53 thoughts on “The (American) Anti Bogan Website

  1. This guy is from Ipswich in Queensland, and an American was able to track down his shit.

    He will learn that actions have consequences.

  2. What was his last point about? He was talking about “the same for white people” … WTF? Can someone decipher what he meant, please?

    • From his friend’s reaction the Nazi shite is of recent origin. Maybe some bonehead up Queensland way showed him something. They go trawling for screwed-up kids. Rather like paedophiles.

  3. Good on Sarah for standing up to him, though!

    I see Beau also is a fan of Slash, a celebrity whose charity work focuses primarily on mental health, youth/children and homelessness. I doubt he would return Beau’s admiration, but perhaps he’d know a good counsellor to speak to about his rage and phobia issues.

  4. This douche bag is also a member of a neo nazi club on facebook created by & with a heavy membership of Indonesians..

    I’m puzzled??? if someone could shed some light on that for me, will be appreciated,someone other than Scott that is.. someone knows what they’re talking about, preferably has finished high school..

    Thank you. 🙂

  5. Yep. Them im’grents are all coming to take the hard working Australian’s jobs. Like the white Australian douche I met a couple of weeks ago earning $85Kp.a. hosing down trucks with a pressure hose. Hasn’t worked for 6 months (on fully paid leave) because his female supervisor touched his arm when she asked him to do something.

    Yep, those hard working white Australians.

    Damn im’grents.

  6. his tat kinda looks like it’s at the normal-buddha-swastika-angle when his hand isn’t in that position. i wonder how he can get a job with a tat like that

  7. “Deleting” comments about this issue and these problems, these “isolated incidents”, will not make them go away, will not make it as though they’re not happening.

    This issue will only be resolved when these foreigners are, err, ‘deleted’ from our country, and our society is once again shored up.

    • Perhaps the solution to such problems is better law enforcement and not blaming innocent people because of their skin colour or country of origin?

    • Scott:

      You are forbidden from posting comments in this forum until you address the ultimatum that was given to you. It was a simple request, really. You need to list a few things and then provide some evidence for some of them. Good luck.

  8. Scott, you’re a racist, hate filled, narcissistic cunt. There, I said it.

    No point arguing with this piece of shit. I feel better for my outburst though.

    • Hey Keith,
      You know Scott from way back yeah?
      Is he this really funny charming guy with impeccable dress sense? he wan’ts us to believe he is?
      I just wonder why he is still a virgin at 40 ? 🙂

    • Say what? Migrating to Australia is a crime if you’re not an Anglo? People can be blamed for the crimes of another individual if they share the same cultural or ethnic background?

      You are astoundingly thick.

  9. We crossed paths many moons ago M-Dawg, and up to that point I’d never met anyone as intelligent and well dressed.

    That wasn’t my opinion, that’s what he told me. In fact that’s all I recall, other than him telling me exactly how much of a musical genius he was. Listening to music that is, not creating it.

    • Kieth,
      What crime did you commit to have to endure the (dis)pleasure of meeting Scott?
      According to Scott, the multicultist did bla bla bla so many black people bla bla bla in the last ten years.
      So was he bitter back then? because you met him longer than ten years ago right?
      Did he still hated black people for no reason? and I guess he didn’t have a job back then either, even before the immigrants stole his job? 🙂

  10. Yeah you fuckin’ tell ’em Scotty and I hope you’re gonna go away ‘cos your fake West Coast accented writing style is pretty irritating to read. It’s even more irritating than your continual bragging and your claims of being “love-filled” (LOL).

    Stupid clod.

  11. Scott – Yep, you’re most certainly hate-filled. Sorry to have to break it to you.

    For what it’s worth, I think your insane rantings are hilarious and very entertaining.

  12. comment deleted until Scott can respond to the following…:


    “…will steadfastly IGNORE the truth, pay no attention to facts…”

    What FACTS have you given other than your OPINION?
    What TRUTHS have you PROVEN using more than just your OPINION?


    “…brazenly deny the negative affects of what is going on…”


    * You must be careful to differentiate between proven and supported fact, and your opinion.

    Consider this ultimatum to be called The Melton Meltdown.

  13. Why do you keep going on about this alleged figure of 120,000 Australians that it is claimed are leaving here each year????
    THIS, is your sole point to be made as to why then hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of people of utterly alien races and drastically different cultures, are to pour ceaselessly in here to raise racial/ethnic/religious/national/cultural colonies???

    I cannot state it stringently enough…there is NOT 120,000 proper, White, British, Native Australians leaving Australia each year!

    There may be immigrants returning to their own countries, there may be SOME Australians leaving, there may be New Zealanders returning home…there is NOT 120,000 full, proper, genuine Australians leaving Australia permanently each year!

    Above all else, it is irrelevant if any Australian leaves here…we are NOT then to be “replaced” by massive numbers of entirely different races, and for you to hang that up as your only claim to legitimacy for your fanatically self-destructive agenda shows how low you are!

    There is NO massive loss of proper Australians out of our country!

    • Scott, so do you now accept with the proof of the scientific study I have provided, that homosexuality isn’t a mere choice? in fact it is mostly genetic. 🙂

      Ah, ah, ah ??? do you? do you? 🙂
      Remember, the two guys did the study had a PHD each in psychiatry & psychology.

      So tell us Scott, Are you still a virgin? may be everyone on this blog could donate a $1 and get a private show with one of those Asian beauties?

      Will you accept their $1 if they were’nt white Scott?
      May be you should refuse your next centerlink payment, black people’s Asian’s Immigrant’s tax money contribute to that Scott, I mean how can white pure British yourself accept those primitive people’s money, also the gays man.. they pay tax too I mean the disgusting lifestyle choices they have made…god is definitely sending them to hell. You don’t wanna be part of all that incoherent abomination.

      I guess I’ll never get to see ya reply.. 😦 mostlikely all I’ll see is
      –comment deleted–

    • It is not an alleged figure, it has been referenced for you several times. Here is the official immigration website that states over 81,000 Australians leaving PERMANENTLY. This is not counting those who leave for a few years to work overseas and plan to return.


      The highest percentage of people leaving to return to their home countries come from New Zealand, United Arab Emerates, USA and England.

  14. When you call non whites “primitive”, that is abuse.

    When you say homosexuality is a lifestyle choice, that is abuse.

    When you say only Whites can be “proper, genuine Australians”, that is abuse.

    When you endorse the horrors of colonialism and the murders of hundreds of thousands of innocent people, that is abuse.

    When you support the neo nazis, that is abuse.

    When you say that gay suicides were the fault of the victims themselves, that is ABUSE, you moron.

    These abuses produce far more hurt than any profanity you can hurl from your unclean mouth.

  15. ‘Repeating anyone’s self? ALL we hear from multicultists is the inane bleeting of “racist”, “xenophobe”, “bogan”, “narrow minded”, “retard”, “ignorant”, “hate”…”racist”, “xenophobe”, “bogan”, “narrow minded”, “retard”, “ignorant”, “hate”…over and over and over and over…and over again.’

    Hilarious that you use ‘multicultists’ in a paragraph about everyone else repeating themselves…

  16. While I totally understand the desire to ban Scott, shouldn’t his views stand or fall on their own merits? Especially on a blog about racism. Just a thought.

  17. He’s just so fucken funny! A paranoid white supremacist who spends half his time spewing bile on various blogs and the other half spanking off to pictures of pneumatic Asian teens. That’s one conflicted dude.

    • It was funny reading his shit at first, but it has come to a point that he doesn’t produce any new material, he just keeps repeating the same shit..
      Not funny anymore… 😦

      The best comment of his so far I’ve read is comment deleted 🙂

    • M-Dawg!! says:
      November 10, 2010 at 2:28 pm

      It was funny reading his shit at first, but it has come to a point that he doesn’t produce any new material, he just keeps repeating the same shit..
      Not funny anymore… 😦

      The best comment of his so far I’ve read is comment deleted 🙂

      I suggest we also replace his pointless nutzi links with, say, a link to a clown picture or something else appropriate.

      I mean, any blog which uses Andrew Fraser as a reference has lost credibility immediately.

    • Scott, you fail miserably at finding credible sources. Try a peer-reviewed journal article. Not that any would support your opinions though, what with your beliefs being utter bullshit and all.

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