A Big Bowl of Coco Pops!


* Over 1,750 people dead;

* Over 20 million people affected by housing damage or loss;

* Roads, bridges, livestock, crops – destroyed;

* Over 10 million people in urgent need of food and shelter;

* Insect-borne diseases such as cholera, typhoid and malaria killing second wave of people;

* Entire country facing food shortages as September sowing seasons looks certain to be missed;

* Millions of hectares of cultivatable land and crops lost;

* 1.2 million livestock killed;

* Over $44 billion of damage.


Let’s take a look at how some Australians (who apparently show world-leading compassion when disaster strikes locally) react to such widespread devastation:

“get (sic) ya (sic) own fucking money ya (sic) twats (sic) u (sic) take over are (sic) country (sic) dnt (sic) u (sic) think u (sic) get enough off other pplu (sic) scrounging cunts (sic)”

“Let them starve.”

“why (sic) give money to these people? they (sic) hate the west (sic) and think we’re scum. Terrorist f*****s.”

“love (sic) to see it from space (sic) bet it looks like a big bowl of coco (sic) pops (sic)”

“fuck emm (sic) !!”

The assumptions are: that all Pakistanis hate Australia and Australians; that Pakistan would somehow be in a position to help Australia if we faced a national disaster but would refuse; that all Pakistanis are terrorists and that by seeking international assistance; they are somehow ‘scrounging’.

And these are the kind of racist fuckbags that we should be showing compassion for? It is suggested that we aim to maintain respectful dialogue with people like this in order to help them understand that all human beings have the same rights regardless of where they were lucky enough to have been born. It is suggested that we don’t name and shame people like these, because when they put their opinions into the public forum, it is then very unfair of us to give them the same level of publicity on another website.

14 thoughts on “A Big Bowl of Coco Pops!

  1. Round of applause for Adam Monks as the only voice of sanity on that disgusting page of shame.

    Rudolf – I’m contemplating Canada too now…

      • ah sorry i should’ve made myself more clear. i mean what are the redfearn people trying to say with that comment? is that offensive, dark humour, something else? i think i need more sleep D:

    • That as the Pakistanis have a brown skin tone, in a flood, if viewed from above, they brown dots in a liquid would be like looking at a bowl of coco pops

    • No they didn’t. They have as much compassion as a single celled organism. And the same level of intelligence and empathy.

      They only feel anything when they look in the mirror. And it is always about “poor them”.

  2. They’re happy as long as everything is right with ‘their’ world, and they have something to complain about, to give their pathetic lives some ‘importance’. They feel like they are standing up for their country while they sit on their backsides drinking ‘tinnies’ and bragging about how ‘Australian’ they are.

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