Let’s Just Blow The Middle East Up

Even though thee (sic) is no god, and no TRUE religion, we still apparently live in a Christian country and non-Christians should therefore not be entitled to any Christian-only welfare money.

These idiots make several unintelligent implications here:

Firstly, Muslims apparently see themselves as superior; Secondly, Muslims only live in the Middle East;
And thirdly, only Muslims claim welfare money in Australia.

Yeah… Ban the burqa so Muslims don’t claim welfare money in our Christian country. Good logic.

17 thoughts on “Let’s Just Blow The Middle East Up

  1. Blow up the middle east hey!

    Then where would they get the fuel to run their full-sick rusted shitbox Commodores?

    Apart from the obvious level of stupid here, perhaps some of these dumb fucks that think Australia is being invaded need a bit of a reminder as fast we’d be invaded if we did wage out-right war on Muslim nations. Oh? Is that a 200 million plus Muslim nation to our north? What? They’re not in the middle east?

    Holy fuck! Who’d have thunk it.

    You’ll be surprised how many people will actually throw their lives at you, when you threaten their existence and their freedoms.

  2. so if we are following this logic is it only christians who should be paying tax in this country cause I am all for that

  3. My, what a depressing morning. First to hear that JG has decided to go with popular (insular) opinion on asylum seeker policy, then to see this. I mean, I know this website is all about exposing ignorance, but sometimes it’s just too disheartening to see these kinds of things. This is indeed a frustrating country to live in.

  4. A pre and post Election Gillard and would they be the same? Hmmm.
    I think she is appealing to the conservative vote that has drifted towards Abbott this year. Tactics prior to the Election that we will have this year?

    Further disacknowledgement by the Govt that racism is a problem in Australia, post election, will not go down well for the countrys prospects I fear.

  5. So Elise, we need to live in caves. Without cars, energy, jewellery, clothing, fruit and vegetables, computers, phones, philosophy, mathematics, literature, architecture, art, music, etc. Just to get rid of an entire region that has contributed so much to western civilisation and upon which our very comfortable lives depend.

  6. 99% of racists are poorly educated. The other 1% are using the ignorance epidemic for their own benefit.
    Our education systems have a lot to answer for, methinks. It’s a concern that racists can get together via on-line networks like facebook & fuel each others inane passions. Publishing of racist comment seems to be over interpreted & over represented through the US originated concept of ‘freedom of speech’. The fact is that there is no freedom to incite violence of any kind on any person, for any reason..
    I’ve been sucked in to, firstly, arguing logically with racists (futile at best) & even (using my ever present black sense of humour) testing out the levels of extremism the average racist will accept. Most racist FB ‘group’ administrators are intelligent enough to eventually see I’m a fraud & that my comments could cause them some problems relating to the presence of the group, so I’m barred frequently. They (the racist FB groups) do a fair job of ‘riding the boundary’ of acceptability, so they can be tipped over into unacceptability pretty quickly if one tries..
    Taking things to logical conclusion..
    With Peace,

  7. I blame their lack of education. Any old loser can sprout racist bullshit, but it’s a real shame that due to their obvious stupidity and lack of academic worth they don’t, and probably never will, know any better. It’s the whole media issue as well, I love opening up the paper and reading 10 different journalists opinions on how the Middle East, Islam, and burqas are destroying our way of life. I mean, I know for sure that I won’t be able to speak English any more, get a quality education, or live my life if a woman in a burqa walks past me tomorrow. -.-” It’s even sadder when it’s not just the bogans who share this backward, close minded view. A damn real shame.

    Real Australians who appreciate the Australian way of life know that enlightment is much more appropriate and helpful than a system-wide shut down. Besides, it’s not as thought ‘invaders’ from abroad are going to destroy our nice, cushiony lifestyle. What are they going to do? Destroy our values and beliefs (payback) and make us pay more taxes? Damn it, more welfare payments for useless bogans!

    • I am not exactly the most formally educated of people, however the people i work with are….and it’s scary how ignorant they are! For example….today i learnt that they are hoping that we ban the Burqa so that Middle Eastern tourists will stop coming here…..I was disturned listening to them because these people are not Bogans….they are the types that actually look down on Bogans but their ignorance is just as bad.

  8. If it’s a lack of education, how do you account for our policitians (on both sides of parliament)?

    I’m seeing a lot of prejudice on here against poorer Australians. Shame on you all.

  9. Thank you little Scotty for proving that not all race-ists (have I got your newly made up word right?) are bogans.

    I’m a big fan of how you use big words to cover your lack of logic – proving you’re not a bogan but you’re still as xenophobic as they come!

    You are the pantomime horse of this website – only problem is that you’re the only one that thinks you’re a real horse…

    Sorry was that analogy a little to complex for you to grasp?

    Let me try it another way – You know how if you’ve only got a toy gun you shouldn’t get into a shootout with a policeman? Well little Scotty – you don’t even have a toy gun – you’re just running around pointing your finger at things and yelling “bang! bang!”

    Now please run along and stop bothering us – don’t you have crayons to play with instead?

  10. Are multicultists in fact robots? Or lobotomised people?

    The slim palette of words and phrases used to promote this scheme are ridiculous, and there you’ve trotted out one of the most weary…”xenophobe”.

    The ‘fear of difference’.

    Such a phrase is regularly used by left-wingers/multicultists/big business so as to dismiss any person concerned about and who opposes different people coming into their country.

    Of course, the liberal becomes used to parrotting the word…and having people run away from it. No need for further elaboration necessary.
    Not this time though.
    You’ve run across a far more severe speed hump.

    “Xenophobe”. Let’s look at that, and in the context of the vast majority of Australians naturally taking exception to massive numbers of foreigners arriving to stay in their country…

    Firstly, get over yourself. We are not “fearful” of difference, we are not “afraid” of different peoples…however, and here’s the deeper dimension…we also are.
    To be precise…we quite rightly fear what happens when massive numbers of radically different peoples enter into another country.
    We quite rightly fear Australia going the way of other places.

    I’m certain that you lock the door to your home at night, or when you’re out, right? Do you “fear” all other people though? No, but you do fear what may happen if you leave your home open to all comers.
    And yet you expect Australians to leave their country…their home…open to all?!
    And claim that Australians no longer have any say in their own people and country’s identity, integrity, and direction???

    I understand and know the people, culture, and history of the WHOLE WORLD!
    I do not “fear” them.
    However, knowing what many are capable of, and knowing that the plan behind ‘multiculturalism’ IS to destroy Western civilisation and eliminate White people…I also DO fear those that are “different” coming here.

    Do you call the Japanese ‘xenophobes’? They don’t allow ANY refugees in, and only a handful of highly skilled individuals to go live there each year.

    There are NO non-Muslims allowed at Makkah/Mecca, do you call Muslims ‘xenophobes’ as well?

    Each migrant group that comes into Australia proceeds to further their OWN community, and pursue “their” OWN cultures, they care not one jot for any others…do you call them ‘xenophobes’ as well?

    “Xenophobe”…a polarising phrase, used in conjunction with reductionist liberal argument to deliberately silence discussion.
    Well, I won’t go for that.
    I know about the WHOLE world! I understand the WHOLE world! Because of that, I appreciate that there actually IS much to be feared.
    We MUST keep the world at a distance!
    That was the beauty of Australia…we could look out over the world in it’s entirety, froma safe height…take from the best of it…and remain secure in our own right.
    It is INSANITY to bring the world in here now!

    Understanding the world does not lead to not fearing much in it…often quite the contrary.
    Of course multicultists aren’t xenophobes…they don’t know a thing about history or culture!!!
    “Xenophobe”…a deliberately leading and compromised phrase to use.

    In short, if Australians wish to be xenophobic in defence of their own society and country then they darn well have every right to be!

    More deeply…most Australians are in fact NOT xeno-phobic….we KNOW and understand difference…we know there are things to be both feared and appreciated in other peoples…the important thing being that there IS difference!
    We are us and they are them. The world is dynamic…and we CHERISH our unique position and indentity!

    It’s also quite staggering that liberals/multicultists will also peddle the line that we’re ‘all the same’…yet also talk about diversity and call White peoples that don’t want foreigners living in their countries in any large numbers “xenophobes”.

    There IS difference though! In good and bad ways.

    We ARE different….and have EVERY RIGHT to to protect ourselves as such!

    I do NOT ‘fear difference’, I am not “xenophobic”…I do however UNDERSTAND difference…and know that there is some things to be feared, and that there is much to be feared when differences are clashed together!

    I know it’s almost pointless to ask you to speak about things openly and corectly ‘Terror Australis’. The liberal has lost the ability to do so…and it is definitely NOT in the interests of multicultism to have things spoken about openly, honestly, and clearly.

  11. Hi again Scotty!

    I am genuinely impressed! Of the short and sweet comment I made you’ve created an epic tome based on one word that I used! I like it!

    Ooooh – now try “salami” – please, please, please turn that into a five page discourse on the state of the Australian meat industry! Please!!!

    I like these games!

    So I gather you have NO FEAR but a deep knowledge of alien foriegn type people! This is good!

    I also love your argument of semantics although I am fearful to use this word due to the connotations it conjours up. I for one immediately see the term “semantics” as a pinko-leftist university term used in Linguistics 101 by hairy lesbians trying to disseminate their evil conservationist theories!

    I’m also glad that you picked up on my inherent support for xenophobic and/or protectionist behaviour around the world but can’t stand it here in my backyard. I was so hoping that you’d see just how confused and mixed up my hypocracy is.

    I particularly like your “fear” but “no fear” but “fear” argument – it sounds almost Zen or Taoist except that these are scary (but not scary) Eastern philosophies so we’ll ignore them for now.

    Because of your long essay on xenophobia I am now convinced that it is an evil word but what it is used to define is actually quite alright – as long as we’re all doing it! And since they started it – it’s not our fault if we do the same! I like the logic of this!

    Since I am such a fan of honour killings too and “they” started it (at least I think they got in before the KKK did – you’ll have to let me know about that), I think we should adopt that here as well!

    I also like the fact that you picked up on the fact that EVERY immigrant to these fine pure shores CARE NOT ONE JOT for the society they come into… Why just the other day I couldn’t buy my Vegimite because the local store was taken over by a Chinaman and we just couldn’t communicate about anything and I think tried to sell me a pigs penis instead (I’m not sure because he couldn’t speak a word of English)… Similarly the local Woolies is staffed by Injuns and so you can imagine my horror when I got home and found ALL my potatoes had somehow – without me knowing – been switched with basmati rice! Oh the humanity!

    On your advice I will now endeavour (speaking of semantics – isn’t “endevour” a nice word! Reminds me of our GLORIOUS heritage as it’s the same name as the ship Cook sailed in on) to speak openly, honestly and clearly!

    I will now be like you and learn to openly hate all people equally. I’ll just choose to hate my own people a hell of a lot less than others… except the poor… I am rich and I can stand them because they smell bad… oh and the working classes… don’t like them either because they were either stupid enough to be born into poor families or they were even more pathetic and were born with wealth but too incompetant to keep it.

    Jeez I hate poor people! Especially poor WHITE people! They’ve taken the wealth that this country has naturally gifted them. They’ve taken the hard work that their fore-fathers have provided to them and they’ve BLOODY DISREGARDED IT! They are the WORST of HYPOCRITES!!!!! Let’s get rid of those wankers too with their stupid American names for their fifteen kids – “Gee I wonder where Le Bron, Keisha, Jaden and Schappelle have gone?” They’re probably at bloody Centrelink taking my hard earned tax dollars straight to the local pokies where the money can go straight to the Packers who will send it immediately off-shore to their Bahaman bank accounts!

    Idiots! Working class drones buying their cheap Japanese and Chinese products and not caring one IOTA about Australian made and owned products! I hate them all!

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