136 thoughts on ““…I Dun Feel Any Sadness Towards the Tsunami in Japan”

    • Seriously, whats with all this Pearl Harbour bullshit? if this is Japanese Karma, what would be USA karma for dropping 2 fk’n nukes on Japanese cities?? This just makes me dislike Americans even more…. Japan has a disaster and all they can think about is an incident 70 years ago??! get over it already.

      But the funniest thing really (in that pic): “What goes around comes around, according to Justin Timberlake” LMFAO!

    • What morons, I wonder, when the United States of America suffer massive earthquake, tsunami and potential nuclear disaster will Hawaiians (the actual indigenous population) say the same thing “stupid Americans, stealing our Hawaii and pearl harbour, this is karma”???

  1. This is really disgusting. I suppose she’d only be saddened by such a loss if the people that suffered were bogans like herself.

  2. There should be a law against the parents of these people breeding. Where is the compassion.
    What kind of parents dragged up this kind of person. I am surprised that she can turn on the computer without having to read the manual before every start.

  3. We don’t need to call Fab, a “fuckin racist” who can’t spell, as her own racist views proves this and the same with the other racists.

  4. She would feel a whole heap sadder if that happened here (which it could). What a fucking moron. Of everthing that has been put up in this link, that particular comment has been what has made me the angriest/ made me feel the most ill.

  5. Fabri.’ is it bad i dun feel any sadness…’

    Well Fab, to you it probably is not bad to feel any sort of sympathy, empathy and well, emotion.

    What it does though, is illuminate to all that you are indeed a clinical psychopath.

    Get help.


  6. I am so sorry to any of you that have taken this comment literally, of corse I feel compassion for the thousands of lives that have been lost I am a human being afta all and I have witnessed devastation in my own country 1st hand these last few months. It was just a joke between a few mates and trust me there are a number of jokes goin round atm we as Aussies have learned to laugh about mother natures fury as we have done nothing but clean up from it over the last 6months. I have donated money to the clean up last nite, it is all I can do to help at the moment. Again I am sorry that this comment got this far, and escalated to what it has become. If you knew me as a person before you judged me you would realize I have a sick sense of humor. I realize now postin the comment on facebook was not the greatest idea however I ment no truth of it.

    My apologies again,


    • I would like to believe you seem sincere . To try and put it in perspective for you, what if someone in another country posted jokes about the people who died in the QLD floods, you wouldn’t see it as funny I don’t reckon (and neither would I). I am from Toowoomba and I will never find the concept of people drowning funny every again (not that I ever did) If you want to make private jokes to your mates maybe you should keep it off facebook? Your private thoughts/jokes are your own but once you put something on facebook its out in the open for many to see. I just dont find things like this, people with terror and shock on faces, that funny and I dont think a lot of others would either. People will judge you on what you say. Im sorry I called you a fuckin moron but at the time you kind of made me feel sick. At least you have the balls to make a public apology/explanation, Alot of folks outed on this thing dont.

    • Elle, I read your apologies, and you’re still a fucking idiot and a fucking racist.

      Laughing that everyone of a certain race looks the same (not true, you’re just too stupid to see the differences), laughing at tens of thousands of innocent civilians dying for something they didn’t do and couldn’t control (a tsunami triggered by one of the biggest earthquakes ever recorded), and threw in your uneducated opinion on immigration and white Australia (“there are thousands of them in Australia!”), then admitted you were racist, and laughed at not feeling anything and the suffering of others.

      Go kill yourself you stupid, spoilt bitch.

      • You do realize that even though her comment was in extremely bad taste, a person is not likely going to repent for it if you keep hounding them. I know perfectly well that you made mistakes in the past, we all have, but how would you like it if you tried to apologise and people still gave you hell for it? Why do you justify any mistakes you made while condemning everyone else’s? If you say that you never made any mistakes in the past then you are a liar.

    • Elle, no one has to know you personally to judge you for that post. It is not as if we are all only reading half of that status update. “how r u gonna tell who’s missin?”, please explain to us how your disgusting ignorance is somehow just a misunderstood comment taken out of context. I really hope your parents and family are made aware what you have written, you are horrible.

    • I’m glad you explained that this was a joke, Elle, as I was horrified at what you wrote. The disaster in Japan is just too serious to joke about. Sorry to hear that you had to clean up from floods though. I hope that all will go well again for you soon.

      • I find it strange that some people comment about Japan attacking Pearl Harbor was in the past and we should let it go and yet still are harping about a comment and refusing to let it go even after she apologised. Quite the little self righteous hypocrites around here.

    • Hi, Elle.
      I’m glad you’ve seen the error of your ways and realize that a public forum like facebook is NOT the place for “in-jokes” especially those of a “sick” or racist nature.

      This apology would go much further if you would explain this to your correspondents on FB and perhaps a public apology is in order?

      • Oh you are a magistrate now are you, pronouncing judgement? She has apologised end of story, it is you lot who are keeping this one ticking over.

  7. Although this comment is completely stupid, immature and downright offensive; at least the author apologised here. More than I can say for the other 99.9% of people who post racist comments. Still fucking moronic and disgusting though. Please don’t post shit like this anymore Elle, it isn’t funny whatsoever. Although you think ‘they all look the same’ and therefore are replaceable, these people have families and friends and they sure are irreplaceable to them.

    • She apologised only because she’s been caught out. There is no adequate ‘apology’ for flagrant racism.

      She is a hideous troll whose parents and friends have failed her utterly.

      • I am not apologising because i have been caught out, i never ment that comment to be taken literally, like i said it was just a laugh amongst friends. I am not a racist, i am an australian, i helped out with the cleaning of the floods and the cyclones donating food, clothing, a roof and spare beds for people. I am a good person and this post was never ment to be a racial stab at anyone. It was just a JOKE!

      • She apologised only because she’s been caught out. There is no adequate ‘apology’ for flagrant racism.
        She is a hideous troll whose parents and friends have failed her utterly.

        and you like rimming your dads asshole after his boyfriend came inside him, what’s the difference?

  8. Anyone who makes these comments or ones attributing the quake to revenge for World War II should have their computers hacked into, or have Jay and Silent Bob smack them around near their front door like at the end of Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

  9. Elle,

    To respond to you via Meatray: people DID die in the Queensland floods. Lots of people died. 3/4 of the state is devastated and all walks of life e.g. rich, poor, black, white, half-half, etc have nothing left.

    I understand it was a joke Elle. The fact that you thought this was a joke is proof in itself that you need to learn some compassion. They are people whether you like it or not. They are not just a race of people. There aren’t just “thousands more 2 take their place”. A life is precious dear, even if it a life you don’t particularly like.

    I almost hope this happens to someone close to you one day. I really do. Then you’ll understand how wrong it was to say shit like this. And then you’ll react angrily and perhaps violently to people who make light or fun of your plight.

    • In response to your post a number of my friends and family lost homes, lives and businesses in the devastating floods, i have been there 1st hand and witnessed the devastation, stood by people when they were grieving and helped out however i could with the rebuild of an entire state.

      I never thought that one stupid little comment on facebook could lead to this and i am truly sorry those words ever got posted. If i could take it back i could, and please note this post was made the evening the tsunami hit, before anyone even knew the magnitude of the situation, again stating the fact that it was at that time just a laugh between a few friends and should not have been taken literally.

      • Elle, besides that your utter lack of compassion for millions of people whose lives are now shit thanks to nature’s fury, may I also point out the cold, hard truth about the effect that this will have on Australia’s economy and, possibly, your employment status as well, depending upon what industry you are employed in. Japan is one of the largest manufacturing economies in the world. To manufacture things, one requires raw materials. A lot of those raw materials Japan has been sourcing from Australia. Now that Japan’s industrial base has been all but obliterated as a result of the recent catastrophe its demand for our raw materials will be, ummm…., well, virtually negligible for some time. This will mean that the demand for our minerals will drop vastly (Japan having been one of our biggest customers) and so jobs will soon start disappearing in the resources sector, then as a cascade effect jobs will further disappear in other sectors, unemployment will rise and Australia will start going economically up shit-creek. So, I wonder if you and all your other redneck mates will still feel so good about Japan having been wiped off the map once you start losing your overpaid FIFO jobs and find that you can’t keep up the payments on your HSV utes and McMansions anymore.

  10. This is a sencere apology, like i said i have been through the rough end as of late with the floods, cyclones etc and witnessed the devastation first hand.

    I do feel terrible about what has happened over in japan and am not racist at all, i live in a country that prides themselves on welcoming people with open arms especially in times of need and i will be offering a dry bed, food and shelter clothes etc to japan just like i did when the floods hit the towns surrounding where i live.

    I appreciate your apology back to me in regards to the harsh words that have been said towards me, who thought one little comment could cause such a stir, i have learnt my lesson and from now on will keep my personal comments and jokes that others might find offensive off facebook.

    If anyone would like to speak to me or would like a personal comment please feel free to message me and i will message back or send me a number and i will personally call you.

    I hope we can move on and put this silly little thing behind us,


    • I don’t think so.

      You’ve been exposed as an unreconstructed, old-fashioned racist – and one stupid to post a comment like that on your facebook! To think that a comment like this is acceptable in the 21stC???

      Your family friends and colleagues have failed you dismally (well at least one of your friends was disgusted enough to sell you out to this website).

      I suggest you travel abroad a little more; you clearly understand very little about the world.

      People have the capacity to change, so there is hope for you yet….
      Still, part of me would love any future employer of your’s to come across this and drill some sense into you.

      • I have travelled abroad twice in my lifetime and lived and witnessed different cultures and beliefs first hand. I no better than most people my age about different cultures and nationalities beliefs and way of life.

        I am not a racist i love everything about the world and am fascinated about its people and the different ways they live on a daily basis.

        I will apologise again and say that i never ment for this to get this far, it was merely a few words between friends that got spun way out of proportion.

  11. Yes, it was a little slip of a joke amongst friends. If I said anything like you said amongst my friends, I’m sure that I wouldn’t have any now. So, ask yourself, why is it comfortable amongst your friends to share a confession that you have no conscience….and think that this is funny?

    The presence of this blog (and I thank the intiators of this splendid initiative) has given people like you the opportunity to see who and the people you hang out with are like….at monments. It has helped shine a light on your social presence as expressed through a “silly little thing”.

    It’s behind me. I wish you would be grateful that you have seen for yourself how a little thing can grow into a BIG thing (apologies to Kev Carmody and Paul Kelly)


  12. Ok, end of story now guys….I hope Elle has learnt a big lesson.

    It was an offensive comment (to me, extremely sad and offensive – but that was me just judging her comment before reading her other comments. I don’t know her, don’t what she and her friends are like as a people).

    She seems to have realised how far one little comment can go.

    I feel for her that she’s been through an ordeal with the weather we’ve had of late and hope that we can all pull through, rebuild, grow and learn.
    On to a positive future, together!

  13. I appreciate the fact that most of you are accepting my apology, it was again just a stupid comment that got blown way out of proportion through the wonderful facebook. I have learnt my lesson and will Neva Eva post racial type comments on the web.

    Being an Australian I am proud to see how we managed to pull out of our times of devastation
    A much stronger country! Through the random acts of kindness from human power I Now it is possible to rebuild towns, homes, parks etc. The lives will neva be regained and lots will remain missing but they will stay in our hearts and our thoughts forever.

    Love, peace & prayers for all those affected.

    I am sorry again for any offense taken from this comment which was in no way ment to be taken truthfully.



  14. I am pleased there is an apology, but I am a little cynical simply because we do tend to get apologies here once the initial comment has been forwarded to the posters employer.

    This was posted aproximately 14 hours ago
    Ronald Thatcher
    Considering the staff that you have… I do NOT think I will be making any purchases from you.
    “…I Dun Feel Any Sadness Towards the Tsunami in Japan

    • i dont understand what you mean about purchases etc, i dont work in sales.

      this is a genuine apology not just one because i have been outed on a website, i regret writing the words but whats done is done and now i must face the music. I do apologise again if i offended you in any way

      • It means simply that people will not go to City Beach shop when people that make racist comments work there, it does not matter what department, it does not matter that you thought it was an appropriate joke to me. No ones loss of life should be considered a joke.

        Racist’s though are a joke.. a vile unfunny joke. Ones that should be avoided

        You offended me and others in my family deeply.

        You most probably have offended many many people who are going through some of the worst situations possible.

        Learn to think before you make racist comments, I would propose that it would be better to learn some empathy and not even think it in the first place.

  15. I’m sure Australians would be rolling on the floor laughing if a bunch of Japanese were writing online

    ” Check out those stupid Australians who got killed in the Bali bombings lol lol lol. Don’t worry indonesia, many more faceless white australians will take their place soon. Sure the whole thing is gay and you can call me a racist but I dun care.”

    Although I guess Japan did deserve it as they attacked Pearl Harbor nearly 70 years ago…

    There’s nothing worse than people suddenly getting a moral consciousness when they get publicly shamed.

  16. Elle, I am Australian and I don’t share your sense of humour…nor would any of my family and friends. It’s best to leave Australia out of it because Australia isn’t your excuse. You cannot use it to justify your comments.

    I don’t think your a bad person, I just think you ignorant. Take responsibility for what you said, admit you fucked up and learn from it. We all make mistakes, but we can only learn from them once we own them.

    I am sure this has been an upsetting experience for you, but obviously it’s not as upsetting as what the Japanese are now going through. I lived in Japan for a year and cannot tell you how highly the Japanese think of Australia and Australians. They are gorgeous people and don’t deserve to be ridiculed.

    Good luck, Elle.

    • I am taking responsibility for what i said, i know i wrote those words but how people percieved them is not for me to descide upon. I think all people no matter what race or colour are beautiful people and i work alongside many nationalities in my workplace as i am sure most of us do and get along with everyone no matter what colour there skin is.

      • Dear Elle

        I hope you make a full recovery from your bout of intolerance. You may benefit from reading some books on racism to aid your return to full health.

  17. Excellent website buddy. I hope these racist scumbags are exposed for the trash they are. Keep up the good work.

    PS. Any way to submit racist stuff I find to you?

  18. She apologised a number of times so end of. She can’t take it back and admitted it was dumb. We all know it was wrong but she has done all we could ask of her. Leave her be.

  19. Wow, classy comments, I sort of get what Elle was trying to say though … Bogans look all the same to me, they talk this rubbish I just can’t be bothered to learn I think they should learn English if they want to live in my country, and they just keep multiplying here, it’s like there’s 1000s of them. At least if they died in some disaster in one of the shitty pool halls or maccas car parks they all hang out in, it wouldn’t be so bad, always more of them to take their place. Unfortunately.

  20. Really though, you can’t expect this to be taken as a joke between friends if it’s being posted on Facebook of all websites. Things travel fast online, especially on a social networking site. Regardless of how you feel towards them, even with lack of empathy I’m seeing no point in you posting about it. It may be a joke to you, and I do appreciate that you posted it, however I hope that you’ve at least taken this to heart and have grown from this. Because this in a whole is just sickening. Now think of it in the perspective of the majority of the people that will read this, many of them will most likely think “show no pity, get no pity” and would see your death as a joke. How would that feel? Knowing that something so devastating to happen to you, that would effect all your loved ones, would be a joke to them? I’m not attacking you, I just really hope you’ve honestly grown from this.

  21. elle- how would we know if you went missing in the same situation when all racist ignorant bogans all look the same? im ashamed to share the same nationality as you. and you say your not racist- only a racist would say what you did. you apologise only because you were called out for what you said.

    • i am not a racist, i have a very multicultural friend and family base, this was just a stupid comment that got blown way out of proportion through facebook. i cannot believe this has gone this far and if you had heard the conversation as it was told you would realise that it wasnt ment to be read as i wish they would all die which is not the case!

      • Blown way out of proportion by Facebook? Tell me how that comment could have been taken differently.

        If you comment in a public arena, you need to accept that a lot of people are going to read it.

        You’re a racist, and having ‘multicultural friend and family base’ doesn’t change it. Being exposed on a blog won’t change your opinion of Japanese people but it will teach you to keep your horrid opinions to yourself in future.

      • i think you need to re- read what you wrote. you show a complete lack of compassion. and there is NO WAY anyone can read your status as anything but racist. you didnt say that you wish that they would all die but you said YOU DONT CARE BECAUSE THEY ALL LOOK THE SAME!! what the fuck kind of comment is that?!

      • Well I get that people are unwilling to budge on this kind of statement. It’s the kind of ignorance that destroys all our lives because a peaceful loving and understanding world for all cultures is our goal is it not, if you have any real humanity is it… though saying this, without compromising my own values because Asian people are often great and loving kind people… they have their bad apples like any culture… as we do… My girlfriend is Asian and I love her deeply and I love all the people I met in the Philippines and always when I meet Japanese or Chinese people they are always friendly and really cool people… but Elle… the thing is… your statement is not just a statement and is a view that is shared by many a racist and do you think it’s a joke when racists wreck the idea and possibility and reality of the many cultures sharing their culture with us and respecting because of the view of racists being seen as how we just are… in Australia… I for one and many included hate racism to the core. All that said… you never should have thought it or let alone said it to begin with but you have made you mends and you too deserve understanding. Or how can we all come together without it and how can racism be stopped without some sort of common ground. You know your comment was disgusting. But you are human, now you will think different than to think that way huh… let alone talk that way. I’m sure you are talking the truth when you say you are not racist. But you were then… cause if you can even joke that way… you slipped huh. Badly. Spread though the good cause of multi cultural society and love… instead of comments like that. To me, your apology is a good thing and quite brave to admit such a wrong.

  22. Sure the girl in questions comments were Racist and I have absolutely no problem with them being posted on forums like this which seek to highlight the behaviour of such individuals. However although her apology probably counts for very little here some of the comments directed at her here are no more than cyber bullying in a further attempt to humiliate her.

    Should the girl in question suffer any psychological Injury due to ongoing Cyber Bullying there are a couple of courses of action for her to take. Defamation could be used against bullies who target a particular individual online, as it prevents publications which injure reputation by disparaging a person, causing others to shun or avoid a person, or subjecting a person to hatred, ridicule and contempt, which then leads us to Intentional Infliction of Mental Suffering.

    Now considering she has apologised, it is now up to you Moralfags to either (a) refer the matter to the appropriate people if you feel she has breached our Discrimination act, or (b) accept her apology and by all means leave your screen cap up but stop your harassment of the individual.

    • i appreciate that and i am feeling rather saddened and hurt by the words thats are being sent to me via messages, i spoke my word on this forum because i felt like my side of the story needed to be said but clearly words mean nothing to anyone, i am a good person, a kind a generous person and i regret ever writing those walls on my stupid profile. i am sick to my guts with the feeling that so many people hate me over words that mean no truth to me but have been thrown out over the wide world web for all to see and judge me before even knowing who i am. i understand if i dont get forgiveness but thank those who have but i would kindly appreciate if people would stop sending me hate mail through facebook, i am keeping all the messages and if they keep getting any worse i will be passing them onto one of my family members whos a police officer to deal with

  23. I wondered how long it would be until you found some way or reason to mention the earthquake and tsunami that recently struck Japan.

    This leads to several issues, of which most can be put to the multicultist to test their lack of consistency.
    Firstly, Japan is a wealthy and well ordered nation and society, the Japanese have a good strong sense of self, they will get through this well.
    With little or no looting, not much of a chance of rioting, I dare say no instances of rape or murder whatsoever, and they shall not be departing their shores for the West as “refugees”.

    In the meantime though, some Japanese and regions of Japan will suffer, and their economy will suffer, so, according to the pseudo-logic you spin…shouldn’t Japan be opened to mass immigration now, so as to boost the economy?

    When we see footage from Japan, be it normall or now in newscasts of this disaster, we see an overwhelming number of black haired, black eyed, Japanese people…sooooo, going by your pseudo-logic, shouldn’t Japan be opened to massive multiracial immigration, so that they can benefit from diversity?

    A people, a nation, can forge through even the worst of adversity, be it war, famine, depression, disaster, or disease, as long as their integrity remains intact.

    The Japanese are not going through anything they have not experienced and risen above many times over the centuries.

    As with disasters that have befallen Australia and Australians over the decades, right up until the terrible fires and widespread floods we have endured over the last couple of years, which we – as a strong, focused, homogenous people and nation – were able to confront and see ourselves through, the Japanese will move beyond this catastrophe.

    The far worse disaster, which Japan will not suffer, is the terrible human flood, the catastrophic human racial tsunami, that is battering, inundating, and if not halted will destroy the West, Australia included.

    Australia was for so long on higher ground, safe in all ways.
    We CANNOT survive being thrown into the mire, the torrent, of “multiculturalism”, we’ll drown.
    It’s time to hold fast to who and what we are, amid a surging turbulent sea, and again rise to the top, as ourselves.

    The greatest irony, is that we an Japan were the most direct of enemies, they attacked us, but through the years we have realised we have certain things, as nations, in common.
    We’re in danger of losing all of that, and not for any good reason, ONLY that certain sinister forces and spitefilled people think we should.

    It’s time to strengthen the bulwarks, to raise ourselves up again, against and above the tide, the flood, the tsunami, that we could never survive, and which would never recede.

    Australians, we’ve got to stand tall again!

    • Brilliant work Scott, some of your best. The ‘the terrible human flood, the catastrophic human racial tsunami, that is battering, inundating, and if not halted will destroy the West, Australia included’.

      Wow. You couldn’t write that shit. Hang on, you just did!

      I also loved the straw man you built, about the ‘pseudo-logic you spin’ that Japan, having gone through a natural disaster, should now open the doors to mass immigration. Attacking the ‘multicultists’ for a totally fabicated and imagined scenario that you’ve dreamt up – pure artistry!

      Let’s not forget the fact that Australia’s very existence resulted from a tsunami of pasty white people invading a foreign land. But hey, that was different becuase we were doing the invading!

    • Typical fascist, calling for a return to some glory filled past, exhorting Australians (I assume it only means whities) to “stand tall again” wanking on about homogeneity, crying about the big scary peril of the “other” the immigrant, the refugee, what a fuckwit.

      • you will be on the first boatload out of the country cockface, or the first on youtube getting beheaded

        • Exactly what boatload are you talking about, and where will it be going? Moreover, why would I be on a YouTube video being beheaded? What is this inane drivel you and your ilk like to defecate forth from your facial anuses? Perhaps you should drag your sorry self out from under your Holden Commodore (after all its jus going to rust up on blocks in your front yard, you have to face it that it is a hunk of shit and your amateurish mechanical skills are never going to get it going again) and go about an meet some people from other countries, and maybe even go visit another country, and see that the world isn’t such a scary nasty terrorist filled place, and you might also see that many people, even in third world countries, are actually quite fond of where they live and have no interest in invading Stralya. First boatload out of the country???? You really are a moron.

  24. Cannot believe a person (Scott) could stoop so low so as to use this tragedy to fuel an anti-immigration/anti-asylum rant.

    Come on, there’s plenty of other posts on this website for you to have a go. Just leave this one alone, alright?

    • Good on him, we outnumber you leftard wankers, all us cashed up bogans have tons of money from mining jobs, we all vote and it won’t be for your fairy party led by Bob Browneye and Juliar Dullard….hahaha weep into your lo fat skinny latte and slice of “organic” turkish pastry.

      • Hi closedmindmadeup,

        any proof that the majority of australians share the view that racism is okay, that immigration should be stopped, or that multiculturalism was mistake? Please mention in your answer why, if the majority oppose immigration, all anti-immigration parties have consistently failed to score even 10% of the vote, and usualyl scores less than 1%.


  25. The fight in retaining our nations identity is not by marginalising immigrants & ethnic groups but by taking practical pride in our country.
    ‘Practical pride’ is not donning the flag as a cape, holding a beer up & exclaiming – ‘fuk em (asians, wogs etc)’
    … BUT – by the public telling our tv stations that we want mostly Aussie dramas instead of all the american & UK crap….
    Try not following all the trends that brain dead America has to offer but coming up with some of our own like we used to (before my time).
    If we take more pride in ourselves then newcomers will aspire to become Aussies instead of foreigners that have become citizens (which some but not all act in this way).
    We should take note of the overwhelming pride that all the ethnic groups in America have for their country.
    We need this kind of practical pride for ourselves.
    Aussie tv !!

    • Sharky, please please, for the love of God, can we NOT have any new Australian drama/reality on TV? It seems the only shows we have are kangaroos from decades ago, families with alleged paedophile architects, and cops cops cops of all persuasians catching the “bad guys” (watch out citizens, don’t do anything wrong, or we’ll catch you, see!)

      Sigh 😦 Give me American shows any day.

  26. Hey, Liz, this site, and then you, are using this disaster to here continue an anti-White/anti-Australian agenda.

    Why should I leave ANY post on this wicked site alone?
    It’s authors, and people such as yourself, NEVER leave Australians alone…not for a second!
    Where are we to find asylum if – God forbid – we are lost in this engulfing tide of immigration?

    We don’t want to let things get to that kind of predicament.
    We’ve got a perfectly good nation here.
    Our forefathers made it so, and it’s our right and duty to keep it so.

    Right now, the aggressive assualt upon Australians from government, business, anti-White leftist radicals, and the immigrants and “asylum seekers” they bring in, NEVER ceases!

    Neither myself, nor any other Australian, has to abide by the demands of people who HATE US AND WISH TO SEE US DESTROYED in speaking against that agenda.

    As I’ve already said, the Japanese will rise above this disaster, as themselves.

    The catastrophe we are facing, is infintely worse.

    • “Right now, the aggressive assualt upon Australians from government, business, anti-White leftist radicals, and the immigrants and “asylum seekers” they bring in, NEVER ceases!”

      So if you take these groups out of the equation we are left with…….


  27. Yes I CAN, and DID, write that Keith.

    It’s true, are you denying it?

    We constantly hear multicultists claiming that Australia’s economy will be made stronger through immigration.
    Which really means that some kind of economy will be made stronger once the Australian population is eliminated.
    We constantly hear multicultists telling Australians and the White populations of other Western nations that we shall be “benefitted” by the “diversity” brought via immigration.
    This means we will somehow be benefitted by first being made a minority in our own country, before being eliminated altogether.
    On top of this, the spurious rationale spouted by multicultists is that we actually don’t have a right to any country or existence here at all because we “stole the Aboriginals” land.

    Well, the Japanese are not diverse, in fact they openly pride themselves (as is their right) on being a ‘one race nation’, their economy is suffering now, AND they “stole” the islands they inhabit from the Ainu.
    This all, if there was any legitimacy and consistency to muliticult dogma at all, would lead to demands for Japan to be opened to immigration and subjected to diversification.
    It’s not.

    We, White British people, arrived here more than 200 years ago…and set about creating a magnificent civilised nation.
    TOTAL difference to what we and our nation are now facing.
    That’s what you lowly multicult dogs can never be allowed to forget, that the ONLY reason there is any civil nation for you to want to give away now, is because WE White/British people MADE ONE HERE!

    Everything being given away, we brought or made!

    It’s entirely unjust what is going on, it should not be happening, and at the very least we have a right to defend ourselves and what’s ours.
    We DID fight the Japanese.
    They were an open enemy.
    This awful undeclared war of contrition though, through mass immigration, is a disgrace.

    You think you’ll be thrown a lifeline by those taking this country? Don’t try and make me laugh. YOU’LL be sent to the bottom like the rest of us.

    All the strong defensive wall we need against this human tidal wave that is engulfing us, is a firm a right decision to be made by parliament.
    That says, doors closed!
    That re-confirms our integrity, sovereignty, homogenity, and dignity, that rebuilds the wall we made a century ago!

        • Now you’re talking about penises? First gay sex, now penises….you really love talking about male on male sexuality, don’t you?

          Quick question-how many of your guy friends have you had a sexual fantasy about? I bet you reconciled it as not being gay if he blew you, just be two mates helping each other out, when no women were around, right?

          Other thing I’m certain of: you have few female friends, compared to male friends, enjoy the company of men over women in all cases, including family (fathers over mothers, brothers over sisters), and have thought to yourself “Well, it isn’t homosexual if the man enters the man, only if a man receives a man”

          And here’s a more disturbing question-if you had to spend the rest of your life with a member of one gender-and no one else, who would it be? Can you think of a woman, a woman you actually know in real life, or would it be one of your skinhead mates? What do you think this says about your try desires?

        • It’s actually disturbing how much this guy is obsessed with male genitalia and the rectal orifice. Wow.

          Well said, JM.

        • I respect that CMMU’s not afraid to admit he knows what a penis extender is and that they can be procured through mail order. I can only assume that he knows this because he bought on for a ‘mate’.

    • “We constantly hear multicultists claiming that Australia’s economy will be made stronger through immigration.
      Which really means that some kind of economy will be made stronger once the Australian population is eliminated.”

      Um…..no it doesn’t. Honestly. It doesn’t. What a ridiculous interpretation.

  28. Sounds like you’re in the wrong country, Scott, but you might find Britain doesn’t suit you now either as it has become multicultural too. Perhaps you should go and live on some tiny little island.

    • Probably Ireland will suit Scott,
      People are white and unimaginably racist & backwater catholics even in the 21st century.
      Sounds like a paradise for Scott. 🙂

      • *AHEM*
        Happy St. Patricks day to you too.

        I think you’ll find that Ireland is
        a, not a backwater,
        b, nowhere near as racist as you’re making it sound (although if Snott was to move there that would change in an instant) and those with an issue with skin colour tend to be the poorly educated irish version of Snott.
        c, the people are still mainly white because for a long, long time it was a country that was had to deal with mass emigration due to Snotts ancestors raping the land and murdering the people. Immigration to Ireland in the last two decades has resulted in large chinese, african and middle eastern populations who have, by and large, been welcomed with open arms.
        d, given the number of irish that have settled into local communities in every part of the world it’s hardly realistic to call us racist.

      • 🙂
        Happy St. Patricks day to you Paddy_irish_girl,

        I was generalising for convenience, I do apologise, hence what I said does not apply to all Irish may be not even a majority.

        But in my experience, there definitely are the said kind, like Irish versions of Snott.
        When I said backwater I meant, if I’m gonna kill you because you don’t like my version of imaginary friend & I don’t like yours.

        Snott wouldn’t last a day in Dublin, Belfast or any such big city. but may be in some small country town with horse breeders 🙂

        Snott’s ancestors raped the world, didn’t they? 😦

        Nah! The racist Irish don’t leave, they stay back. Just like Snott & Shock-moron has never set foot out of Australia.

        Sorry, Paddy_irish_girl, Didn’t mean to offend you or the Irish. The Irish in Melbourne are fun, May be see you at bridie o’reilly’s 🙂

  29. Hey Scott. Before u where not just English but Cornish, now your just ‘white British’ & sometimes u call yourself Aussie.
    U still identify yourself with Poms.
    Your not a proud Aussie but someone that just wants to follow ‘the old country’.
    The ‘asian invasion’ is not the problem.
    Its the cultural crush of America.
    Look at how shamefully we bowed & scraped when Queen Oprah graced our humble shores.
    Disgusting !! We are nothing but savages to the grubby poms & downright budget prostitutes to big bro USA.
    If mono-celled idiots like Scott (shocka-numbskull’s rebrand) concentrated on being Aussie instead of Poms living in a state of America, then we may get somewhere …

    • Appalling pseudo-patriotic crap, Sharkey. ‘Grubby Poms’ ??????? Anti-America? You’re not the type of Aussie I associate myself with. Whether you are down-grading Muslims & Asians or English and Americans……….it’s wrong. Being born in Australia doesn’t make you superior to the rest of the world.

    • By the way, please explain how ‘grubby Poms’ is in any way a better comment than ‘grubby Muslims’ or ‘grubby Asians’?

  30. ‘Grubby Poms’-its affectionate.
    PC killed the humor.
    I’m not anti-American … Americans are alright
    I just don’t want us to worship them.

    • No worries, I’m all for affectionate humour, you dirty Aussie kangaroo-fucker (wink, wink, nudge, nudge). I suppose towel-heads and chinky-eyes fall into your brand of ‘humour’ too or am I just being a bit too PC?

  31. Your looking for a fight. U want to be on the crusade of good vs evil.
    Your missing my point- we should nurture who we are, starting with the most basic of media – television.
    We need mostly Aussie content with dramas made for us, not shows made by us mainly for export.
    Most of the content of our commercial TV is American. Most of the content of our government owned station (ABC) is from the UK.
    Am I the only one that is fed up with the cheap glossy US crap that is aired & promoted constantly ??
    Our actors & film industry are out of work & moving overseas. Most of our popular music is modeled on the US formula.
    This is how we are going to losing our identity.
    National pride is not worn with the flag as a cape but by promoting our arts.
    For us by us. All different shades of us

    • I’m not looking for a fight. I’m British and I find ‘grubby poms’ offensive, especially in the context of your pro-Aussie rant. You may think it affectionate but I may equally decide that putting ‘fuckheads’ after ‘Aussie’ is a way to show my light-hearted care for the Australian nation. The whole problem with bogans is not their Aussie pride, its their antipathy towards other nations disguised as patriotism.

  32. Don’t know where Scott got his stats from, but “White British” people were not the only settlers in Australia by the 1880s. There were significant numbers of Lebanese, Americans and Chinese and of course, the Indigenous peoples.

    So the tradition of Australia is to be multicultural

    If you disagree with that, then it is you who are un-Australian.

  33. Also, assuming we halted immigration completely – Australia would still remain a multicultural country as it stands today. Your ideal has already been shattered. Your rant is consequently, redundant.

  34. Sorry Cozza for the offense that u felt over my ‘grubby poms’ comment.
    I’m a proud Aussie. I’m also from an ethnic minority that has coped a lot of abuse for centuries & I’m virtually immune to racial taunts.
    Your obviously not used to it.
    U say ‘pro Aussie rants’ like I’m addressing Nazi Germany in 1938. Why is that ?
    Do u acquaint Aussies with an Anglo racial type ?
    Do u take offense to my Aussie television comments ?
    Can’t do without your ‘Midsomer Murders’ or ‘2 1/2 Men’ ?
    Are u interested in the evolution of Australia or do u want to sit on the sidelines as a Pom ?

  35. Fair enough, you are a dick.
    As for your replies:
    – You are not sorry as you continue by calling me a ‘whinging pom’.
    – I shouldn’t have to get used to racial taunts nor should you – grow a pair.
    – Your comparison to Germany not mine.
    – I acquaint Aussies with many racial types.
    – No offense to your TV comments (that was one of the slightly sensible points you made.
    – Not seen either show but I heard Home and Away is pretty popular around the world.
    – I am an Australian and I am English but more importantly I’m human. In my opinion, the best way for Australia to evolve is to embrace all nationalities (including the English). Be proud of your country if it’s important to you but when you start to feel superior to other nations…..you have a bogan mentality. ‘Grubby poms’ is no different to ‘filthy arabs’. Your typical bogan is a Southern Cross-wearing ‘proud Aussie’ who denigrates other nations and races overtly, or in whispers, and then accuses the world of being too PC when they find it offensive. In short…….you.

  36. So black & white for u isn’t it Cozza.
    A little fun between brother nations is hardly cause for alarm. I really can’t see where I fit in your ‘superior’ theory commentary.
    My parents weren’t born here but I was, so by some Aussie twist of genetics, I’m now superior. Are u trying to say that this is what I believe ?
    Really Cozza lively up. Down in Melbourne they make fun of us Sydney types. We make fun of Queensland round origin time. Everyone makes fun of Tassie. English make fun of us, we make fun of them, kiwis are sheep rooters.
    All harmless stuff.
    U need to concentrate on the intent & implications of serious racial vilification.
    Unfortunately for someone as thin skinned as u its going to hurt to hear all the pommy jokes that we have, but none of it is at all serious.
    I’m sure u are aware of this as 80 % of this nation are direct descendants of UK immigrants.
    Grow up sweetheart

    • “We make fun of Queensland round origin time”

      Well, how bout you win a series for the first time in 6 years, or win more than three times in a row, or win more than 37% of the games, or just stop sucking at league, then you can make fun of us.

  37. Mmmmm glad you are here to teach me what is an ‘appropriate’ racial joke. Tell me, how do you distinguish between ‘rag-head’, ‘grubby pom’, ‘chinky-eyes’, ‘dirty arab’.

    Which are harmless and why? If you can make a clear distinction then it could save us all a lot of trouble about what is / is not politically correct.

    Personally, I believe it is the intent (eg. Pom and Aussie and Arab are harmless until you put a negative adjective in front of them) and also the level of offence you cause.
    I don’t know any English who are happy being called ‘grubby’ but I know plenty of Sydney-siders who happily call each other cunt. So with true affection, Sharky, you are an absolute cunt. God bless.

  38. U really lack finesse Cozza.
    Your still stuck on the grubby comment.
    U really don’t know much about Sydney. I wouldn’t suggest trading insults with a Sydneysider, particularly with your clumsy barbs.

  39. Pingback: Toxic Racism Against Japan Since the March 11 Disaster (Part3) | Skeptikai

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