It’s Not Racist to Hate Muslims: Islam is Not a Race…

Eh? Since when were all refugees and asylum seekers Muslim? I thought the majority were coming from Sri Lanka at the moment…

See now this is just confusing. When you criticise people for being generalist and denouncing to Muslims, you’re told that it’s actually not racist because Islam is a religion not a race. Yet time after time, we see Islam attributed to foreign countries as though it was impossible for Muslims to be born in Australia and/or white!

So often you’ll hear comments about religious tolerance in ‘their’ countries, and how women from ‘those’ countries are hairy and ugly. You’ll hear about people wanting Muslims to keep ‘their’ religion in ‘their’ country, and for Muslims to fuck off ‘home’. But then have a go at these bogans and what do you get?

“It’s not racist to hate Muslims because Islam is a religion, not a race.”

The irony is nearly always lost.

44 thoughts on “It’s Not Racist to Hate Muslims: Islam is Not a Race…

  1. We’re beyond history now.
    We are meant to be beyond the hectic ages of the making abd breaking of societies, nations, cultures, and civilisations.
    It’s done with.
    We rose to the top. We made a completely brilliant society and civilisation.

    It is one of two things, either total insanity or sheer malice, to take us as a race, a people, a society, a nation, a civilisation, and throw us back into the maelstrom!

    No, duuuuuhhhhhhh, Islam is not a race!
    Do liberals ever actually get sick of mouthing such vapid little inanities that they imagine are such heavy pearls of wisdom?!

    Islam though, became the religion of certain races though.
    Historically though, the only White/European populations and nations to formally accept Islam were certain Slav peoples, after the Ottoman conquests.
    Some Whites taken as captives as well.

    The time of confrontation happened.
    Be it Charles Martel and the Franks defeating a Muslim invasion at Poitiers in 732AD, or the defeat of the Ottomans at the gates of Vienna centuries later.
    That time is passed.
    The civilisations, the peoples, the ‘worlds’, the world, has been made.

    There are two distinct aspects to Islam, there is islam, which is one thing…and Islam, as a complete social and political ideology, conquered much of the world as a state beginning in the 7th century.
    Excepting strong footholds on the edges of Europe – Spain, Sicily, and the Balkans and Greece – no Muslim power moved across and conquered wider Europe.
    No major White/Western European people were brought into the fold of Islam.

    The Berbers of North Africa, the Egyptians, the Anatolians, the Persians, peoples of Central Asia, who were (and largely still are) Caucasians were conquered by, supplanted by, sometimes converted to, or were mixed with, Muslims and Islam.
    They were distant enough from us, from pure White Western Europeans, to not class as being our race going over.

    This social, cultural, and political ideology, this state, aside from the theological and mystical dimensions, is very racial and tribal, IS VERY Arabic in character!
    When conquering large areas, large populations, and great old civilisations in the early years of the Islamic invasions after breaking out of the Hijaz, the Arabs never made large scale attempts at converting the newly subject peoples (although they sometimes did, by force), for they saw their religious identity as the badge of the conquerer.
    They had no qualms though about putting social conditions upon the newly subject peoples and civilisations.
    Through course of time, and various pressures, many (though not all) of the peoples become subject to the Caliphates converted/reverted to Islam.

    Most completely, Islam IS associated with on race (or sub-sect of race), the Arabs!
    Next, Islam is most intensely associated with the Turks…be they Seljuks or Ottomans, or a host of Turkic peoples through central Asia.
    The Turks themselves are a mongrelised, mixed-race polyglot of Caucasoid and Mongoloid.
    Then, Islam is next most associated with Indians and Africans.
    No, Islam is not a race – islam, the ‘submission to the will of God’ is in concert with all religion – but Islam, IS very much an issue of race, ethnicity, nation, culture, and civilisation.

    It became racial, in different ways, it is now racial.

    It is not a case of enormous numbers of Australians reverting to Islam now, it is OBVIOUSLY massive numbers of foreign races and nations – who have long historical context within Islam – being brought into Australia!
    That is the issue and the problem!

    Muslim powers, over a period of several centuries, took MILLIONS of White, European, Christian slaves, and treated them with horrific cruelty.
    You should pay serious thought to that!

    Islam, as an entity, and Muslims as people, see all areas of the world and elements of humanity that are not within the “House of Islam” as being fit for conquest, subjugation, and eventual conversion/reversion.
    For centuries, at the very least, the Muslim forces made themselves known as open enemies, intent on conquest.
    There was the chance then for open warfare and defence.
    Now, and even they can’t fully believe it, the doors of the West have been thrown open to them, and the Muslims are flooding Westerly, under the deceitful guise of “immigration”.
    Thus taking over, and more like the Jews that they themselves despise, parasitically.

    No, dullards, Islam is NOT a race!
    Islam though, for the longest times has been associated with other races.
    Our country, our nation, is ours…we are us.
    We Australians are of a race.
    It is not for our nation, our civilisation, to be lost to…or we as a people, a race, a society, to be subjected to…ANY foreign races, peoples, powers, or ideologies!

    The difference between islam and Islam, and for Whites within our own secure civilisation to examine, study, and be interested in both islam and Islam…it is totally, radically, and entirely different to have Muslim peoples invading and inhabiting our country!

    No, one cannot entirely hate Muslims on a racial basis, becaue no – as the incredibly insightful liberals continue exclaiming – Islam is not a race.
    Islam is however, through the machinations of history, tied to other races.
    It is is entirely correct however, to hate what Islam has often done, to hate what certain Muslims have done, what they are doing, and what they intend to do here!

    This is an age old struggle.
    We had won it.
    Do not throw us to capitulation now, at this late date, after all this!

  2. Its also reasonable Scott to hate much of what Christianity has done, what many Christians have done and continue to do. Christianity also has a political agenda and only fails in modern times because most people are too rational to participate and support it. Look at the way christianity dictated law and political systems throughout the history of England and Ireland. Look at the encroachment and subjugation of indigenous cultures throughout Asia, Australia and Africa through the imposition of christianity. Look at the crusades, witch-burning, death penalty to heretics etc. In modern times look at murders of abortion clinic staff. My point is not to vilify christians but to point out the blinkered view you present. Sure bad things have been done in the name of Islam as they have in the name of most religions, sure Islam has a political agenda as do most religions. How does this justify the type of mindless vilification, hatred and calls to violence in the featured posts or any hate page you choose to look at?

  3. In todays news, over 350,000 Australians who are Muslim minded their own business and did nothing to try to “OMG CHANGE OUR LIVES!!!1!1!”. Conservatives to hate them anyway.

  4. My heritage is Aboriginal Afghan, Our People have been trading with Muslims long before the British boat people invaded us in 1788 over a thousand years in fact. why dont you all go back to your roots. when you can trace your Peoples in this country back beyond 40,000 years as we can then you have a claim. The Pope apologised against the crimes against humanity, they have sodomised the world. the first being the Irish in the 11th century. Know your history or you are doomed to repeat it. Sodomy is against our Aboriginal laws however it is not against the law in white society. abraham (in your bible) is the father of Islam so get a grip. I would rather Islam then the sodomy of Christianity any time. Islam did not invade us the British did. Always was always will be Aboriginal Land. Anglo saxons are rapists pillagers and theives. Read your history. You have desecrated women and children of all races including your own. When mother nature wipes your citys out dont come to us for survival eat your money.

    • Djidjar, I know your background heritage is aboriginal so you should know this. Some indigenous tribes in Australia (not recently since there is no culture left) practised sodomising the young boys by elders as a rite of passage into manhood. I wonder if the elders enjoyed it? Some people may think this is bullshit, but its true.

      • I wasn’t aware that Aboriginals were the only people who have been guilty of sexually abusing children throughout history. Thanks for making me aware of this.

      • It’s actually bullshit. Keith Winschuttle, in his Fabrication of Australian History, falsely claimed paedophilia and abuse of women- baselessly. It simply wasn’t the case. No real historian would claim a culture of paedophilia by indigenous elders.

      • What do you mean there is not culture left??? some of us do have culture and practise it through ceremony still to this day except of course for the government appointed aboriginal leaders ie marcia langton mick dodson commissioner gooda they sold us out. what your saying about sodomy in our ancient culture is definately not true. Passage of rights did not include sodomy men had to stay on the land by themselves for months hunting custodial sites where a large part of this. Where did you get your information from???? You must of went out into the bush and experienced this lately??? Was this place you went to in a catholic controlled region? Sodomy is punishable by death. that is the law any Aboriginal person sodomising is breaking Aboriginal law.
        Ceremony depicts civilisation in Anthropological terms and we hold the oldest ceremony in the world. Your claims are unfounded and ignorant. Go back to your roots

    • Windschuttle gave up any pretence of being a serious historian the day he got into bed with the far right and started spreading their fairy tales. He is only a couple of steps from being another David Irving.

  5. Is it just me, or does Scott have an amazing amount of time in his unemployment to write this utter crap?

    Anyway the jokes on you Scotty. All you do is look like a dickhead, as no one else really even believes a single word of your rubbish.

  6. Sammi, Australia is a Christian, or some fools may say, a Post-Christian society.
    Fact being, that Australia was founded and made by Christian people, and a Christian civilisation.
    All Muslims see Australia as a part of Christendom as well.
    That makes us an enemy to them to be conquered, however, if they didn’t at least see Australia as part of a bona fide religious tradition and society, then you wouldn’t want to know about it!!!

    The foundation, core, structure, and system of Australia is strongly Christian.

    Australia was NEVER a part of any Caliphate or Sultanate.
    NO Islamic power ever conquered Australia.

    It’s, as I said, either sheer insanity, or pure malice, to hand it all over to them now.

    Issues about Christianity, and our society, are to addressed by us.
    Ignoring things about Islam, and Muslims, in this foolhardy rush to hand your own society over, is no answer, and is not right.

    • Noone is Australia wantts to ‘hand over’ anything. Non-racist Australians want to respect non-conformist Australians’ equal rights to practice their religion, which might include Islam. This is fully in line witth Australia’s tradition of public secularism, which is strongly enshrined in the constitution. In Australia, we have no a Christian tyranny by theocracy (like you want), but a seperation of church and state. It’s our only constitutional right.

      However, if all Australians Muslims decided to takee over the country (how?), they coulldn’t. This is because there are almost no Muslims in Australia. There are almost twice as many Buddhists alone. The Dali Lama would be elected before any Caliphate, moron.

  7. Quick question to ‘HURRDURR’.
    Are foreign peoples coming to live in our country?


    Pure and simple.
    You can try and dress it up otherwise, but you’re a liar.
    Large groups of people coming to live within your country, and taking over space, place, finances and resources, taking what is ours, IS invasion!

    • oh so your saying we shouldn’t let, say, people from britain or new zealand in because that would be an invasion?
      you clearly do not understand the meaning of the word ‘invasion’ nor indeed the word ‘country’.

    • Invasion is the focible occuptation by one nation or group by another by force. That is manifestly not happening in Australia, or any other western country. In fact, many western countries are currently invading the third world.

    • According to Scott’s definition I have invaded few countries in my short life time. 🙂

      Good on Me!, I feel very powerful. 🙂

      P.S:- Hey Scott, Are you avoiding me? remember you wanted me (leftist,mulicult,liberal,race traitor,uni…etc etc) speak clearly & honestly with no snide remarks etc, I have done that under the relevant topics. See you there, NOT HERE! let me stress again. NOT HERE. Keep a thread under the subject discussed PLEASE!

  8. “All Muslims see Australia as a part of Christendom as well. That makes us an enemy to them to be conquered”

    Really, Scott? You presume to speak for ALL Muslims? Well, I just spoke to my Muslim friend sitting here beside me and, guess what, he thinks you’re full of shit. There you go, your statement has just been disproven. If you don’t believe me (or believe that people can have *gasp* Muslim friends ), we can ask other Muslims (there might be some who are TAB readers) and if even just one doesn’t agree with you, your statement would be proven false. That’s generally how logic works. It’s great, you should try it one time.

  9. Way to try and ignore and gloss past things “lolracist”, with disingenous nonsense.
    ARE you denying that what I have written is true though?

    It’s abundantly clear that the leftists and liberals that presume to be able to hand out open invites to the rest of the world for entry into our country have little knowledge of either islam or Islam, barring what superficial titbits the social engineers have allowed for them…and that they/you have NO knowledge of Islamic theology, ideology, sociology or the general Muslim worldview, and ZERO knowledge of the history of any of this.

    That’s seriously dangerous!

    That people with absolutely no knowledge of what they’re inviting upon their own people and society, presume to be able to make decisions that would have grave consequences for us, our society, our people, and future generations.

  10. Yes indeed, “Ragin_Asian”, all Muslims view Australia as being a part of Christendom, because Islam does.
    If being honest, they will declare so as well.
    Islam, and adherent Muslims, do not view the world as discordantly as leftists, liberals, and other assorted multicultists do.

    I will indeed speak, not for necessarily, but about, all or most Muslims, and Islam, because – unlike the leftist twits on here – I know very well what I am talking about.

    Several issues here. How old is this “friend” of yours? How observant is he? What does he know? Is he lying to curry favour?
    Any honest Muslim sees Australia as being within the fold of Christendom.
    Muslims recognise Christian people, powers, and nations.
    They intend to subdue them, but they recognise them nonetheless.
    If Muslims saw Australia as a land with no bona fide religion then they would NOT bother with the “pleasantries” of immigration, they would simply openly invade.
    Your friend is one of two things then, ignorant of the Islamic worldview, or a liar.

    Next most crucial point. This friend of yours has NO right to be in Australia thinking or stating that ANY Australian is “full of shit”!

    Why do you speak in the kind of terms that hint that I might not know what I’m talking about?
    When it is modus operandi for leftists/liberals to NEVER know what they are talking about…even as they invite it into our country?

    I had Muslim friends long before you’d ever even mouthed or typed the letters m-u-s-l-i-m in that order.

    Prior and concurrent to that I learned in depth, from various sources, about islam and Islam.

    The entire issue here is the invasion of Western nations by masses of “immigrants”, of various hues and types, and the intended extinction of White people…under the guise of “multiculturalism”.
    That’s the point, the moment foreign peoples come here to STAY in our country this ceases to be an intellectual, academic, issue, or simple matter of interest, it becomes confrontation.

    There is no honest Muslim who would declare that Australia, true Australia, is not a Christian nation.

    Final issue, for now, and it’s an important one as well.
    You pose yourself as the “Ragin_Asian”.
    So, some details.
    One must deduce from that that you are an Asian of some description…so, what are you?
    What type of Asian are you? Where do you come from? What country do you, or your family come from? What nationality/race/ethnicity are you?
    Give some more details, and THEN we can discuss your own people and nation’s worldview, views on race, on the situation in your own country, and if your own country is taking in hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of immigrants…of dozens of violently conflicting races, ethnicities, nations, religious tradition, languages, values, intentions, and cultures.

    Which, of course, being any known Asian nation, it WON’T be!
    You also wouldn’t be so cavalier about your own country’s situation and future, if what is happening to Australia befell it.

    So, yes, your “Muslim friend” has NO right to have any negative opinion of any Australian for speaking the truth, he’s either ignorant or a liar…and give us more information on exactly which kind of “Ragin'” Asian you are????

    • “(A)ll Muslims view Australia as being a part of Christendom…all or most Muslims, and Islam, because – unlike the leftist twits on here – I know very well what I am talking about.”

      That’s an opinion. Show me solid facts.

      “How old is this “friend” of yours? How observant is he? What does he know…ignorant of the Islamic worldview, or a liar.”

      Irrelevant. And presumptuous. He is a Muslim. I’m assuming you’re not. He practices his religion. You don’t. When you call people “ignorant” when they do not agree with your viewpoint, it doesn’t leave much room for debate.

      “This friend of yours has NO right to be in Australia thinking or stating that ANY Australian is “full of shit”!…I had Muslim friends long before you’d ever even mouthed or typed the letters m-u-s-l-i-m in that order.”

      Your opinion. Everyone’s got their right to one. Just like my friend can have the opinion that YOU are full of shit. Hell, a lot of people share that opinion.

      “Prior and concurrent to that I learned in depth, from various sources, about islam and Islam.”

      Gee, you must be an expert then. What are your sources?

      “There is no honest Muslim who would declare that Australia, true Australia, is not a Christian nation.”

      Yeah, OK. That’s true. Doesn’t mean they all want to “invade” it, though.

      “Final issue, for now, and it’s an important one as well.
      You pose yourself as the “Ragin_Asian”….he’s either ignorant or a liar…and give us more information on exactly which kind of “Ragin’” Asian you are????”

      Irrelevant. And incorrect. You presume I’m Asian because of my tag? That’s why it’s called an alias. If I change my handle to T-Rex, would that make me a 40-foot carnivorous dinosaur? Stop fussing over trivial details. Stick to the issue and back it up with facts and not just your opinions.

    • You’re so fuckin scared Scott I’d be surprised if you ever leave the house let alone have any friends. The idea that you ‘had Muslim friends’ is way too much of a stretch. Bullshit if you rather. Did you tell them they had ‘NO right to be in Australia’? You’re a wanker mate.

      I think I get how this works.. You have to be here longer than the ‘Australian speaking the truth’ to earn the right to voice a negative opinion against them? Who’s supposed to argue against such a proud descended Australian as yourself then Scott? And who’s to say Ragin’s friend isn’t 5th or 6th generation Muslim Aussie? Hell, he might even be as white as your pale ass.

  11. Yes indeed, we’re talking about it.
    You, and others, might be lying and denying it, but that’s what we’re talking about.
    Over the last five years hundreds of thousands of immigrants/invaders have arrived in Australia.
    As is happening in Sweden, Canada, New Zealand, France, Holland, Britain, and elsewhere in the Western world.

    Be it the hundreds of thousands we know to be arriving…or the “only one hundred thousand” per year claimed by the leftists here…it’s too much, it’s wrong, it’s got to stop.

    Way to go, ‘Destenoth’, with your repeating of the standard liberal ploy of ignoring the wider issues.

    • “Way to go, ‘Destenoth’, with your repeating of the standard liberal ploy of ignoring the wider issues.”

      HAHAHAHA!! You effin’ hypocrite.

  12. multiculturalism has not,does not and never will work. It is not what you think of these people on a broad scale; what do they bring to our country to enhance it.

  13. Correct Gary. Always good to hear other voices of conscience. Be it in the instances of long historical, neaby contact between different cultures…or else in the new, artificially, and maliciously engineered episodes of “multi-culturalism” that we are really talking about…it is invariably, and can only ever be, an abject, tragic, and terrible failure.

    Now, ‘zulu’, just how does bringing primitive, backwards, clashing, and otherwise failed cultures, into our own, “enrich” or “enhance” our own complete, advanced, higher, homogenous, cohesive, successful culture?

    What “benefit” does fracturing a great culture bring to it?

    How can we be be benefitted by the cultures of people, when those cultures cannot even sustain them anymore?
    How can we be “enriched” or “enhanced” by cultures that people are running away from?

    That’s an outright insult as well, to each and every Australian, now or who has ever lived, that our culture is somehow not good enough, and needs to be “enriched” or “enhanced”, or “benefitted”, by massive numbers of foreigners coming to live here.

    You’re probably one of those twits who barely looks past either their own nose or the next day, right, who thinks that throwing away our culture for the sake of a few nice meals and watching a few folk dances equates to great “benefits” for us and our culture?

    You’re wrong.

    Open your eyes.

    So many people either forget, or never learned, what culture…true, complete, culture…actually is.

    A culture is a complete society and social system.
    Culture is also tied intimately, though not always entirely, with race and/or ethnicity.
    Culture is not only limited to what are more easily and obivously perceived…folk dances, music, food, clothing, and the like.
    These are cultural items, aspects of culture.
    A culture, completely, is a total social system…involving systems of governance, systems of law, religion, rites, traditions, social structure, familial ties, technology, along to the aforementioned more obvious cultural items…art, music, cuisine, dance, and the like.

    Australia then, has from the beginning, and ever since, been a complete and total culture.
    A highly successful culture.

    People also are unaware, or else intentionally ignore, what that devious phrase “multi-culturalism” actually means.
    It is a two-pronged attack.
    Firstly, “multi-culturalism” is actually code for multi-racialism.
    Australia was – very obviously – never a multiracial country.
    This “multi-culturalism”/multiracialism is ONLY being inflicted upon White/Western nations as well.
    Secondly, to those paying attention, the phrase actually gives away it’s other plan.
    “Multi-culturalism” means multiple cultures.
    There were never multiple cultures present in Australia.
    There has since foundation and on past federation been one culture here.
    Bearing in mind what I have previously illustrated about the completeness of a genuine culture, there has only been one culture present and dominant in Australia.

    What is happening under the guise of this “multi-culturalism” (and this phrase is employed, because the “-culturalism” part means that people focus only on the nice things – dance/food/music/clothes- and don’t notice the real plot) is that enormous numbers of different races, ethnicities, and nations, are being brought in here…with the intention of having them grow to large enough size to form a fractured mess of different cultures here…of multiple cultures.

    This is not…this is NOT in any way, shape, form, size, or manner of description…beneficial to Australians or our culture.

    • i wish you’d spend the energy you pour into these posts into something productive. you’d have cured some disease by now.

    • Why do you waste so much time on here Scott? You are wasting your breath debating with these wankers.. they sit there stroking each others cocks all day, twisting your words, inventing their own little facts, living in a dream world. Racist tools. You are better than that Scott. Move on. Lol.

      • Geoff, have something to say or just here to jack off to Scott’s posts? Did you even read the hate being spewed on FB at the top of the page?

      • i guess at least they are all white and vaguely christian.

        Which is funny because the immigration of Irish during the Famine [which increased the population by 15% in 5 years] set the scene for some of the most bigotted anti Catholic attitudes in any western country. These attitudes were still around until the early 60s. I know because I felt the last traces of it at primary school. Fortunately for us the Italians and Slavs etc started coming in bigger numbers just before this so we all had someone to throw shit at then. A relief I can tell you. But it didn’t help them that they were Catholics too.

        So we had this ‘culture’ where a minority of maybe 25% of the population, even those from maybe 4 generations born in Australia, were regarded by many as subservient to a foreign monarch [The Pope] , and Republican in sentiment if not in deed. As a result along with the general discrimination they were apologetically precluded from many jobs in the Public Service and private enterprise. This is all based on their religion. Some culture.

        But it got better. Catholics stopped going to Mass and the Prots became Republicans. The Catholics still tick that box on the Census but the vast majority don’t do what the Pope tells them any more just because he is the Pope.

        Why is it so hard to accept that there are Muslims in a similar position. They go to prayers occasionally, are a bit observant of the rituals but really aren’t into the whole Caliphate thing let alone external Jihad preferring to just live their life as comfortably as they can like the Catholics.

        Why must every Muslim have to believe in the caliphate. This has never been satisfactorily explained beyond ‘if they were honest’. Do you hold Catholics to the same standard?

  14. I saw this just now on NineMsn;

    Yes Hanson, while, you have “a right to question things” which is the basis of your claims as a non-racist, so do other people. They don’t all have to have the same veiw as yourself. Hell, a lot of ‘True Blue’ Australians won’t agree with your generalized veiws on the Muslim community, some of them are even Muslim themselves and enjoy having a good time with their aussie mates, having a friendly chatter with the neighbour, and be able to treat women with respect. As IF all white Australians do all of the above.

    A prime example of a hypocryte who states “Its not Racism” to slam the Islam community, while herself adressing them as if they where a racial group. Xenophobia? Definately. Racist? Without a question. She is on par with these low-lifes presented in this blog.

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