napoleon Bonaparte said “beware of China, it is the sleeping dragon”. Of course, no-one reall took much notice of this, we ranged the world, we ruled the world…the Chinese, and others, looked at our power and genius with awe.
    Well, that sleeping dragon is awake.
    It’s time to slay it, or else extinguish it’s fire.
    There are at least three major foreign powers looming up now…they all HATE each other, that’s one thing…their approach to us is another.

    We MUST secure first our own position again, here in our own country, then within our own civilisation, and then on the world stage.

    Australia, by all measure, estimate, yardstick, and gauge, should be on top.
    We were once, and for a long time.
    We can and should be so again!

  18. A similar question has to be put to you as the one to that embarrassed idiot Rob, Tenshou.

    HOW MUCH immigration is there INTO China?
    Or any other Asian nation for that matter?

    Is there an chance that the Chinese – the Han majority that is – will EVER be so inundated with immigrants that they will be made a minority within their own nation?

    Australia is blessed with an abundant wealth of natural resources, minerals, energy, produce and farmland.
    We’ve got am abundance of skills and know-how to manage and utilise them very well…and have done for two centuries.
    We are a White nation, gifted with genius as well.

    Australia can SO easily, and so well, look after herself if need be!

    Yes indeed Tenshou, how and where DID you get any of that technology that you now pump out from?
    You didn’t come up with it yourselves.
    Left to yuor own devices you’d still be living in a hulking, derelict, Ching dynasty society, full of peasants and women with cruelly bound feet, kow towing before the Manchu emperors.

    Your “domination” of the 21st century is a counterfeit.
    The technology and business you utilise ALL comes from the West.
    Your advance is scripted and engineered by sinister forces that seek absolute control of the world.
    Your ‘success’ is not on your own steam, or else it would entirely made at home…but each year, hundreds of thousands of Chinese, and others, leave home and pour into Australia and other Western nations, for a “better life”.
    Now, why is that?

    Point is, that’s got to stop!

    • Although Im not Chinese, Im mixed blood Japanese and Korean but that is not the issue here. Yes, China do import alot of technology from the west. We Japanese have our problem with CHinese, but I wont bring this into here.

      The way you put your argument is trying to deny the good thing coming out of East Asia. Because you just hate our gut. Drive out to the street and you will realise Japanese and Korean cars dominate the street. That is only one of the thing, if I want to list down all our invention, its almost like the whole world is using our invention and products.

      I dont care about you immigration or your country history, im only here temporarily and dont worry I dont continue to stay in your heaven land, I have better and more modern country back home to go back to.

      The issue here is how you uncivilised bogan animals cheering on how the diaster strike Japan is a wonderful thing, that disgusted me. Since you hate us for no reasons at all, like I said stop using our products.

      I dont hate the white people, in fact sometime I respect them. But respecting an ignorant like you is out of my league. You bring nothing but shame to your own race. Claiming yourselve as genious and but have no idea what you talking about. When a man hated another man that much, he will not look at another man bright side at all, he will just dig everything that is bad about him. That is what you are, bogan trash.

      • Tenshou,
        Mate, if I could speak on behalf of all Australians (I can’t) I’d apologise to you for what racists like Scott say & do. And I sincerely hope the majority of Australians are with me on this one or I’d be very ashamed to be Australian.
        I & the majority of right minded Aussies in 2011, we understand immigration & how the global economics work even though some of us aren’t specialists in economics, I for example have an area of expertise out side economics. But we all get it. We travel. I have been to Japan and want to go there again, one of my favourite places.

        So please don’t form a low opinion of all Australians or all white people, Enjoy your time in Australia I’m sure you will meet some nice people in your work place if you already haven’t. And hey, if you like it why not come back to spend more time? encourage your friends back home in Japan to come work here for sometime. It will be great fun. Something different a good experience to take with you.

        You’d rarely meet people like Scott in a professional work environment.
        Scott is uneducated, he dropped out of school in yr 10. Doesn’t have a job or money. Lives on government welfare that you contribute to by paying tax.
        He is what you call a ‘White supremacist’. He has no understanding about immigration or economics or anything.
        And like you have mentioned before his problem is with what you look like. & like you have said there is nothing you can do about it. And you shouldn’t have to. People like Scott has no place in society in 2011, may be in the 1800’s. That’s why he still latches on to the dark ages.

        I don’t think you have to prove anything to anyone mate. Except for the racist bogans people know & understand all about Japan & the history & not that we agree with everything that has been done in the past. but that is the past & like you have said you and all Japanese people don’t agree with them either.

        Take it east dude.

    • There is so much about this post that is logically broken.
      This is why we should limit voting to only intelligent people.

      • Zulu,
        I couldn’t agree with you more, if we had a practical way of actually implementing it. 😐

        ..or My vote should count X10 if Scott’s is worth 1 🙂

      • Zulu, if voting was limited to only intelligent people, with statements like that, you and m-dog would lose your vote.

        m-dog, your thoughts are scary. The Nazi’s first victims in their infamous gas chambers were German people of low intellect and physical disability. What would you like to see implemented to surpress the rights of your fellow Australians that fail to meet your intelligence standard?

      • And that sounds petulant to everybody. I expected more. Not much more but disappointing even with my low expectations of your ability.

      • Oh, I’m sorry. I was speaking anti-bogan.
        But now you know how non anti-bogans hear how you sound.
        You are an odd bunch. I must admit.

      • Trent,
        We’ve all seen your “statements”, with the likes you should lose the right to use oxygen IMO.

        The thought of having a government appointed by the vote of intelligent people is ‘scary’ to you?
        I guess if I were you it’d be scary.

        I don’t read too much history in detail & if what you mentioned is true, I didn’t know that. As far as I know the Nazis didn’t kill anyone non- jewish. I have doubts about your credibility but I do not know enough to agree or refute.
        Regardless I think hate filled spiteful & deluded people shouldn’t have a too much of a say in deciding legislation in 21st century. That is what I’d like to see, but like I have mentioned before I don’t know how that could be practically implemented.

        • Nazis primarily eliminated Jews, but they also executed gays, socialists, Roma (gypsies), Jehovah’s Witnesses, Slavs, and there is some evidence that captured non-whites such as people of African and Indian descent were also wiped out on the grounds they were “inferior”.

          And of course those they deemed “unfit” such as people with disabilities or mental illnesses were also eliminated or used for experiments.

  19. Does anybody else just scroll over everything Scott says on these blogs? As soon as I see his name now my eyes just glaze over.

    Is there an “ignore” function available on blogs?

  20. And Scott, just as you know immigration policy is imposed by YOUR goverment. Most immigrants coming over here is because your goverment want them to, your goverment want an easy way to increase goverment revenue, thats why letting in immigrants is the best way to tax them. Because you have so many people on welfare that need to be feed, letting migrants in is the best way to get extra $.

    And dont even mention about refugee, your goverment only let few thousands refugee in every year, and thats it. Most immigrants are here by legal means, they have the skills, they open up new business etc bringing economic benefits to your country.

    Yes, there are too much colored in Australia that is what you dislike, but dont blame on the immigrants, blame on your goverment. Go write a letter to your goverment and let them know how you feel and hope they listen to your plea. The migrants done nothing wrong, they here because your goverment let them in.

    Seriously like I said, I dont care about your stands on migrants, dont let that stands to spread your hate toward those innocent, the Japanese people have done nothing againts you Australian, why the hate then? If you hate us of how we look, then I have nothing to say.

    And dont boost about how White are more superior, look at deep into the history, invention comes from all races, Chinese, Arab, Indians etc all share their contribution to this world. Just because Europe able to colonise the world in the recent century mean you are superior.

    And we are not evil like what you think, Imperial Japan do kill and torture alot of innocent lifes back then which is what I againts, that is our goverment decision like what your goverment decision now opening the country to migrants. The western goverment done alot of inhumane act back then as well, every once superpower and current superpower nation have share their part in spreading inhumane act.

    Ask yourselve what have the migrants done that deserve the hatred attention to them? If you hate immigration so much, point your hatred toward the goverment. And for your information, we east asian commit the least crime in Australia.

  21. Obviously you have no regard to privacy either, learn how to black out all information.
    As for you posting this, would you like a medal?
    Whilst on the subject, watch ‘The Cove’. That puts perspective through out the worlds debate against whaling/dolphins. They have feelings too as they’re mammals and they enjoy intercourse.

    So. As I see it. ALL the whale simutantiously moved their tail fins and caused the tsunami.
    Yeah, I went there.
    So get off your fucking blog, get me a carton of emu export coz I want my cardigan back.

    • If bigots didn’t want to be connected to repugnant views like the above, they should have either A) Not held them, or B) Not published them in a public forum.

      The bigots are lucky their names are released as well. I would.

      • Oh, public… If an account is set to PRIVATE meaning only see a photo and their name, then no-one APART from their accepted ‘friend/s’ aka the asshat/s who obviously screenshot the post without permission obviously.
        It is not a public forum as such stated.
        Get the facts correct next time.

        Like I said look at lamebook… to submit ANYTHING it must have the names & photo pixelated/blacked out.

        Directed to TAB:

        After all the light reading on this website.
        Paraphrasing of course in the ‘Why Attack Bogans’

        So a bogan is someone who has a Southern Cross tattooed (or probably having the decal on their rear windscreen.)
        A female bogan is a woman who over populates.

        Wow. So, if a girl who is a practicing Roman Catholic (who do not believe in abortion/contraception), has a southern cross decal lets say for the great debate, with lets a very strong AUSTRALIAN accent but with a mixture of ethnic backgrounds… she’s a bogan?

        • “If an account is set to PRIVATE meaning only see a photo and their name, then no-one APART from their accepted ‘friend/s’ aka the asshat/s who obviously screenshot the post without permission obviously.”

          The profile screenshots on our sites have come from profiles with zero-low privacy settings.

          A bogan is someone who shames the rest of the Australian population with their racist/sexist/discriminatory/shameful behaviour.

  22. Antibogan. Well, that’s racist against bogans…
    I would like to be a fly on the wall and listen to you moaning pricks and see what you say about other current events or cultures.
    Because I’m sure as hell, you obnoxious & pompous bastards have said some offensive and racist comments in your time.
    Oh guess what, Borat poked fun at Jews, you see me having a bath in my tears!? Nope.
    Also look at websites like lamebook, godhatesfags and people of walmart…. So, antibogan. How unaustralian.

    Now, to get a midnight snack… Hope sushi train hasn’t bankrupted in the meantime.

      • Well when anyone thinks of Australia is kangaroos and bogans.
        A bogan can be of any creed or colour or ethnicity.
        So. If you’re antibogan. You’re against aka racist.
        Also brainrape is mentally ficking someone, I don’t mind fuck.
        TAB… My you must have a whole lot of bogans in you. Tea and biscuits anyone?

        Also as I said previously. Blank out all names and faces. See the word. All. Yes all.
        Because you have broken privacy rules.

        Kthxbai :3

        • “Well when anyone thinks of Australia is kangaroos and bogans.
          A bogan can be of any creed or colour or ethnicity.
          So. If you’re antibogan. You’re against aka racist.

          ‘Simple’ is right. Did you even read what you just wrote? Do you know what A.K.A stands for?

          * When anyone thinks of Australia, it is my personal hope that they DON’T think of racists and sexists.
          * A bogan CAN be of any creed or ethnicity, so how does that make theantibogan racist?

          “Also brainrape is mentally ficking someone, I don’t mind fuck.”

          It seems you’ve been brainficked before…

          “TAB… My you must have a whole lot of bogans in you. Tea and biscuits anyone?”

          WTF?? LOL!

          “Also as I said previously. Blank out all names and faces. See the word. All. Yes all.
          Because you have broken privacy rules.”

          No. And no we haven’t.

      • Yeah I agree with you about the breach of privacy.
        I think this site may have once tried to abide by laws regarding privacy but as the laws have changed, this site has failed to find out what it’s responsabilities are.

        Also I looked into it a little further and found out that when you upload a photo onto the internet, you still own the rights to that image. This applies to all photo’s whether they are for private viewing or available for everybody on the internet to view. Anyone who uses an image that is not theirs is committing copyright infringement. This is against the law.

        It doesn’t even have to be your photo to report copyright infringement. So if either you or your friends photo is up there, you can report this site.

        In regards to the top image with the half blacked out info, the easiest way to report this would be to send this link to Facebook. They have a division set up to stop sites like this harrassing there members. If they saw an image was taken from their site, private or not, and abused in the way this site does, it could take action to have the images removed. Also, there are two images taken from Facebook on this link alone, so I’d say these guys are repeat offenders and may be subject to further action, such as having this site shut down.

        To help stop copyright infringement of Interlectual Property, such as a photo, when anyone takes a screenshot, that image is encripted with the users computers details. If you report this site, the details of the person responsible can be traced.

      • “To help stop copyright infringement of Interlectual Property, such as a photo, when anyone takes a screenshot, that image is encripted with the users computers details. If you report this site, the details of the person responsible can be traced.”

        Really Trent?

        What details of the computer gets “encrypted” in to the image?

        Anyhow they have a mug shot of you posted on this thread, you could always report that to facebook & see. 😐

      • Yes really!! I thought you intelligent people would have known that. It’s not new. Each electronic device, at time of manufacture is given a unique ID number. Everything it ever does has the same ID number and can be traced back to the day it was made, including who purchased it. From the above image you could find out who owned the camera(as every digital camera attaches it’s ID the every photo it takes) that took each of the photo’s and also the computer that took the screenshot as the same thing happens.

        You sure you want my photo gone?
        It’s the only pretty thing about this site!!

      • Ha ha ha ha ha…
        I was just testing you Mr Trent Nicholas.

        There is no such technology available. There is a unique number called the ‘serial’ with which you can determine the approximate date it was manufactured, model, batch etc details. There is no way to trace it’s owner unless the retail outlet kept records of who they sell it to.

        And as for screen caps, I say that was a whole load of crap.
        You don’t even seem to know what ‘encryption’ means.
        For example a single computer can have multiple monitors, and I can assure you that retailers don’t keep a record of who they sell the monitors to. definitely in my case this is true, well get one at a swap meet and good luck tracing that.
        Anyways your fear campaign didn’t get off the ground 😐 sorry to have nipped it in the bud.
        I don’t care either way about your photo, and as for it’s prettiness only you and your mother may share that view.

    • I won’t bother citing ALL the statutes and legal precedents which declare that if it’s on the Net it’s in the public domain. Same as if someone rented a billboard or trotted along to Decaux wanting to have a nasty racist sign put up at the bus stop.

      Simple. If you want your filthy racist rants to be private don’t put them up in public. If you do put them up in public expect that TAB or pwsnt or slackbastard will feature them. Expect them to be subject to litigation from aggrieved minorities and to complaints to various anti-discrimination watchdogs. And expect to out yourself as a mindless tool whom no employer would want in their organisation and who is rightly shunned by decent people.

      And you can think whatever dark bigoted thoughts you like in the privacy of your room with a wad of tissue in your clammy claw, but we don’t have to give you an audience.

  23. Whilst on the racism topic.
    With Christmas island.
    Christmas time is so far away. But will the detainees be gifts?
    Maybe work in the sugar cane fields? Or maybe be used to eradicate the cane toad…
    Gotta always been one step ahead with the economy and Australian wildlife…

      • Jorji, seriously.
        Embarrassing? Please go have a lovely stroll in the City of Perth or maybe just have lunch in front of the courthouse.

        My nonsensical ranting is of one of a bogan though.
        I am Australian. I have racist thoughts. Make racist comments. I don’t have 78 children yet – on my way though.

        The point is I’m just taking the mickey of this website.
        It is hypocritical – if someone doesn’t use proper punctuation/grammar/spelling they get told to speak English.
        I find that offensive, myself.

      • I often stroll about Perth, I have lived here for many years, again I state that you are an embarrassment and should be ashamed of yourself.

        I enjoy the multicultural nature of our country and of Perth in particular, it is a shame that you are unable to see past your own stereotypical racist bullshit. I suspect that because of this you will have a hate and fear filled life that lacks any lasting satisfaction.

        Maybe one day you will mature enough to get out of your self erected cage of intolerance, but until that day it would be a great pleasure for the rest of society to be spared your rambling diatribes.

      • I would think our own government would be more of an embarrassment since have this CHOGM in October, pushing all the homeless would probably have different nationalities out of the city centre.

        Obviously sitting behind ancomputer and using large words makes you intellectually superior.
        I am mature enough thank you.
        It’s just this website is a load a crock.
        People thinking they have never had an angry thought or made a slightly racist joke or remark are the joke.
        Oh like the old jokes the Englishman, Irishman and whatever else.

        There’s people here who should remove themselves from their soapboxes. And you’re one of them.

        As a first generation Australian I am ashamed to know there’s complete pigheaded arrogant pricks like yourselves on this blog.
        Guess what. You’re not perfect, no one is either.

        To have a partner that is a native new zealander with white heritage, his opinion on Australians is not surprising.

        Making a comment of Christmas island rallied up some people, guess what, that’s what life is about.

        So I will stop banging my head against the brick wall of perfectness on this blog, but at the end of the day, every race and nationality and religions have their downfalls.
        Either comments or the hierarchy of being ever so educated to the point you piss people off with bullshit western society – everyone has a little bogan in them.

  24. I feel there is some kind of elitist attitude amongst some of u regarding bogans.
    I’m inner suburb born & raised but I know that many bonafide bogans are not necessarily all One Nation supporters.
    Just because some of u have been to uni, marched on some protests against the mistreatment of sheep & read some waffling philosophers outdated ‘masterpiece’- doesn’t make u much different.
    I wonder how some of u would really feel if a Koori mob moved next door to u in your comfortable middle class nest.
    Oh, the hypocrisy !!
    I will always be left wing but some of u are so ‘left’ that u have come full circle fascists.

    • Sharky, the term ‘bogan’ on this blog is used with a different meaning than what we normally use it for. So it’s not about the suburbs or the money or the Holden.

      I think on this blog pretty much bogan =racist, sexist, homophobic, anti social, bigot etc.

      Hope that would clarify.

    • You realise that our system of government is based on a “waffling philosphers outdated masterpiece”?
      Did the big words hurt your head? Or was it the fact that they could actually spell that intimidated you?

  25. Zulu, why would u assume that I’m of low intelligence ?
    Your stunted bog standard kind of response is the reason I felt like blowing off a little steam.
    I can see the reasoning behind this site- it opens up dialog in which we can discuss the state of affairs regarding attitudes towards racism etc, in this country.
    The truth is that it actually appeals to our inner narcissism that our opinions matter & are actually being read in full.
    The subjects that start these discussions are unfortunately not accurate in reflecting the majority of opinions in Oz because they are extreme. They are extreme because they are just kids talking shit to big themselves up to their mates.
    In the majority of cases their racists barbs will eventuaLly die down to nothing but- ‘bloody asian drivers’ as they get older & mature.
    Feel good about yourself Zulu while u look down upon these simple & ill informed kids because it will probably be one of the few highlights of your lifetime.

  26. Multicultists, Leftists, liberals, general idiots, that are pushing unlimited multiracial immigration, when met with Australians who resent and oppose this and who speak up for Australia – when Australia was Australia and Australia was great – will then very quickly resort to telling them/us that we’re “living in the past” (why not really? if the past was much better, and a contrived ‘present’ goes against all that and holds no place for you!), will say we’re “living in the 19th century”, or a few other ways of putting such.
    As though the past matters not.
    A typical “year zero” approach.
    ( Let it be known that we Australians that speak up for Australia, and for Australia contiuging to be populated BY Australians, are talking about the 19th century…and the 20th century…and the past of less than ten years ago!)
    However, when met with further and more determined resistance, it then seems – in a very limited and biased manner – that sometimes the past DOES matter!
    Because you can hold your breath and be in no danger of losing it before some liberal halfwit will start going on about the Aboriginals, and what we “did” to them!
    (The terrible atrocities committed across the centuries by Arabs, Mongols, Turks, and many other non-Whites/non-Westerners seem to NOT MATTER though now, when it comes to ladelling out guilt trips! Many of these self-same peoples now being brought into Australia by those who with another voice feign concern for the Aborigines!)
    They may also start harping on about the small amount of Afghans that were employed here. (in the liberal mindset, poultry amount of Afghan cameleers means something, 99% British population and social structure creating a nation doesn’t!)
    Faced with yet more determined opposition, these leftist dolts – who only a few moments or lines before may have tritely claimed that the concerned nationalistic Australian is “living in the past” – will try and reach WAY back, drawing on as yet not absolutely proven theories, and start yammering on about how “we all come for Africa anyway”…and so apparently Australians have no right to a singular identity or national sovereignty now!
    (It’s NEVER posed to Arabs, Indians, Asians, or any other non-Whites though, that THEY “came from Africa”, and that they have no reason to exist as they do or have their own nation states now!)
    As though an as yet unproven and unverified theory – or even reality – of many millenia, possibly millions of years ago – is far more important than an ACTUAL people and great nation that has existed, and existed VERY WELL for 200 years here?!
    (A healthy, strong, more than viable, first world nation, and a proud, confident, strong people and culture!)
    Even though, remember, that past isn’t meant to matter!

    Only sometimes it does it doesn’t matter, is that it?

    Our actual past, here, running up until a very short time ago…now alegedly “doesn’t matter”…whilst foreigners are brought here to attach their archaic cultural rites to the life support system of our society, and to continue observing them, even though all go back centuries, often millenia, to any time at which they were truly viable!

    WHICH is it? It must be put to the multicultists?

    Does the past matter, or does it not matter?

    What rates YOU at the position to arbitrarily judge this either way?

    The past does matter, the past absolutely and incredibly matters, as does the present, and the future!

    • When Snott starts a post with “Multicultists, Leftists, liberals, general idiots, uni students, Atheists bla bla bla….” by default it is = tl;dr

      “There once was a time when all people believed in God and the church ruled. This time was called the Dark Ages.”
      ~ Richard Lederer

      We get it! You are a white supremacist. You have made that very clear. So why not save your time & ours (May be just ours because you are unemployed & got plenty of time to waste).
      What ever Australian society bla bla bla in the past bla bla bla what is good for Australians bla bla bla all your pseudo science, logic, economics, history & culture??? save that shit man… Don’t bother using that to try to justify your white supremacy. More you try using them a bigger tool you come across as. Just say ‘you are a white supremacist & that’s what you like Australia to be..only white people.’ Plain & simple… end of story.
      Your opinion, we or anyone for that matter doesn’t have to give a shit about it because we know you are not a worthwhile member of this society, you make no positive contributions what so ever.

      Just out of curiosity….

      What personal contributions did you make to the VIC bush-fire appeal?
      What personal contributions did you make to the QLD flood appeal?
      How many hours in the 2009/2010 financial year did you do any volunteer work?
      How many hours in the 2009/2010 financial year did you do paid work?
      Did you take part in last years ‘Clean up Australia Day’ sponsored by McDonalds?

      ….. don’t tell me that you talked to a black fella & he agrees with you etc.. not buying your fantasy bull crap.

      …Delusional psychosis??? See a psychiatrist Snott, they might bulk bill & hey the very immigrants that you hate will pay for your medication so you can get them at a subsidised price with your health care card.

      ..Oh! the Irony.. 😐

    • That is the most retarded pile of shit I’ve ever read scott. There are so many things wrong with that it’s almost not funny.

    • Multicultists, Leftists, liberals, general idiots, that are pushing unlimited multiracial immigration, when met with Australians who resent and oppose this and who speak up for Australia – when Australia was Australia and Australia was great – will then very quickly resort to telling them/us that we’re “living in the past” (why not really? if the past was much better, and a contrived ‘present’ goes against all that and holds no place for you!), will say we’re “living in the 19th century”, or a few other ways of putting such.
      As though the past matters not.
      A typical “year zero” approach

      Do you ever stop droning on…… its been months and your still going at it

  27. Scott sure is giving his pasty palm a serious thrashing.
    As I’ve said before – immigration won’t kill our identity.
    American television will.
    Ozzie tv with dramas the quality of- ‘wildside’ & ‘waterrats’ need to be made & dominate our free to air stations.
    Otherwise, like OMG, we will umm like become … Kardashisians with no money.
    Hell on earth

  28. It’s been months Kenny…has immigration stopped?

    Then speaking against it DOESN’T stop!

    It’s quite the (obvious) tactic from morons like yourself Kenny…to quote what people have said to them, and tell them they’re “not allowed” to say it…but to cunningly NEVER cop to what is actually being said or asked!

    Deliberate and devious.

    ARE you actually denying anything I’ve said Kenny? WILL you answer any questions?

    Mass immigration, enforced “multiculturalism”, and low-life dog white liberals betraying their own people HASN’T stopped lo these many months Kenny…and so good people should NOT wary in confronting it and them!

    • Scott, are you avoiding me? 😦

      You asked me in a different post to speak openly honestly & clearly & I have. So….. Can’t handle it? too much facts & logic? Now your turn to speak openly honestly & clearly 😉

  29. Terrible story, absolutely atrocious story, on 60 Minutes that clearly illustrated the damage wrought by “multi-culturalism”!
    The radicals are NOT the worst problem! They at least make themselves known as enemies!
    FAR worse are the presumptuously arrogant immigrants that pontificate about “our” society, self-loathing white liberal ‘journalists’ like Michael Usher, and worst of all, the politicians who engineer all this!

    No, “multiculturalism” is NOT a failure!
    For those engineering it!
    It’s a raving success!

    Going to an Australian primary school, and actively boasting about 90% of the students there being foreigners?
    Is and absolute INSULT!

    If in ANY other – non White/non Western – nations it came to 90% of the students in schools being foreigners, then the liberals would be deafening in their calls of “GENOCIDE”!

    That is what is happening here – and in Britain, Europe, and Canada – a deliberate and ruthless policy of destabilisation, social fracture, and racial replacement…genocide!

    If stories like this, which CLEARLY exhibit the enormous number of foreigners flooding into Australia and other Western nations, DON’T wake more people up to the fact that there is a deliberate plan at work here, then there is something seriously wrong with them!

    So-called “multiculturalism” is not a failure, for those orchestrating it! It is an absolute success!
    Those arriving to benefit from it, would NEVER tolerate such in their own countries!

    WE’RE suffering because of it!
    99% of students in an Australian school (and it’s NOT a rarity now!) being foreigners, but also “Australians”?
    That is to our detriment!

    If people claim they cannot see where this will lead, then they are insane, or God-damned stone cold liars!

    In Britain, here in Australia, and elsewhere, this is an absolute catastrophe for us!
    WHY aren’t more Australians getting vocal and active about this? About what is now brazenly shown to us, on our TV stations, in our country, in our living rooms?
    This aggressive assault on us and our own.

    So-called “multiculturalism” is going JUST how those who designed it imagined, and WE’RE suffering for it!

    A strong, confident nation…99% White and British for over 200 years…now seeing student populations of 90% foreigners or “children of migrants”?
    That is an outright attack!
    That will be OUR failure…if we do not move to end this!

    It is NOT “racist” to defend ourselves against this entirelt racist, genocidal plan!

    The radicals are not the worst enemy…the foreigners who smugly discuss “our” society, whilst picking apart it’s ruins, are…even worse, are the liberal white media cataloguing our demise…and worst of all, our “elected” politicians who engineer our downfall.

    This kind of atrocious story is designed to be another advertisement FOR “multiculturalism”.
    For those of us with open eyes and ears, and clear thinking minds…it is yet another example of EVERYTHING that is wrong with it!

    It’s time to stay STOP!

    • Scott – That’s great that you spent all that time and effort posting the above. The only problem is you have confused this page with the Australian Protectionist Party’s page so you’re preaching to people who are laughing at you (again). It’s a bit of a waste of time. And you’re a complete tool.

  30. Trent doesn’t seem to own much ‘interlectual (sic.) property’ between his ears, does he? The little he does seem to have appears not to be owned, but rather rented from Scott.

  31. Scott, this sinister social engineering of promoting a multicultural society that u speak of is a matter of economics.
    The popular media slant of hoards of foreigners arriving in boats & marching down to centrelink for tax payer funded lifestyles is generally not true.
    The majority of immigrants arrive in planes & fill the skilled/menial jobs that are needed to raise this country into becoming an economic force on the world stage.
    That is what investors & corporations want.
    Unfortunately the university positions for engineering & technical degrees are being filled mainly by overseas students because Aussie youngsters just can’t be asked.
    The numbers of Oz citizens enrolling for specialist areas in uni are seriously dropping.
    This is not good enough for a country looking to become a playa in the world market.
    Sure there are some boat people that claim to be Tamil & go on hunger strikes whilst pushing their kids to cry for the cameras & we find out they aren’t refugees but only after the Green Left accuses us of being cruel arseholes, but, they are only a small percentage of potential immigrants.
    Australia was never 99% anglo. Chinese, italians, Greeks & Jews have roots here as long as white settlement. Aboriginals !!
    There is an element of fear for all Ozzies that things are changing but everything changes eventually.
    Now u have to walk further to find an old skool fish n chip shop to buy your burger with the lot. Your corner store no longers sells ‘cobbers’. The news is filled with someone elses concerns. There is more soccer on tv than league or AFL & people act like they’re doing u a favour by serving u in a cafe.
    I feel your pain but hate is not the answer as those that u are hating are caught up in this chaos as well.

    • Actually, we steal a lot of skilled workers from poor countries who could probably use the intellectual capital – and probably paid for the initial education as well.

  32. my god,
    scott, trent, and that other chap, Perthian goon stripper or whatever he called himself. that is presuming we can identify him as human.
    you lot, having dug a massive hole in a large pile of shit, choose to stand in it and shovel more on top of yourselves all the while thinking:
    “i’m right”
    “i’m better than you”
    “you don’t know what you’re talking about”

    IT IS SO FUNNY I have made a song especially for you

  33. Richosti thats gold 🙂 i love it..
    And to the admin, i love this site thank you so much, it’s like someone took all my annoyances and thoughts and created a blog, good to know i’m not alone.

  34. This whole ‘whale’ thing may be offensive, but it’s not racist. Why didn’t you just post this stuff and call the people stupid instead? Would have been a lot more accurate

    • You are right with the whole ‘whale’ thing. It is just Stupid, but there was a reference to say that ‘they all look the same (Japanese) and can find more of em in the ocean’ or something to that effect & that I think qualifies to be racist.

      Besides funtimes, if you’ve read through the posts you’d realise in all most all of them, what ever the “reason” (whaling in this/burqa/crime/economy/population/halal food) they give is only secondary & used as an excuse. The primary concern is ‘skin colour’. So they are pretty much racists, I don’t understand why they have such difficulty admitting to it though? 😐

  35. Was just reading the lovely David Thorne, now that website is entertaining but it came to a conclusion in his ‘Lawyor’ post that you can be taken to court by using a persons name and photo without permission.
    Also you have removed the black rectangles from emmas name and eyes.

    And not to mention everyone else.
    I am happy to go and seek legal advice because you are doing something in violation to silences rights.


  36. Ok, I’ve just found this website because of the “Letter to the PM” thing going around and it seems you lot enjoy the term “Racist” a little too much. What I find are ignorant people like the child with the stupid joke about the Whales. I remember the Comic from NT News doing a similar one a couple days after Irwin died with a picture of a couple of crocs dressed as “mobsters” for want of a better description paying cash to a string ray..get it?..Was he “racist” according to you?
    I’m Italian & Aboriginal, about as multicultural as you can get, have embraced both my Cultures with open arms however I know what I am referred to as & accept the fact that I have the best of both Worlds and some are taught a little differently by parents who know no better. Bigots yes, racists?? Not so much. Is this snot nose dumb? Who knows. Stupid?..Definitely.

    • “it seems you lot enjoy the term “Racist” a little too much.”

      Oh I don’t think so. After all there are far more colourful and scatological terms we could use for some of the dregs we unearth and feature here. But “racist” fits most of them nicely.

      And we do use the terms “bigot” and “xenophobe” as well.

  37. Scatological…Really. You don’t have to play at being intelligent, I’m aware that you are however the term really is overused in this post.
    The stink of ignorance can be smelt not only from those you dissect & mock so as much as I agree with a lot of what you write, there is a point when you start to lose the righteous anger feel of your posts & become just as bad as those you discuss.

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