64 thoughts on “Nazi Patriotism in Australia

  1. What gets me about these idiot racists is that they do not produce, make, create or give birth to anything other than hatred and destruction of peoples’ sense of wholesomeness.

    They make me sick! What gets me is that they are proud of their ignorance and absolute stupidity. If we get rid of them and maybe ship them to the moon or Mars, Australia would be better off as would Earth.

    Mr Nazi man……get a life, hey maybe get a brain….there’s no hope for you getting a heart…..you threw it away when you put that swastika up on your wall. I can’t believe that I’m even wasting my time writing this to a shit head like you. I repeat – you and your kind make me sick!!!

  2. John Galliano had some choice and quite hilariously delivered things to say the other day.
    And oh, what a dither for liberals and leftists!
    What a conundrum for those trying to hedge their liberal bets.
    Just who do you side with in that confrontation?
    Both poster children of the left.
    Both cause celibre’s of the left.
    But when push comes to shove who’re you going to side with?
    The homo-sexual making the “anti-semitic” comments?
    Or the Jews?

  3. As far as I’m aware, our fathers/grandfathers fought AGAINST Hitler and all he stood for, and they were definitely “Proud Aussies”….unlike these yobbos, they sacrificed their very lives to fight for what they believed in. These idiots want to sacrifice OTHER peoples’ lives (read wogs, bogs and polyglots) for what they THINK they believe in.

    Our fathers and grandfathers would be ashamed of them, because these idiots are exactly the same as Hitler’s goons. They make a mockery of our history.

  4. TAB, hasn’t this already “featured” on your site before?
    Running low on material, eh?

    stavr0s: “If we get rid of them and maybe ship them to the moon or Mars, Australia would be better off as would Earth.”

    Why not tell all the poison mushrooms we’re “deporting” them to Madagascar.
    They’ll stupidly pile into those cattle cars in a second!

    “I can’t believe that I’m even wasting my time writing this to a shit head like you.”

    You’re not.
    He’s not reading it.
    You and your Kremlin Komrades are.

    Michele “does he not realise Australia has never been a country populated only by whites?”

    Do you not realise he didn’t say that?

    lonhro12: “As far as I’m aware, our fathers/grandfathers fought AGAINST Hitler”

    Not because of his racism.
    Because Germany invaded other countries (same reason as WW1, when there were no Nazis)

    “They make a mockery of our history.”

    Unlike those who deny the definitive importance and predominance of White Australians in our history.

    • “TAB, hasn’t this already “featured” on your site before?
      Running low on material, eh?”

      You will notice that this week has been dedicated to revising a few archives that may have been missed by people who’ve only just subscribed. A few headings down: “From The Archives”.

      We’ve got no shortage of material.

    • You’re wrong, Shockadelic. WW1 was essentially a trade and economic war between Britain and Germany. WW2 was a continuance of same with the addition of desire for revenge for the outcome of WW1 (contributed to by the treatment by the Allies of the vanquished Germany, I admit) but with the added component of racist extermination which was whipped up by Hitler – he used this excuse to justify the support of his people for his war

    • I gladly recognise the importance of white Australians in our history. We would be nothing like the country we are without our British ancestors, and all kudos to our forefathers for their courage and perseverance and sheer Gunsynd spirit (guts, determination and will to win). But our British heritage is not our ONLY heritage. This land also has an Aboriginal heritage and also a heritage of all the people who have come after the British…migrants, just like the British and ALSO the Aboriginals before them.

      Hard to swallow? then let’s ALL get out and leave Australia to the goannas and the kangaroos.

    • Cockadelic – hasn’t this “Kremlin Komrades” already “featured” on your posts before?
      Running low on material, eh?


      Even when you manage to keep your diatribe under 5000 words you are still intrinsically sleep-inducing.

    • My grandfather fought the Nazis and died doing so in the Greek Resistance. Aussie soldiers came and supported Greece during WW2 to fight and defeat the common enemy – the Nazis. So, here we are in Australia having to deal with Nazis!

      These fuckers don’t see they are traitors to Australia and the ANZAC spirit, let alone absolute fuckers to the planet. The Nazi mind parasite still lives on in small peoples skulls and makes them dangerous.

      That’s the other thing about that photo. Not only did it have a swastika on the wall, but also the Eureka Flag. How dare these moronic hoons steal a sacred symbol of the Eureka Stockade where miners and prospectors from all countries of the world were shot defending their rights. By the way, two leaders of the Stockade were migrants – Peter Laylor from Ireland and Rafaelo Corbini from Italy.

      If they’re gonna have a symbol, they should just keep it simple for their stupid heads – the swastika. They do not have the right to drag the Eureka or the Australian flag through their shit.

    • TAB has deliberately concealed his face.

      The embarrassment and shame this knob’s family would feel would be overwhelming. Quite likely they may have no idea how warped he is.

  5. Yes indeed, some bright sparks on here have woken up to and noted, we…our forefathers, Australians, the Dominion of Australia, Great Britain, The British Empire…fought against the Nazis.
    Fought against them well!
    (though if we should have been fighting each other, instead of greater enemies, time has proven to be another issue)
    Now though, be it in Britain or here in Australia, we are being invaded by hundreds of thousands of people, of different races and dozens of clashing nations and cultures, we speak up and stand against that…and now WE’RE the “Nazis”????

    • Are you thick or what? Those people “invading” Britain are mostly coming home to Britannia….that is, coming home to mama. Remember when the sun did not set on the British Empire? Well, those colonised people now are coming home.

      In terms of invasion, listen dick head, the British invaded Australia…remember the British boat people didn’t have visas, they definitely didn’t integrate with the Aboriginal people, in fact, they killed them! So, when you use the word “invasion”, remember who were the true invaders in the first place. Migrants are INVITED here and refugees are entitled to come here because Australia is a signatory of the Charter of Human Rights.

      The other thing is, read the posts…they call themselves nazis while proudly displaying the swastika.

      • “Are you thick or what? ”
        Yeah, when referring to Scott, that’s putting it mildly, stavr0s. See, he lives in his own deluded world where white is always right. No matter how many times his “arguments” get demolished in the face of simple logic, Scott still resolutely holds to his simple-minded thinking of “Ah, non-whites and their sympathizers! The gene pool is being contaminated! Invasion!”. It’s futile trying to counter his statements with solid facts and cold, hard logic. He will just slink off to another thread and spout the same nonsense there. Doesn’t mean it’s not fun to do it, though.

        Yes, Scott, you are the Nazis, or you think like one at least. One, as stavr0s already pointed out, there is no invasion. It is only in your paranoid pea-brain that there is one, kinda like what was written in “Mein Kampf”. Two, this white-power BS that you crap on and on about? Yeah, pretty sure that sounds like a Nazi to me. And three, that guy in the photo? He probably just collects flags for fun, right? “No, I’m not a Nazi. I just display their flag.”

    • Other groups that fought against Nazism and racism in all it’s forms: Indigenous Australians (who you hate), Arabs (who you hate), African-Americans (who you hate), Muslims (who you hate), Indians (who you hate), communists (who you hate), liberals (who you hate) and rational people (who you hate).

      The forces of unreason, of bigotry, hatred and murder were defeated by a rainbow coalition dedicated to making a more tolerant world. If you doubt that that was the explicit objective, watch some old ‘Why We Fight’ propaganda or read the Universal Declaration of Human Rights written to condemn people like you.

      I think it’s very important to seperate something from it’s opposite. Australians did not fight in World War Two to keep Australia white; they fought againsst racism, in unsegregated units. As a direct result of that war, the White Australia policy was gradually ended as a Nazi policy, which it was. The Allies did not fight because they believed some to be inferior because of the colour of their skin or the nature of their religious creed- they fought because those beliefs are evil, and because that evil spread itself.

  6. Cody?? He’s a nazi wannabe named Cody??

    LOL…what a douche. “I’m not a racist, I just have a douche-y name”.
    We should definitely try to keep our race, the human race that is, pure by making sure that fools like this don’t reproduce.

  7. stavrOs…Greek right?
    Well, there’s several Greek nationalist movements getting into action now due to Greece herself being under attack from masses of “immigrants”.

    Now though, stavrOs, come on!
    You’re really trying to tell us that Britain is being inundated by masses of returing Britons?
    stavrOs, really?

    You mean, the BNP and the EDL are up in arms over lots of British people coming home?

    Please. You really want to stick to that?

    You’re trying to claim that we are hearing reports about British people soon being made a minority amongst…returning Britons?

    No, go to Britain now, look around.
    Look at the terrible amount of film and footage of the streets and cities of Great Britain now…filled with crowds of West Indians, Africans, Indians, Pakistanis, and on and on.

    No stavrOs, Britain is NOT being overrun by returning Britons.
    Just as Australia is NOT being overwhelmed by a lot of British gentleman in bowler hats.
    We are being flooded…invaded…by masses of foreign races and nations, who should not be here!

    We have every right imaginable, to protect our nation, our civilisation, our race, our people, and our future!

    • Yes, Greek and now Australian as well, and I’m aware of what’s happening in Greece. No one said that xenophobia, racism and dick-head-ism is a monopoly of British people. Indeed, I remember as a young kid in Sydney my parents telling me to watch out for the Anglezous and Avstralous as they have no culture and morals. Yes, my parents were racist towards those who attacked them with racism. I won’t bore you with anecdotes of wog hatred directed at myself and my family. Every culture has people who for whatever reason lack empathy and compassion. This includes Greeks. So, my sentiments are the same for Greece as they are for Australia.

      Now, I wasn’t saying that it was Britons returning to Britain. I was saying that since the British Empire included places like India, Jamaica, Sri Lanka, lots of Africa, Australia, Canada, NZ etc etc and that was why it was stated that the sun never sets on the British Empire, many of the so called “invaders” are actually the colonised peoples who have decided that since Brittania has ruled over them for so long, why not pay our mother Britain a visit. So, no I don’t see bowler hats on every “invader” but I can see you and other racists wearing the bowler hats of Clockwork Orange fame.

      You know I can’t ever envisage a “pure” race…whatever that means, because people have been interbreeding ever since Adam and Eve took on a homo sapien form…even earlier with the Neanderthals. All of us share in the genetic soup of humanity. Even the concept of a “nation” is only a relatively recent idea that arose towards the end of the 19th Century.

      I am not concerned about the amazing mix and diversity of humanity that we are priveledged to experience in Australia because this mix is what is present in the macrcosm of the Earth. We have the whole world in our backyard through multiculturalism and I love it.

      Small people like you are ridden with fear and anxiety over this very same diversity. At times I feel sorry for people like you, even the Nazis because they miss out on the wonder of cultural diversity and its harmonious workings in Australia. People like you and the Nazis you sympathise with just bring venom, hatred and destruction to the rainbow harmony that is being born here in Australia.

  8. I’ll go back up from the bottom to the top with what’s wrong – because it’s all wrong – in detail, with what you’ve written Stavros.

    There is no “rainbow harmony” (Christ, it’s sickening to write something like that!) being born here…there is fractured, divisive, violent, mixed up, DISHARMONY being inflicted here!

    The Australian people did NOT ask for what is being affected upon our country!

    It is with utter venom and hatred of White people and the Australian nation that a power elite of social engineers and their left-wing lapdogs inflict this disharmony.

    Australia is BEING DESTROYED! It is flagrantly wrong to ascribe any kind of “destruction” to us Australians who wish to protect the perfectly formed society we have here.
    Australia is being DESTROYED by this damned “multi-culturalism”.

    Yes indeed, you’re not onto any major new there, we Australians ARE fearful and anxious about this “diversity” (diversity means division) that is being inflicted on our nation!

    The world is culturally diverse. Australia is one culture, among many on Earth.

    It’s not for you to love this “multi-culturalism” (‘multi-culturalism’ means multi-racialism and multiple-culturalism) being forced upon OUR country!
    We do not have to suffer a microcosm of the horrors of the world being artificially reproduced here.
    This damned “mix and diversity” of humanity being brought here – from their failed nations and cultures – comes at the expense of us!
    Our backyard is OUR backyard, it is not to be filled with strangers.

    Whites, especially Western Europeans, and most especially British people…and that means us Australians…are of PURE RACE!
    And anyone that’s not that is SO DAMNED JEALOUS of that!
    The Greeks were once pure, but centuries of rape by Turks has ruined much of that, and we do not want that here.
    The White Race IS PURE…and so many people HATE that, and want to DESTROY that!
    So many people are jealous of the purity of the White Race, and it burns like venom in them!

    We have been pure for so long, and we have every right to continue being so.
    We do not want to get lost in this damned, brown, indistinguishable, soupy mess that the multicult agenda has in mind for us!

    If there no differences between us (and do you realise Stavros how quickly you’ve gone from one liberal cliche, about “diversity”, to another about there being “no difference” between us???) then HOW can there be this ‘diversity’?
    Do you call for the Japanese, Chinese, Tibetans, or even the Greeks for that mater, or anyone else, to be lost in some undefined “human soup”?
    Or, just us?
    It’s funny this liberal nonsense about their being “no nations”…yeah, well, it seems that SOME nations, created by ONE race, are the ones that now have to give everyone else a “better life”!
    One great, pure race, made possible the society you take for granted.

    There has ALWAYS been a strong concept of tribe, society, civilisation, or nation!
    Your people, the Greeks, were one of the first to define themselves as opposed to others, the concept of “ethnos”.
    ALL peoples through history have known who and what they are.
    It is NOT a new phenomena.
    Either way, anyway, this IS our nation, WE made it, we were until five minutes ago 99% of the population of it, and we have every right to keep it for ourselves…or be given the right to fight for it!
    NOT lose it by this God-damned “immigration”!

    You’re spinning your wheels there now, with your nonsensical garbage about Britons going home to Britain.
    You know exactly what you meant the first time.
    I’ll make the obvious clear to you then again…the British people are NOT Africans, are not Indians, the British people are NOT black or brown!
    British people are Britis people.
    Australians are British people.
    We are not now…NOT now…going to be thrown into some human meat grinder with the black, brown, and yellow masses of the world!
    (who HATE each other themselves anyway!!!)

    WE did not ask for Greeks to come to Australia!
    It is IMPOSSIBLE for Greeks to have been the victims of “racism” in Australia (and yoy can just cry me a river over any of that ‘wog’ bulldust!), for you were NOT here before us, you were NOT invited here by the Australian people but by corrupt politicians…Australians DIED fighting to save Greece from the Italians and the Germans…and, broadly, we ARE of the same race!

    The fact that ALL people of ALL nations fight to preserve their integrity of identity…continually…PROVES that it is right, and human nature, to do so.
    We Australians have EVERY right to strive to protect our PURE RACE and HIGHER SOCIETY here!!!!

  9. Scotty, being new to this forum I do not know your ethnic background. You know mine, what is yours? Were your parents and grandparents born here in Australia? If you are striving to protect the PURE RACE of Australians are you referring to the Aboriginal People of our country?

    But you know, when it comes down to pure unadulturated science, particularly with the discoveries of our gentic history through the Human Genome Project, the conclusion is that there is NO such thing as RACE in the genes……..just human genes, not Greek, not Aussie, not Mongolian, not Arab, not Asian, not African….just human genes.

    So, dear Scotty, your whole endeavour, from a scientific perspective, is bullshit. You are worse than Don Quixote who fought windmills taking them as monsters because there isn’t even a windmill in sight, just your projected fears.

    Who would have thought that two words “rainbow harmony” would elicit such anger and hatred? Scott – I’d be careful if I were you, because you sound very much like you are on the spectrum some kind of “…pathy”.

  10. So Tim?
    So WHAT what I post on my Facebook wall?
    So what?
    I post clips of women I like, often cantily clad…I post historical and social clips…I post a lot of clips of music I love.

    That’s not the issue here.
    So will leftists and liberals STOP evading, stop beating around the buch with other things about other people, and discuss, or debate, the issue.
    That is, the genocidal social destruction being elicited by mass immigration.

  11. Yes Rob, I’m Cornish.
    There was never any Kingdom of Cornwall though.
    Many Australians are Cornish.
    The Cornish are one of the core peoples of old Britain.

    As far as descent goes, I have tried investigating further the origin of the name Pengelly.
    Which is a very ancient name.
    Pen, means head…as in Uther Pendragon, “Head Dragon”, Arthur’s father.
    Gelly, could either mean ‘grove’ (indicating a possible Druidic link, as they performed their rituals in groves of oak trees) or “Gallic”, possibly alluding to a Gallic chieftain in ancient times.

    So, quite possibly a very good origin to the family and the etymology of the family name.

    ALL of that, all of the genuine origin, descent, integrity, and dignity, of the British people, bot in Britain and here in Australia, is in grave danger of being lost in this awful deluge, this torrential multi-racial flood, elicited by mass immigration, that could drown us all.

    • “… all of the genuine origin, descent, integrity, and dignity, of the British people, bot in Britain and here in Australia…”

      Sounds like inbreeding. Shrinking/concentration of the genetic pool throws up all sorts of problems…. check out the list of defects now prominent in dogs, horses and all other classes of livestock.

      Ever heard of hybrid vigour? It’s important in the survival of a species.

    • Actually, an indepedent Cornwall existed for a few thousand years. The Cornish have the same ethnic roots as the Irish, Welsh and Scots. They aren’t English.

  12. Don’t start quizzing, questioning, or querying about my purity of race or ethnicity Stavros.

    I know that purity of race, or even a sound notion of identity is quite the problem for most Greeks.
    Most now ahave no, or very little, link to the great ancient Greeks of yore.
    That part of the world has been a crossroads for millenia.

    Most modern day Greeks get around fantasising that they are descendents of Achilles or something.
    They’re not.
    So many peoples have come and gone there.
    The Slavs came down onto the Balkans and the Greek peninsula during the latter part of the first millenium.
    Washing away most of the true Greeks.
    Most Greeks now, are Slavs.
    Obviously as well, hundreds of years of Ottoman Turkish rule and abuse had a detrimental effect upon Greek genetic stock.
    There are indeed some very fine examples of ancient Greek purity getting around now…but they are few and far between in a mass of people that really would know who or what they are.

    That did NOT happen to people in Northern and Western Europe.
    That did not happen to us in the British Isles.

    If I was not four-square, fully and completely, absolutely and totally British, and thus Australian, I would not be speaking about and for the integrity of our identity as I do!

    Please, do NOT raise the issue of the Aboriginals!
    You do NOT live in a primitive Aboriginal society.
    You live withinthe civilised nation that we made here.
    Go and ask your parents, they did NOT come here and live with the Aboriginals, they came here to live in our society!

    This damned harmony you’re speaking about, is a farce, a sham, a scame, and insult!
    NO Australians worth their salt asked for this, and we’re NOT singing along with this discord that is passed off as harmony!

    • Please not: Turks are not inferior to Greeks. Slavs are not inferior to Turks an ‘British’ (you’re actually pretty much Gaellic, not English) are not superior t Indigenous Australians. Of course, Aborigines once had by far the most ”pure” genetic makeup of any culture (since nobody knew where Australian is). By your logic, you’re inferior to them.

      But you aren’t; genetics don’t even slightly work that way. ‘Purity’ is irrelevent and an obsesseion wih racal ‘purity’ is Nazism.

    • Sorry Scott, but weren’t you just fantasising about how you were supposedly decended from a mythical Cornish king?
      A bit hipocritical I’d say.

  13. So, the Romans did not leave any genetic smear in Britain and neither did the Normans and the Vikings? Tell me, how come your British Queen is German?

    By the way, I trace my heritage all the way to Ulysses….yep, pure unadulterated Greek 🙂 How do I do this? Simple, I’m Greek, therefore I am all my ancestors and if I want to trace my heritage even further back I will end up in Africa as YOU do as well. Let’s face it Adam and Eve were African.

    The point is that there are NO pure races on the planet, it is a figment of your imagination.

    I asked about the possibility that you may be of Aboriginal descent because you keep harping on about the pure Australians. Obviously not! But tell me, where do the original Australians fit into your world view. Please don’t say no where because of their skin colour as that would be so moronic.

  14. Did I say that the Cornish are English, Lt Fred?
    Lt Fred? What dopey army are you a “Lt” in?

    No, I stated the truth, that the Cornish are British.
    Yes, of course, and independent Cornwall existed for some time.
    the name derives from the Cornovii, our tribal name, which became Roman Cornubia.
    The “Wall” part is of the same derivation as “Wales”.
    It means “stranger” or “foreigner”.
    The English invaded, and called us Britons “strangers”…in our own land!

    Please. Do not think you’re laying any heavy knowledge on me, for I’ve been passionate about my Celtic British ancestry for decades now.

    We Cornish, Welsh/Cymru, Scots, Irish, and English, are the people of Great Britain.

    A very few distinct peoples, through the fire of confrontation, hammered out and forged Great Britain.
    That’s DONE with!

    We won’t be lost in a multi-racial mess now, not now, not without at the very least, a fight.

    • The English, who displaced the Saxons (from Germany) who displaced the Gales (Ireland), were from Norway and spoke French, well into the Middle Ages. These three group, the Germans, Vikings and Irish ‘miscegnated’.

      Later, a small German state invaded Great Britain. That is why the Royal Family are immigrants.

  15. The Turks, all Turkish or Turkic peoples, as well “Lt Fred”…are a mongrelised mixture of Caucasoid and Mongoloid.
    They are all the result of various forms of miscegenation.
    Yes indeed, the Turks are somewhat less than people of pure race.

    I just LOOOVE the part too, about how you leftists and liberals go on and on and ON about us “invading” Australia…and creating the nation you spoiled brats take for granted…but you constantly ignore that invasions, conquests, subjugations, massacres, destruction, and rapes committed by The Turks!

    The Slavs, not by their own volition, have all too often been mixed with Turks, Tartars, and Mongols.
    Most are of less than any pure race.
    There are though, some pure Slavs still.

    My POINT was though, that in that region of the world…after centuries of invasions and miscegenation, not many are certain there what they are.

    And just because so many bastards are JEALOUS as hell of the British and our identity and accomplishments, that they want us lost in a landslide of multiracial immigration…we WON’T stand for it!

    • Actually, we don’ ignore any atrocity perpetuated by any nation. We simply recognise that atrocity is not caused by lack of ‘purity’ or a lack of racism, but (in fact) by too much racism. Turks slaughteredthe Armenians and the Kurds; but te racism that you share caused them o do it.

      It is the same racism that leads yu to ignore the massacres of Australians by the invading British- massacres justified o racist grounds.

  16. Yes indeed, the Romans left an imprint on Britain, so did the Vikings.
    Be we British, Roman, or Viking, and having our differences, we are of similar race!

    There is a drastic and total difference between Romans and Vikings in Britain…and Arabs, Africans, and Pakistanis, and God only knows what else, pouring and flooding in!
    Both in Britain, and here in Australia.

    White Europeans have our differences, and strong similarities.

    There is zero correlation between that and giving over Western nations now to massive immigration by totally alien races and cultures!

    Great Britain and Germany had very strong social, cultural, political and military ties for many centuries as well…so there’s no real mystery as to why the royal house is part German!

    • You forget the Bible took place in Africa and the Middle East, where civilisation began.
      The Bible is translated from Aramaic to Greek to Latin to English, which is a miriad of races and cultures when you think about it.
      We get our mathematics from Greek and Arabic cultures, as well as significant influence from the cultures of the Indian subcontinant.
      You also expect me to believe that there is a difference between military conquests of Europeans and non-Europeans. Both have followed and not followed the rules of ethical conflict. Ever heard of Sun Tzu, or Confucius, or Ghandi? What of Mandela?
      The other cultures are supposedly inferior because they didn’t feel they needed to colonise the rest of the world.
      I am proud of my Scottish and Dutch decent, as well as my Australian identity, however I admit their pitfalls.
      I certainly don’t agree with the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, I don’t approve of many of the actions of the African kings who sold of their people either.
      I believe in the ideals of the Enlightenment, that logic and secularism and reason should dictate policy, not some half baked idea of persecution and unjustified feelings of superiority.
      You seem to think that everything falls into a strict Left-Right of White and non-White continuum, which is rediculous if you’ve actually been out anywhere.
      Secretly, as your last post indicates, you know this. You resort of contorting history and logic to fit your views. You don’t like “wogs” but are quite happy to take credit for their achievements as “European”, such as the Roman Empire. You don’t seem to accept, however, the ideals of the Enlightenment, which has far more to do with Western Europe, and has quite a profound influence on modern history and philosophy.

      • I apologise for the incoherent nature of the post, I was annoyed at Scott’s attitude, so my best paragraphing skills are not shown.

    • Why don’t you comment on what I said about the fact that the latest scientific research shows that there is no such thing as a “Race” in the genetic makeup of people AND that all of humanity’s parents – the biblical Adam and Eve come from Africa?

      So, Mr Pure White Guy Nazi – you have ancestors out of Africa.

      How do you come to terms with this? I’m curious because this correspondence is the first I’ve had with a full on racist Nazi.

      Please reply Scott.

      • Scott dismisses the Out of Africa hypothesis as ‘PC’ and therefore wrong, despite any scientifically verifiable evidence that shows how our ancestry leads back there.

      • Scott has no understanding of science what so ever.
        Despite posting lengthy rants of hate here & pretending to know everything he dropped out of school in year 10.
        That probably explains why he hates uni students so much. 😦

    • Scot if you really check out the ancestry of North Britain they are descendants of the Basque people now known as Spain. Still pure white? AND dont try and claim Roman heritage when the Romans invaded Britannia (thats a Latin term btw) the locals were still wiping their backsides with leaves.

      On a side note I grew up being called a wog by teachers and I was spat at and bashed on a regular basis that was until I was old enough to fight back funny that how bullies stop when you can defend yourself and your attitude breeds this shit.

  17. @Scott – the Brits are a whole lota mixed races, even the English language is a mixture of other languages.
    U talk about your Cornish blood & how it differs from mainstream English & then excuse the inclusion of other races (norman, roman) etc because their are ‘white’.
    What a load of horseshit.
    You are a mongrel of races which even include arabic & pikey in your ‘pure’ white blood.
    Also before Judeo-Christian moralities came to u from the east u where worshipping the sun & using images of erect cocks as part of your religious practice.
    Britannia grew up with the inclusion of others as a benefit to its own.
    By the way, a lot of high ranking Nazis where openly homosexual, including the commanding officer of the SS.

  18. These people are always taking the cowardly way out by not showing their faces. They either have them blocked, pixellated, or they wear white pointy hats. Do these Nazi supporters realise the swatsika was plagarised from ancient Indochinese art? Specifically Hindi art? Wait, why am I asking that? These people have poor reading, writing and spelling skills and could never learn to appreciate art. Let alone English grammar. And these people claim to be patriots when they have poor English skills.

    • No question about it! He is a traitor to all Australians and in particular to all the ANZACz who died fighting the Nazis. I can’t understand how they cannot see thru their hypocrisy. Traitors all and they should be tried as such.

  19. So proud that he won’t even show his face.

    I’m proud of allowing people to have their own beliefs, but hell…..What a moron.

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