One For the Feminists

Thanks Dave, for the fashion advice. It certainly is a backwards view that any female that works to advance the standing of women in society must be unkept and unattractive. Perhaps it is the view of some feminists that it is unimportant to conform to the materialistic demands of Western society – that a female is only attractive when she has dyed her hair blonde, sprayed on the fake tan, caked on 7kg of make up, spewed up her last meal, put on a belt for a skirt and filled up her chest with more silicone and fibreglass than a yacht.

But let’s take a critical look at Dave. Not only does he oppose the advancement of females in society, he also has a reputation for opposing anyone who isn’t a white Australian, and has a particular obsession with denouncing Muslims for many unfounded reasons, including (wait for it) the fact that they supposedly treat women poorly.

Now let’s take a look at Dave’s fashion. Size 44 cargo army pants. Come on Dave. The 90’s called – they want their fashion faux pas back. You might be able to blend into a dirty grey barn, but nothing else, sadly. Moving on up, we see a XXXL shirt bought from Lowes – from the specials table. It was down from $6.99 to $1.99. Then up top we see the unoriginal bogan stylings of dirty unwashed graying goatee/moustache arrangement that seems so suited to the Bundy swilling rednecks that grace glamorous suburbs like Cessnock and Kellyville. Finally the pair of sunglasses that were hastily purchased from the local service station, near the rack of hats that sport insightful slogans like ‘No Fat Chicks’… Irony much?

How counter-productive is a generalisation? How inconsiderate is a value judgement based solely on a person’s looks? Maybe Dave will enlighten us as to how it feels.

57 thoughts on “One For the Feminists

  1. It is because of people like Dave that we still are fighting for equal pay for women in Australa, currently women earn 21% less than their male equivelants. Female orientated industries are underpaid…Every time women stand up and fight for equality the’ Daves’ in the world tell us we already have equality and we are just feminsts who want to be superiority over men. September the 4th is Equal payday come and join us to fight for a more equal society. There are get togethers all over Australia and noe we are not unshaved etc etc but if we chose to be so then it is our chouce to do so.

  2. Alex does Dave have the right of reply here? Has he had the opportunity to see your comments? It would make my month to know he’d seen your summation/reply to his erudite and considered post. PLEASE!!!!! (Also, Dave is obviously the thinking woman’s crumpet, alright. is he single?)

  3. and class act that he is… he’s got mates who like his comments. Yobbo Aussie men… if only I weren’t so busy trying to keep my most “precious gift” from being sullied in the event that TAbbott comes my way for some chauvanistic gratuitous groping, I’d want them all too.

  4. Dave is at danger age. He already carries enough beef to stock a small butcher shop. Poster child for Type II diabetes.

    And doubtlessly he requires chemical help to get his micro-member up long enough to pleasure the horse that prominently features in the picture.

    Epic fail Dave. Animals can’t consent. Otherwise that mare would be saying “Neighhhh!”.

    • Hey Josh, I know Bogan Dave is a meathead – but you seem to feel it’s OK to make fattist AND ageist remarks toward him in response to his sexist remarks. Not sure that’s much better (although I laughed at the neigh) 🙂

      • Nah not fattist (never heard of that one) or ageist at all. Just re-packaging medical statistics into a palatable form.

        If you are around 40 and are regularly necking a slab of VB to compensate for the pain of being a race warrior unappreciated by women and forced to seek the solace of the animal kingdom you will end up like old Dave, and be well on the road to statistically-proven obesity and lifestyle-related chronic disease.

        Not that I care, the early demise of each racist bigot improves both the national IQ and the international standing of Australia every time it happens.

  5. Of course women aren’t only being treated poorly under Islam but it is an issue that western feminists seem unwilling to address. Why is this? Is it fear of being called racist for criticising another culture and ideology (note: not a race)?

    • You make a fairly generalist comment when you suggest that no Western feminists want to address the issue of women’s rights in non-Western societies. As for Muslim women in Australian society, a lot of ignorant bogans jump up and down about the burqa and hijab, claiming that they breach women’s rights. Feminists are generally the first to suggest that we ask the Muslim women how they feel about wearing the burqa and hijab.

      • I agree. Have you ever asked a Muslim woman if she feels she’s being treated poorly, O? There are women being treated poorly who are Muslim, Christian, Atheist, Hindu, Jewish etc. There are also women who aren’t. And we don’t go blaming religion or non-religion for it, do we?

        And what about those men who perpetrate domestic violence? Does that make all men abusive?

  6. Feminism…a ploy to undermine and wrench apart society…doing it’s dastardly business for some 40 years or more now.
    The few valid points long ago achieved.
    For so long just pure malice, betraying the arrogance and ego of so many “women” now…and playing right along with the aims of those who orchestrate it and who would utterly control society.
    Fools need to wake up though, for such misandric Feminism is but a short term tactic…and will be as quickly sidelined once the full horror of a crowded, divided, multi-racial West is brought to bear.

  7. Arrogance and Egotism…though painfully obvious in them…has been denied in and by women for too long.
    I actually had a young ‘woman’ state to me some years back that “women don’t have egos”!
    That’s how damned egostruck many of them are!
    Recent times have seen an endless cavalcade of the rampant egotism of females.
    Not women, because so many vain, self-obsessed, self-indulgent, aggressive, conceited females now have lost so much of that essence, that spark, those qualities, that made…and still make…a true woman!

    Arrogance and ego should be addressed, confronted, and conquered by both man and woman!

    • “females now have lost so much of that essence, that spark, those qualities, that made…and still make…a true woman!”
      Could you evaluate on this comment…I would love to be a true woman, if only you could show me how Scott.
      HA!!! What the f*#k are you actually talking about here?

  8. Typical liberal respones, leaping directly to personal insults as only liberals know how. EVER keen to avoid actually discussing an issue, lest they have to…gasp!…think about something for a change.

    Sad to see another emasculated male Josh, kow-towed and keen to lay a kick into his own gender, in the hope he still gets some scraps from the feminist table.

    “Funny” how people “arent allowed” to say the kind of things you’ve said to me females…not so funny that we really can’t, for nowadays, as if they’d care! A very sorry state of affairs all around.

    One would hope Josh that most women DO find men who still realise racial differences in their full spectrum, and who strive to see the races protected…including of course their own!

    What are women supposed to find attractive? A man who’ll stupidly think there’s no differences in the races, whilst simultaneously blathering on about respecting their differences? A man who’ll lay down and allow his race to take whatever comes, and silently watch them go into oblivion?

    Yes Amy, for a few reasons…you SHOULD shave!!!

  9. Care to take a look back over what’s previously been written, in detail?
    I’m one of precious few visiting this site who thinks clearly and correctly, and then expresses myself thus.

    Liberals continually make these vague claims about the “vile” (or similar) comments of anyone who stands against them.
    I know it SEEMS vile to a liberal…and especially to a feminist…that anyone will actually question, contradict, or oppose them…for they’re under the impression everyone’s been well trained and brainwashed now…but NO comment I have said is “vile”!
    The only vile things I’ve been forced to write, are the references to vile acts throughout history, certain vile cultural practices, and in mirroring the vile toxins uttered out by such liberals/multicultists.

    Would you care to even try and illustrate what it is that you take as “vile” comments of mine? Then we can REALLY get into some analysis of things?…

    “We’ll all follow”? Yeah, you’ve all been led along a merry garden path, you’ve all benn playing follow the leader, like good little sheep…but with the very wrong leader!

    • Could you define the meaning of ‘feminist’ you’re assuming? Because I thought that a feminist was simply someone who stood up for the rights of women…..

    • you fool, head so far up your arse that you some how feel that progressive and socially equitable ideology is something held by the masses that we all follow-if only your bigoted views were the minority dick head there wouldn’t be such a strong reason for having this forum in the first place.

      You don’t think that your oppressive opinions aren’t just the programmed, prescribed package fed to you by mainstream media and other institutions like the church and the majority of spineless, soulless politicians of most major parties across the world-dare I say patriarchy…another male radical feminist here, not to impress women, I am not hetero, or the more reason for my views & that I was raised by a strong woman who like most has had to work hard to overcome the inherent disadvantages of being born female. Do you even know the definition of Feminist anyway? Why would you oppose a simple definition (for your benefit) as Macquarie distionary states “”advocacy of equal rights and opportunities for women…”

  10. Bedause Lisa…this site is aggressively Anti-Australian, spitefully Anti-Australian, insults Australians, plays a role in the gradual breakdown and destruction of Australia…and I’ll stridently oppose all of that when and where I see it!
    What? Do you, and they, think that this nasty business will al just go by and people will turn a blind eye and not bat an eye lid? That all Australians are so kow-towed that they’ll not raise a peep in protest and opposition?
    It’s “funny” how liberals dictate when people can or can’t speak. This site, by definition, is going to incur reactions in the negative…it’s not all going to be glib and sickly sycophancy!

    • “This site is aggressively Anti-Australian, spitefully Anti-Australian, insults Australians, plays a role in the gradual breakdown and destruction of Australia…and I’ll stridently oppose all of that when and where I see it!”
      How does this site do this Scott? Enlighten us- the passive recipients of this apparent poison…

  11. So Scott, quick question, what exactly is so terrible about the differences between races?
    Aren’t we all just people with different coloured skin?
    Haven’t you ever noticed that the Australian culture that your so protective of comes from lots of other cultures?
    And just because some is a different race then you, why does that make them any less equal then you? please explain.

  12. PS. i dont think Josh has been emasculated, he was just pointing out that fact that YOU have.
    I guess the fact that you have been emasculated explain all the sexism. Is it your way of compensating for the fact that your an idiot?

  13. Are you serious? Are you trying to be coy? Have you actually not paid attention to the agenda of this site and the words of those who instigated it?

    This site is geared towards having Australia twisted into a divided, crowded, multi-racial mess…and will ruthlessly mock, insult, and defame any Australian who speaks against that.

    By right, people who orchestrate such sites should be tried for sedition.

    You obtusely claim you’re unaware of the anti-Australian bias of this site? Then look back at it again, and at the motives of it’s instigators.

    • I think your reading it all wrong Scott. Its not about ‘having Australia twisted into a divided, crowded, multi-racial mess’ but about embracing our Australia as multicultural. Things are not going to change Scott- these other cultures are not going to go back where they came from so why don’t you learn to get over it and get on with it in a nice respectful and peaceful manner.
      All your words above are wasted- why not try being positive. And if you think this site really needs to be questioned then stop questioning in such an arrogant ‘i’m right’ kind of way and you’ll actually see some dialog here that might be proacitve and educational to perhaps both sides of this argument.

    • Scott –
      Not believing in a monocultural Australia is not anti Australian, nor is it devisive. Rednecks with their fuck off, we’re full stickers – these are the idiots that divide this country.

  14. Dave mentioned (demanded) that women should shave their bush.

    But I thought in almost every artistic depiction of cunnilingus, a woman’s erm… vaginal hair is always there.

  15. The Domestic Goddess would like me to assure Scott, since such things obviously excite him, that all of my bits are in tip top condition. However I am not going to go into detail – suffice to say that I do not require frenzied pumping up to realise my potential, nor do I fruitlessly cruise anti-racist sites as he does hoping to derail the conversation by demonstrating his fundamental impotence..

    Epic fail Scott. Go and develop some people skills. Elsewhere.

  16. No I think its good we have people like Scott in her throwing in his 2 sense- gives us the opportunity to become more verbal in what we believe in. Its good practice. and its fun to tear him down…ha ha ha

  17. Typical liberal garbage, that “epic fail” thing Josh.
    God, just HOW often do we hear liberals parrotting that “epic fail” line?!
    It’s amazing how comfortable they/you feel in proclaiming Australians a ‘failure’.

    We have not been totally subsumed yet though, there is grave danger, but it is not quite that epic failure just yet!

    There CANNOT be an “our Australia” that is ‘multi-cultural’ Amy! That is a total oxymoron! That ‘multi-culturalism’ involves artificially importing massive amounts of foreigners, of a host of divergent cultures…who weren’t here, and who have no right to be here…and then miraculously expecting Australians to think that’s “us”!
    It’s nonsense!
    Do you think in all of those foreigners own countries they’re also importing enormous numbers of foreign people and divergent cultures and saying that’s “us” now?
    Because they’re NOT!

    It’s utter insanity to now foist multitudes of foreigners onto Australians and tell them that they’re “you” now and expect us to buy it!

    None of “them” made this country, they’re NOT us! A wildly divergent, divided, incoherent, jumbled, rag-tag mess is NOT what “we” are!

    Belatedly importing foreign people and cultures, no matter how massive the numbers, does NOT alter what Australia is or who Australians are…and WE resent such an insult!

    Albert, ‘not believing’ in Australia’s mono-culture IS anti-Australian, for that is what MADE Australia! Dividing Australia by bringing in foreign people and cultures in massive numbers IS, patently, dividing this country! That is the POINT of it!
    Australia was never before divided…harsh wedges of division are now being jammed in.
    Australians that oppose that are not dividing their country…and it is ludicrous to try and pose it so…they, we, are defending this country.
    We’re not full though…and we DON’T want to be!!!

    And what, WHAT, is it Amy, that you “believe” in?
    That Australia somehow wasn’t good enough for you as Australia? That Australia somehow wasn’t good enough being populated by Australians? That Australia should go the way of the worst parts of the world? That Australia should be flooded by hundreds of thousands, by millions, of foreigners? That Australia should be torn apart and divided into a fractured patchwork of divided and antagonistic “cultures”? That Australians should be made into a minority in THEIR OWN COUNTRY???

    NOTHING you’re pushing deserves to be so dignified as being titled a “belief”!

  18. How do you manage to say things like “Typical liberal garbage, that “epic fail” thing Josh.
    God, just HOW often do we hear liberals parrotting that “epic fail” line?!”
    When YOU parrot the same old garbage EVERY POST! You are such a hypocrite!

    I still can’t get over your “we invented electricity, so if you don’t respect us the way I view respect then you shouldn’t use it” line. I mean, it’s just ridiculous. Have you ever heard anybody say “That Bach is a theif, HE didn’t invent the piano!” Do you? No, of course not. And why do you think you can stop it there? If you believe the evolution theory, then the black man most likely came first, therefore, ALL white man invention can be credited to the black african man as if were not for them, YOU wouldn’t exist.


  19. Our society is complete, our society is the state of the art.
    Neither White people, nor Asians, evolved from “Black men”.
    It’s almost hysterical how liberals jump around in regards what mattered in the past, and what allegedly doesn’t.
    Australia for two hundred years as itself, as a good, White country…is now “not good enough”, is too “boring”, has to “change”…BUT…we’ll also hear this vague conjecture about “all people came from Africa”!
    Soooo, byt that psuedo logic ALL nations must be made ‘multi-cultural’ now then?
    Not just White countries.
    Japanese must have, allegedly, ‘come from Africa’, so let’s throw their borders open and start shipping in millions of Africans and Indians and et cetera, yeah???

    No, it’s nonsense.
    Cultural items, in many forms, have crossed borders for millenia WITHOUT the need for massive population exchanges!
    We’re highly intelligent, our civilisation is on high…we can look out at good things, adopt them, exchange them…without the need for immigration, and social and racial destruction.
    It’s so completely wrong to think that NOW, at this late date, we need to give our societies away so!

    Bach didn’t invent the piano, bu he was a genius on it!

    There ARE borders, there ARE divisions, in SO many ways!
    For SO many reasons!
    That’s how we know things.

    if you’re so keen on going “home” to Africa…then please, pick somewhere in Africa and go. DON’T presume to want to destroy Australia to suit your foolish egalitarian fantasy.
    It’s not a two way street either…Western immigration into Africa could only help Africa.

    There may well have been a common genetic ancestor to most humans in Africa. This does NOT mean, as some short-sighted people might perceive it, that Black Africans walked out of Africa and then suddenly “turned White” in Europe, or “turned Asian” in the Orient!
    There are some links between peoples, and dramatic differences! Reducing things now to a lowest common denominator, murky, pot-pourri of vague “humanity” is insane, and is an absolute insult!
    There is still great conjecture about how that came about!

    We’re US, and our society, civilisations, and countries, are OURS!

  20. Wow. It’s funny how you have no problem taking from the rest of the world to better yourself but you want to deny the rest of the world what you think is yours.

    And…. “Western immigration into Africa could only help Africa.” So now you believe in immigration??? It’s ok if they’re white??? You outright hypocrite!

    • Scott I don’t think the original people of this land, and only true Australians would agree with your “good white country for 200 years” as we systematically either killed them thru disease or just plain shot them.
      Maybe you should go back to your own european country of origin.

  21. Please, really, please…can we STOP going on about the Aboriginals???
    You do NOT live in an Aboriginal society, you do not live like an Aboriginal.
    The migrants coming here or wanting in here do not come to live with the Aboriginals.

    The society you are asking Australians to give away is not an Aboriginal one.
    If Australians face marginalisation, disposession, and possibly annihilation in the face of mass immigration…do you REALLY expect Australian parents to look into their children’s eyes and say, “we deserve this darling, for we stole the Aboriginal’s land”?

    The hordes of the world have their eyes set on OUR society, that’s the one they come to live in!
    That’s what they WANT!

    They’re not here to live with or like an Aboriginal…and the VAST majority of migrant groups wanting in here, that you would also arrogantly and stupidly invite in, have their OWN bloody history (often ongoing) of the conquest, conquering, subjugation, oppression, and massacre of other peoples, societies, and cultures.
    I REALLY don’t know how the liberal mind excuses all that!

    I won’t go back to my European country of origin…Great Britain…because WE forged a great nation here!
    If any bastards want that, then let them try and summon the courage to try and take it from us.

    In short, we are NOT going to give our country, society, future, and lives away, on account of the Aboriginals!!!

  22. Secure men who are comfortable with women having an opinion and understand that women are just as intelligent and capable as men don’t usually feel the need to try and degrade feminism.
    Men don’t have to emasculate themselves or keep quiet to appease anyone…..but neither to women have to fit any mould other than the one they want. Thats feminism.
    In my experience, men who criticise feminism are insecure in themselves and are often blaming it for the fact they have no partner. Its easier than critically looking at ones interpersonal skills.

  23. scott says
    “the VAST majority of migrant groups wanting in here, that you would also arrogantly and stupidly invite in, have their OWN bloody history (often ongoing) of the conquest, conquering, subjugation, oppression, and massacre of other peoples, societies, and cultures.
    I REALLY don’t know how the liberal mind excuses all that!”

    We tend not to judge entire races on the actions of their ancestors….thats more your department Scott.
    You believe that the achievements of your ancestors are your achievements even though they are not, neither are the failings.
    Its the same with everyone else. Its an entirely ‘liberal’ notion that a person should not be judged because of his or her race or their country of birth.

  24. Wow Scott you really like to rant hey?
    I didn’t say anything about “living like aboriginals” nor did I suggest we give Australia away!
    I haven’t seen anyone say half the stuff you slander us “liberals” with!
    We are just being a tad more open minded then you seem to be capable of!
    You seem to suffer from a lot of fear and a touch of hatred comes through in your rants, the two things that make a racist a racist.

  25. Are you saying that the fears now, and even the hatred, felt by Whites/Westerners…as enormous numbers of people, of drastically different races and radically different cultures…are allowed to flood their countries are unfounded?

    As I’ve said. This is not a two-way street. No immigration into the Islamic world (which only exists due to previous invasions), no immigration into China, no immigration into India, no immigration into Japan, no immigration into any African countries.

    This is all one way, to the detrriment of White people and the destruction of Western societies.

    The other peoples of the world feel zero qualms about pursuing entirely ‘racist’ policies for themselves.

    The intent of what is going on by those engineering it is the elimination of Whites in the West, and the transformation of it into a heavily crowded open market.
    Even they play a dangerous game, for many growing elements, Muslims, Chinese, Indians, are solely focused on their own interests, and in an ever growing presence in the West.
    Left to go as is, something must give.

    History warns, this his happened before.

    There is actually much to be feared of those who WILL come to take what’s yours. There is much to be feared of the future that immigration and multi-culturalisation will bring upon the West.
    Don’t think otherwise.
    There is actually much to be hated about what is being to us and ours now.

    Make no mistake, the various rival racial, religious, ethnic, cultural, and national groups jostling for position and primacy in Australia now HATE each other…let to go as is designed, this multicult plan for Australia is a countdown to some kind of oblivion.

    There can be NO other rationale in liberals constantly bringing up the Aboriginals in relation to immigrants coming to Australia.
    They are NOT coming here to live like, help, or care about the Aboriginals.
    They are here to parasitically walk in and take advantage of the society we constructed here.

    You advocate immigration? You advocate multi-culturalism? Then I’m afraid Miss Lisa, that you don’t get to claim you’re not giving Australia away. By your advocacy of such, you’re helping put out the “free to any takers” sign.

    So you’re “open minded”? What is that supposed to mean? You being irresponsibily open minded means that Australia must now be flooded by foreigners? What is “open minded” supposed to even mean anymore? You’re actually a lot more than a tad closer to the lobotomised.
    How about actually using your mind, instead of leaving it open?

    My mind is open, AND I am blessed with and excercise a very good sense of discretion.
    That’s WHY I speak or “rant” as I do!
    That’s WHY I am fearful, why I “hate”, and why I am a ‘racist’!

    Open minded? So often we hear that from liberals. Open minded, as though that’s all there is.
    Open minded, but unfortunately thoughless. Open minded…just how those orchestrating this want.
    I’m always flabbergasted by people who consider a recklessly left open mind as some kind of achievement.
    I’m always bemused by people who consider an “open mind” to be the be all and end all.
    A mind is to be used, properly.
    A heedlessly left open mind is a very dangerous scenario, all manner of nasty things can jump in there.
    An open mind, has to come with a very healthy sense of discretion and discernment.
    A mind must work in tandem with a conscience.
    Not merely left “open”.
    Would you leave your house or car open? You’ll leave your precious mind vacantly “open” though!
    A truly open mind, working in tandem with a healthy sense of discernment, also means that judgements have to be made in accordance with what is made aware of.
    One of the purposes of the mind is analysis and in accordance with that, judgement.
    Far better is an enquiring mind, a thoughtful mind, an “open” but disciplined and well excercised mind.
    Awareness, is vital.

  26. Scott, for fuck’s sake, can you answer the questions posed to you?

    And explain why we should take your complaints of “liberal insults” seriously when all you do is insult people you perceive as liberal.

  27. I answer them, I may go far and wide in answering them…for there’s much to be covered…but I answer them.

    I’m not some foreign cleric dodging answers about their motives here, not am I a leftist or liberal who will NEVER answer ANY question posed to them.

    I answer, or try to, any and everything put to me. Why don’t any of you? Why do multicultists consistently fail to answer any social, political, cultural, or historical questions?

    • Don’t lie to support your agenda-anyone can read on this site that the antibogan and others have repeatedly answered your questions but you fail again and again and again and again to provide any proof for your wackjob conspiracy theories. Oh by the way that cop shot in Sydney was killed by a colleague – an Anglo colleague. Going on your exploitative and intellectually bereft logic, this would mean that it’s your fault the cop died. You have blood on your hands. Now go back to enjoying the Internet paid for by Anglo and non-Anglo Australians supporting your dole benefits.

  28. Wow Scott! You sound like you’re on a high school debating team, reiterating the same meaningless squabble and using puns to fill the void. Three paragraphs on how you answer questions and don’t ever avoid them (unlike your leftist/liberal counterparts), whilst paradoxically, not answering a damn thing. Impressive!

    It is even more intriguing how you are so happy to accept ownership of all the good things that came out of dispossession of the Aboriginal people of this country BUT will not own the genocide, at the hands of your ancestors, that made it possible. Let’s also pretend that Jesus didn’t die on the cross, that Hitler was a saint and while we’re at it, let’s pretend that you are not a discriminative bigot, so we can all move on, wrap our children in cotton wool and sleep easy tonight.

    Do you know what is unAustralian? People like you who oppose change, who oppose growth, who are stuck in the same 1788 mindset and can’t think for themselves, tirelessly regurgitating the saaaaaaame droning dehumanising lines as your ancestors before you. What ever happened to “A Fair Go”? (The much loved Australian slogan). Why, in your eyes, does a person’s sex, colour, race or religion determine whether they have a right to this freedom or not? More importantly, why do you think that your opinion matters? Sadly, my friend you will soon come to realise that your words bear no weight, whatsoever, in the lives of those people less fortunate than you who seek it OR in the development of this country. You can either jump on the boat (pardon the pun) or be left behind, either way change is inevitable. You may think that the universe revolves around you and your ‘closed’ mind, well think again (if you can) because life/immigration/feminism/Australia goes on whether you choose to be stuck in the past or not!

  29. And this is Dave Starr who stalked my ex-wife on facebook and screwed her head with his rot, making out he was a gentleman and such a nice bloke and destroyed my marriage. She dont shave down there Dave. You loser. Back of my kids too

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