Unintelligible Racist Musings From Kevin & Zeb

Somewhere in the middle of Zeb’s intolerant rant, he blames Labor, Liberal, ALP (Labor again) and Greens (who have never had any control over migration) for the Muslim intake which has pushed Australia to the point of ‘SO SO CLOSE TO THE POINT OF NO RETURN’. Considering Australia’s population consists of around 300,000 Muslims, which equates to around 1.3% of our total population, it is confirmed that Zeb is a juvenile xenophobic arse hat.

And then we enter the contrived patriarchy that is the world of Kevin Naughton: a sexist, womanising, racist homophobe who loves lesbians. Here are a few of Kevin’s earth shattering quotations again for you:

“A chick prime (sic) minister (sic)? Hahahahaha now I’ve seen everything, didn’t realize (sic) they were allowed to vote…”

“Soccer… As GAY as AIDS!!!!!”

“What the fuck! (sic) How’s (sic) does Jarrod (sic)  hayne (sic) the dirty half-cast (sic) get cleared to play origen (sic) for head butting someone???????”


“fuck (sic) all those dirty muslim (sic) cunts, go back back (huh?) to your shit hole countries and blow the fuck out of youselves (sic) and leave us alone, we dont (sic) want you hear (sic) any way you smelly pieces of shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


21 thoughts on “Unintelligible Racist Musings From Kevin & Zeb

  1. Zeb Haas….now thats certainly a very distinctly anglo Australian name. Wonder if he realises his family probably wouldn’t be in Australia if this country didn’t allow immigration

  2. At times like this I wonder if mandatory voting is a good thing after all. No doubt these two would not be missed on polling day.

    At least Hanson’s left the country, so these yokels have no beacon to be drawn to.

  3. what a useless arsehole not to b mean to white people, all my friends are white but aboriginal people were in australia for thousands of years before everyone else and i personally dont have a problem with muslims and i like that australia is a multicultural country, it makes us less boring 🙂 and i hope this zeb chode doesnt procreate

  4. What ever happened to Love Your Neighbour….These 2 guys would’nt know HOW TO….RASCIST and down right MALE PIGLETS…Get a grip on reality, and join the human race!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Australia country are very strict to get in, fuck you!!!, but in the reality they are fucking racist which only choosing country that can afford their standard or plenty of money to get in, but those poor country have nO opportunity or right to get in and work.!! the immigration are very suck!!!! fuck you all people work in immigration of Australia!!!

      • Double what?

        “the immigration are very suck!!!! fuck you all people work in immigration of Australia!!!”

        Does this mean you are criticising ALL people working in the Department of Immigration & Citizenship?

        If so, that’s a pretty fucking massive sweeping generalisation so before I launch into you I will give you the benefit of the doubt and allow you to clarify your statement…

  6. Zeb Haas?? this little racist’s comments suggest he’s so dim he doesn’t realise his name isn’t anglo, and doesn’t know that his (usually jewish) surname derives from the germanic word for ‘hare’. Zeb- presumably Zebediah, is a rare name these days, since overt piety went out of vogue. Wonder if there’s anything his parents haven’t told him yet?

  7. I guess he don’t realize his family are probably of Middle-Eastern origin too… what a two-faced asshole this kid is! Racists only think the world revolves around them.

  8. Sadly this Zeb character is my brother. And yes he does seem to forget that our great grandparents too came here on a boat. Also that they had to change their German name during the war because of the stigma. Yet he goes on revolting rants like this. I do not understand why he or all these other people are so full of hatred. It honestly makes me sick. And I can guarantee you that he wasn’t raised to be like this!

    Ps the names are off a Tv show 🙂

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