Your Religion Is Shit. Is That Hateful?

Erik Knutson runs a lovely little group called ‘I use the Quran as toiletpaper’. Yet, being a good little God-follower himself, (“God bless you all”), he thinks it’s entirely fair that if people somehow find that his group (that basically puts shit on anyone who subscribes to a different religion to him) hateful, and hateful enough to reply with an angry email, he will take the group down. Oh yeah – as long as 10,000 people write to him. Odd, seeing as though the group in question has merely 1,200 members.

As a side note – should we be surprised the Erik struggles with basic grammar principles?

…Because when you’re afraid of people from other cultures wanting to hurt you, the best thing to do is to ridicule them and put shit on them. Right?

10 thoughts on “Your Religion Is Shit. Is That Hateful?

  1. Totally agreed. But please, people, learn from my mistake and don’t head to the website in question. It is not a protest list.

    This man needs to be taken down several notches. >.>

  2. And that URL is a honey-pot so “Knutson” can track the IPs of people who are indignant enough to sign. It goes to a porn site.

  3. I think Erik lies! A face that puckered with smug mirrors an equally puckered sphincter. He’s not had a bowel movement in years and just gets more and more backed up, hence his excrement-filled thoughts.

  4. Whatever someone’s views are of religion generally, hatred of someone for their religious beliefs is more often than not disguised racism.

  5. not saying that all religions are foolish, but in the sense of when ‘god-followers’ and the ‘god bless you’ people have to fend off at people of other beliefs. Makes me sick!

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