TheAntiBogan = Unemployed Bleeding Heart Lefties?


Well it certainly looks as though we are making some waves. The bogans are paying attention. Jumping to conclusions, getting confused and worried about the origins of our posts, messaging each other and acting concerned about our apparent support for terrorism. Because highlighting the negative connotations of racism and supporting the fair and equal treatment of all citizens in our country and worldwide is somehow pro-terrorism and racist in itself – apparently.

The funniest part about this cousin fucker’s rant is not his bravado in falsely linking the authors of this blog to a Facebook group that happens to support our work, but his rant about University graduates being dole bludgers incapable of holding down full time or part time jobs.

Statistics taken from the Graduate Careers Australia’s survey, ‘Beyond Graduation’, state that 100% of University graduates are available for full time or part time work. 87% of University graduates are engaged in full time employment, and 11% are in part time employment. A total of 98% of University graduates are employed, and 2% are unemployed, some by choice.




“The sustained loss of jobs in the production of goods has lead to a major decline in job opportunities for men who have only modest levels of formal education.”


“Education is a major factor in influencing employability. An international forum on youth unemployment concluded that barriers to education, a lack of appropriate education and a mismatch between skills gained through education and job opportunities are contributing factors to youth unemployment. The OECD maintains that the high rates of youth unemployment can be largely attributed to the fact that numerous young people leave school without the skills needed to enter employment. An International Adult Literacy Survey also found ‘employment and unemployment are strongly related to levels of literacy proficiency’. And while internationally Australia is competitive in regard to the proportion of students achieving a high level of literacy (18 per cent of 15 year olds read at the highest level), it falls behind in regard to reducing the proportion of students with low literacy levels (12 per cent of all 15 year olds remained at the lowest level). The effects of education on employment outcomes for Australian youth will be further highlighted in the section below.”


So anyway, now that Matt Dobson looks like a bigger fuckwit than first thought possible, it’s time for us to get back to being ‘unemployable’ ‘racists’:

Revel in the immaturity and stupidity of this halfwit. He has the nerve to call authors and contributors of this site childish and racist. He represents a racist ‘political party’ that failed to attract 0.1% of Australian public support in the most recent Federal election. He strongly opposes Islam partly because of its treatment of women and homosexuals, yet represents a ‘political party’ that stands strongly against same-sex marriage, adoption rights for same-sex parents and government funding for homosexual groups. He claims to be all knowing, mature and anti-racist.












Go ahead bogans. Come to our site and stand up for the comments that you’ve publicly put into the online world. Defend them and stop complaining about us making comments that you already made public available to a more intelligent and critical audience.

Go ahead bogans. Tell us how we’re racist. Tell us how the comments featured on this website aren’t racist.


25 thoughts on “TheAntiBogan = Unemployed Bleeding Heart Lefties?

  1. i love this group keep it up ! i wish these neandathals would educate themselves instead if bagging out people who have learnt to think objectivley + critically through university education.and yes i do work also.

  2. Why do these people hate universities so much anyway? Is it that there are people at universities who might disagree with them or are they just bitter because they weren’t able to achieve much in their own education?

  3. Interestingly, Mr Folkes, defender against multiculturalism is himself married to a Japanese woman – his brother, in a relationship with a woman of African descent.

    It’s just like Scottie with his Italian uncle and Chinese cousins and penchant for Asian porn stars? Anyone else understand the logic behind this?

    p.s. Funnily enough, I DO have a job and life experience. Damn.

  4. They have to have convenient stereotypes. “Uni students” = anyone to the left of them.

    Interesting because politicians for the most part are Uni graduates. Some of them got their degrees the hard way through evening classes after work each day, instead of sitting on their arses drinking and watching TV trivia or in Nicky’s case hanging out with the dregs of far right politics.

    We know Nicky wants to be a politician because he wasted S1000 of his money standing for the Senate and getting nowhere. A fool and his money are easily parted.

  5. Again I don’t know… he said uni students and you proved that graduates get jobs… I mean you made no point. I think that most people who are commenting here have a biased view against anyone you publish crap about, but that is clearly working for you. They’re your kind of people, Socialists… and I only know one socialist with a proper paying job.

    You re blatantly attacking people, there is no education and there is no resolution you are simply creating more hate. He may or not be racist, but you are classist and that is just as bad.

    Last time you blatantly defamed someone you mistook a ‘KISS’ poster for nazi propoganda and now you’re attacking a guy for simply stating the obvious; hardly any of you socialists contribute to society. I agree with what you’re doing but how you’re going about it is down right disgusting. I hope someone reads my comment and THINKS before they comment as well…

    • You don’t need to be a socialist to be against racism you dumb fuck.

      We are not creating more hate at all. The hatred for racists already existed. We are exposing the stupidity of racists, nothing more. If these people don’t want their comments publicised, they shouldn’t make their hateful opinions public.

      It is your opinion that the anti-immigration, anti-Muslim, anti-non-white so called ADF patriot had a KISS poster in his room. Neither of us can be proved correct. But there’s a lot more to suggest that the poster was a homage to Nazism, seeing as though he had an obsession with German military history and supported ethnic cleansing. And if someone is going to go to the effort of taking a photo with a KISS poster as the obvious backdrop for the photo – you’d think that he would at least get the whole poster in shot, don’t you think?

    • The very purpose of studying to complete a university degree is to become qualified for a full time job and contribute to society. It is an unfair generalisation to say that people who hold any left wing views can’t contribute to society. Believing that people of all backgrounds should be treated fairly does not make someone a ‘lowlife’ or ‘dole-bludger’. I don’t consider myself a socialist but I do think that some socialist viewpoints have merit. I don’t need to be a socialist to know that racism is unacceptable in our society.

      People ought to show more appreciation of education because we wouldn’t have the standard of living we enjoy today if people didn’t seek to acquire and apply knowledge.

    • You must have fairly limited social contacts Slothy. All of my friends either have jobs, are full-time students or have taken time out of work to raise children. I don’t regard any of them as non-productive. And they all have a healthy dislike of the sort of hate rubbish spewing from the ignorant and intolerant.

      I don’t know who you mean by “Socialists”. If you mean anti-racists I know people in the Liberal Party who would fit that description. If you mean people who vote Labor or Green then say so.

      We have no love for racists. Amused contempt is the best description of our feelings, but remember too that the pig-ignorant comments featured above hurt and vilify real people in real life.

      Oh and Slothy – one of my quirky interests is military history. The double lightning slash is definitely SS, not Kiss insignia. Kiss would be most insulted anyway if any of their insignias were used by racists.

      The inscription on the badge reads “For loyal service in the Secret Police”. I am still tracking the provenance but it is highly likely it was issued to Gestapo veterans.

      It’s not our job to provide “education”. People like Nicky are products of a school system which has long provided diversity education. I got it at my state school in Western Sydney. Maybe Nicky was too busy jigging.

      • I work in education.
        The mere utterance of racist or sexist comments from a student is enough to have them sent home. I refuse to condone any such rubbish in my classroom, and the students very quickly learn it is not up for discussion.

        As far as diversity education – I think this is largely a waste of time. It is pointless to try and argue a rational viewpoint with someone who has reached their racist opinions through irrationality.

    • You can’t defame someone by reposting what they posted publically, doesn’t work like that I’m afraid. Complaints of defamation and privacy breaches have no merit as far as what this site does.

  6. I must admit I am one of those people with 4 degrees at the age of 24 who is currently unemployed. However, one would much rather be charged a ‘lazy goat-fucking dole bludger’ by some random white, cisgendered privileged male than have to go work tomorrow.

  7. Hey Nicholas you fucking first class tosser. I am politically right wing, self employed and NON RACIST. Fuck you and your lefty bleeding heart theory, you are a racist prick-FULLSTOP.The political divide does not create racism, individual opinions and voices do.You are a shame to this country, take my advice, bend over and stick your head up your arse and drown yourself in your own shit, it is the best thing you could do for this country!!!

  8. What these people don’t realise is that we “bleeding heart lefties who have never left university” go out into the workforce, get great full time jobs, and contribute more of our income in taxes and to the advancement of society more than any of these things ever will.

    These people wouldn’t be able to read and write – if you could call what they write about ‘literacy’ – without “bleeding heart lefties who have never left university”.

  9. Heh. I’m a mature age student who went back to uni looking to enter a career in which compassion and caring for one’s fellow man are integral.

    What, exactly, is actually meant to be our take-home message from these accusations? Am I supposed to quit studying toward my degree and go back to doing something that’s still work and still useful, but less rewarding for me personally? Or am I meant to keep studying but become racist and hurl abuse at the many international students financially keeping my university afloat, thusly becoming a washed uni student?

  10. I just do not understand how a person who has compassion and a value on human life and also empathetic towards peoples struggles equates to a position on the political spectrum.
    I am more right solely on my economic philosophies and my belief in free enterprise.
    Being racist.intolerant and slamming minorities does not make some one right wing,, just as someone caring about humanity does not make the a “leftie”.
    The racist looks at terms to smear people to cover up their own bigotry.Scott who posts here gets some kind of power by throwing around the stupid term “multicultists” while others get some feeling of superiority by coining the phrase “bleeding heart leftie”.
    No matter what descriptive phrases they throw, at the end of the day they are just heartless, uncaring, ignorant sacks of shit.
    I often hope that one day life throws a curve ball at them and they left in a helpless position where their everyday survival and quality of life entirely depends on the charity of others.Will they then be so loose with these terms that now falsely empowers them ?

  11. They need words like ‘dole bludgers’ and ‘lefty’ in the absence of any intellectual substance to their ‘arguments’. Ironically uneducated people are the most likely to be unemployed, so the bogans among them lash out at the educated because they can’t comprehend that not being a racist piece of shit isn’t limited to the left. I run a business, work two jobs and am economically right wing yet I support everything this site does. It’s funny and saddening watching people get angry that their publically made, incoherent and illogical racist bile is highlighted-and they’re too stupid to respond with anything other than ‘you’re racist! You’re lefties! You’re students!’

  12. Slothy, I did THINK after reading your comment. It was however about what an ignorant dickhead you are. All you did was throw around uneducated generalizations. Do you even know what a socialist is? Or did you just read a Liberal propaganda leaflet given to you by a stoned private school student?

    People who graduate from university have more of a chance of getting a ‘real’ job, as a shithead might put it. You know the kind of job that needs real qualifications? I guess that’s really the issue with the people whining about uni students – they are more intelligent than you, more educated, and have more prospects than you will ever have. It’s got to make someone intellectually inferior angry. Try actually researching what you are commenting on next time – maybe when you THINK – something intelligent may pass you metaphorical lips?

  13. I would like to think that education makes the difference between open-minded people and people like Scott. But its not the case unfortunately. TIME reported a rise in the US on extreme minded “vigilantes” – think Timothy McVeigh – who sees a black Democratic President as a threat to their freedoms and their rights and so take it upon themselves to kill people they see as possible oppressors. While most of them are unemployed and probably mental, a couple of educated professionals who have a warped view of the world. Its the education that may make them more dangerous as they know the difference between right and wrong, but are still persuaded that wrong is really right.

    As for those who keep crowing about th awesomeness of the white race, please keep in mind many countries who were set back because of western countries. India and Pakistan; China and the opium wars; China and Japan over ownership of the Fishing Platform Islands (thank you, US!). Is this the glorious white civilsation that we should all learn – ruining other countries?

  14. does nicholas hunter folkes realise that female circumcision is an african tribal practice and has nothing to do with islam?
    there is no female circumcision in middle east; afghansitan; pakistan etc…
    its an african tribal practice; its prohibitied in islam, christianity and judaism.

    and you know what i have Christian and muslis friends that are a.ok with gays, gay marriage, gay adoption.

  15. left-right has more to do with economics. furtherst left is communist. and furthers right is imperialism.
    the reason left-right is often attributed to social values is that historically when there are large income inequity gaps (eg chile, india etc… or in imperial britain) life was hard for different races, religions, gays, women etc… so an assumption was made that if the income distribution was more equal; all humans would be on a more equal footing. anyway thats why they’re tied together. economically im into free markets and laissez faire. socially im liberal. politically im liberatarian ( not a fan of authoritarianism)oh and i have ajob. lawyer. and im not racist.

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