He’s Voting For Abbott Because…

This was on page 7 of the Sun Herald, 18/7/10. Regular people on the street were being asked who they would vote for come election time. This bogan’s response?

“Tony Abbott. Not that ranga. I reckon you need a man to run Australia, not a woman.”

And he puts his name and photo to it, and sends it out to a readership in the millions. What a backwards clown. He’s not voting for Gillard on the basis of her hair colour and her vagina. It’s so comforting to know that these intelligent, politically minded people will be gracing the polling booths in the coming weeks.

95 thoughts on “He’s Voting For Abbott Because…

  1. And you wonder why the populace react so virulently to the terms ‘asylum seeker’ and ‘new arrivals’? They don’t have a clue where they come from or what they face.

  2. I think the bigger problem is that the media is covering dense fuckwits like this.
    Already the election campaign is marred by intense Liberal bias, at least in Adelaide.
    Why would the paper print an idiot like this’ comments, if not to essentially give a free ad to the Liberal party, who stick up for the leviathan companies that get them so much power?
    Vox pops are useless and stupid. I’d rather hear what Dean Jaensch or Andrew Bartlett have to say over ‘concerned of Brunswick’ any day, and sensible people, I think, agree with me there.

  3. No worries. This one probably won’t get a chance to reproduce. No sensible woman would give him the time of day.

    Another 20 years time he’ll be living in a seedy boarding house with receding hair, a paunch and a collection of cheap porn wondering WTF went wrong.

    • unlikely man, unfortunately two bogans getting together and having bogan babies is pretty common – even when they’re both arse ugly and backward.

      • Sadly this is the truth. From my observations intelligent people are not reproducing at the rate bogans are. It’s the bogans who are having children at younger age and so more of them. This guy will probably have around 5 kids with around 2 or 3 different women. Lots of women are attracted to twits like this. Some get pregnant and so he moves on to another…

  4. He’s not voting for Abbott anyway, he’s in the wrong electorate… Dumb bogans, not a clue how our system works.

    • You lot are just scared he and his fellow middle or lower class working people have the majority of the vote, the majority of the buying power and you want to feel superior in your inner city compounds protected from the unwashed masses hahaha, hypocrits. So what if he is dumb as shit and sexist he will out vote your lot along with all his mates, oh the irony.

  5. Josh,

    I have to disagree with you. This tool is the preferred choice of many women these days. His standard is so low that most women who’d go for a bloke like this don’t feel threatened by his stupidity and would feel that he can be changed. It makes girls like that feel good about themselves in being able to ‘change’ a meat head like this.

    Idiots like this should definately have their public posts scrutinized when they go for a job.

  6. What a lame wad – don’t worry about their policies or the fact that Abbott will make this good for nothing bogan up and move from Newcastle to remote Western Australia to work on a mine leaving his favourite drinking hole and bogan buddies behind.

    I wonder if this douche has facebook?

  7. Gutted that people with like attitudes like *this* have as much power voting as I do. Too ignorant and stupid to have a clue of the disadvantages a Tony Abbott government likely to foist upon people just like him. Democrazy. Very demoralising.

    • LOL. That’s made me feel better, Rade. But sadly, apologising for this mans idiocy doesn’t change the fact that he gets to vote and apparently, doesn’t take the issues too seriously.

  8. Hi,

    I just wanted to type Nathan Paul of Newcastle, so hopefully he will come up in search engines when applying for jobs and every time a woman is vetting his CV he won’t get a look in.


  9. This dickhead provides us with a prime example of the problems associated with compulsory voting. If voting weren’t compulsory, people like him wouldn’t bother because voting would be for ‘educated liberals’…

    • Barry I would rather have A GIANT FLOTILLA OF BOATS FILLED WITH “BOATPEOPLE” rather than him or you. You appear to have overlooked the PEOPLE aspect of this. The boat people are PEOPLE; refugees who need somewhere safe, clean and secure to live. None of us are scrambling to get on a leaky boat and risk our lives b/c we DON’T HAVE TO. Life is very comfortable here. Thank you antibogan for your very succinct reply to Barry.

  10. Sadly this is the type of mentality that pervades throughout the Australian voting public. Unlike, say, politically-savvy Europeans, the Australian public is politically ignorant, apathetic, and gullible… I mean, just look at the bulls*** that is the refugee debate. Or the (unfortunately) successful propaganda campaign used by the mining industry to thwart the resources tax (yes, Twiggy had managed to fool most Australians into believing that a two speed economy and his ever-burgeoning bank balance would benefit us all). Thus, it should come as no surprise if many Australians would rather vote for some arch-conservative dickhead who wants to cut public services (including frivolous ones such as health and education) to the bone, lower the minimum wage to $5 an hour (or less), and further marginalise and demonise minorities, simply because they do not feel that a woman is capable of running the country. Redheads, they will tell you, belong in the pages of softcore porn magazines, and not in politics.

  11. Rodriguez: if you don’t have compulsory voting, the political system becomes even more skewed towards the pressure voting blocs i.e. the religious right. All you need to do is look at the American system and you’ll see what non-compulsory voting does. A record turn-out in America is what finally got Obama into office!

    By having everyone vote, you at least have to attempt to pander towards the centre. The parties that don’t often don’t last very long e.g. One Nation, APP (oh wait, they’re still around but they’ll die soon). Or they get single seats in the Senate e.g. Stephen Fielding of Family First. It’s the very reason why the Greens don’t get as many seats as they would like – simply because for a proportion of the population, they’re too left. Don’t ask me to quote exactly what percentage – I said “proportion” for a reason.

    Note here that I am talking about the SYSTEM. The system isn’t broken IMHO, it’s the people running it!

    • I do agree with compulsory voting and for the same reasons you’ve pointed out. I’m merely pointing out the pitfalls of forcing people to vote. It kinda becomes farcical when people like this sexist redneck refuse to vote for someone because they’re female. In a similar way, many people vote for parties which appeal their basic prejudices because that’s what they’re best at understanding and reacting to. Hence the Bogans….

  12. Jesus, he was probably joking to see whether they would actually publish his comment. Funny to see so many obviously intelligent and well-educated people taking the bait.

  13. Approximately half of the people with whom I speak about the election, bring up either Gillard’s hair colour, or her voice. WHO GIVES A TOSS?! I understand that people do make initial judgements about that sort of thing, but can you not just get over it?

    • Doubtful.
      The man in the paper is in Newcastle, whereas the guy on Facebook is from Townsville (hometown, at least).
      They also seem to have a bit of a different facial structure, though that could be the stubble’s fault.

  14. Isn’t the greater part of the whole alleged achievement of Julia Gillard rising/being raised to such a prominent position based on her having a “vagina”?

    Julia Gillard, totally left-wing, feminist, is an illustration of so much that is wrong with the Labor Party, and how it has been made TOTALLY different to what it was 100 years ago!
    Does anyone remember that the Australian Labor Party was formed with the intent of looking after the interests, welfare, and future of working class Australians????

    Those great early Australian Prime Ministers, those true Labor statesmen, would be shocked at what has been made of the Party, and the country, in recent years.
    Everything they strove to protect Australia from…has now been inflicted upon us! By ruthless capital, and the malicious left!

    Julia Gillard does not deserve to be Prime Minister. Very few politicians now do. A vulgar personality contest is all that it indulged in, the interests of everyone BUT actual Australians is kow-towed to, a disaster is in the offing.

    Good men, and maybe even some good women, MUST come to the forefront, realise the grave responsibilty of public office, show clear focus, put the safety, welfare, and future of Australia and Australians front and centre, and get this country back on the right track!

    • “Early Australian Labor Prime Ministers”? “Everything they strove to protect Australia from”? They didn’t just oppose “capital” they also opposed non-white ‘races’; that is, Asians and non-British/Anglo-Saxons and Irish (and even with the Irish Catholics they were apprehensive). This page is about bogans and bogans are by defintion, racist, sexist, homophobic dickheads … are you a dickhead? I’m not entirely sure … I certainly wouldn’t be voting for someone who bases much of their electoral campaign around “stopping the boats” … that is racist cock who wishes to win political office off the back of true blue Aussie fucking racist crap ! Fuck that !

  15. Yes indeed ‘Rodriguez’, the early Protectionist Party and Labor prime ministers…and the population of Australia…opposed non-White races! Because, aside from the numerically insignificant Aboriginals, there were NONE here! Australia was (and is?) a White nation, populated by people of the White race.
    You can’t try and alter that now.
    There were, and still are, plenty non-White nations, that other people can live in.
    Oh yeah, they do don’t they? And they mess them up….and then have to run off to White countries for a better life, and foolish liberals harp on about their alleged “right’ to do so!

    Rodriguez? Hmmm, where do you think you sit on the White-non White line? The Spanish are Whites. It’s really bizarre how various Spaniards/Latinos flit around with their assumed status wherever they go. Conquerers in South America, and “victims” in the United States, or when they now tango into Australia.

    Australia is a continent in itself, and a unified nation, founded and populated by one power and people. Australia is NOT a part of Asia, Australia was NOT founded or populated by Asians. The few Chinese that came here in the 19th century, and the grim possibility of massive hordes of Asians flooding down (as is happening now, staggeringly!), encouraged Australians to take steps to protect themselves and their country and society.

    You’re likely just very jealous, Rodriguez. You ought to just go back to whevere it was you eminated from. Latin America, is your people’s legacy…and a good one, it mostly isn’t.

    People like you know that Whites made Australia, and that non-Whites COULDN’T have! It just stick in your throats, and people such as yourself, in cahoots with self-loathing White liberals, come up with all kind of nonsense about Australia now.

    It’s really, really, simple. Australia was a White nation (and still in every important manner is), and so Australians had EVERY SINGLE RIGHT to protect and preserve their Whiteness and their advanced society. This is our RIGHT! As it is EVERY people’s right to protect their nation!

    Don’t talk about bogans! You’ve NO idea what a bogan is! I was THERE in the 80’s when the phrase ‘bogan’ was coined for use against Australian hoons!
    They, as bad as they might be, have the right to live in their OWN country….and they are obliged to improve themselves!
    FAR better simple bogans than viciously violent, cruel, Arabs, Turks, Slavs, Islanders, and Africans! FAR better simple bogans than greedy, callous, conceited Indians and East Asians!!!

    It all should be a moot point. Non-Whites have NO right to be in Australia in any large numbers! That’s IT! Australia is Australia…we have not officially been invaded, nor capitulated and been subjugated…and Australians (except for the Aboriginals) are WHITE!
    Specifically, British!

    You, if you are in fact a foreigner/migrant of any description, have ZERO right to say a peep about Australian history and society, about the Australian parliamentary system and electoral process, or about the voting intentions of any Australian!

    • Scott. I’m not Spanish so your whole repetitive rant is useless. I not a typical, ‘white’ Anglo-Saxon or Irish Australian but I’m a citizen who pays taxes and in fact enjoys the same ‘rights’ as you do. So I can say what I like about Australia, Australians and Bogans I wish.

      You sound like an entrenched, ignorant white supremacist and so there’s no point in engaging with you in some internet argument. But I will say that without immigration, neither the USA or Australia would be where they are today – economically, politically and culturally. You’re merely part of the ‘white Australia’ baggage left over from the racist, white supremacist British conquerors of this continent who sought to create a ‘white man’s paradise’ … if failed, we now have Asians and Muslims and a handful of Latinos – get over it or YOU get out : P

  16. Rodriguez is a Spanish name, and so if you write under the name ‘Rodriguez’ then one shall naturally presume that you are indeed Spanish, of some description. Don’t feign ignorance of that probability.

    I, as with many other Australians, UTTERLY refute the recent reduction of Australianness to a mere civic identity, in which superficial “citizenship” and the paying of taxes is meant to afford someone the same level of identity and rights as an actual Australian! There is FAR more to a nation and a national identity than economics as well. Make no mistake, no, you do not have the “same” rights as me. This is my country, my society, my people.

    I am an entrenched, deeply entrenched…but FAR from ignorant…White supremacist.
    I’m what dull witted, spiteful multicultists hate…a very AWARE racialist.
    White supremacism, in numerous ways, is actually self evident, it does not have to be proclaimed so much as simply realised.
    YOU, as you’ve come to live within a White nation and society, and benefit from White genius and civilisation, knowingly or unknowingly attest to White supremacy.
    Whilst you persist with living in a White nation, your anti-White words and hostility ring entirely hollow.

    I coudl not agree with you more, without immigration America, and now Australia, wouldn’t be where they are today, ie…A COMPLETE MESS!!!
    It’s staggering that those orchestrating things in Australia have failed to heed the lessons and warnings of America…or WORSE, that they have maliciously intended to repeat them!

    You realise the irony don’t you? The terrible irony? That there IS White Australia “baggage” BECAUSE Australia was/is White? There could NOT be an Australia without a White Australia?
    WE founded and made this nation! So well, that other people want in!
    I would really love to see and hear a multicultist contort themselves as they try and explain Australia by taking White Australia out of the equation!

    Yes, I am, and most Australians are, the brilliant remains of the obviously supreme, British conquerers and colonisers of this continent, and founders and builders of the great nation that YOU much belatedly came to dwell in. Great Britain was the greatest Empire the world has yet seen, and is the foundation point of most of modern society. The jealousy of people such as yourself, of that heritage, screams loudly.

    We British here DID create a White man’s paradise! And enjoyed it for 200 years…STRUGGLED and strove to build it, from the dust up…bled for it, toiled for it, cried for it, worked for it….went to serve, fight, and often DIE for it!
    It’s OURS, we made it, we ARE it!

    I can think of NO migrant ethnic/cultural/national group flooding in here now who don’t have their own severe racial beliefs and prejudices…I can think of VERY few migrant ethnic/cultural/national groups flooding in here now who don’t have their OWN legacy of a certain sense of supremacy and CONQUERING other peoples and nations!

    There are no mere handfuls coming here now. The handfuls of migrant groups being here was Australia less than a decade ago, and THAT was good!
    There aree MASSIVE numbers of foreigners pouring in here now. Asians (of various types), Muslims (of varied descriptions)…they ALL intend to take what they can from this place, to take power if possible…and they all for the most part DESPISE each other!
    Add to all that indeed many Latinos (of various sorts), Indians, Islanders, Eastern Europeans, various Africans, and on and on!
    All keen to take from the society that only Whites (British) could make…even as they parasitically destroy it.
    A disaster, a catastrophe!

    And we, genuine Australians, have EVERY RIGHT to preserve, protect, and defend our paradise!!!

    • Please, I am English also, but that doesn’t mean that I created a ‘white man’s paradise’… You and I had nothing to do with the creation of Australia, we can’t take credit for it.

      Unless, of course, you are a Parliamentarian. If that is the case, you might be able to claim some kind of involvement with the management of Australia, but that’s about it, as far as I can tell.

      I’m a little confused by your argument, could you please explain it to me? You seem to idolise the British invaders of Australia, yet you claim that asylum seekers/immigrants are bad because ‘they ALL intend to take what they can from this place, to take power if possible’.

      Perhaps I have misunderstood you, but it seems a little hypocritical that you can hero-worship one group of people who invaded Australia, and then despise another who you claim are trying to do the same thing. Surely you should, if you adore invaders so much, adore asylum seekers/immigrants also?

      I thank you in advance for your response.

  17. Eshny, simple question, did ANY of the migrants coming here have ANYTHING to do with the often age-old cultural rites they proclaim and persist with, even far from their source?
    I’ll save you the effort…no, they didn’t.
    However, the point of a society and a people is contiuum.
    We, White/British, Australians are the DIRECT descendents of those who founded and formed this nation. They intended it for US, and it is OUR duty to cherish, honour, and carry it forward.
    Our society and system has NOT been superseded. Our, British, system of parliament and legislature stilkl holds sway, English is still the spoken and written language, the socioty and infrastructure that WE, as a people and civilisation, built here still exists.

    It’s “funny” how White people, and ONLY White people, are told to forget their own heritage and ancestry, even within their own countries!
    There is an aggressive move to sever Australians from their own national, and wider ancestral, heritage and history.
    There are very sinister reasons for this.
    key among those is the fact that if Australians are re-awakened to their own rich heritage then they will definitely call for the immediate end of immigration!

    Did the soldiers who served and often died in two world wars have a “direct” input into the original founding of the Australian colonies or the Dominion? No, but it was THEIRS!
    There has been NO breaks in Australia…from us, to our fathers, to ur grandfathers and beyond, this link, the ties, the bond, is STRONG!
    The true society, is the same as then.

    The people ARE the society, and Australians ARE Australia!

    We British that “invaded” Australia then built a truly amazing nation and society here! One of the greatest in the world. A highly advanced, successful, safe, first-world nation.
    Aside from very trite cultural items, foreigners (be they migrants or refugees) bring NOTHING! They make use OF the society we made…even as they gradually destroy it.

    There was ONLY one group of people, US, who “invaded”, who founded, settled, made, and built Australia.
    There has been no break in that.
    It’s tragic that White/British Australian are being duped into believing they have no link with their OWN society!!!

    I don’t adore invaders, and Australia IS suffering multi-pronged invasion right now…AND Australians have every right to protect and defend THEIR nation and society!

    • Thank you for your long and detailed answer to my question.

      I was under the impression that you were a British migrant also, because of your earlier comments, was I incorrect? My family and I are British migrants, and I assure you that we bring a great deal to this country, as we are consumers. I know of many migrants who do far more for Australia than the average ‘Australian’, and I’d just like to point out that refugees are consumers also, so they do their bit, but, even if they did not, Australia did sign an international treaty that states that all refugees have a right to seek safety in Australia.

      How exactly are refugees and migrants destroying Australia? We’re only a minority, how much harm have we done?

      Australians have a right to protect and defend their society? I’d be interested to know where you got that idea from. I would argue, however, that Australia is under more threat from intolerant bigots than a few hundred refugees, fleeing from war-torn, poverty stricken countries.

  18. I’ve heard of many internationalist-globalist-socialist-marxists such as yourself Rodriguez.
    Fantasising about such, even as you make good use of a society you’ve nothing to do with, yet take for granted very undeserved benefit you milk from it.

  19. Scott, you’re a deluded Nazi sympathiser. Your sentimentalist rubbish about your white forebears appeals to few others outside of the tiny, yet equally fanatical bunch of racist men to which you belong. Most racists in Australia have very simple thoughts on Muslims and Asians. These largely unthinking Bogans just wanna stop the boats and poke fun the ‘slope heads’, can’t understand the deeper needs of women and through a distorted sense of masculinity, hate ‘faggots’. Not they’ll ever be able to do anything ’cause they’re actually stupid, drinking dickheads.

    You and those of your ilk, on the other hand, adhere to a fucked up area of political thinking which confuses science and history which harks back to 1800s and perhaps before. At it’s height it manifested itself in German National Socialism, where many ‘educated’ professionals were swept up in one of history’s most frightening cases of mass irrationally.

    Part of your frustration, and it gives me much pleasure, is that no one of any worth nor indeed in any significant numbers, listens to what people like you have to say. Australia’s little foray into extreme racist politics during the 1930s was rejected. There was NSW fascist coup. The best ‘proud, racist Aussies’ like you could do was elect a stupid Queenslander in Pauline Hanson whose English skills was amusingly worse than your average Asian.

    So keep sitting there writing your own Mein Kampt ’cause it gives me much satisfaction that you’re pouring so much effort into this irrational bullshit and NO ONE CARES. Hahaha!

    If it interests you so much, and this will ’cause you much pain, my Spanish name comes from a male relative. But I’m a dark-skinned Latin American with and Asian (Philippine) mother who moved here a few years ago. Why? ‘Cause I married an Australian woman with Irish decent who, as it happens, can’t stand racist fools like you. Hahaha, that means that not only do I use my rights as an Australian citizen to express my views, I also vote for parties which promote multiculturalism. Spanish/Portuguese are my first languages. And I married one of your ‘own’. Suck on that fool !

    I’m here, Australian law gives me the same rights as you and there’s nothing you can do about it.

    And if you’re not quite angry enough yet, watch this. It’ll make your blood boil ( and me laugh at you):

  20. Nice post Rodriguez.
    I would just like to say for the record: I am a white Australian, My ancestors migrated here before 1900, I in NO way at all identify with the bullshit Scott is spewing out over the internet. It is appalling to see a “man” with such deluded, nasty thoughts about the rest of the world.

  21. Your, typicall spite filled views on Australia, are entirely wrong Rodriguez.
    Entirely, wrong.
    You’ve no love for Australia, or Australians, because you’ve got nothing to do with it or them.
    OBVIOUSLY it’s in your interest that the Australian’s knowledge of themselves is obliterated!

    It’s staggering though, truly staggering, the lengths that multicultists go to hurt the feelings of Australians…and STIL picture yourselves/get portrayed…as the good ones!!!

    And STILL you cannot ever conceal the fact that White/British people entirely founded and built Australia!

    You seem hell bent on having Australia turned into a mess?! JUST like those engineering mass immigration/multi-culturalism want it!
    Just like the kind of mess that so many of you are rushing to escape!
    The Philippines? Good God, what a nightmare!
    The legacy of Spanish imperial rule wherever it went is truly horrendous.

    You’re mistaking me with someone else if you imagine I have simple thoughts on any Muslims, or Asians.
    You’re talking about a great deal there.
    Perhaps, seeing as you seem hell-bent as well on punishing Australians, and other White people in general for real or imagined crimes in the past…WHY don’t you take a deeper look into the abominable acts of many Muslim powers or Asian societies and nations?
    Much of which, is ongoing!

    There’s still PLENTY enough ethnic, racial, political, religious, and cultural trouble and violence in the Philippine Islands alone!
    THAT’S the kind of thing you’d enjoy seeing transplanted to Australia???

    Key things to clear up!
    – Australia had “extreme” racialist politics from the start! Australians knew precisely who and what they are, the White Australia Policy was invoked and installed by the Protectionist Party, our earliest Prime Ministers, honoured by the Labor Party and further great Prime Ministers through Australia’s history, and roundly supported by trade unions and the very vast majority of Australians!
    As it should naturally have been!
    It’s our right to protect ourselves.

    Most Asian nations, Japan, China, and Malaysia for instance, still have extremel racial, exclusionary population/immigration policies. As is their right. Funny though, how that flies under the liberals radar!

    Was National Socialism (Nazism) in Germany “irrational”?
    No, it wasn’t!
    There was TERRIBLE social problems in Germany at that time! Most, of Jewish instigation.
    Neither were the Nationalist movements within Italy, Spain, and China during the 1930’s “irrational”. These people were confronting TERRIBLE problems!
    Most very similar to those befalling Australia at present.
    Have YOU read ‘Mein Kampf’? Likely not. Multicultists ALWAYS rush to bringing up “Nazis”, don’t you? For you imagine that people will be too frightened to tackle such a subject. Not me, I’ll discuss it all, in depth.
    The Communism/Marxism/Zionism that your agenda springs from, is only ice coldly rational, and has VASTLY more blood on it’s hands!

    It is NOT…repeat, NOT…”irrational” to honour your ancestors and strive to protect and defend your country!

    I know, I KNOW, that if anyone was saying the things you do ABOUT an Asian (or other non-White) nation and people then you would be FALLING OVER YOURSELF in condemning that person as “racist”!
    The sheer hypocrisy of liberals/multicultists is glaringly obvious!
    WHY don’t you opt to go live in an Asian country or Islamic state?
    No, of course you won’t…you’l bite the hand that unwittingly feeds you, won’t you?

    Spanish and Portugese are White/European languages (give or take some Arabic influence). Spanish derives from Latin.
    The Spanish and Portugese cruelly carved out their own imperial ventures overseas…how is it that “Latinos” think they can shrug that off?

    I want more people to be made aware of the lengths people such as yourself go to hurt the feelings of genuine Australians!
    They have got to see the malice, the spite, the venom, the hate, the utter insensitivity of multicultists…and realise they DON’T have to take this!

    All I have said IS deeply sentimental! Very angry! And, truly rational!

  22. And, I’ve seen many of that girls messages/opinion pieces on the internet before.
    She’s very cute, but….

    This indeed DOES make my blood boil!

    It’s funny, as with her very well spoken English and all the evident benfits of Australian society and education she mocks, derides, and insults Australia so much!

    Could you IMAGINE what things would be like for her had she grown up back in her own country?
    Do you think she’s likely to move back to her own hellhole/country of origin?
    NOT likely!

    Do you not see the severe irony and contradictions off all she’s (and you’re) saying???

    This post is intended to be “funny”, to put the “racist’ Australians to shame…however, it masks the greater truth…that each divergent ethnic and racial group pouring in here DO intend to stay, to take ALL they can, and to take over, if possible.
    It’s absolutely OUTRAGEOUS that spoiled Asian girls like this have been brought into Australia ( likely as ‘refugees’, nut more latterly as ‘immigrants’) and they WILL go on to a better life than most Australians, as will their children!
    It’s outrageous, and EVERY Australian should be deeply insulted by the hatred these people have for us, AND the sinister plans afoot for us!

    This girl should be deported back to her own country, to whatever fate may have befallen her there.

    The sheer smugness of this girl, and others like her…EVERYTHING they take for granted being from the efforts, endeavours, spirit, and genius of White/British Australians…and they imagine it’s all theirs for the taking.
    It’s not.

    ALL Australians should witness this insult, take it to heart, and strive back against it.
    Yes indeed, my blood continues to boil!

  23. Freddy…you’re JUST the kind of ‘White Australian’ (hang on, isn’t it racist to even say there are White Australians?) “man” that those orchestrating multi-culturalism want!
    Your ancestors, who helped make this nation when it counted, would be DEEPLY ashamed of you…a traitor…as you give away your own country and defile their heritage!
    They, as with all Australians then, intended a MUCH grander future than the one that foolish liberals like yourself see fit to doom us to!

    What do you mean by “deluded” or “nasty” thoughts about the rest of the world?
    I KNOW…very well…the history and cultures of the entire world….I have yet to meet any multicultist that knows anything about anything.
    That, as well, is JUST how those engineering multi-racialism/multi-culturalism for Australia want it!

    Do you really think there are people in other countries eager to debase themselves as you have?
    Not bloody likely!!!
    As you trip over yourself to deny your heritage and throw open the doors to your people’s country.
    Do you realise how much foreigners LAUGH at people such as yourself?
    So keen to be used and discarded?
    The thing that Asians, and others, respected about Whites was our genius, our courage, our integrity, our POWER!
    You show yourself to be a lacky, a coward, a traitor.
    You REALLY think that the hordes of foreigners wanting in here will all come and personally thank you for your deceit? No, they’ll trample you in the dust as much as any of us.
    What you write is a stone cold insult to your ancestors…who lived and worked in Australia when it was being MADE!
    Your traitorous words are an insult to every Australian that ever lived.

    These migrants you value over your own society, ancestry, and people, also would NOT tolerate such “multi-culturalism” and such insulting talk back in their own countries.

    If you don’t identify with an AUSTRALIAN MAN, the descendent as well of British people here since well before 1900, speaking about and UP FOR Australia…then you’re truly lost!
    JUST how those orchestrating this want it!
    What do you “identify” with? Anyone or anything of worth?

    I’m an Australian man, a descendent of Australian men and women…it’s my BIRTHRIGHT and duty to speak of, about, and for, Australia!

  24. Sorry Scott, but just because you were born in Australia does not mean you represent the “Australian man”. I too am an Australian man and I do not share your beliefs at all.

    You are obviously a close-minded, shallow man. Just take a look at how you attack things:

    “I KNOW…very well…the history and cultures of the entire world….I have yet to meet any multicultist that knows anything about anything.” ………. Really? Are you seriously saying you know everything about this and I (and others) know absolutely nothing? Do you really think that is possible? Do you really think this facilitates discussion or makes you look “right”?

    You say “You show yourself to be a lacky, a coward, a traitor”……….. How so? I could flip that around on you: It seems you show yourself to be a lacky of the white supremacists, a coward hiding behind his computer and a traitor to your own species.

  25. Being open-minded does NOT automatically translate as going with any and everything that comes along Freddy!
    With an open mind MUST go a keen sense of discernment and discretion.
    A recklessly left open mind, is a terrible danger…as is the recklessly left open borders that you espouse.
    No, I’m not “close minded”(another hack leftist insult!), but I am not heedlessly ‘open minded’ either!
    A mind is to be used, properly!

    “Shallow”? Now that’s a REAL insult! My depth, of passion and knowledge, should be obvious by now! I hide neither.

    Whether you know (absolutely) nothing about anything is still to be seen Freddy…however I yet to see or hear ANY multicultist say anything that proves they have been ‘enriched’ about anything by any migrant coming here.
    I have NEVER once heard any multicultist say anything insightful, or that would demonstrate any real knowledge of world history and culture.
    The modus operandi seems to be that knowing about something isn’t important, but blindly “respecting”(?!) it is!
    I have NEVER heard any multicultist say anything that they have been taught by one of these migrants that are allegedly here to ‘enrich’ us with their culture…nor express anything that they couldn’t simply learn from a good book!
    NO multicultist seems to know anything about that which they evidently appear to value more highly than their own history, culture, and society.

    No, as yet you’ve proven to have zero knowledge or understanding of history or culture.
    And in (not) doing so you are WELL in line with the multicult agenda!!!

    I shall not dumb things down, I shall not be made to deny the dynamic of the world. I KNOW about the world, AND I don’t want it all in here!!!

    I AM RIGHT! It IS right for a man to speak up for his people and defend his country! It IS right for a man to speak the truth!

    Again, and I hope I sense a mite of shame in your feeble response, your anti-Australian words ARE traitorous words, the words of a turn-coat.

    I speak about this both on the computer when need be (and do hate-filled, anti-White websites like think NO-ONE may speak counter to it’s agenda?), and in person when need be also.
    The thing being…I GENUINELY never thought we’d be brought to all this in Australia!
    I REALLY never thought things would get like this!
    Our ancestors made this nation and society safe for us. It still should be. I’m striving to make it so again.
    I DON’T want it to ever have to get to more than talking.
    I DON’T want it to reach the level of the multi-racial/multi-ethnic/multi-cultural NIGHTMARES that you think far more preferable to invite upon Australia!

    Our wider “species” is rich and diverse…and we have every right to OUR space to continue to thrive!

  26. Well it’s obviously pointless talking to you as you can only seem to take a dictative standpoint on everything, so I’ll stop here.

    Good find Anti-Bogan, a real gem for the country.

  27. “Pointless” ONLY because multicultists always VERY QUICKLY run out of things to say…for they know they’ve nothing to stand on…and then it’s either crass insults, ignorance, or ‘legal’ action.
    Multicultists will slither and slide and ALWAYS avoid discussion…for if they don’t know much (and they don’t) they KNOW that any length of scrutiny will show up ‘multi-culturalism’ as the sham, the scam, and the evil that it is.

    You’re playing very true to type, Freddy, as you try and extricate yourself from discourse.

    I MUST take a dictative standpoint…that’s what one HAS to do when one is educating empty vessels!

    And, gee, what with current multicult dogma…even referring to a ‘country’ is exclusionary, isn’t it?

    Australia IS a gem…and people like you’ve no right to tarnish it!

    • Scotty,

      The Industrial age is dead and gone mate – time to get with the beat.

      Do you really believe that our forefathers left this country to us only for us to preserve THEIR way of life? I’m pretty sure my grandad would have wanted us to embrace growth and in doing so we would embrace change. But, for arguments sake, I’ll assume that you do believe that our forefathers wanted us to presever their way of life, you might be under the impression that the way in which we have grown as a nation was not the way that they intended. That’s the legacy that they left to us: our freedoms. They did not fight for our freedoms in the hope of dictating our futures, but in the hope of allowing us the liberty of evolving as a nation in a way that WE would want and in a way that would work best for our people.
      And that’s exactly what has happened scotty – WE chose to be a multi-cultural society and if you can’t believe that then I feel sorry for you! Do you honestly believe that keeping women at home and ‘keeping them darkies out’ will help us to GROW stronger as a nation in this increasingly global community (culturally, economically, politically etc)? Can’t you see that this would leave us behind in a world that is fast becoming smaller, more connected with each other and increasingly becoming more knowledgeable.

      Your views are archaic and outdated. We are very firmly in the grips of the Information Age where people, identities and communities are no longer static. Your stioc views on nationalism, although not dead yet, very soon will be.

  28. Scott, don’t make me use the fat bastard chant.

    Or for you,

    (Scott rants)
    You please fuck off!
    You please fuck off!
    You please fuck off!
    You’re shit

  29. Typical last (i.e second) resort liberal/multicultist tactic…silliness, profanity, and insult.

    Saying nothing, and proving nothing…BAR how obviously wrong you are!

  30. Hi Little Scotty – Good to see you here too!

    Are you having fun trying to stir people here as well?

    I hope you are!

    I have some plans to help you set about protecting, fostering and developing this fine country of ours as the WHITE BRITISH country is should be.

    1. First we stop the planet’s rotation. This should be easy – I’ve watched “Triumph of the Will” and I know just what mind power can do. We’ve got to stop it little Scotty because if it keeps turning this way then it keeps progressing and we certainly don’t want that.

    2. Once stopped we get some genuine Aussie tugboats made from genuine Aussie metal dug from genuine Aussie mines and made on genuine Aussie machining tools. Since all modern machinery is made mostly in Japan, Germany or the US we may have a little trouble here and our tugs might resemble 1940s model boats if we’re lucky but at least we’ll know it’s all ours.

    3. We then sail these tugs using genuine British maps since we can’t use GPS as it’s an American military invention and we all know America is the principle supporter of the Jewish plans for world domination. We would also power these tugs on genuine Aussie coal which we can extract from genuine Aussie mines with genuine Aussie pick-axes (again there’s that problem of heavy machinery being non-Aussie).

    4. We then employ a system of genuine British and Aussie knots to tie GREAT BRITAIN to our tugs and then tow it down here so that we can save our bretheren from the EVIL EUROPEANS with the liberal multicultist marxist leninist trotskyist ways.

    5. We then shove New Zealand somewhere else in the Pacific and dump all non British non Aussie people on there and once we’ve figured out how to replicate that Jewish-American invention – the nuclear bomb – we test it on them a couple of times.

    6. We build a big fence (can’t build a great wall as the Chinks have already done that and we’re not going to pay them the honour of imitating them) all around Australia and Great Britian which we will now call Great Brit-anal-ia!

    7. We live happily ever after.

    I like fairy tales little Scotty – keep going – you’re really good at them!

    • Terror Australis: the only way to treat people like the screwed-up white supremacist Scotty is with the sort of ridicule you’ve just intelligently dished out to him … He can go on protecting his ‘rights’ as a white person by fighting against liberalism, socialism, feminism, multiculturalism, humanism … everything except racism and low-life nazism !

  31. So many contradictions!
    Of course, the well trained, politically correct mind fails to notice anymore.

    Or…does it?

    So many contradictions (which isn’t actually always a bad thing), so many tangents, so many layered meanings, so many conflicts.

    Racism, is simply the knowledge of race and racial differences. It’s the various ways this is acted upon that is either positive or negative.
    Racism, in leftist terms (as are prevalent today) is deemed always negative…and of course ONLY Whites are racist!
    Ironically, by the negative description, both Socialism and Multi-culturalism are actually racist. Multi-culturalism is entirely racist…by both defintions.

    Humanism crosses the boundaries when it posits the human being as being on the same level as God. Humanism very often crosses over into outright egotism.

    Humanism, at it’s worst, led to Socialism’s nastier brother, Communism…and Communism is/was often both racist and ‘sexist’.

    Feminism, is actually Satanic in origin (as is all Liberalism), Feminism is a social and mental cancer. Feminism is one of the scourges of the Western world. Feminism is actually one of the key tools used by those who would destroy and ruthlessly control the world. The inherent misandry in Feminism is an evil beyond par. The destruction of the family and society wrought by Feminism is part of the ploy to divide and conquer.
    Very ironically, Feminism often dramatically contradicts Multi-culturalism…and paradoxically Feminism would be used as a bridge into the West by cultures that it ought to oppose.
    That is both further illustration of the contradictions in all this, AND of the overall plan of those engineering it.
    Feminism is employed to break down society, Multi-culturalism to then control it.
    Feminism is actually an insult and an affront to ALL humanity, society and culture!

    Liberalism is really only the taking of liberties! It is vanity, self-indulgence, excess. Ironically again, the anathema of many cultures that the Multi-culturalism angle simultaneously welcomes in! Liberalism is generally a foul insult to all humanity and all cultures!

    Nazism was/is a form of Socialism! Literally, National Socialism! At it’s best. The Left/Liberals/Multicultists
    have been accused of their own forms of “Nazism” many times. ‘Feminazi’ is an oft touted phrase as well.

    It’s really quite flabbergasting that some people now toy around with certain words, phrases, and concepts…smug in the limited usage they’ve been taught of how to employ them…yet woefully ignorant of the deeper and wider meanings and ramifications.

    I, and other Whites, ONLY speak up about White supremacy in our own countries and our own civilisation as people try and DENY any special quality in us, as they deny our rights, as they dispute our sovereignty in our own countries, as they try and take our countries and societies.
    It’s amazing that multicultists fail to see the connection between White people speaking up about our supremacy only in RESPONE to their initial insults upon White people and White societies!
    All they can think of doing is rushing insanely to screaming hysterically about the “White Supremacists!”.

    Racism is inherent within human nature.
    Both positively and negatively, both constructively and destructively.

    On the negative tip…you should actually look at a lot of the racial attitudes and behaviour of Asians, Arabs, Indians, or indeed Latinos…for they more often pursue quite virulent forms of it.
    To the Liberal, Socialist, Humanist (in their degraded forms) mind though, that doesn’t matter.

    All clear thinking people have knowledge of Race.
    It’s how that is all further employed that is the next thing.

    Here’s a real simple rule people could go by…seeing as how they keep going on about how “racist” Whites are to the foreign immigrants/interlopers/invaders that come into their countries….simply STOP bringing so many foreigners into White countries!
    Problem solved, “racism” gone!

    We have every right to preserve and excercise our rights in our own countries, as others do in their’s.

    Knowledge of Race is one thing, and the healthy use of discriminatory thought in relation to that is another.
    Use of both is used by Whites (and others!) in safeguarding their own societies, cultures, and nations.
    That’s natural, stop messing with it!

    • Feminism is Satanic in origin? Scotty, you’re ever more profoundly weirder than anyone could’ve thought. I take it you’re Christian? That’s surely a religion with white origins innit?

      The laugh’s certainly on you dude ’cause all theses ‘isms’ which you denounce (socialism, liberalism, feminism, multiculturalism etc) were either developed by ‘whites’ or or employed by them to enhance their nations …

      And don’t be a fool: you have no ‘right’ to do anything to protect your whiteness specifically … You’re certainly free from discrimination on the basis of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, etc … that freedom applies to everybody. There’s no separate law for people like you (‘white’) … You’re imagining things so badly here you almost sound like one of those liberal-lefties you blast who’s full of ‘rights’ for this that and the other !

      This’ll make you upset: why don’t YOU piss off to South Africa and join some wanker you wants to liberate it from the ANC? Good luck fool !

    • Yay!!! Scott,
      Welcome back 😀 How have you been??? Still living with mum in her basement in Melton? mooching off centrelink? what’s new Scotty?? 😉

  32. That “dense fuckwit” etc etc has a right to vote for whoever he wants for whatever reason. One of the main things that turned me off the entire lefty scene (yes I was one after i got out of national service thanks to gough) was how little respect they had for democracy and freedom of speech. At least on the right it is easy to understand greed but with lefties they were all so devious and underhanded. Scratch the surface and you’d find a new-age nazi or a petty tyrant.
    The minorities have been setting the agenda for the rest of us for years. If someone says they want to vote for a man they are a sexist pig but if they say they want to vote for a woman that is fine.
    feminist propaganda has almost made truth illegal. All the euphmisms and misinformation over the years have brought about a parallel universe of ideologically obedient baloney. The left used to stand for good things but now it is basically about anal sex, killing babies, and maintaining the impression that all white male heterosexuals are wife-beating child molesters.
    I was a committed environmentalist for many years but now I think they should rename the Greens the Browns. They finally got the balance of power but instead of introducing tree-planting schemes all they can think about is the non-issue of gay marriage.
    The only good thing about Gillard is that she and the super-parasite GG will probably mark the high point of feminism in Australia. All the old post-menopausal feminists will begin retiring with their cats, ah shucks, time to cook dinner.

  33. IT was posted on his facebook…..you make a post of this.. he can vote for who ever he likes. Ever think he might have just wrote that for comic effect, but actually have other reasons. Just like the guy who takes up two car spots, hes not a incompetant driver, it’s obvious he doesn’t want anyone to open their door on the old classic. What a pathetic post. It is obvious the guy is just trying to be funny. This site is with the dogs. Some of the people on here probably eat dogs. You take every comment down which puts your minority views in place. Australia for Australia

    • We usually find that because bogots are irony- and humour-impaired, when they write shit they mean it.

      Glad to see that you seem to think we should give the country back to its original inhabitants from which it was taken.


    • This was posted in a newspaper. So, not only is it a breach of privacy to replicate publically available comments on facebook, it’s also a breach of privacy to replicate publically avaiable comments from a newspaper.

      Since when is a state wide newpaper comment “private”?

      “Just like the guy who takes up two car spots, hes not a incompetant driver, it’s obvious he doesn’t want anyone to open their door on the old classic. ”

      And he’s a dick! I’m sorry-but if you take up two car park spaces when you don’t need to, you’re being a dick, and taking up space other people need.
      I’m sorry to rip into your analogy, but you seem to be trying to make a guy a hero by comparing him to a selfish dick!

      “You take every comment down which puts your minority views in place.”

      Which of these views are in the minority? And your evidence of that?

  34. You can say that, but I disagree There is some privacy concerns with what your doing which is not cool. And If you have to take down every comment which doesn’t agree with your view you have problems.

    • We don’t really give a flying fuck what you think, but keep digging a hole for yourself.

      We don’t take down every comment. We do cosmetic surgery on some or throw the others up so that our regulars can make idiots of the commenters.

    • What privacy concerns are there in republishing a comment that was published in the newspaper? since when have newspaper comments been private?

  35. I don’t support sexism but it was one idiotic comment, probably one that was done tongue in cheek. You talk about not making judgements at face value but the amount of deregatory bullshit you’ve spouted about the character and lifestyle of this one bloke none of you know based on one (admittedly) knuckleheaded comment shows that you’re capable of generalsing and jumping to conclusions just as much as the racist and sexist bogans you’re standing against. Also by blowing the comment up to this extent you’re inciting anger and hate and creating a massive problem when there’s a little one there. Honestly, what good can possibly come of giving this silly bloke more attention than he deserves for posting a stupid, idiotic comment that isn’t worth any intelligent person’s time of day? The only thing you are doing is riling people up and inciting hate – another hyprocritic act which reflects the far-right conservatives you stand against. Just for the record – I’ve seen lots of comments posted by women saying they won’t vote for Tony Abbott because he’s NOT a woman and I’ve never once seen you jump on those – a reminder of this site and its followers continuing hypocrisy. You think you’re so different from the racist, sexist, anti-semtic, xenophobic “bogans” you claim to be in opposition with? You’re exactly the same. This site is not about ending discrimination, it’s about sensationalism and stirring up hate to support misguided, radical viewpoints. Just because you sit to political left DOES NOT make extremism okay.

    – A sensible centrist

  36. Lame, pathetic response. Just because someone is in a position power does not mean that you automatically have the right to attack them in such a vicious manner does it justify the misguided and hyprocritic hate spread here. Yes our friend Nathan is a “privileged male”, yes he said something very inappropriate but none of that justifies such hate and judgement towards a bloke that none of you have even met just because he made one dickhead comment. Overlooking (and often supporting) the hateful comments of one group while crucifiying another for similar comments just because the latter is in a position of power (something I see this site do all too often) is never right, never fair and does nothing to promote equality or social change – it only ever encourages anger and resentment

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