Tamil Asylum Seekers From Sri Lanka! WTF?

Tamil? That’s a country now is it? How odd. Perhaps Madeleine was referring to Tamil Nadu, one of the 28 states of India.

Indian Tamils

Most Indian Tamils live in the state of Tamil Nadu. Tamils are the majority in the union territory of Puducherry, a former French colony. Puducherry is a subnational enclave situated within Tamil Nadu. Tamils account for at least one-sixth of the population in Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

There are also Tamil communities in other parts of India. Most of these have emerged fairly recently, dating to the colonial and post-colonial periods, but some—particularly the Hebbar and Mandyam Tamils of southern Karnataka (2.9 million), Pune, Maharashtra (1.4 million), Andhra Pradesh (1.2 million), Palakkad in Kerala (0.6 million), and Delhi (0.1 million) — date back to at least the medieval period.

Sri Lankan Tamils

Distribution of Tamil speakers in South India and Sri Lanka (1961).

There are two groups of Tamils in Sri Lanka: the Sri Lankan Tamils and the Indian Tamils. The Sri Lankan Tamils (or Ceylon Tamils) are descendants of the Tamils of the old Jaffna Kingdom and east coast chieftaincies called Vannimais. The Indian Tamils (or Hill Country Tamils) are descendants of bonded laborers sent from Tamil Nadu to Sri Lanka in the 19th century to work on tea plantations. Furthermore, there is a significant Tamil-speaking Muslim population in Sri Lanka; however, unlike Tamil Muslims from India, they are not ethnic Tamils and are therefore listed as a separate ethnic group in official statistics.

Most Sri Lankan Tamils live in the Northern and Eastern provinces and in the capital Colombo, whereas most Indian Tamils live in the central highlands.Historically both groups have seen themselves as separate communities, although there is a greater sense of unity since 1980s.

Under the terms of an agreement reached between the Sri Lankan and Indian governments in the 1960s, about 40 percent of the Indian Tamils were granted Sri Lankan citizenship, and many of the remainder were repatriated to India.By the 1990s, most Indian Tamils had received Sri Lankan citizenship.



“Why are there Tamils coming into Australia from Sri Lanka and not directly from Tamil?”

Discrimination of Tamils in Sri Lanka

(Population composition of Sri Lanka)

An Appeal to Prevent Civil War

Tamils Want an End to Discrimination After Election

The Uncertain Future of Sri Lankan Tamils

(Aren’t the Tamils Muslims??)

Linguistic Discrimination Against Tamils

Genocide of Tamils: Un Action Appalling

Economic Discrimination of Tamils

Educational Discrimination of Tamils

Tamils are fleeing Sri Lanka because its government has systematically persecuted and terrorised them. According to UN estimates, some 20,000 Tamil civilians were killed by the army’s shelling in the final weeks of the military offensive that defeated the LTTE. Hundreds of Tamils throughout the island were killed by death squads operating with the complicity, if not under the direct orders, of the security forces.

Far from the “rule of law” and “due process,” the Sri Lankan government is currently detaining, by its own admission, more than 12,000 Tamils as alleged LTTE “suspects”—many of them teenagers. Under the country’s draconian state of emergency regulations and the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA), detainees can be held for months or even years without charge and convicted solely on the basis of confessions, even if extracted by torture.”

Tamils: Clearly a bunch of fucking terrorists keen on coming here to take over our country.

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