47 thoughts on “Banning Things

  1. Every time I see the Australian flag now, it makes me think of these redneck fucks. I know it’s not what the flag stands for in any measure, but these arseholes are constantly displaying it when making their ignorant rants that, like the Southern Cross, it’s been tainted for me by becoming synonymous with dipshits… Really wish this wasn’t the case!

    • Agree Sealy, in fact almost all the Aussie icons have been contaminated with racist filth.

      The bush ballads, the legends like Ned Kelly and the national symbols are probably tainted forever.

      Remember how proud we all were when Cathy Freeman carried the Australian and the Aboriginal flags together on her victory lap at the 2000 Olympics?

      That’s all gone now. I think Cathy and the other athletes would be disgusted at the current misuse of the Australian flag.

    • Face it, unless he has some shifty lurks we don’t know about, Dazzling Dazza hasn’t two spare cents to rub together and neither does his motley following.

      Maybe they tithe like some of the Christian sects. Imagine paying money to enjoy the sweaty favours of Daz, Nicky and the rest of the clown car crew.

  2. Ugh I girl I know actually has friended the Ban the Burqa facebook page and updates sometimes show up, they’re horrifying, pictures of women in scarves and people (I use the term broadly) are making comments about killing them and likening them animals etc. I especially hate women pretending they hate the burqa because they are feminists, surely we feminists stick up for a womans right to choose and we certainly don’t endorse shooting women etc. it’s an obvious and cheap excuse for these scared women to be racists. Now I know my grammar is nothing to write home about, but surely it’s the message that counts right? ❤ Anyone who uses their brains and contributes!

  3. Should I tell Gordon Moyes of Family First that one of his candidates in the State Election on 26/3/2011 – has posted very racist/sexost comments on his FB site (yes I have a copy) – interesting as they purportedly support asylum seekers in this country (they also put up rubbish on abortion etc. but one step at a time, they say).

    • obviously he must’ve been thinking Family First, as long as they’re a white non Muslim family.
      what meakes these guys think they deserve to be here more than others?

  4. Darrin Hodges, why do u keep coming back to these boards when you keep getting owned, your argument fails, your not funny and the only thing you have in your heart is hate.

  5. all this racism makes me sick, and I am a white Australian born and bred. Asylum seekers are not all muslims, they’re not all terrorists and they can’t jut ‘go back to their own country’. If Australians had to flee Australia they would probably all expect other countries to take care of them.

  6. Further to my Family First note, I did contact Dr Moyes of Family First advising him that one of his NSW candidates is racist (and sexist – but don’t get me started on that one). Dr Moyes’ dissappointing reply was as follows, with no evidence that any action would be taken:

    “Family First does allow local candidates freedom to express their opinions. But the official policy is to welcome immigrants, show compassion for boat people, fight for the rights of people to wear religious dress and symbols, and allow freedom to build mosques and prayer houses. My opposition to banning the Burqa brought me much criticism. Family First is committed to multiculturalism. See some of my speeches on http://www.gordonmoyes.com

    Dr Moyes, typical policitian, you have not answered my query, and obviously nothing will be done about it – wonder why I bothered!!

  7. What is it with you racists? You have no sense of history. Henry Lawson, one of Australia’s great poets wrote the following in his poem “Eureka” in 1889:

    I hear the broken English from the mouth at least of one
    From every state and nation that is known beneath the sun
    The homely tongue of Scotland and the brogue of Ireland blend
    With the dialects of England, from Berwick to Land’s End;
    And to the busy concourse here the West has sent a part,
    The land of gulches that has been immortalised by Harte;
    The land where long from mining-camps the blue smoke upward curled;
    The land that gave that “Partner” true and “Mliss” unto the world;
    The men from all the nations in the New World and the Old,
    All side by side, like brethren here, are delving after gold;
    But suddenly the warning cries are heard on every side
    As, closing in around the field, a ring of troopers ride;
    Unlicensed diggers are the game, their class and want are sins,
    And so, with all its shameful scenes, the digger-hunt begins;
    The men are seized who are too poor the heavy tax to pay,
    And they are chained, as convicts were, and dragged in gangs away;
    While in the eye of many a mate is menace scarcely hid –
    The digger’s blood was slow to boil, but scalded when it did.

    So, right from the beginning of the First Boat People Invasion by Cation Phillip and Cook Australia has been multicultural and at the event that first gave birth to a republican sentiment, the Eureka Stockade….was a multicultural happening. Henry Lawson was really Henry Larsson – Norwegian.

    If we are going to ban anybody, how about we ban ignorant, useless racists who steal the Eureka Flag and now the Aussie Flag for their own stupid and moronic purposes.

  8. Yeah because i’m sure Ned Kelly would be rolling over in his grave if he knew how many asians & muslims and all the other non-whites are taking over the country he loved.

    • Just like all the Aboriginal people danced for joy when the First Boat People invaded this country and took it over. Wasn’t Ned Kelly a member of another despised group in Australia? You know, Irish.

      • Worse again…wasn’t he catholic (gasp)!

        Krystal – I don’t think he’d be too worried considering that “non-whites” as an entire group, that means african, chinese, south american, asian, indian and so on, make up less than 10% of the population and for all you islamophobes, muslims are a tiny 1.7% of the Australian population.

        OMG run for the hills, the non-whites are coming!!!

  9. Let’s get this straight, let’s get this out in the open, “stavrOs”, are you actually trying to appropriate and mutate Henry Lawson as some forerunner of “multi-culturalism”?

    For you absolutely cannot be more wrong!

    Henry Lawson was a passionately nationalistic Australian!
    He wrote at length, wrote wonderfully, wrote wisely, and wrote gravely – along with his celebrations of Australia – about the dangers that could befall Australia.

    He wrote about “Australia’s Peril”, and warned of what would happen to Australians and their children if we do not maintain our vigilance…a peril, that shockingly, is being made to come to pass from some quarters.

    No, Australia was never “multi-cultural”, in fact, the poultry amounts of foreign groups that ever came here were the exception, that only served to confirm the rule, that Australia was always a sound, homogenous, monoculture.

    THAT is what Henry Lawson brilliantly celebrated through prose, poetry, song and story.
    It is what is befalling us now, that he (among many others) grimly warned of!!!

    • You blow me away Scott! Can’t you read? This is what Lawson said in the above quote which I need to emphasise because you don’t get it:

      “The men from all the nations in the New World and the Old,
      All side by side, like brethren here, are delving after gold”

      So, what does that mean?

      By the way, Australia was humungously multicultural way before the First Boat People invaded this country in 1770 and 1788 and I’m not referring to the Chinese who came around 6th Century (or before). I’m talking about the approximately 570 different Aboriginal groups which spoke different languages and had their own cultural characteristics way before Captain Cook and Phillip introduced diseases which killed many of them, let alone the conscious attempt at genocide!

      Here we have a whole new group of INVADERS ( because they weren’t invited and they weren’t refugees) entering Australia – without visas and then to show what great sports they were, they began killing off the original inhabitants! I do accept the fact that colonialism and invading other countries are not the monopoly of the British…..look at Alexander the Great, Christoper Colombus, Cortez, Dirk Hartog, Marco Polo etc.

      I just want you and the other Nazis to appreciate the fact that Australia has ALWAYS been multicultural.

      So, Australia has ALWAYS been multicultural.

    • It’s fantastically hilarious when bigots try to make a reasoned point yet they write “poultry” when they meant “paltry”. So, so good.

  10. Scott, the day I listen to Henry Lawson as an Authority of how to live my life, is the day that I’ll be gouging out my eyes with a thumbnail dipped in tar.

    He’s of the past, talking about the past. You’re living in the past, hoping for of the world of the past. So I’m not at all surprised.

  11. Woooaahh, that’s a mighty big – and arrogant and foolish – call, “lolracist”.
    Henry Lawson was a true Australian, and a great Australian cultural icon.
    You’re not only trying to ruin Australia now…but you’re trying to backdate it and denigrate actual Australians, and Australian heritage.

    Let me see, that’s akin, somewhat, to wanting China opened to mass immigration, and then decrying Confucius or any other Chinese that valued their society and culture and would have opposed such a move.

    See, you’re trying to utterly destroy an entire country, population, and heritage, from the ground up.

    For 200 years we White/British Australians were 99% of the population of our country. Henry Lawson, obviously, was part of that and wrote in honour and defence of that.
    Do you realise what you’re attacking, undermining, and destroying as you say what you do? As you foster what you do?

    You don’t think you’re a racist?
    As you insult the people of this nation, their forebears, and cultural landmarks?

    I wonder how far past the mark multicultists like yourself can go, of trying to deny so much of who and what made Australia…until you realise that without them, us, and all of that, this nation that you take for granted AND wisht to give to everyone else would NEVER have existed?

    Living in the past? When Australia, and life in general, was MUCH better?
    Yes, you bet!
    Living in the past? You mean, up until about five years ago?
    Yes, you’d better believe it!!!!

    Do you tell foreigners coming here that maintain centuries old cultural traditions that they are living in the past?
    DO YOU???

    Australia was VASTLY better in “the past”. Meaning, for 200 years and up unitl less than ten years ago!
    An outstanding, civil, modern, first world nation, populated by White people.
    A truly golden place, and times, to live.

    There’s not break with our past!
    No defeat in war, no invasion, nothing.

    My past is that same as my father’s, my grandfather’s, my great-great grandfather’s, and on and on.
    The Commonwealth of Australia comes DIRECTLY from the Dominion of Australia, which comes directly from the Crown colonies.
    There’s NO break with our past…and if people like you, and those pulling your strings, want to make one now…then you’re going to have a hell of a fight on your hands!

    The past I’m often talking about is not all some great mythical past in some lost time. I AM talking about our great past, through the 19th and earlier 20th centuries…AND I am talking about the absolute golden ages of the the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s in Australia.
    I’m talking about our past up until only five years ago.
    The past, that ENTIRELY makes any present possible!

    Our past was great, and was so until very recently…the present is hell…the future, well, there’s another thing, the future is still on the horizon, the future’s still open, you DON’T gave your talons on that just yet…we Australians have a right to our future, the future we were meant for, and we will strive to have it back on course!

    As long as any Australian is alive, you’ll NEVER make us forget how grand our past was, nor make us forget that we’ve a right to our future, and that we can fight for it!

  12. stavrOS, you really need to pull your head of the clouds, or your rectum, or just open your eyes.
    For I could quote endless verse in which Henry Lawson spoke passionately about his kin and country, his people and civilisation…and with determination AGAINST they and it being lost to foreign hordes!

    WHY mention a list of men, all of whom are White, and some of whom conquered other regions and peoples, here?
    None of them came to claim Australia, none of their powers or societies claimed Australia or made a nation here.

    We British did. That’s it. That’s IT!
    It’s the Commonwealth of Australia, we speak, write, and conduct our nation in English (not Greek, Dutch, or Italian), we enjoy British systems of law and government, for good reason…because we British founded and made Australia, and until a very short time ago we were 99% of the population of our country.

    No, Australia was never “multi-cultural”. Australia has since inception been a monoculture.
    The recent presence of large numbers of foreign peoples, does not alter that.
    That IS being assailed though, and that is WHY concerned Australians (the “Nazis” of which you refer) are speaking up about all of this!

    • Hi Scott, In my job I work along side people of many different races languages and religions, we work to take care of older people who are almost (mind the almost there) exclusively cauacasian Australians, these are people from well within the period of your “idyllic less than 10 years or even 5 years or whatever period” in fact some of them are from the hmm 70 or 80 years ago period, some of them fought in wars or were the wives of soldiers and more wonderful, beautiful people you couldn’t hope to meet yet they have no problem with their multicultural carers and I’d like to know if they don’t what right do you have to go slagging hard working people off? Because in the end that’s all that counts, you either contribute or you don’t and find an excuse for not doing so, which is what I suspect you’re up to

  13. Why mention other conquerors? To let you see that I don’t think the British have a monopoly over imperialism and colonisation. For you, Rule Brittania conjures up images of glory and delight when the Sun never set on the British Empire. That’s great – as a historical romance but the reality now is that the British Empire no longer exists….apart from little remnants of the Union Jack in some corners of some flags.

    The reality is that the English language has become the global language and one of the reasons it has done so is because the English language has a wonderful way of absorbing, mixing and then making new words and usages of these words borrowed from the world. The English language has become the global language because of its flexibility and openess to all languages.

    In fact, if you only use Anglo Saxon – Celtic words in all your communication you could only use four letter words. It was Chaucer who introduced the word Parliament from the French into the English language and I’m not going to list all the words that are Greek and Latin, Indian and Arabic. In fact you wouldn’t be able to use ZERO the 0 (in my name also Stavr0s) because the idea of zero is an Arab one and the numbers we use are Arabic. Our mathematics and just plain numeracy is Arabic in its symbols….apart from the Greek letters alpha, beta, gamma etc the alphabet 🙂

    So, when you write, particularly here, please be aware of the multilingual and multicultural nature of your language. Language makes culture, so in a funny kinda way, English has helped make a multiculture. I find it ironic that when you write and state the EXCEPTIONALISM of the British and of its PURITY that the language you use to do so is the most beautiful expression of multiculturalism in the world, the English language.

  14. The anti-racist vitriol in these replies is almost (not quite) as unpleasant as the superficial and trivial racism spouted by the site’s content-providers eg. Darrin. This shits me because the world is still full of real, substantive and nasty racism (eg. Sudan), but all the middle-class angst in Australia seems directed at the phony, petty shit that people like Darrin spew. The west’s perspective on racism has been completely lost when all you hear about it is the latest ‘I don’t like Muslims’ rant (which, on its own, is not even racist), or who called whom a ‘nigger’. My eyes glaze over when I hear the ‘R’ word now because it’s usually associated with this kind of minor crap going on in the suburbs.
    ps. Is Darrin a real name? Isn’t it meant to be Darren?

    • Hi, Lofa. Yes, I agree with you that there is racism all over the world. However, this particular blog’s focus is on racism in Australia. I’m sorry that you don’t like the petty name-calling going on here, but that is just the result of pent-up frustrations in trying to argue with narrow-minded individuals who refuse to listen to logic and insist on spewing their own ignorant ideologies. You also said “…the latest ‘I don’t like Muslims’ rant (which, on its own, is not even racist)…”. TAB has some older posts that display the connection between Islamophobia and racism.

  15. Just a side note. London at the time of the First Fleet was a major trade hub and the most multicultural city on Earth. Convicts included Africans, Afro-Americans, Chinese and Indians. The British Merchant Marine was even more ethnically diverse. It is not immediately obvious since Anglicised names were used in official records but the nick names used in diaries and letters make it clear.

    Also, as James Nicoll put it “The problem with defending the purity of the English language is that English is about as pure as a cribhouse whore. We don’t just borrow words; on occasion, English has pursued other languages down alleyways to beat them unconscious and rifle their pockets for new vocabulary.”

  16. Sott, just answer me this. Why is a ‘world populated by white people’ a better world to live in than a multicultural world?

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