Could You Be A Bogan?

Could you be a bogan? Take this simple test to find out!

Does your daily alcohol consumption outweigh the amount of teeth you have?

Are you frightened of homosexuals, intelligent women and people from non-Anglo backgrounds?



Do you stand up for the rights of women but then treat them like pieces of meat?

Do you berate Aboriginal people for their inability to get jobs and their addiction to alcohol before sitting around your housing commission home sinking piss and then heading up to your local Centrelink office to collect Australian taxpayer’s money?

Do you and your friends have more babies than previous boyfriends/girlfriends?
Do you believe you have a sense of humour because your pass on lame jokes that alienate already marginalised groups of people in our community?
Have you been charged for assault after hitting a woman or getting in a drunken brawl while intoxicated?

If so, please don’t even think about calling yourself an Australian, let along ‘defending’/‘representing’ our country.

92 thoughts on “Could You Be A Bogan?

  1. Hot on the heels of the election outcome, this is *very* depressing. I know people have a right to their views but can’t help but with they held more respectful, inclusive and humane views.

    • Yep he’s Navy. Makes me ashamed to be an Aussie if they let knobheads like him into our defence forces.

      How is that going to look to our allies?

      • Josh,

        My father was in the Navy for over 35 years and served in Iraq. He is now a serving as a local councilor for the Greens. He would be ashamed to know someone like this was ‘Defending’ our country. I agree with you and it makes me ashamed too. I know my Dad has never had these views, nor his colleagues I have known since my birth.

        I can only hope he is one of few with this ignorant. ill-informed outlook. Sadly however I know this not to be the case.

        hopefully this will one day change….

    • is there any way that screencap can be forwarded to a media outlet or someone in the force? I doubt they would be happy with being portrayed this way.

  2. Am I still racist if I ask ‘why here?’ While I like the idea of becoming like Britain in some aspects I don’t like the idea of having to mind what I say all the time; being cautious not to downgrade rituals and/or beliefs I know nothing about.

    And not just that; I fear for all cultural beliefs. The Burke for one vs. safety. I cannot eat anything made by asians without getting intense stomach cramps, once being hospitalised for contracting a foreign virus.

    In general theres the conflict of ‘my freedom at the cost of yours’ and it doesn’t make me feel comfortable at any level. History shows we cannot learn to live as one; do you think I’m racist?

    • Yes. I do. Why not mind what you say…is it that hard to live and let live and respect other peoples’ cultures?

      As for asian food…people who are lactose intolerant don’t hold it against the cow…don’t eat Asian food. And I once got food poisoning from kfc. Not to mention the stomach ache I get every time I have a big mac… has nothing to do withbthe culture it came from. And I am sorry that your view on a huge and varied culture was so tarnished by one bug you picked up.

      As for your freedom vs theirs? I don’t see how abyone

      • … how anyone wanting to live in this country affects your freedom. If you don’t won’t to live next to someone of a certain race…you have the freedom to move somewhere else….as for my personal view…you have the freedom to move to another country because you certainly are not Australian.

  3. And that Adam Hecimovic feller is a potential Aussie tennis star!! Hopefully those comments come back to bite him if he ever makes a name for himself in the sport. (even if he is only 15)

  4. Thank you so much for these.
    It is so, so very sad. Words can not describe it.
    I am ashamed to be an Australian with so many like this.

    I am so scared about our future. These people above are raising children – what role models! 😦
    I am also very afraid if Tony “Mad Monk” Abbott becomes our PM….it will be a dark day for Australia, our future, our environment, our children and our place in the world.

    • So in other words you either take no position at all, or you are consumed with anxiety at the notion of doing so in case you offend some Foucaultian notion that every opinion is of equal value?

      I can guarantee that most of the mindless morons who feature on this site make a lot more money than do hard-working teachers, nurses, social workers or paramedics. And that’s just the stuff the ATO knows about, without the little cash-in-hand bits. No classism there – those morons hate unions and the traditional class struggle with the same venom with which they hate new arrivals and Muslims. If you ask them why they don’t know, but they are dimly aware Howard and Hanson did.

      An idiot is an idiot. No matter how much or how little money they make.

  5. You are race-ist, Slothy, in the correct and complete way…in that you realise that there are differences and dynamics between various races, nations, and cultures.
    History and human nature continually testifies that (often drastically) different groups don’t and can’t “live as one”!
    And attempts to force such prove disastrous.
    This is true knowledge and wisdom…multicultism though, seeks to obliterate such depth of understanding.

  6. ‘probablynotabigot’, the first “poll”, whilst not very eloquent at all, actually touches on some serious issues…the second “poll”, again, betrays the smug conceit, the vain elitism, of the upper class left, as they sneer at those who have to suffer for their folly, their foolish egalitarian fantasies.
    The Left, and ‘multi-culturalism’, entirely derive from an upper echelon, who’s contempt for the “lower” classes knows no bounds.
    The spite that left-wingers/multicultists show towards genuine Australians is atrocious.
    This website makes me sick as well.

  7. @Scott.
    I am just as much as a “genuine” Australian as you are.

    I don’t have contempt for “lower classes”. I proudly am amongst the working class. But I won’t defend those who spread hate and racism.

  8. Make no mistake about it, MANY in Australia’s defence forces are SERIOUSLY upset at what is being made of the nation they defend, as many in the police force are as seriously angry about what they must now deal with here!
    All on account of fabricated ‘multi-culturalism’.
    All problems that those encouraging this NEVER see up close.

    This site, and all those either engineering or facilitating ‘multi-culturalism’ spread HATE “Aussie Unionist”!
    Left wingers/multicultists HATE Australia, HATE White people, HATE their own society.
    Capital, big business, the ‘elite’ that engineer mass immigration/multi-culturalism callously despise Australians and feel zero qualms about condemning future Australian generations to minority status within their own country…for profit’s sake.

    “Racism”? If only those pushing ‘multi-culturalism’ could try so for five seconds without saying “racist” or “racism”…and then everyone would see they’ve nothing to stand on.
    By using such a phrase, people such as yourself seek to curtail any genuine discussion.
    We must look deeply at that phrase and concept though.
    In the face of invasion, of mass immigration, of enforced multi-racialism/multi-culturalism…the presonse of Australians naturally MUST be racist, race-ist…but in the severely compromised manner in which you present it…no, it is NOT “racist” for Australians to defend their own race and nation!

    The word racist did not exist prior to the late 1940’s. Before this, and for time immemorial, people were fully aware of the racial differences of the peoples of the world.
    Intelligent, healthy, aware people new full well the differences in the races. Racism then, or more precisely Racialism, is human nature.
    The twisted agenda to deny all human difference…while at the same time bizarrely respecting “diversity”…is CONTRARY to human nature and spirit, and an insult to intellect.

    Whether knowingly or not…you throw your lot in with the left-wingers, the liberals, the marxists, the foreigners, capital, Jewry, and the other varied multicultists who HATE White/Western civilisation, who HATE Australia.
    Deluded fools such as yourself….thinking that by doing nothing, you resist ‘hate’, help foster the worst hatreds of all!

    The very vast majority of Australian “racists”/racialists, do NOT hate the other races and nations…I don’t…but we do NOT want them here!

    It would be extremely difficult to imagine any race, ethnicity, culture, people, or nation on earth, that does not practice some form of race-ism.

    Make no mistake either, ‘multi-culturalism’ is INTENDED to DESTROY the Australian working class!
    You proclaim yourself as “Aussie Unionist”, whilst also labelling Australians who stand up for their own people and country as hate mongers? That’s incredibly ironic and insulting…seeing as how the White Australia was soundly supported and cherished by working class Australians, and vehemently encouraged and instituted by our Trade Unions!

    What is it that you’re really seeking for Australia to make union with? That is the real question.

    This is NOT about hate…though with every good reason we Australians DO HATE what is being done to our country…this is about LOVE!
    Always remember that!

    • “the word racist did not exist before the 1940s”

      probably because it was perfectly legal and acceptable to BE racist and have a misguided sense of superiority back then.

      “for Australians to defend their own race and nation!” by ‘race’ do you mean ‘white immigrants and their descendants’?

      When I was young I was taught that Australia is great because it is a melting pot of different cultures, influences, full of tolerance and different to anywhere else in the world. You can have your white supremacist views Scott, but don’t expect thousands of other white and non-white Australians to support you in them.

  9. “we Australians”
    still at it Scott? Stop trying to speak for Australians. There are Australians that may agree with you and a shitload who don’t. Don’t be so arrogant as to assume you speak for all of us. Its been pointed out repeatedly yet you’ve been unable to comprehend it. More proof of your ignorance and inability to process clear information.

  10. Don’t tell me how I think and who I supposedly hate and in the same breath talk about intellect. It’s pathetic.

    100 years ago lots of people thought differently on many issues. We’ve moved on. It’s called PROGRESS.

    Clearly you were born in the wrong period of human history. Too bad for you.

    • Progress and cultural shifts are concepts lost on Scott. If he doesn’t like something he believes that makes it wrong! ugh!

  11. scott,
    you claim ownership of intellect yet put forward the notion that diversity is contrary the human spirit along the lines of some darwinian style of evolutionary theory reserved for animals. you have this misguided belief that there is a ‘white australia’ as an entity or group while it is really just a definition. since when did you have to be white to be australian? ( you argue that it is ‘our’ country?) as australians we are not a ‘race’ we are a nation there is nothing genetically different between white australians and any other white person. i pity the day that you are sold out by your so called ‘own people’, it will happen, i lived overseas for 5 years in an aussie community and it disgusted me to see the way some of these people treated their supposed ‘own’ and sold them out to make a buck. you are going on about a conspiracy of a rich elite against white australia yet as white australians we are some of the richest people in the world and this has been created and flourished through multiculturalism. one day you might realise that there are only 2 types of people in this world, good and bad, and that transcends colour, ethnicity and ideology. australians are all colours mate so stop trying to steal the term to apply to your vision of white supremacy.

  12. No, the word ‘racist’ did not exist, Gwen, until a certain people saw fit to start using it to serve their own devious ends.

    And, like other words in the modern liberal’s lexicon, it has been whittled down into only a shadow of any meaning. Reduced, to suit the reductive multicult “argument”.

  13. Yes indeed WE Australians, “schneke”, and we Australians have EVERY right to refer to ourselves as we!
    I’m wondering, do you also attempt to deny any other people’s right to call themselves we?
    Do you deny the Chinese the right to say “we Chinese”, for instance?

    Tell me the part about how massive numbers of foreigners being brought into Australia counts as “progress” schneke?
    Please, elaborate on that…

    Australia was already wrll prgressing AS Australia, and Australia was one of the most advanced nations in the First World. We are product of the British Empire and the genius and valour of the White mind and spirit. We were on top! I really don’t know where you think we’re ‘progressing’ to right now!
    How does bringing in the masses of the second and third worlds class as “progress”? How does potentially being made a minority in our own country count as “progress”?
    How does losing your society classify as “progress”?

    Progress? There’s another of those glib, post-modern, vacuous liberal phrases, just like “change”.
    These words are bandied about by the Left, but NEVER explained.
    “Progress”? You sound like quite the Obamaphile with that one!

    Here’s the news, the grim, artifically engineered moves towards mass immigration and ‘multi-culturalism’ are ‘progress’ alright! Progress down a very dim, dark, dangerous black hole! Progress up a dead end!

    “Cultural shifts”? BUT if it is masses of foreigners being brought in here it is NOT a natural cultural shift! It is an ARTIFICIAL cultural shift! It is cultural replacement!

    Any progress in the right direction, and any natural cultural shifts, are to be made in Australia BY Australians!

  14. You too “Aussie Unionist”, can YOU try and explain how massive numbers of foreigners, of radically divergent races, nations, and cultures, being brought into Australia translates as Australian “progress”?
    That’s not progress, it’s not even regression…it’s a digression.
    The people coming here in droves now could NEVER have created a nation like Australia…how in God’s name can they help it “progress” now?
    It’s progress alright, for the foreigners departing their failed nations and cultures to flood in here now…it is CATASTROPHE for Australians!

  15. Since when dod you have to be White to be Australian “brendo”? Are you for real? Are you serious?
    Oh, since around 1788…and we had a policy in place for the better part of a centurt that ensured that?
    Don’t you know?
    Because you probably also blame all the “bad” things that happened here SOLELY on White Australians, don’t you?
    Australians are British, Britons are White…that’s it, pure and simple, end of story.

    Will you also ask since when did you have to Asian to be Japanese?

    Australians are British, Australians are White…as recently as 20 years ago over 98% of our population was still White/British. You can piss and moan and try and deny the Whiteness of Australia, but that’s the fact of it.
    If there is anywhere that can be said to be a White nation, outside of Europe, it’s Australia.
    There was NO doubt about who and what Australians were for two centuries…it’s staggering that people try and doubt or question it now.
    The few tourists that still come to Australia expect to see big, strong, gregarious White (British) Australians!!!

    Australia was NOT “made” by ‘multi-culturalism’! We have ONE British system of parliament and legislature, ONE language, English, one society and system…and THAT was the strength of Australia!
    Australia was NOT made by ‘multi-culturalism’! NO-WHERE was ever “made” by ‘multi-culturalism’…that is an absolute misnomer! Whenever races, ethnicites, and nations have been forced together the result is disaster!
    Australia was NOT “made” by ‘multi-culturalism’…Australia WAS MADE by hard working White people who built this great nation from the dust up!

    Australians are NOT “all colours”! Australia was not a mess, and should nit be made into one.
    There is FAR more to this than mere skin colour!

    Australia WAS founded, forged, populated, built, crafted, and cherished by White people!

    It is, we are, being sold out by a wealthy echelon, and that is the tragedy!
    Australians must wake up and strive against this!

  16. Your blinded, squeezed shut, hands jammed over them eyes???

    I’m still waiting on the explanation from ‘Aussie Unionist’ or ‘schneke’ as to how the mass importation of immense numbers of foreign races and cultures, who could never have created such a nation, translates as “progress”…

    I’m still waiting on the explanation as to how the artificial importation of foreigners and foreign cultures, to the point where they could very really utterly replace Australians and Australian culture, qualifies as a genuine “cultural shift”…

  17. Australia doesn’t really have a distinct culture. All this country has in the way of culture is a bunch of stereotypes mixed with generic western consumer capitalism. The only group within Australian society that can claim to have a culture unique to this land is its indigenous people. If it weren’t for indigenous people and migrants from overseas, this country would be utterly dull and uninspiring.

    Besides, one of the core values of Australia is that of mateship extended to all people regardless of any differences. Any notion that Australia should be a ‘white’ society is archaic and does not belong in a civilised community. Even then, such opinions are rarely, if ever at all, taken seriously by anyone who posesses any intelligence or compassion for other members of their species.

    If anything, our adavancement as a species depends on multicultural societies such as Australia in order to create the common understanding that will allow humanity to acheive greater feats of scientific progress and improvement of our lifestyle. If you want to live in a backward society Scott you are entitled to do so, but don’t come crying to us when you realise that you made the wrong choice.

  18. Ha ha ha ha ha.

    Scott is an idiot…

    Yeah Scott… you go on defending the rights of bogans everywhere! One day you’ll get a job.

  19. Did I say I was defending the rights of “bogans”? Ever?
    That itself is a loaded issue.
    No-one “is” a bogan, so therefore there could be no ‘bogan’ to have “rights”.
    I myself have always disliked the notion of the bogan, the hoon, it is a gross degradation of the true Australian character and spirit.
    Those being bogans have much to improve. It is, however, THEIR country in which to improve in!

    Go on, keep wrongly assuming that the great majority of Australians, who oppose mass immigration, multi-racialism, and multi-culturalism being inflicted upon their country, are ‘bogans’. Keep promulgating that classist myth, see how wrong you are. Watch how when it’s all too late you spin around and ask yourself WHY didn’t you listen to more of those “bogans”?!

    I’m not an idiot. Do you care to try and explain that, about how and why you think me an “idiot”, or like too many on here are you going to drop a glib insult, and leave it at that?
    I’m not an idiot.

    I defend the RIGHTS, and the birth right, of AUSTRALIANS in their OWN COUNTRY!

  20. @Scott:

    Mate, you are hilarious. I’m actually feeling a little sorry for you at the moment as you fight your little losing battle of little or no significance.

    The funniest thing is that you’re actually quite articulate when propounding your diatribe of dislike.

    Well sunshine – go ahead and defend till you’re green and gold in the face. It’s not going to change anything. Do the maths – 1 billion Chinese, 1 billion Indians, 300 million Americans, 300 million “non-Anglo” Europeans, 220 million Indonesians, etc… – or perhaps for your benefit I should put it this way – 6.2 billion-ish non-bloody-Aussies… Scary isn’t it! Don’t you just love staring at the impending future in the face and trying to standing up to it!

    For your next project I suggest trying to hold back the real tide – you know, the one that comes rushing through the Sydney Heads daily – with your soggy tear-soaked (oh the injustice of it all!) Eureka flag.

    I also suggest you may want to start a placard rally outside your local Pizza Hut – dodgy American/Italian food – it’s bloody un-Australian! It’s un-Anglo!

    Wow! I’m beginning to feel it Scott!

    Bugger it! Let’s get rid of all “non-Anglo” food! Let’s get back to the true Anglo spirit of it and eat barley and drink mead! All that dodgy foreign stuff from weird exotic continents – you know like tomatoes and potatoes and capsicums – should be banned! Don’t want any mixing or hybridisation after all – it only ruins things!

    We need to embrace our Druidic heritage!

    I hear you Scotty! – you don’t mind if I call you Scotty do you? I feel we are bonding here after all…

    I say let’s ban all non-Anglo everything! It only pollutes our country and SENDS MONEY OVERSEAS TO SCARY FOREIGN PEOPLE!

    Bye-bye to all electronics as they’re made in Japan and Korea (CD’s are a Japanese (i.e. Non-Anglo) invention after all)…

    See ya to all clothes as they’re all made in China or the sub-continent.

    Piss off to all plastics, oils, petrol (foreign bloody imports!)

    Destroy democracy/politics/philosophy! Bloody Greek concept!

    Shove off Christianity!!! Bloody Middle-Eastern nonsense ESTABLISHED BY A JEW!!!!

    I see the future my brother! We embrace our pre-druidic Anglo past by banning everything that didn’t come out of the land of our forebears!

    And annually we can make a trek on our dog or reindeer sleds back to our native part of the Danish peninsula and pay homage to our ANGLO heritage!

    Oh and all bloody CELTS, JUTES and SAXONs that have tried to disrupt our gene pool by attempting to share GREAT BRITAIN with us can all PISS OFF too!

    I see the future and it’s looking GOOD!

    Finally I note with pride you have already removed that UN-AUSTRALIAN invention of logic – stupid Greeks invented that too! GOODONYAMATE!!!!

  21. @Scott. ‘racist/racism’ according to you may have not been in the English vocabulary but let me tell you it has existed in the vocabs of other languages for, oh, quite a while, when you know – they were mass murdered by the empire you so dearly love. So your argument saying it’s concept is ‘Lefty’ etc is ludicrous.

    Yes actually this country is built by multiculturalism.

    Guess who built the railway lines and picked the fruit in the 1848 ? Who came here as indentured workers (slaves) to ‘save Australia from near bankruptcy’. If I have read history right Australians came out in the droves welcoming these people who were here to save the nation.

    And then guess who worked for free in shackles whilst their families were mass murdered?

    Guess the amount of people of colour that fought in every war Australia has been part of.

    This country belongs to everyone who lived, sweated and died here.

  22. “The very vast majority of Australian “racists”/racialists, do NOT hate the other races and nations…I don’t…but we do NOT want them here!”

    Does this apply to the following for example?

    1. White British people?
    2. Black British people (few Generations British, probably have never been out of Britain, but dark skin, not Caucasian)
    3. White Americans?
    4. Black Americans (ex: Bill Cosby)
    5. Irish people? (white- Caucasian)
    6. Norwegian (white in skin colour)
    7. A Chinese person few Generations American.

    What about Indigenous Australians? What should their place be in ‘your’ white Australian society?

    “We are product of the British Empire and the genius and valour of the White mind and spirit.”
    One of the many reasons you’ve been called an idiot. No scientific proof of anything even remote.
    Usually australia’s brainiest kid has been Asian 🙂

    “Australia WAS founded, forged, populated, built, crafted, and cherished by White people!”

    What happened to the indigenous people that were living here already? What do you propose to do with them?

    “ONE language, English, one society and system…and THAT was the strength of Australia!”
    “Your blinded, squeezed shut, hands jammed over them eyes???”

    Scott, learn the difference between your & you’re. That ONE language you are banging on about.

    Will let the authors answer your questions them selves

  23. Good, questions. At least some attempt at conversation from the multicultists. Although, keep in mind that the burden of proof really lies with the transgressor. You’re the ones wishing to see Australia disrupted, dismantled, and eventually destroyed. You’re the ones who wish to see Australians replaced in their own country by a incoherent, divided, multitude of the rest of the world.
    The questions should really be put to YOU as to why all of that should happen.

    Anyway, in these compromised times, and in the compromised situation of dealing with multicultists, one must deal with what one is dealt. For the greater end.

    Let’s tackle these (really quite weak) questions and points that you’ve trotted out. They’re things any of us confronting the multicult movement have heard before…but I am going to take them into account…as I trust you’ll do with my answers.

    -The first question (which of course has several sub-questions)…White British people? British people ARE White! Australians are British, and are therefore White people. This was never in doubt before. It is plainly ridiculous to ‘question’ that now. We knew precisely who and what we were (and are), we invoked a policy so as to protect and ensure this. The rest of the world still naturally assumes that Australians are White/British people.

    There is NO such thing as a “Black British person”. Black Africans are not native to the British Isles (this should not have to be told to you!), nor did Black Africans found any society or civilisation in the British Isles.
    Many Black people from former British West Indian, and some African, colonies went to Britain in the years after Worl War II. These are now referred to as ‘Black-British’ people. They are Black, they are (most often)now citizens of Britain. They are not, however, British.
    The problems of immigration from various quarters into Britain are obvious.
    An interesting point being that British people and the Black/Jamaican/African immigrants got on better than either did with the Pakistanis.
    Enoch Powell warned of the dangers of immigration into Britain in the late 1960’s. Of course he was pilloried for speaking the truth. The last few decades though has seen those predictions come grimly to life.
    If something is not done soon to halt the process, it has been forecast that British people (White people) will become a minority within Britain itself, before the middle of this century!
    That is shocking, and there is nothing, no lie that can be told, that can make that acceptable.

    White Americans? Are under their own pressures. Aside from being largely founded as a series of British colonies, America is NOT like Australia, and never has been! it is ludicrous to try and make Australia like America now.

    Black Americans? For all the trouble that a large Black presence causes in America, they were taken to America as slaves. They have a right to stay there. Australia NEVER brought any Black population here as slaves. The ‘silver lining’ on the cloud of multi-racial America is some great cultural achievments, some great music…that cannot be repeated, and it is sheer insanity to fail to heed the warning of America and introduce massive Black populations into Australia now! Bill Cosby is a fine fellow! In fact, I bought two series of ‘The Cosby Show’ on DVD just this week! Bill Cosby is a good man and one of the few Blacks in America of any influence who persuades fellow Blacks to NOT continually blame “Whitey” for their problems and to pick THEMSELVES up and improve themselves!

    The Irish? Are Caucasian, and many Australians are Irish.

    Norwegians? Norwegians, and other Scandinavians, are of course obviously White! They had quite pristine socities which were much admired…and were quite similar to Australia in many regards. Norway and other Northern European countries are also now suffering MASS immigrations, and all the attendent problems of such…AND any person of such a country that speaks up about it is called a “racist”! Some sinister types in Northern/Scandinavian countries have eeven taken to telling their people to prepare for when they are made a minority in their own societies!
    I like the Norwegians…that though, does NOT mean i would like a great number of Norwegians coming here.
    Norway did not found Australia.

    Is this “Chinese” person Chinese or American? See how the angles of the multicultist fly apart at the seems? The foreigners going to Western countries can gain citizenship of that country and then “be” “American” (or “British” or “Australian”)…AND still refer to themselves as Chinese (or whatever the case may be) and observe “their” cultural rites and maintain “their” community! Whilst the actual, native, White population of that country are told it’s “not” their country, and every effort is made to sever them from their own heritage, history, and sovereignty. It’s totally outrageous.
    There are over a BILLION Chinese. They’re not running out of people. They fully intend to take control in the world.
    There was a very tiny, microscopic, Chinese minority that continued to live in Australia after the Gold Rush and after we invoked our Protectionist Policy. I have some in my family. That was okay, that was interesting. It never had to be more than that. it is sheer lunacy to allow massive numbers of Chinese into Australia now and to sell out Australia to Chinese (and other) interests!

    Indigenous/Aboriginal Australians and mixed Aboriginal-White Australians? Have every right to be here. They are the conquered people of this country (not that they took much conquering, all things considered) and have EVERY right to live on here. They are OUR RESPONSIBILITY! There is ZERO correlation between the situation of the Australian Aboriginal and MASSIVE numbers of foreigners wishing to come here and take over our society!

    The Indigenous people of Australia were at a very limited level, that had a very rudimentary, primitive lifestyle and culture. They did not exist in any large numbers, they did not possess and great level of martial skill, they did not possess and high or comparable level of society here. It is plainly ludicrous to keep going on about the Aboriginals in the face of massive numbers of foreigners wanting in here to make full use of our society here!
    The indigenous Australian has their place within greater, White, Australia.

    Yes, exactly, it was the ‘oneness’, the overriding uniformity, the coherence, the reliability, the focus, the cohesion, the strength of Australia that was (is?) the beauty of Australia!
    Yes indeed “Your blinded …eyes”! What’s your linguistic beef with that?
    You ought to read things properly, before trying to reduce things to a pedantic squabble about imagined errors in grammar, when there is also far more at stake!

    There, my response to you quibbling queries…I sincerely hope my answers are taken in!

  24. Ann…”racism” was NOT a known word until a certain groups sought to employ it for their own ends post World War II!
    So-called “racism” IS a left-wing concept AND it is fostered by a VERY wealthy people!
    The understanding of Race, however, was indeed well known by ALL peoples of the world…and racial discrimination (the more complete form of racism) also practiced by the vast majority of peoples!

    It’s staggering when multicultists betray their absolute lack of knowledge of history and poor comprehension of culture! One can only hope though, that they (you) are open to realising your errors and learning better.

    There have been SEVERAL non-British societies and empires that made common practice of murdering and massacering other, conquered, peoples! Arabs, Turks, Mongols, Chinese etc etc. They are amongst the immigrant groups you seem keen to welcome in here now though. Funny that, how non-White murder, massacre, and racism just “doesn’t matter”! One would also be hard pressed to imagine any of the groups wanting in here now that DON’T pursue some aggressive form of ‘racism’! The Chinese spring immediately to mind, and others follow on.
    ALL peoples have a concept of Race…some different to others…but ALL have a knowledge of Race, and how one approaches those differences.
    There is a strong dynamic to the differences in the races and nations of the earth. Jamming them together though, is total insanity!

    Here’s the other question…seeing as how, allegedly, White/British people are just soooooo horrible and nasty and violent and hateful and racist and murderous….WHY are people so keen to run off to our countries???

    No. I must stress this. Australia was NOT BUILT BY MULTICULTURALISM!

    We cannot stress that stridently enough!

    Australia was founded, forged, built and made by one power and people!

    It’s flabbergasting how multicultists try and hedge their bets between on one hand saying that Australia has to GO multi-cultural now, in the name of “progress”…but THEN make claim that Australia was “always multicultural”!
    When the “blame” gets placed for starting Australia…it’s ALL put on White, British people….but then, to push the new angle on us…hey presto…we were “ALWAYS multicultural”!!!!


    Australia was WELL founded and up and running by 1848! Australia’s railways were NOT built by “indentured servants” or “slaves”! In 1848, and the 19th century as a whole, the VAST MAJORITY of people coming to Australia were obviously coming FROM BRITAIN!

    Perhaps you might be referring to a small amount of Pacific Islanders who were brought for a brief time to work in Queensland?

    The ABSOLUTELY VAST MAJORITY of Australians that lived, sweated, and died here….go and LOOK in the cemeteries…were White, British people…were AUSTRALIANS!

    Lebanese and Sudanese did NOT live, sweat and die here. NO other peoples did. Only latterly immigrant groups came…WITHOUT consultation ever being put to the Australian people!
    We are the mind, the body, and the heart of Australia! WE strove to make this country…it does NOT belong to everyone else…it belongs to US!

    If they want it, then let them have the courage to try and take it! NOT slide on in and take it by default, NOT have it handed to them by treacherous liberals who’ve been taught to HATE their own people and civilisation!

  25. Further to the series of ‘questions’ that were put to me…

    Are you seriously denying that Australia was the product of the White/Caucasian/British mind? Are you that deluded?
    Nation, parliament, legislature, cities, towns, etc etc etc etc….Australia was, and still is, the product of the genius White mind.
    You think the Asians, and others wanting in here, don’t realise that?

    You claim that an Asian has “usually been Australia’s brainiest kid”? Since when? in the last five minutes? The last few years? What about before that? And did ‘brainy’ Asian kids found and build Australia? Is Australia’s society and system the product of “brainy Asian kids”???
    That is a modern myth as well, that of the ‘brainy Asian kid’. They’re not so brainy…they are very dilligent, they study things ad nauseum. They are essentially robots, automatons. They apply themselves, or are forced to by demanding parents.
    What produced these “brainy Asian kids” as well? It was the Australian (White) education system!
    Australia’s private schools are now FILLED with Asians…taking in copious amounts of information…OF COURSE they are going to seem “brainy”!
    However, it’s by rote, it’s to ensure future profit…they aplly themselves mechanically and methodically…what they really by and large lack is that true genius gene…which has continually set Caucasians apart and above!

    Many Asian kids are indeed then “brainy”, I spoke however, of the valour, genius, and spirit of the White mind and race…to see what kind of society “brainy Asians” produce you must look to Asian societies ans cultures PRIOR to the arrival of Europeans/Whites. They’re not all Lao Tzu’s and Confucius’s. These societies had some good aspects, and many not good…and none of it at the level Australia was!

    Also, do you think that Asians are encouraging the arrival, say, of “brainy Black kids” back in their own countries? Or even ‘brainy’ “other Asian” kids? NO they’re not! They’re all very keen on racialism back in their own countries!
    They all do though, albeit often begrudingly, recognise the genius of the mind of the “foreign devils”!

  26. Man this guy is a douche. Nobody had coined the word racism so racism didn’t exist? Are you stupid? Before we had language, did anything exist? See how stupid that argument is?

    You think Caucasians have a genius gene that other skin colours don’t have, that other races are “inherently violent” and that all non caucasian land would be in the dark ages if it wasn’t for the brilliant whities “Helping” them and you think you’re not racist???

    And I should point out that the burden of proof is yours, you are the one who claims he’s on some sort of a “truth crusade”.

  27. No Freddy, the convoluted modern term racism did NOT exist! It was invoked only so as to suit the aims of some, and has been used by leftists and liberals as well ever since.

    Of course, and as I referred, since time immemorial peoples and societies have practiced racial discrimination. People knew the differences in races. People, naturally, favoured their own as well. True ‘Racism’ is the complete knowledge, understanding, and relation to Races and the races.

    Not, the heavily contrived notion of “racism” dealt in now. Which is an entirely negative construct…and of course, be honest, in this usage, ONLY White people can be “racist” or practice “racism”.

    ALL peoples in all times in all corners of the globe have acknowledged race and different racial characterstics, and have thus often pursued a course of racial discrimination. A healthy sense of discrimination, a discriminatory mind, used to be a positive as well. The dumbing down of society now is horrendous, and it is clear to see the Marxist influence on multicultism, because it’s adherents show all the regular Communist hatred of intellect and intellectualism.

    You should actually look into the racial attitudes of some of the migrant groups you’re so keen on seeing Australia handed over to…for their often quite ferocious ‘racism’ might chill you to your core.
    They’ve got not qualms about disliking others based on their race…and they ONLY continue to respect Caucasians whilst we maintain our position. To throw that away is madness!

    There is FAR more to the genius of Caucasians than only skin colour!
    Whilst you continue to live in a Caucasian society, Australia, that is part of the wider Caucasian/Western civilisation, and take advantage of Caucasian inventions and developments such as the computer and electricity, and communicate in English…your denial of any Caucasian genius, I think you should agree, rings very hollow.

    One indeed must look at all non White or non Caucasian lands (most of India and much of the Middle East is Caucasian by the way) prior to Westen/European arrival there, and calculate where they would be now without our influence and inspiration. Most, it is clear, would not be far removed from the place they were at 2-500 years ago.
    There is nothing to indicate that Black Africans or Australian Aboriginals would have elevated to a position higher than that which they had slumbered in for ten’s of thousands of years. Old societies such as China and India, and the Muslim world, had reached stages of stagnation some time back. Would you have Indian wives continue to commit suttee? Would you have Chinese women still bind their feet? Would you have Pacific Islanders still indulge in cannabalism and infanticide? Would you deny other peoples and regions of the world the use of rail, telegraph, telephone, automobile and computer? Yes, Whites did help the other peoples of the world…somtimes we DID hurt them, I know that…but by and large we did HELP them!
    To acknowledge that IS…in the true sense then of the word…Racist!

    So, yes indeed, everything you take for granted is a product of Caucasian genius. The foreigners who want into our societies don’t quibble over that…however, it’s not their’s to comfortably move into, nor is it the place of smug, spoiled, spiteful liberals such as yourself to give it to them!

    Yes I am on a truth crusade, if you’d like to term it thus. One has to be, it’s necsessary, in the face of the twin lies of the left and capital!

  28. Hi again Scott!

    I like your game of hypotheticals!

    Where would India be if we Caucasians had not intervened and lifted them from stagnation!

    They’d probably be still ripping the hearts out of living people and then sending their screaming bodies in cages down into the fires of the TEMPLE OF DOOM!!!!

    In my own hypothetical game, I’ve created an all-White island which for arguments sake I’ll call Pitcairn. I’m going to place it in the tropics and make it very small so that the white settlers there have just enough space. Then I’m going to make sure there are no immigrants to burden them with assistance or new ideas.

    On my hypothetical island of Pitcairn is now there is a massive tower five thousand metres high where the Princess now lives and protects her people from The Nothing that is invading their land. Will my hypothetical hero Bastian with his hypothetical friend the Luck Dragon save the island of Pitcairn from this invading nothing? The dangers are so real it feels like a never ending story of trying to keep The Nothing out of our lands… [theatrical trailer to follow]

    I like our games Scott I really do. I love our imaginary world where everything is going to be white and comfortable and we are not going to let poor foreigners in.

    I like the idea of being elitist on an international level but not on a national level.

    I could hypothesise all day – yay!

  29. We HAVE (had?!) an ALL WHITE ISLAND you dolt!
    It’s called AUSTRALIA!
    Great Britain as well!

    Multicultists just LOVE to talk about “hypotheticals” don’t you?
    Hypothetically, the Sudanese or any other Black Africans “could” have made a country like Australia…so we may as well just give it to them, and anyone else who wants in, now.
    Well, they DIDN’T make this country…and there’s NOTHING to indicate that any of the other groups, to whatever level of development they reached, could ever have!

    Ignoring ALL repeated evidence…and speaking HYPOTHETICALLY…all the peoples of the world could be invited into Australia and Australian’s will be ‘okay’ with it…and ALL those divergent peoples, ethnicities, cultures, nationalities and races will just ‘get along’.
    No, that doesn’t even work hypothetically!

    To the post-modernised, neo-marxist, liberal mind ‘cultural relativism’ reigns supreme…we’re “all the same”, the pygmy of deepest equatorial Africa is the “same” as a British man…ANY other people “could” have made Australia.
    But…they DIDN’T!

    WE DID!
    It’s OURS!

    Why do you think people are so keen to run off to this all White island? Because they KNOW it’s good! Point being, they’ve NO right to it…nor have you to give it away!

    What right have you got to mention any films, any at all, as you run down White people? Whites invented cinema!

    The British DID put doen the Thuggee, who DID reign terror, fear, and bloodshed over people! I was also referring directly to the Indian practice of suttee, by which the widow of a dead man would throw herself upon the flames of his funeral pyre. The British put a stop to that. If we hadn’t, there’s nothing to indicate it would have. You REALLY should look into history. Pry open a book, go on. I myself though, will NOT forget the lessons of history, and I will NOT allow my people and society to become history.

    Here’s another hypothetical, seeing as how you’re so keen on ’em. Worse things coming to worst, God forbid, and White/Western nations are completely overrun and flooded…I can imagine Whites finding some last distant outspost, some outcrop of land, and making another great society there…AND, when the rest of the world goes to hell, and it will, I can see the waves of other peoples turning up, clammering to get in for a ‘better life’…and i can just picture a new generation of spoiled liberals then going on about the “right” of those people to live in our society, and again calling us “bigots”, “xenophobes”, and “racists” for denying that, and striving to protect ourselves!

    Well, Australia isn’t lost yet, this White island, this high civilisation, this outpost can still be saved and set right again.

    • The irony Scott is that the practice of suttee had already practically died out before the British invaded India – once they did, and once they decided to ‘ban’ it themselves – there was a surge in the practice of suttee, in protest to the British.

  30. @Scott: You speak as if ‘white’, which by the way can also considered a ‘new term’ to the English vocab following your line of argument with the word ‘racism’.

    In fact before all this ‘white supremacy’ you speak, there were centuries where these so-called white ‘brothers’ were killing the heck out of each other and conquering each others lands and peoples. English people didn’t even consider themselves to be the same as Irish, French etc. There were conflicts between Highlander Scotish people and the other groups within their own country.

    And then the convicts who were shunned over to this land called Australia.
    It’s really baffling I find, that Australians have this allegiance to the British empire when basically this nation were considered a bunch of British rejects. If you look at the history of Australia and the kind of rhetoric Aussies were talking in regards to ‘Poms’ – and by the way do you know how this slur started? –
    Look at how the Americans fought to be free from Britain – yet Australia always has this ass kissing mentality going on – with the Union Flag etc etc.

    Oh no don’t get me wrong, some British ‘rejects’ also came here later, when all it cost was a cheap 10 pounds on the ship and a place to stay when they got to Australia. I’m sure the ‘educated’ or ‘rich’ British wouldn’t have up and left everything they had in Britain to come to a country where they’d be living in shanties.

  31. I’ve been watching James Bond recently, and you ain’t no M, “M”!
    And no, the practice of suttee had NOT almost died out by the time Britain arrived in India…Britain had to kill it.
    It was nothing to take pride in any surge in.

    The apologism for the cruelty and barbarity of other cultures by liberals is staggering, and staggeringly irresponsible.

    Also, you and others like you will make reference to other peoples and societies that held steadfast on to cultural practices (be they positive or negative) in reaction to White/European colonialism…and yet with the nex breathe you’ll deny Australians, and any other Whites, the right to cherish and defend our own higher culture!


    It is liberal multicultists, such as yourself, who ALWAYS rush to proclaim Whites/Europeans/Westerners/Caucasians who strive to protect their societies, and speak of them with dignity, as “White supremacists”!

    Or whatever glib term may be reached for!

    Don’t try and portray this differently.

    I shall have to re-clarify this then.

    We do NOT enter into any discussion proclaiming ourselves as “White supremacists”. There IS an all-out assault on White people, nations, and civilisation now. When Whites speak up about this, about their society, their culture, their civilisation…with dignity…then the liberal rat rushes STRAIGHT to screaming out “WHITE SUPREMACIST!!!”.
    A phrase that PC indoctrination has taught many people to fear being associated with.
    I however, and many others, utterly refute such compromise.
    YOU mention “White supremacism” and I shall not shy away from indeed discussing White superiority…the inherent supremacy of Whites.

    Go back, through ANY exchange that I have had with liberals/multicultists, and it is THEY who instantaneously rush to splashing about phrases such as “White supremacism”, “Nazism”, and “Fascism”, in ruthless effort to curtail any and all deeper discussion.
    This is a common ploy. Go to ANY forum in which Nationalists are discoursing or debating with Multicultists and note that the liberals resort to trotting out “White supremacy” and “Nazism” with head spinning speed!

    Go through any exchanges I am engaged in and it is those I am confronting who divert straight to yelling “White supremacist”.
    I will take this though…I will take ANYTHING handed to me, deal with it, analyse it, contemplate it, and DISCUSS IT!
    I WILL take the concept of White supremacy…and STATE the host of manners in which Whites ARE INDEED SUPERIOR!

    The multicultist rarely takes time to read anything…and that is a KEY part of the liberal ploy. When any discussion or conflict about mass immigration into the West, and the moves towards mult-culturalisation of the West occurs…when any White person speaks with dignity about their own people and with high regard for their society…the liberal foams at the mouth with haste to loudly proclaim them a “WHITE SUPREMACIST”!
    I have taken this and gone with it, and of course…the first liberal, knowing that others will never criticially read what they have written…knows that a host of other liberals/multicultists will fall over themselves in condemnation of the ‘White supremacist’, just as they’ve been taught.

    I do NOT bring up White supremacy. No, there is no need to. It is self evident.
    However, if anyone else brings it up, in direct relation to me, I shall indeed discuss it!
    If people wish to also doubt, deny, query, question, dispute or deride any truth of White supremacy…then I WILL speak about it!

    OBVIOUSLY White people, in White nations, within White civilisation, should know themselves as superior!

    Now, who do you think you’re talking to?
    I KNOW History! I know VERY WELL the rivalries and conflicts between various White/European peoples and powers down through the centuries!
    That competitiveness spurred us on…but that conflict also severly damaged us!
    I KNOW that often intense rivalry, and often hatred, between various European peoples!
    I know it!
    I’m a Celt…do you THINK that I wouldn’t know about all that?

    And now, foolhardy liberals like you wish to take the delicate balance of Western Europe, with peoples often at each others throats who’ve finally come to some accord… and throw into this millions of Africans, Arabs, Indians, Eastern Europeans etc etc etc?

    Here in Australia we people of Great Britain created a peaceful, prosperous, advanced, civil nation…and you wish to pour into that multitudes of Asians, Arabs, Eastern Europeans, Turks, Indians, Islanders and Africans…who’ve all NO qualms about DESPISING each other, and who at best don’t care about us…and hope for the best, AND criticise Australians for opposing that???

    Your “knowledge” of history is SORELY lacking! As with ALL liberals and multicultists..fresh from a decade of a woefully degraded, black-arm-band ‘education’.

    The American Revolution was one element in an ongoing plan by those who HATE and wish to destroy and control Western civilisation.
    Contrary to popular myth, these was NO mass uprising of American colonists to be “free from Britain”! Britain was their mother country, their ancestral home, the British crown their monarch.
    TWO THIRDS of American colonists wished to stay loyal to Great Britain, the vast majority of the Indian tribes stayed loyal to Britain, many Black slaves sided with Britain.
    And these “Tories” were TERRIBLY treated by the victorious revolutionaries after the war!
    Ruthless moves were made to orchestrate the American ‘War Of Independence’!
    The same sinister forces that engineered that, and the French and Russian revolutions, are those pushing mass immigration and “multi-culturalism” upon Western Europe and Australia now!

    Australia NEVER severed ties with our direct ancestry, with our greater power, with our Mother Country.
    Australia is Australia AND is intimately tied with Britain.

    Australian men answered the call of the Mother Country in two world wars. Australians, in spite of friendly rivalries, NEVER came to hate Great Britain!

    It’s ironic, I was having a great discussion with a Chinese girl yesterday, who has very good knowledge of History (Chinese, European, and World), and who was most delightfully impressed with mine, and SHE IS AGHAST at moves by certain Australians to break away from the monarchy and turn Australia into a republic!
    It’s amazing that there are foreigners who greatly admire our culture…and yet liberalised Australians/Whites have been taught to hate themselves and their own!

    if there are moves to dismantle Australia and follow the bad example of America, to mutate Australia into a republic…then there WILL be a civil conflict here!

    Australia is SO British, that it is UTTERLY ludicrous for liberals to try and deny it now!
    People visting here are ALWAYS amazed and delighted with how British Australia is (with a VERY specific local flavour!!!) and still expect to SEE British people here!

    There has been NO break between Australians and their rich cultural, historical, ancestral, and social heritage…we WILL stridently resist moves to cut us off now!

    • You make too much noise, and too little argument. Good rational people make their arguments in as fewest words as possible


      From Rudolf Belka

      Governor Custodian of planet Sirius Six.

  33. A lotta noise and a HECK of an argument!
    That Australians have EVERY right to enjoy their own country as themselves and defend it when need be!!!

    What genuine “argument”…despite the shrill shrieking, the sound and fury signifying nothing, is there to be made by multicultists in favour of mass immigration into Australia and elsewhere in the West?

    While you’re high as a kite up there on Sirius Six, many of us back on Earth have serious problems to attend to.

  34. Yay Scotty – more games!!!

    I do so love the fun we have with these little charades that we play!

    Okay – so today’s game is called “Denial” – I like it!

    You deny the interconnectedness of everything (you know – little things like how we got philosophy from the Greeks, advanced mathematics from the Arabs… oooh and not to mention potatoes from them doggone darn injuns!).

    Then I deny the earth is round (because some Greek dude came up with the strange idea that it wasn’t – around the time our ancesters we’re hunting mistletoe because it cures everything – and we can’t have Greeks telling us what to do!)

    Then you deny all the irrelevant facts of history that don’t support your thesis – you know the ones that let us know why for a couple of quirks and anomalies, for the briefest of periods of human civilization (about 400 years out of 2000 or so) the damp and soggy island of Britain overtook truly stable and technically advanced countries like China.

    Then I deny that the earth goes round the sun (because contradictors include pesky Greeks, Chinese, Polish, Italian, Mayan people who all kinda stumbled across that one at various stages)

    Then you deny the way the world is forming around you quite cohesively and with little fuss and a remarkable lack of violence; given your ancestors were kinda involved in the two biggest, messiest wars in the history of the planet. (Wait, wait, wait – I hear you Scotty – you don’t even need to say it: “but they were just DEFENDING my rights to be safe and free and unjust and dishonest and unethical and ethnocentric and vilifying and hostile and aggressive and overly-simplistic and bombastic and illogical…)

    Then I deny that man has been to the moon (because the bloody Chinese invented and then Germans perfected rockets – so it couldn’t have happened).

    Then you deny how quickly your archaic and pathetically enclosed small-minded tribalistic dogma is becoming increasingly boring to the rest of us.

    Then I deny that the moon is NOT made of cheese.

    Then you start fumbling about what is actually a White Australian because somehow its Anglo or Saxon or Norman (all from Scandinavia) but ironically not Danish or German or Norwegian even though they are the same place but with a different name.

    Then you talk about how great the white person is because they borrowed, stole and on the odd occassion improved some ideas from other societies in order to actually get ahead for all but a brief time in the entire history of humanity; but then get all sooky when the people your ancestors tried to subjugate, kind of learnt from their unethical war-mongering ways and took it upon themselves to beat you at your own game…

    Then I deny reality altogether and try to find Neo to save me from this Matrix…

    You strike me as the kind of person who would probably have a Southern Cross tattoo on you somewhere because you are so proud of the uniqueness of the symbol; while Kiwis, Papuans, Samoans and Brazilians all laugh at you because your wearing the stars of their flags.

    So Scotty – here’s where you come back with some illogical retort using tiny tidbits of useless information molded badly to try and defend an undefendable argument in the vain hope of convincing yourself that your rhetoric actually makes sense (you’re certainly winning no converts on this website)…

    Then we all have a bit of chuckle and put you in the looney Mansonesque-Scientologist-Heaven’s Gate category of person who has absolutely no capacity to understand anything really of what’s going on around him but continues to lash out angrily at imaginery tigers that are trying to get into your imaginery castle…

    Mate – I wouldn’t even bother responding at this time – just tuck your tail between your legs and go running back to mum.

    Simply put; and here’s the harsh reality – even if this battle to save “whiteness” (you have yet to clearly define what the hell that is) actually existed – you don’t have the numbers, power, wealth or intelligence to actually do anything about it.

    So run along like a good little boy and wave your stick at the angry unicorn somewhere else little Scotty and stop disturbing the adults while we actually get on with trying to do serious adult things…

  35. @Terror Australis: Good play.

    @Scott: Gees you’re really scared. Who is destroying White civilisation? Europe is a big big place with many Caucasians living peacefully.

    It’s no mistake that this society is multicultural.
    Not because it was ‘introduced’ into the law after White Australia Policy.
    It is here because, just as you claim: ‘Black Americans have a right to live in America’.

    Indentured workers/servants/slaves weren’t just those Pacific Islanders. How about you go and find out who they are. Instead of using Wikipedia as your ‘study guide’, actually find out why this country is multicultural. Why people of colour are here and what they did to build this nation.

    You know ‘white’ Australia term was introduced to trick white working class Aussies. 
    Just as America had used it to trick the white working class. You see when the U.S had slaves the European indentured servants were losing jobs, they initially wanted to bond together with the free Black folks and rise up as working class folks to demand better pay.
    When ‘white’ America was introduced it trampled all that, thereby allowing the poor White folks to ‘keep an eye on’ the Black and other people of colour, in exchange for a small peace of land(in which they had to work hard to procure anyway) All orchestrated by the Elites.

    It became an ‘us’ against them, the working class with the word ‘white’ were able to feel they had more in common with rich/ elite folks than the people of colour who were struggling like them.

    Same happened here. Find out how White Australia policy came to be. Wikipedia paints a tiny picture so look elsewhere.

    Are you afraid that if you found out the truth, the whole right to ownership to this land would come crashing down?

  36. Oh and how British Australia is? You mean American right? Because our TV is chiefly American, even the brands we eat at, wear and work at are mostly American.

  37. Thanks Ann!

    I like playing with Little Scotty – he does has such beautiful ideas of joy, hope, positivity and caring that it’s hard not to respond with the same enthusiasm.

    I’m also a big fan of his logic so I’m trying to match him on that one… it’s a struggle but I’ll get there one of these days… I think it involves using the words: “White” and “Superior” in the same sentence BUT NEVER “White” and “Supremicist” because this means something COMPLETELY different… apparently…

  38. Isn’t it just scary that someone from the defence force says something like that? Imagine how they are when they’re on the job and dealing with foreigners. Damn! That’s seriously just scary!

    Some people, excuse me, bogans, are just total, fucking, losers. They should be the ones who are deported because they are just so fucking useless with their extremely racist, fascist, and just moronic attitudes and outlooks on the world around them. -.-“

    • Perhaps you should pay mind to what those in the military are faced with overseas?
      Maybe you should give a thought to how painful it is for them to see that is being done to their country back at home?

      How do multicultists like yourself draw the line anymore between “here” and the “world around them”?
      For you’re foolishly wanting all of the world to tumble on in here?

      There IS a world around us, and WE have OUR place in it!
      Much of the world around us, in various ways, is both Fascist and “Racist”!
      It is not moronic either, to strive to ensure you’re people’s place in it!

  39. ‘Terror Australis’…I KNOW history….AND simply put, NONE of those peoples or societies you mentioned founded or built Australia!

    Whilst you’re pushing the regular “lots of other peoples did things” angle….does that mean that all of those other places should be opened to mass immigration and artificial ‘multi-culturalism’ now???

    No, half-wits like you…so comfortable and thinking that Australian society just feel from the sky for you to take for granted…NEVER think that, do you?

    • I don’t know, I swear I saw some Eastern Europeans on my history book learning English somewhere in the Snowy Mountain River Dam.

      There were Germans, Italians, British, Maltese, Baltics, Romanians, Danes on the job. They united together to build it.

  40. Ann…our (British) ownership of this land comes from discovery, claim, foundation, conquest, and construction!
    If you think that such doesn’t count, then you’d ought to start demanding that the entire Arab world outside the Arabian peninsula, ‘Turkey’, China, Japan, Latin America, and others now be thrown open to MASS immigration and enforced ‘multi-culturalism’!

    Our ownership of this land is also soundly founded upon two hundred years of our hard work, sweat, struggle, toil, tears, genius, and spirit.
    Our ownership comes from many good men serving, often suffering, and sometimes laying down their lives and giving up their blood for this land and the fine society we made upon it!
    Our ownership is also enshrined in our sovereignty!

    You’ve NO right to give that away, and if anyone wants to take it from us, then let them try and take it from us! NOT slide in under the guise of “immigration”!

  41. They did not “unite” out of the clear blue sky to construct a hydro electric scheme in the middle of no-where Rudolf!
    For God’s sake, how stupid can some people be???
    Those Europeans, and strictly Europeans, were brought from their WAR-TORN messes of countries to help build the Snowy River Hydro Electric scheme in a country that was very well founded and running!
    They JUMPED at the chance to do so!
    In case you’re unawares, there was also Australians doing a lot of work there and running the whole thing!
    How do you think there was the possibility of even building such a project WITHOUT there already being a society and infrastructure in place???
    For goodness sake…don’t multicultists who bring up the Snowy River scheme realise how stupid they sound in posing this as some “reason” why Australia must be opened to massive, multi-racial immigration???
    Those who came here to work on that had much in common, and point being, there was no notion of them being a majority within Australia.
    They knew what was going on.
    Australia, this cannot be stressed enough, is NOT the result of some united co-operation between a dozen nationalities!
    NONE of those non-British peoples you mentioned founded or built Australia…they came TO Australia!
    They played a small, and important, role here, that’s it!

  42. Don’t call me a multicultist. How the hell would you know? for all you know I could be a ‘unicultist’ (if that’s the antonym) and I just want to keep all the bigots out.

    “You’re the ones wishing to see Australia disrupted, dismantled, and eventually destroyed.”

    Are you f*cking retarded??? I live here. i don’t want any of that happen anywhere near where I live.

    “There is NO such thing as a “Black British person”. Black Africans are not native to the British Isles”

    Wasn’t talking about native or not. I have further explained to make you understand what I meant. If you are going to talk about native ancestry we all are African. That is where Homoerectus started it’s journey.
    All I’m trying to do is to understand where all your garbage comes from & try to understand what you ‘really’ want.
    So you don’t have a problem with population of Australia, you don’t mind the numbers & it becoming cramped up & unsustainable etc as long as the people are white British? that’s what you have said.

    The reference to Bill Cosby & so forth was to make you understand what ethnic group exactly I am referring to.

    “The Irish? Are Caucasian, and many Australians are Irish.”

    Thought you just said Australians are British, & if you are to say that Irish & British are the same? I like to see you try that with an Irish man 🙂

    “Is this “Chinese” person Chinese or American?”

    Just like the Bill Cosby mention was trying my best to make you understand. The person is American, born in america and lived in America all their life & so was their parents. They appear chinese, yellow skin, black hair, small eyes etc. So all your ‘multicultist rumbling’ to follow are complete Bull Sh*t.

    My apologies about the linguistic beef, may be you should consider writing shorter sentences not try to insert crap load of rumblings in to a sentence.

    “Are you seriously denying that Australia was the product of the White/Caucasian/British mind? Are you that deluded? Nation, parliament, legislature, cities, towns, etc etc etc etc….Australia was, and still is, the product of the genius White mind.”

    I’m pretty sure history state Parliament, legislature, cities etc were Greek products. and there were many civilisations way before Brits even came out of cave age.

    You claim that an Asian has “usually been Australia’s brainiest kid”? Since when? in the last five minutes? The last few years? What about before that? And did ‘brainy’ Asian kids found and build Australia? Is Australia’s society and system the product of “brainy Asian kids”???

    That is a modern myth as well, that of the ‘brainy Asian kid’. They’re not so brainy…they are very dilligent, they study things ad nauseum. They are essentially robots, automatons. They apply themselves, or are forced to by demanding parents.
    What produced these “brainy Asian kids” as well? It was the Australian (White) education system!
    Australia’s private schools are now FILLED with Asians…taking in copious amounts of information…OF COURSE they are going to seem “brainy”!
    However, it’s by rote, it’s to ensure future profit…they aplly themselves mechanically and methodically…what they really by and large lack is that true genius gene…which has continually set Caucasians apart and above!
    Many Asian kids are indeed then “brainy”, I spoke however, of the valour, genius, and spirit of the White mind and race…to see what kind of society “brainy Asians” produce you must look to Asian societies ans cultures PRIOR to the arrival of Europeans/Whites. They’re not all Lao Tzu’s and Confucius’s. These societies had some good aspects, and many not good…and none of it at the level Australia was!

    Also, do you think that Asians are encouraging the arrival, say, of “brainy Black kids” back in their own countries? Or even ‘brainy’ “other Asian” kids? NO they’re not! They’re all very keen on racialism back in their own countries!
    They all do though, albeit often begrudingly, recognise the genius of the mind of the “foreign devils”! ”

    In the past few years may be.. 🙂 I am going to ignore the next load of your crap because it simply is infuriatingly stupid, illogical & contradictory.
    Anyways what is this true genius gene? that you are talking about?has that gene been identified? for example the enzyme alcohol dehydrogenase is identified as the lacking enzyme in Asians that cause alcohol flush reactions in them. Actually they do encourage the arrival of all the mentioned kids, the set back they have is that most Asian countries have their own language & they operate in the said language. Not many people in the world study that as a second language. English language has become the global language/International language, so most people have some knowledge of English Language & it is much easier to learn that instead of having to learn a complex Asian language from scratch. So it is a practical choice. Japan for example is an amazing country but is very difficult if one didn’t know Japanese.

    I’m trying to establish what demographic you come from Scott, few more questions for you.

    How old are you?
    What is the maximum level of education that you’ve completed?
    what do you do for work?

    Are you Scott Pengelly who’s been featured in this blog before?
    –That’s all the questions for now–

  43. Yes I am Scott Pengelly!!!

    That’s me!

    There’s not that many Pengelly’s, and there’s even less Scott Pengelly’s.

    I am me, the Scott Pengelly who has been standing up and speaking out against the host of lies and travesties being foistered upon the Australia people over the last few years.

    Yes, I am Scott Pengelly, who has been ‘featured’ on here…what of it?

    Bizarrely, you and I agree on certain things…BUT…by and large, all things considered, when weighed and measured…you’re so way off on most things…and you DO throw your lot in with mass immigration, and with the enforced multi-racialism and ‘multi-culturalism’ being inflicted upon Australia and Australians!

    What would my level of education matter? ARE you denying the validity of anything I have stated? I’m currently studying in University…I haven’t completed it, and it will be a bugger to do so because tertiary education in Australia now is STRANGLED by the left, by liberalism, marxism, socialism, money, multicultism and political correctness…they won’t hold me down though! They can’t really teach me anything though, for I have been a VORACIOUS learner all of my life…but the ‘credentials’ to be gained are important.
    I’ve done all kinds of work…labouring, t/a, retail, electrical, carpentry, concreting, rigging, industrial cleaning, roofing, kitchen work, child care, painting, gardening…what’s your point?
    Demographic? I’m not a part of any demographic. I’m a man, with dignity, of a great people!

  44. I said I’m IN University?
    Don’t you pay attention?
    You must know what it’s like there…you’re obviously a clock-work, paint-by-numbers, dime-a-dozen, ticking off all the (politically) correct boxes, fully-paid-up, leftist/liberal/marxist/socialist/multicultist Uni student…or former Uni student.

    • A 40 year old beginning their tertiary education, hey? And you have the nerve to dictate ungrounded conspiracy theories to educated, travelled, informed Australians like the ones you’ve engaged with on here?

      • I’ve met 60 year old students, but none of them intolerant like Scott. If anything but a remember a man from Leeds (UK) who despises the BNP.

  45. Travelled, sadly, all too often rarely means informed!
    Try and explain just what it is that anyone travelling the world might find out that would automatically lead them to wish to throw their country open to the masses of the world pouring in here?

    Do you think that Laos should be opened to massive world immigration? How about Bhutan? Seeing as how most of the population of those countries don’t travel, aren’t well educated, and know very little, if anything, about the outside world?

    For God’s sake! What set us above and apart is that we DO have a bright culture of knowledge and learning, we have many routes of access to knowledge about the rest of the world! We are higher, we have numerous ways to learn about the world WITHOUT suffering massive immigration, and total population alteration!

    I’m supposing that, say, if I were a 65 or 70 year old…going to University, and toeing the standard leftist party line and being all ‘multi-cultural’, THENNNNN it would be okay with you, right?

    I started University a few years back, so it was prior to being 40…but that’s all much of a muchance.

    I was EXTREMELY well learned prior to my application to University…and a good thing it is, with the descent of much of academia into a pit of political correctness and left-wing hyperbole in recent times!

    I’ve engaged with some people on here who might have travelled, so what?
    I’ve exchanged on here with people who might be educated…that does not mean they are learned, knowledgable, or even less so, wise.
    I have exchanged on here with people who prove themselves to be utterly un-informed…expect from the most blinkered of sources.

    Yes, because I’m 40, and truly well educated, and have never had to travel, and very well informed…I dictate to you about many things!

    You’ve got the cold nerve to dictate to Australians that they “have” to suffer the loss of their dignity, country, future, and possibly life!
    You are very much a part of a sinister conspiracy!

    • Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha….. *deep breath in* ahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaa. Oh my god, pass me a bucket, you seriously think you are the be all and end all of encyclopedic knowledge regarding every single thing, no matter how minute…. you make me sick. Such arrogance will be your downfall.

      It is not age that makes people knowledgable but experience and an understanding of those experiences.

  46. Because!
    WHY Australia then? Why is Australia earmarked for multicult destruction?
    Why not leave us alone???

    I like Bhutan, I was talking to a Bhutanese fellow about all this recently, I’ve got some amazing recordings of Bhutanese Buddhist monks made in the early 70’s, I firmly and naturally believe that Bhutan should retain its integrity.

    As should Australia!

    I could’ve listed numerous other nations and regions that are suspiciously exempt from multi-culturalisation.
    I raised two, to make the point.

  47. Don’t forget as well Rudolf, that a lot of older people still carry hangover residue of the more toxic elements of the 60’s!
    Still under the dubious impression that people can all ‘get along’ and “love one another”.
    All only in the safe surrounds of the White/Western society that such foolish egalitarian fantasies will destroy though!
    There’s a lot of older idiots who’ve never seriously questioned the “right on” politics they adopted in the 60’s and 70’s.
    Yes, many older people still carry their hackneyed, often drug-induced, college campus, leftist, neo-marxist, cod-hippy, selfish, silly, dangerous, liberal socio-political beliefs.
    Which were bad enough as notions in decades gone by…but are truly destructive as enforced realities now!

    The British National Party simply wants Britain back for British people!
    EXPLAIN what it is that you think is wrong with that…

  48. @Scott: Since you haven’t replied to any of my questions, it means you have lost your argument with me, so I will waste no more time and this is my last comment in this forum.
    Multiculturalism has always been a part of Australian society without it, Australia would be nothing. Answer me something simple – if a bunch of western Europeans can’t sit out in the Australian sun without getting sunburnt who the heck worked in the fields (hint: Indentured workers/servants/slaves)

    You see even a link like this has been hidden from the main website.

    Why? To keep people like YOU MISEDUCATED about Australia’s history.
    Without Indigenous Australians, Pacific Islanders, Chinese, Filipinos, Sinhalese etc, half the ‘richness’ of this country wouldn’t be here.

    So no, this country doesn’t belong to white Australians, it belongs to EVERY Australian (people of color and white) who has built this country. (re: indentured servants who have been here BEFORE Federation)

    Also, Australia didn’t develop in a vacuum – no country does.

    @Terror Australis: I wish I had ‘played’ as well. Kudos to you. What a waste of time, thinking I could talk to this person as an adult.

  49. “Yes, I am Scott Pengelly, who has been ‘featured’ on here…what of


    I’m trying to establish where all your fears come from, trying my

    hardest to put myself in your shoes, place you in a demographic so that

    will make it easier to understand some reasons behind all the woes you


    I’m gonna ignore some of your ramblings to save time on my part. So

    Scott, let’s cut to the chase, I want straight answers. Not stories or

    theories or what you think. You ask why they matter? I repeat.. To better

    understand you, to place you in a demographic.

    Everyone’s a part of a demographic. ”I’m a man, with dignity,

    of a great people!”
    that is a demographic, the demographic you want me to believe you are

    in, the same demographic you believe or have made believe that you are of.

    But I want to make my own decision, hence the requirement for information.

    The more information I have the better my conclusions will be. You’ve been

    given the opportunity of a fair trial 🙂

    How old are you? (your age as of your last birthday, this

    should be an integer)

    What is the maximum level of education that you’ve completed?

    (You’ve said you’re in uni, so normally it would be year 12)

    What is the course you study? (Ex: Bachelor of Arts, Major in


    What do you do for work (currently) (Ex: Checkout chick, dish

    pig, Manager of a TAB etc)
    what is the “true genius gene…which has continually set

    Caucasians apart and above!”?

  50. Why don’t you apply your own questions to yourself, and answer them first?
    Where do liberals get off?
    Claiming that nothing matters, there’s no right or wrong, no-one’s got the right to tell anyone anything…and THEN laying all of these demands on people?

    Be it an actual gene, or something else, the genius of Caucasians shows, and has shown, brightly and clearly.
    You seem to be having no problems using electricity, a computer, and the English language…whilst making full use of a country entirely founded, conceived, constructed, and made possible by Caucasians.
    For starters.

    I was always too smart for my own good, in a manner of speaking, I was far ahead in high school, got bored with it, didn’t fit the curriculum, asked actual questions, got interested in a whole lot of things, and flunked, basically. Then got cunningly kicked out, or had it suggested to me to leave, after Yr10.
    After basically 20 years of adventures, misadventures, and experience, I still had the passion for real learning and applied to university.
    THAT’S how I’m in university now.

    You think I don’t know that any discernible group is a demographic?
    However, I’m not going to get lost in the shit of multicultism…that only wants to break down societies and turn them into markets.
    I’m not going to get lost in the numbers of either capital or communism.

    I don’t ‘ramble’, sometimes I like to ramble on, as Zeppelin put it…but no, nothing I’ve written is rambling, if you’d but excercise your mind and pay attention.

    Do you get all demanding, and “cut to the chase”, with the ten’s of thousands of foreigners that arrive here to stay each month now?
    Or are they granted carte blanche?
    No questions asked?

    Cripes, what total arrogance…”cut to the chase”…”straight answers”!
    I do get to the chase, I don’t always ‘cut’ to it because there’s too many details, and I do tell it straight!

    Where are all of my fears coming from?
    For God’s sake!
    Have you EVER taken the time to prise open a history book?
    Do you bother to learn anything?
    Do you see the state of America? Are you aware of what’s gone over the years, the centuries, in the Middle East? The Balkans? The Indian sub-continent? South-East Asia? Central Asia?
    Have you taken notice of what’s happened more recently in Britain? France? Italy? Belgium? Holland? Russia? Sweden? South Africa? Canada?

    Have you noticed what’s been happening to Australia over the last four years?

    Are you aware of the plans in store for Australia and the rest of the West? Has it dawned on you what is threatened for us?

    Can you start to SEE where the fear is coming from???

    Then, you will see where all the woes are coming from, though it’s staggering you don’t know now, then you’ll see they are woes for all of us, and that we’ve GOT to do something about it!

  51. You idiot, now there’s no gene? You’re giving credit to the building of computers to whites? Your evidence is asking if anybody else reads history books?

    You swipe at people for being demanding, yet you yourself demand a lot. You insult people who have asked you questions without insulting you. You ramble and rant and contradict yourself in every post.

    When you carry on like this, you make yourself look like a very poor example of a human being.

  52. Well, who the frig else invented computers? I’d LOVE to hear how you start trying to re-write events!
    Yeah, that is evidence, and have any of you dumb cunts ever actually read a history book???
    It’s clear, not.
    For history will ONLY ever get right in the way of the multicult agenda!

    I demand what is RIGHT!
    Big difference!
    And I never said that people cannot be demanding…liberals, however constantly go on about how free, and indeed, “liberal” they are, how undemanding they are…except when they are of course.

    I tell the truth.
    Contradiction, is actually the preserve of liberals and multicultists…’multi-culturalism’, and all that is used to push it, is a veritable RIOT of constant contradiction!!!

    How can there be a poor example of a human being? I mean, according to you? Aren’t we all exactly the same?

    I speak the truth, I’d REALLY like you ding-bats to quit spitting out things, and then failing to account for them.
    Really, just WHAT is this “carrying on” that you mention that makes me look like a “poor example of a human being”???

  53. @Scott: Since I’m getting these comments via email, your stupid comments just can’t be ignored.

    Computers? Did you know, the first programmable analog computer was invented by a Muslim. If you date further back the first calculator ‘abacus’ was invented in Africa. If you date further back the first ‘advanced’ mathematics was discovered by the Chinese and Greeks.

    As I said, no country, no invention, no ‘ingenuity’ develops in a vacuum.

    Wait, wait, you prove me wrong. Your education has somehow developed in a vacuum. How embarrassment!

    You have yet to prove anything. Make sure your next comment has no waffling.

  54. “Why don’t you apply your own questions to yourself, and answer them

    what the fuck for? I know who I am and you are not trying to

    establish what demographic I am of.

    “Where do liberals get off?”
    Ask a liberal.

    “Claiming that nothing matters, there’s no right or wrong, no-one’s

    got the right to tell anyone anything…and THEN laying all of these

    demands on people?”
    When the fuck did I say any of that? I established that you are

    deluded and stupid, but didn’t pick hallucination
    These are the sort of ‘rambligs’ that fill your posts. Get to the

    point without wasting oxygen;suppose you do this because you don’t have a

    strong point & you are just drivelling shit.
    Henceforth I am gonna ignore some of your drivel because it is way

    too much to go through one by one and such a waste of time.
    Be it an actual gene, or something else, the genius of Caucasians

    shows, and has shown, brightly and clearly.
    You seem to be having no problems using electricity, a computer, and the

    English language…whilst making full use of a country entirely founded,

    conceived, constructed, and made possible by Caucasians.
    For starters.

    There is no actual gene or something else you moron. Do you think

    caucasians made electrisity? Benjamin Franklin is American, thought you

    didn’t like them americans.
    I see learned people below have explained to you about the computer & as

    for the Engish language, it is NO sign of genius, it’s JUST another

    language, there are far more complex and articulate languages in the

    world. — the rest is ignored because it has been repeated way

    too many times—
    Despite all your endless ramblings, the truth is:

    {Too smart, getting bored with, far ahead in high school,didn’t

    fit the curriculum,asked actual questions, got interested in a whole lot

    of things} = BULL SHIT!

    * funny how the influx of asian kids absorb vast amounts of

    information from the same curriculum & become brainy to a point where

    they become robots to scare Scott, but Scott he himself could do nothing

    with *sigh!
    “You think I don’t know that any discernible group is a

    No! you clearly didn’t at the time when you replied to the previous

    post. 🙂
    “Have you EVER taken the time to prise open a history


    Not anymore time than absolutely necessary, because I don’t dwell in

    the past; history is just for me to learn from & move on or not to repeat

    the same mistakes. I spend more time learning/dealing with current issues

    and future issues.

    “Do you bother to learn anything?”

    Obviously! I’m not a drop kick & I’ve absorbed vast amounts of

    information from the same curriculum that asian kids absorb information &

    become robots.

    “Then, you will see where all the woes are coming from, though it’s

    staggering you don’t know now, then you’ll see they are woes for all of

    us, and that we’ve GOT to do something about it!”

    Yes! Scott, We’ve gotta do something about it. How about we start

    with getting you out a bit more? Get you more than just 34 Facebook

    friends, many of whom are ASIAN females of the sleezy advertising variety

    🙂 and have you interacting with people of all nationalities etc. Then

    you will see that the problem for the most part aren’t black people or

    asians.You may find some really nice black & asian people (just british

    like caucasian genius) also you will find some white british cunts like

    yourself. This will help you understand variations in species.Also will

    get you off this blog so you could spend your time with “REAL”


    Bitter truth:
    Scott is aged around his fourties, lives in Melbourne’s western

    suburbs, is not a profesional and yet to complete his first tertiary

    education. Western suburbs are considered to be unfortunately a

    concentration of underprivileged people with the least number of per

    capita professionals or academics. Naturally one like Scott will be angry

    with society for missed opportunities and failing to achieve what their

    counterparts have,and his anger is directed towards the unknown. Also not

    having had a proper upbringing coupled with being a true douche can be

    the reason for obvious racist views. For example he has no problem with

    sustainability etc, he has a problem with mass immigration because the

    immigrants aren’t white british. This is outright racist. And believing

    that there is a caucasian genius gene is evidense that Scott has no

    knowledge of science and his views are again formed on his perseption of

    self proclaimes superiority of his race, but he knows as an individual he

    is a loser hence the anger directed towards the unknown 🙂
    There is a greater probabolity of Scott believing in a devine power &

    being someone of strong Christian faith. And $100 that Scott isn’t

    studying anything like Science, Engineering, Education, Nursing,IT etc.
    Probably a BA with history major yet to complete.

    I hope you guys enjoy the read!
    — I mostlikely won’t be wasting anymore time with Scott, at least

    till my semester exams are over—

  55. Scott considering you wrote this “This website makes me sick as well” , you certainly spend a lot of time here.

    Suggested resolution: Why not go preach to someone who is more like yourself. Maybe you are in the minority scott, just not part of the minority you think.

  56. Oh! Have I hit the nail on the head a bit too hard?
    Scott hasn’t been back.
    Don’t we miss him? I’m sure Terror Australis misses Scott 🙂

    • He’s been verbally defecating elsewhere. I’ve gone beyond presenting reasoned arguments to him and am now just going to resort to spewing complete nonsense and seeing how he reacts.



    Only the WHITE ANGLO has the CAPITAL GENE – which allows us to write in CAPITALS effectively in a way only Asian or as I call then “inv-Asians” can dream of!!!

    THE WHITE ANGLO BRITISH INVENTED THE CAPITAL LETTER IN 2450BC and we have perfected it ever since!

    AND IT MAKES ME ANGRY that anyone else has not seen how clearly WE built this country on CAPITAL letters!!!

    Is it called “flinders street station”?!?!?!

    NO!!! It’s “Flinders Street Station” – Brutal evidence that ANGLOS and only the Anglos can build TRAINS!!! Can the Japanese who you love so much build trains? Can the French? Can the Germans? NO!!!! Only the ANGLOS with their CAPITAL letters can!!!

    My point is made….

    …but I’ll keep repeating it in every post from here on in anyway…

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  60. I only just discovered this late but i think it is scary that this guy is defending our country! Unfortunately there appear to be many like him in the armed forces. I had a friend whom was in the Army Reseves and a few of the NCOs would make homophobic jokes and say things about Muslims. I’v met many ex military guys who i would unfortunately characterise as bogans. Then again I’ve known quite a few off duty cops who i would call bogans.

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