White Supremacist Argues Multiculturalism

Came across this gem of a loser. Check out his woeful rant.

‘Australians are British…so no-one with a different skin colour, apart from Aboriginals, are Australian.’

From the Australian Government citizenship website:

Australian citizenship is an important step in your migration story. Becoming an Australian citizen means that you are making an ongoing commitment to Australia and all that this country stands for. It is also the beginning of your formal membership of the Australian community. It is the step that will enable you to say ‘I am Australian’.
Australian citizenship is a privilege that offers enormous rewards. By becoming an Australian citizen, you are joining a unique national community. Our country has been built on the combined contributions of our Indigenous people and those who came later from all over the world. We celebrate this diversity and at the same time, strive for a unified and harmonious nation.
The strength of the Australian community means that we work together to solve problems and to make Australia the great country that it is. We have a stable system of government and Australians respect the authority and laws of the government. Our stability, our culture and our laws have been shaped by our history. By joining the Australian community, you will inherit this history and you will be in a position to contribute to it.
Australia was born on the backs of convict settlers from Britain, but that was over 220 years ago.

‘People simply do not have the right to come to OUR country…’

Actually, yes they do.

‘If people are paying taxes in this country and working (though they often aren’t!), then they have taken a job from an Australian… if they are raising their children here it is at the expense of Australian children…if they love ecah (sic) other, they are hating us.’

Where to start? So much ignorance.

Implying that some white Australians are only unemployed because non-white Australians are employed is possibly the most stupid thing I’ve ever heard. Imagine being granted employment not based on education or work experience, but because of your ethnicity..!

“Hi there, congratulations on being a white Australian. Here is your medical degree. Enjoy your life as a doctor.”

Part of the reason that successive governments have raised the immigration intake is to satisfy the skills shortages experienced in many facets of our economy. Ignoring people with skills and experience because of their ethnicity would be to the detriment of Australia.

Children attending schools in highly multicultural areas have exposure to a wide range of cultures and have the capacity that many adults don’t have to form cross-cultural friendships based on mutual interests and respect. Multicultural education is adopted by each state and has the full support of communities.

Suggesting that loving one’s family lessens an individual’s ability to love another is ludicrous. Love is universal and knows no bounds. Children born into loveless families are statistically inclined to perpetuate abuse onto their own future families. Alternatively, children born into tolerant, respectful loving families that teach the values treating all people with compassion are statistically socially healthy and more inclined to be motivated in education.

‘White, British, Anglo-Saxons and Celts founded and built this nation. It’s that obvious and simple. No-one else did.’

Perhaps many of the customs and traditions that we see in society today have strong British influences, but that is where it ends. Australia was built on the backs of migrants as well as white European settlers. The Gold Rushes and The Snowy Mountains Scheme are two examples.

‘Stating how “multi-cultural” Melbourne and Sydney are now only proves how wrong things are.’

Subjectivity is never a strong point in debate, Scott.

Nobody is asking anyone to leave their cities. There will be no defeat, there will be no uprising. There will be no retreat. These are all narrow-minded ramblings from an insecure bogan. We are being asked to share what we have with people from other countries, and to do that does not suggest that we need to lose any of what we have. We still have our pristine beaches, our freedom of democracy and speech, our entertainment and sporting influences, our BBQs and bikinis, our beer and State of Origin. We still have the right to choose our child’s education and we still have the right to practice our own religion. We have access to financial assistance and access to healthcare. We still have the right to come and go as we please and we have the right to love whoever we want. Where have our freedoms been eroded? When has our way of life been attacked?

You’re a racist scumbag, Scott. You are truly a dense bogan and the irony is that your ‘friends’ list consists of nothing but Asian models you will never have the luxury of being with.

138 thoughts on “White Supremacist Argues Multiculturalism

  1. I wonder about a white supremacist who obviously is so lonely.

    And he yearns for Asian girls. I’m sure the local fuhrers would not approve. Tsk.

  2. Oh man, that is fucking GOLD.

    Re: the whole Celtic & British thing, motherfucker needs to do some god damn research. He’s sitting there with his Mick hat on defending colonial values, when many of the Celtic convicts (often political prisoners of the Empire) were beaten to DEATH for speaking Gaelic in Australia. It was seen as a conspiratorial tongue; and I see massive parallels between that, and these morons who whinge about people speaking LOTE on public transport. It’s the same old colonial bullshit.

    Love each other, brothers and sisters, ever culture has something to share 🙂

  3. Excellent! So if only 2 people on the bus are Australian then our country must be doing so damn well because of those 2 people…or the rest of couple of dozen non-British people on the bus? Hmmm…Scott seems to think that the British have miraculous powers.

    I’ve seen Scott commenting on lots of sites. His non-sense makes me think that he’s either had a brain concussion which affected his thinking/reasoning skills, or that he’s got a psychotic disorder. He’s definitely not in touch with reality.

  4. Typical liberal/left-wing ploy…to try and “embarass” people.
    You think I’m concerned about that? When my country, my people, our very future is under threat?!
    Also…I’m certain that if this kind of thing was tried against a liberal they would be scrambling hysterically to press charges of defamation, invasion of privacy, or the like.

    This is very weak, and contradictory, but I’ve got far bigger fish to fry, there’s far more pressing issues at hand.
    This though, could and should illustrate the malice of multicultists, their spite, and the disdain with which they hold their countrymen in.
    Do you think there are many people in other countries trying to “embarass” their kin and countrymen for speaking up for their own country?
    The great irony being, that in many, if not most, countries around the world…you would not even have the freedom (too much freedom!) or ability to preach such sedition, to promote such racial suicide, to attack your fellow countrymen, or to undermine the state that you take for granted, even as you witlessly seek to destroy it.
    It’s amazing that those who likely call those who wish to protect their people and country, and who oppose mass-immigration, “xenophobes”, so ruthlessly hate difference…and seem utterly incapable of understanding the complexity of certain situations.
    It is profoundly disturbing…your attitude, the attitude of the comment makers, your woeful misunderstanding of issues, your absolute lack of any historical or cultural knowledge, and your apparent malicious glee at the impending destruction of Australia.
    It’s not good…nor is this silly, cowardly, appropriation of my image, and thorough misrepresentation of me.
    Sadly, it’s the kind of relentlessly underhanded tactics that we’ve come to expect from liberals/multicultists.
    This is annoying, angering even…but it’s only part of a far greater worry, a far worse trial to tackle!

    • Hold on Scott – are you saying that you’re embarrassed about having your public comments re-posted on a public website? You made your bed now you can lie in it. And it’s not like we’ve taken away your right to reply.

      You think you’re the one ‘speaking up for your country’ and that ‘multicultists’ (sic) are letting it go to ruin. But when we speak up, we are speaking for all Australians – not just white Australians. That’s the difference between ‘leftists’ and racists like yourself.

      P.S – Your friend list is hilarious. Your Asian fetish conflicts so ridiculously with your whites-only vision for Australia.

    • Scott I’m told you post drivel like this all over Facebook. Are you perhaps suffering from some compulsive psychiatric condition?

      You have chosen to post the most incredible rubbish, wear the consequences.

      And TAB is quite correct. If you choose to make an idiot of yourself on a public website, particularly if you spam an anti-racist site, then expect to be mercilessly pilloried and sent-up. After all it’s you lot that bang on most about your “freedom of speech”.

  5. Also, “diddly”, why shouldn’t Australians “whinge” about now being forced to suffer hearing a garbled, incoherent, discordant, cacophonous babel of “LOTE” whilst riding on OUR public transport, in our cities, in our country???
    That kind of arrogance, and your absolute lack of knowledge of history, shows that you really don’t know diddly!
    You should seek to remedy that.

    • The only Australians whinging about hearing languages other than English on public transport are the insecure twats like yourself who think that you’re the topic of conversation. Nobody else minds.

      P.S – Not sure why you think ‘diddly’ has a ‘lack of knowledge of history’.

    • Dude essentially I pointed out that you have a poor knowledge of history, to which you responded, that I have a poor knowledge of history. Are we in primary school or something?

      As a *proud* Victorian, no doubt, maybe have a look into the Ned Kelly story. You’ll see that not only am I right vis a vis the lack of Celtic/Anglo consensus, but one of the guys who kicked off the whole thing was named Ah Fook–a “Chinaman”.

      Y’see, people with skin that wasn’t ‘white’ have been living here for fucking donkeys’ years, way before Federation. So your assertion that “it’s just that simple” is complete and utter bullshit.

      I’d love to know when-abouts your forefathers rocked up in Australia. Did they come in a boat?

    • I have no problems hearing other languages spoken on public transport. I would hear that in any of the great cities of the world.

      Australia actually doesn’t have an official language, though through custom all of our laws and regulations are in English. But it is a distinct advantage to be able to speak more than one language, and it is the norm in civilised parts of the world. For instance, the average well-educated European speaks the national language, then English (which is compulsory in the EU) and a third language (often Russian or German, though Asian languages are becoming popular)

      IN the US Spanish is a compulsory second language. In Canada all Canadians learn both English and French and have done so since Canada became an independent country. In the Arab world it is not uncommon for a well-educated person to speak five languages.

      In the subcontinent, educated people speak English, their regional language and often two or three more Indo-Iranian languages. I dare say their English is most likely more grammatically correct than some of the “English” from dopey racists we endure here at TAB.

      But hey, Scott is happy with Ocker as his preferred language for everyone – and all that it entails :p

      • I forgot to mention that throughout the time of the Communist regime when education became mandatory throughout the old Soviet Union, English was taught as a second language.

  6. Yes indeed Andrea, the British do have somewhat “miraculous” powers…you’re living in a society built by them!
    That could only have been created by them!
    A severe brain concussion MIGHT seem like the only possible cause of the eager rush towards racial suicide and national obliteration exhibited by multicultists like yourself…but I don’t believe that is the case, no, there is something far more sinister behind your motivations.

    • I’m doing my bit towards racial suicide by churning out as many products of miscegenation as I can. Oh woe for the Anglo-Celtic “race”.

  7. And, it’s amazing, staggering, flabbergasting, that multicultists cannot seem to grasp that one can appreciate others of other races and nations, WITHOUT surrendering your own absolutely!

  8. A lot of people…mark my words…a LOT of people seriously resent hearing other languages on public transport, and elsewhere, in our country!

    It’s not always Australians either, who of course are entitled to only hear English spoken in Australia, who feel this way…I recently witnessed an Italian man going off at some Indians that were yammering endlessly away in Hindi on a train…and the very next day heard an Asian woman, in a fairly disgruntled manner, demand that a group of Sudanese “shut up” speaking Dinka. I’m wondering just how liberals/multicultists/”anti-bogans” such as yourself are going to sort all that out.

    Key point being, it should’nt be happening to have to be “whinged” about, or sorted out.

    • Bullshit.

      But let’s pretend that your lame attempts at making up stories to drive your point were true. If someone yells at a bunch of people having a conversation on a train, who looks like the bigger dickhead? The people who were chatting away or the guy that just made everyone in the carriage feel uncomfortable because his low tolerance needed to be publicly and aggressively aired?

      By all means, make up a few more stories.

      Here’s a true story: I was in Chinatown the other day and I heard a group of girls speaking Chinese. I kept on walking and my day was not affected in the slightest. So did several hundred other people.

    • Some people don’t like it when other people are too loud on public transport. It’s because we are human beings. And we all have pet peeves. Doesn’t matter where we come from. Loud people on the train are annoying as hell. When I lived in Japan there were loud people on the train there as well. They also got told to shut up or were given death stares by half the passengers.

      I prefer the loud people to not be speaking English because then I can have a chance to block it out. The only time I enjoy listening to other people’s conversation is if it is scandalous gossip.

    • Talk about a sense of entitlement. Classic sign of a left leaning hippie that is. I think he’s got identity confusion.

  9. What do you classify as “Chinatown” now?
    For Chinese, both Mandarin and Cantonese, are spoken all around Melbourne now!
    In fact a cacophonous host, a multitude, of fractured tongues and dialects…are spoken, yammered, garbled, shouted, spat, whispered, murmered, called, yelled, conversed in and said all around Melbourne now.
    Chinatown…obviously…IS only the place where one should hear Chinese being spoken!
    And really only there…and that was the case until only a few years ago.

    Recently I helped some tourists with directions in the city (it’s hard to actually encounter genuine tourists anymore here…people want to see Australia, NOT a crowded, violent, noisy, discordant mess!), and they asked where Chinatown is. I breathed a sigh in reply, stammered a bit, and replied that that is quite a difficult question to answer now…that the whole city is becoming ‘Chinatown’, or ‘Indiatown’ or ‘Africatown’. For effect I gestured around, and it was several moments, maybe a minute or two, in spite of many people walking past us…before another Australian was seen.
    They got my point.
    I directed them to the real Chinatown, of course, which I have visited and hung around in for years…and still do…and they went on their way there. I was in Chinatown only yesterday!
    Chinatown should be just that, and it once was, a very small district…in which I (or any other Australian, or tourist) may go and expect to hear some people speak Chinese, if I so wish.
    It is NOT right that Chinese… or a PLETHORA of different languages, is/are spoken at all times, in all locales, in Melbourne or anywhere else in Australia.
    People have the right…especially in an advanced, first world, English speaking nation…to hear English being spoken.
    The human ear needs to hear, and importantly the human mind needs to make sense of, what it can understand…if people want to hear their own, foreign, language, then they should be in their own country.
    There simply should NOT be people here in such large numbers that Australians have to endure incoherent foreign languages ALL THE TIME!!!

    I don’t make up stories! What you should realise is that the foreigners coming here…or even those who have been here for some time…speak and understand their own language, and maybe English…they do NOT automatically comprehend the hundreds of tongues of the world, nor want to hear them!

    Above all else…unless it’s in the right environs, and for interest’s sake…Australians do NOT wish to hear, or be ear-bashed, by other languages, by incoherent gibberish. It’s our country, and we have the right to comprehend everything that occurs or is spoken here!

    • “People have the right…especially in an advanced, first world, English speaking nation…to hear English being spoken.”

      This is a right? English is not the official language of Australia, by the way. People do not have some kind of right to enforce those around them to speak in a language they can understand. That’s like giving people the right to go to a stranger’s house and demand to read their emails. People do not have a right to know what other people are speaking about in their private conversations.

      And I find your comments about your area being overrun by Chinese, Indian and Africans. You live in Melton, Victoria. Melton is the bogan backwater of Victoria. It is predominantly made up of Anglos.


    • Hi Scott – could you go into a little more depth on something for me, please? I’m interested in how you came to this conclusion:

      “The human ear needs to hear, and importantly the human mind needs to make sense of, what it can understand…”

      See, it’s of my understanding that when a human is born their brain holds the capacity to learn any and every language, and while it makes dormant unused synapses during two childhood/adolescent pruning processes — like those for an unlearnt language — due to its plasticity, it retains the ability to learn again in future.

  10. Hey, Chocochi, when you lived in Japan (are you Japanese?), who were all the people on the train, and what language were they, be it loudly or softly, speaking?
    I’ll safely bet that the answer to both is Japanese?!
    You will not find crowds of a multitude of different nations, races, and ethnicities, gabbing away in a cacophony of jarring tongues, on a Japanese train.
    If you’re wanting to push “multi-culturalism”, then don’t bring up Japan…or, better yet, please do!
    For I love to raise Japan, and the Japanese, in the fight against “multi-culturalism”!

    • bahahaha! Nah – Tokyo trains have all sorts of people. In Yokohama there’s a lot of Chinese and American soldiers. Roppongi has heaps of people from everywhere; at night a lot of Americans and Africans. Then there are areas with high populations of Korean and Brazilians. And of course lots of loud Osakans! Tokyo people despise them!

      But you totally missed the point. The only thing I am pushing is that people everywhere have similar pet peeves.

      People speaking loudly on the train is annoying. Language is irrelevant.

  11. Oh, and Chocochi, I know, I know alright.
    Not all of those standing against mass immigration into, or the “multi-culturalisation” of, Australia, are the ignorants that you (ironically ignorant) liberals tend to imagine.

    • Hey Scott every time you post something here you prove everything we have said is correct.

      You don’t just shoot yourself in the foot you use nuclear weapons on yourself each time.

  12. “I directed them to the real Chinatown, of course, which I have visited and hung around in for years…and still do…and they went on their way there. I was in Chinatown only yesterday!”

    Bahaha, is this where you developed your fetish for Asian women? I’m going to friend you on facebook, Scott, you’re hilarious.

  13. A true story: A couple of decades ago when I finished my HSC, I went to work in a factorynear where I live in the summer holidays before uni. Being on the process line amongst people of different races. Most of the people were older but there were a few around my age. During lunchtime I was chatting to an Arab looking guy who was working on the line much further down from me. During our convo he asked if I spoke any Hindi and I said yes. He then started speaking to me in Hindi and I was quite surprised and we chatted for a while and I found it to be quite cool. I then asked him if he spoke Arabic. He replied, “oh yeah, I know 11 languages. I did German and Arabic for my HSC”. As i stood there agog he rattled off a list of languages that included Mandarin, French, Italian, Indonesian, etc. He said, “my grandpa’s been teaching me since I was 5 years old”. I asked in amazement and feeling mighty insecure in my pathetic bilingualness, “what? but but how, did he teach you all those languages?”. He retorted that his grandfather knew 21 different languages! I wanted to test him out so I spoke to him in my pidgin French to which he put me to shame. I asked a Chinese guy acquaintance to speak to him in Mandarin and they carried on a conversation which I interrupted after a while as I felt left out. He was a nice guy and got to know him a bit more over the next month. He went on to do Law but I lost touch with him.
    Scott, are you going to berate an Indigenous Australian speaker when you hear them next to you? Imagining the world revolves around you and they must be speaking about you:-? Get used to it Scott ’cause they ain’t gonna stop. These non-monolingual people live here and have rights. We are greater than the sum of our parts and this relates to languages spoken. The diversity of our people is a big factor in building a greater nation.

  14. Explain yourself!
    I mean, really, why can liberals/multicultists never explain themselves, their motives, or their criticism of those who logically and naturally oppose their agenda?
    Those here, and you seem to be going along with it, cast aspersions, dish dirt, tell lies…ask for a reaction, a response… I give one,I speak the truth…and then you just chime in with this kind of tripe!

    Is that it really? That liberals know full well how wrong they are, and will say ANYTHING to hurt, upset, or anger people, just to BE wrong, and to persistently avoid any genuine discussion?
    Because this is so commonplace now, and I’m, frankly, really sick of it.

    Multicultists will determindly say the wrong thing, knowing full well that it’s wrong…goad people into a proper response…which by all logic should put the nonsense to rest…but they then dance off around with further insults, mockery, and lies.

    Well, we can only take what you say, or claim, and answer it directly. You then play games with that.

    Firstly, NOTHING that any of you has said is correct, and it is entirely conceited and presumptuous for you to claim so….secondly, I want you to try and EXPLAIN what it is that I have said, that you think may in some way “prove” that what any of you have said is “correct”!

    • What do you mean we can’t explain ourselves? Successive Labor and Liberal governments have continued to increase immigration over the past several decades for good reason. Successive governments have continued to grant Australian citizenship to people regardless of their country of origin.

      This concretes the fact that all you have said is merely opinion. You think that your country is under threat. You think that immigration serves no purpose other than to strip Australians of jobs they could have got if migrants hadn’t taken them. You think that non-white children decrease the quality of education available to white children. You think that English is a legislated official language and that people should somehow be enforced to speak it in public when there are monolingual people like you around. You think that non-whites are stripping away the Australian way of life, but haven’t given any examples of where this has happened. You think that non-whites have placed our British influenced democracy and education systems under threat, but haven’t given any examples of where this is even a remote reality.

      People like you need to be exposed for their ignorance. You honestly think that people who support the rights of people of varying origins to call Australia home are heartless and non-caring. You honestly believe that we care not for maintaining any of the values that are identified as being exclusively Australian. And you will not budge despite all of your beliefs being based on opinion and nothing else.

    • I am beginning to think you are really begging for some justification for YOUR position. Our position is simple.

      1. Racism is illegal
      2. Racism is morally reprehensible, whether one’s moral compass is informed by religious beliefs or by atheism or humanism.

      Substitute the name of any other criminal behaviour for the word “racism” and you will see the logic we use.

      We have nothing to explain, prove or justify.

  15. Really, what you Josh, what all of you, have said…only goes to further prove what many of us already know.
    That liberals/multicultists DO NOT CARE, despite the vain protestations, about anyone or anything…that they/you are puffed full of venom and spite…and will bite the hand that has fed, even, foolishly, at your own peril.
    What you have said only further proves what many of us already know…and that is just how very wrong, how evil, liberalism is.
    And how arrogant, ignorant, and inconsiderate, those who subscribe to it’s lies have let themselves become.

    • We care about the advancement of our country and the right for people born overseas to call themselves Australian and contribute to our way of life. Our advocacy for people from all walks of life is a much more sensitive and caring approach than your exclusive ‘fuck anyone who isn’t white’ ideology.

    • On the contrary, we are working for a better, more informed and more tolerant Australia. We don’t just spend obsessive hours online advocating hate and violence.

      Anti-racism activists are involved in their communities, are either employed or studying, are often parents, have sound relationships – and are free from preoccupations with the ethnicity or religion of people they deal with on a daily basis.

      A train journey for us is merely a way of getting to work, school or uni, not a journey into racial typology or phobias about languages other than English.

      A race to us is an event at the Olympics, or Lance Armstrong on a bicycle, or that second Tuesday in November event, not a species indicator.

      White skin is just another human variation, not an indicator of any innate superiority. In a country with Australia’s climate it is in fact a disadvantage.

      So if you cannot cope with these differences between you and us you’d best leave.

    • Scott,
      Astonishingly, I have somehow endured your incoherent nonsense this far without (seriously) contemplating getting drunk. But could you explain one thing to me…..
      Is your use of the term ‘multicultists’ an attempt by you (a fuckhead) at being funny? Or is it just the result of non-whites ruining your education?
      Also, if you could actually define ‘Australian culture’ is, that’d be great.
      With love,
      Marcus the Multicultist

  16. My God!
    Almost as though to further verify what I wrote…’diddly’ pipes in with such spiteful nonsense!
    Don’t you even care about being wrong?
    I mean, how can people not care about being wrong?
    You seem to not be able to help following suit with such similar mockery and refusal to speak openly.

    No, I’m not “retarded”.
    That might be the only excuse for your audacity…but no, I really don’t think you get off quite that easily.
    And no, at present I would not like a hug from you.
    What, do you think that will gloss over the loss of my country?
    Are you offering similar to all the other Australians that you’re brazenly selling out?
    I don’t think you’ll get many takers.

    • Wrong about what? Wrong about the benefits of immigration? Wrong about what it means to be Australian?

      You are the one who is wrong about what constitutes becoming an Australian citizen and you are the one who is wrong about how Australia benefits from immigration. Your opinions are driven by your fear of our culture being wiped out. Opinions driven by any kind of fear are usually completely tainted.

  17. Well, right now, I am home!
    As In, in my own home…and my country.
    And, what is that?
    Some of that “positive discrimination”, some of that “reverse racism”, that we’ve heard so much about?
    The kind that’s directed at Whites…so it’s “okay”?

    It’s not.

    • He meant go home, as in leave this blog. Why don’t you ask someone from your Facebook friends list to come over and support your stance? Oh that’s right… You have no real friends, just tired fantasies of Asian porn stars.

      As for the cracker call, it’s sweet irony. A racist being called something racist. Did you miss the point? Look how you’ve arched your back up over it, but then see no problem with identifying white culture and heritage as being somewhat superior in comparison to non-white culture and heritage.

  18. About time you got this nerk on here, and great that he actually tried to defend himself.
    My only problem with this site in the past as it seems to take peoples comments and not allow a right of reply.
    Shat down Scotty. One day you might even realise how much drivel comes out of your keyboard.

  19. Hey Scott,
    I think you may have a point here, along the lines of showing respect to your adopted country by speaking the local language. Just out of curiosity, how many Aboriginal dialects can you speak, and when in the company of Indigenous people are you so rude to speak English within their earshot. Going by your own principles you should be a master of your local mob’s language at least.

  20. In case it wasn’t obvious enough, I was referring to what ‘diddly’ said above.

    In terms of Australia, my God, take a look at what has been going in Australia over the last few years! It’s ALL so-called ‘reverse racism’…maliciously designed and enacted to silence and marginalise Australians, and to eventually dismantle and destroy Australia.
    Look at everything that is being said and done to us.

  21. “In terms of Australia, my God, take a look at what has been going in Australia over the last few years! It’s ALL so-called ‘reverse racism’…maliciously designed and enacted to silence and marginalise Australians, and to eventually dismantle and destroy Australia.
    Look at everything that is being said and done to us”

    How about some specific examples, and an explanation of who exactly it is with the “maliciously designed” intent to destroy australia and marginalize all white australians, and perhaps you can give us some insight into their sinister motives too?

    I seem to recall seeing you post something before along these lines, actually, some crap about zionists or the “illuminati” or some crap like that.

  22. Also, reverse racism is kind of a silly term, as a Proud miracle working super human Briton, you may want to reconsider the use of the term “reverse racism” though it is often thrown around by various racists, it actually implies that whites are the key perpetrators of racist acts/comments and that racism not committed by whites or racism against whites is rare.

    An implication that i am sure does not mesh with your white supremacist ideals.

  23. Of course it’s made to seem cooky to say so “devil’s advocate” (and that is part of the plan), but it IS the Illuminati/Zionists that are deviously orchestrating this!
    Do you think that strong, successful, advanced societies just collapse so by accident? Do you think that a race may just up and commit suicide for the heck of it?
    Do you think that ANYTHING major happens in society without some form of grand plan?

    Liberals/left-wingers/multicultists THINK that with your two-bit street protests, and all your other petty trouble-making, you’re affecting some kind of grass-roots “change” and bringing about an egalitarian mixed-race society…but you’re NOT!
    You’re the biggest pawns of all. Your protests, your trouble-making, would come to absolutely NOTHING if those engineering this didn’t want it to.

    Don’t be fooled either, as liberals…you’re not only merely the devil’s advocates…you’re actually in the pocket of Satan.

    Such a massive change, for the worse, in society…such a drastic change to society…is ONLY happening because it is being made to…and because it is in a select group’s selfish interest.

    Wake Up!

    • Oh boy I have to screenshot that one! Either you’re a very clever troll or barking mad. At the moment I’d opt for the latter.

      So do you favour the Reptoid Theory or the one where “teh_joos” or “teh_masons” are coming to get us?

      The pocket of Satan??? WTF??

    • You’re blaming the pitfalls of global economic policy and the move toward a world economy, on social liberalism and, essentially, the practice of Not Being A Fuckhead

      ‘Cause I’d argue that the range of cultures and ethnic diversity on offer is actually one of the UPSIDES of a globalised world.

    • It’s really hard to follow your train of thought here, so you’ll need to clarify.

      You think that allowing non-whites into our country is a GRAND PLAN crafted by successive governments from both wings of politics over the past six or so decades in order to completely trash our culture and destroy any hopes of national prosperity. And that governments all around the world have similar GRAND PLANS. And that these GRAND PLANS are all influenced by SATAN.


  24. And, did you not heed that I only ENQUIRED as to if that smart-alec stuff was meant to be some of that “reverse racism”…for I don’t buy into any of this “racist” garbage bandied about by liberals, under the aegis of the Illuminati.

    White supremacy is not so much an ideal, as that it just IS!

    It’s also incredibly ironic that people such as you deny any White supremacy…ON A COMPUTER!

  25. Yes indeed Josh, Liberalism is entirely Satanic in origin and nature. That should not come as news. Many have realised and expressed that already.
    I refuse to even recognise that awful, and biasedly employed, phrase “troll”…and no, I’m not barking mad, I’m not mad at all.
    Madness might seem like the only reason for some people’s rush to go along with what is happening now…but no, multicultists do not get off that easily…there is something far more deliberate, and far mor malicious, in your motivation.

  26. Yes indeed ‘diddly’…Social Liberalism is the cause of most all the ills and pitfalls of the world, not only the economic. It is the cause, but not the prime cause…more the instrument, by which social decay and destruction is formented.
    The malevolent move towards a world economy is also intrinsically tied with the move to mass-immigration into, and the “multi-culturalisation” of, the West.
    World control, is the intent of those orchestrating all this.

    I’ll let you in on something ‘diddly’, and it’s really not so great a secret…we actually had a wide range of cultures and ethnic diversity AS THE WORLD!

    Some distance, some space, some room, is actually HOW the world has a range of cultures, and ethnic diversity.

    Enforced “multi-culturalism” actually upsets that, is the opposite of that, and is ultimately destructive. Balkanisation, or the example of much of America, is not to be emulated!

    There is the ruthless move towards a globalised world, which should be confronted…but this artificially engineered “range of cultures”, this fabricated “ethnic diversity”…is actually not put into action around the world though, only in the Western world…with malicious intent.

    As I say, track back a bit…though it was by no means always a bed of roses…but the world was rich in a range of cultures, and ethnic diversity, each in their own place…that’s the way the WORLD should be!

    • Man, the thing is, that nobody is actually stopping you from celebrating your culture.

      As a proud proponent of the English language, you’re already on the winning team by a fucking mile. You don’t have to worry about your language or your culture disappearing.

      There is a language up the top of Russia, for example, with only TWO speakers left in the entire world. That’s an entire culture reduced to a population of TWO PEOPLE.

      In the Pacific region there are 210 languages/cultures listed as endangered. That includes a good majority of the Australian Aboriginal languages indigenous and unique to this part of the world.

      How DARE you feel threatened by global hegemonic forces when the biggest thing you have to worry about is that someone near you might be speaking THEIR native tongue and not yours.

      Australian culture is not going to be wiped out! The same groups of people who have always been in charge, are. Nobody’s making you change what you do, so I absolutely do not see the problem.

  27. Scott,
    Just some observations. You leave me absolutely perplexed. On your facebook profile you list your activities as Buddhism. WTF, where does white supremacy fit into the Buddhist philosophy. Buddhism teaches acceptance and tolerance. With your outlook on this life you are not scoring any merit in this incarnation.
    You also have made reference to satan, I did not realise satan was part of Buddhism.
    Scott, you are an absolute contradiction, I think your life must be a daily venture in a dark and confusing place.

  28. Firstly, aren’t you aware that it is yourselves who so keenly bandy about phrases such as “white supremacy”?
    I only ever respond to such.
    People keep hysterically going on about “white supremacy”…do you not know that those who slanderously constructed this post entitled me a “white supremacist”?
    I do not introduce myself as “hello, I’m Scott, the white supremacist”.
    However, if people pushing ‘multi-culturalism’ wish to use such a phrase as they engage in promoting such a notion for White countries, and insulting White people along the way…then let’s look at it.
    In such a stunningly vast array of areas White people have simply proven ourselves to be supreme.
    That’s observation really.
    You’re using electricity, the English language, a computer, and so many other things created and developed entirely by White people…and evidence shows would most likely only ever be created by White people…you take for granted every moment of your life the genius of White people, in more ways than you probably realise…and yet also use the fruits of that genius and creativity to dismiss any notion of a supremacy in White people?
    As I say, I’m not the one bringing it up…liberals that hate their own people and society so much as to see it given away…call White people, in my case an Australian, all manner of things if we simply speak up in defence of our own people and countries…”white supremacist” is one of them…so I take that, I can onlt take whatever is presented to me…and work with it, discuss it.

    In regards Buddhism, and in direct relation with your dismissal of any notion of a “White supremacy”…the Buddha himself was White. Please refer to the original Pali texts if you need confirmation. The Buddha was a high-caste Aryan prince, with white skin and blue eyes.
    That’s interesting enough. As is the various later schools of Buddhism around the world.
    There’s nothing that the Buddha taught, or exists in any form of Buddhist philosophy, that dictates that any people or any nation should meekly “accept” defeat!
    There is nothing in any Buddhist philosophy that determines that any people, any nation, must commit racial suicide.
    There is nothing in Buddhist philosophy, or any bona fide religious tradition, that says that I must “accept” or “tolerate” what is currently being done to Australia.
    Tolerance, ahh, the calling card of the liberal-multicultist…people, let’s face it, White people, have to “tolerate” what is happening to their countries…in general, people are being asked to “tolerate” every worsening offence nowadays.
    Tolerance, by definition can only ever be of a bad thing, and even then only temporarily.
    I di not have to, nor is there anything in any Buddhist philosophy, that dictates that I must “tolerate” what is going on, and it is bad…nothing that dictates that I “tolerate” what is being done to my people, that I must “tolerate” losing my country!
    The Buddha only ever spoke of tolerating something bad, wrong, or evil, until it can be countered, overwhelmed, and ended…not meek and muted “tolerance” or ‘acceptance’ of things without end.
    There is NO good reason why I should “accept” or “tolerate” the loss of my country and our future. There is NO good reason to “accept” or “tolerate” mass immigration and ‘multi-culturalism’!

    There very much IS Satan in Buddhism! Satan and many demons. Satan tried to tempt The Buddha away from his mission…as he did with Jesus and all of God’s other prophets, messengers and sages.

    You’re clearly a liberal, and pushing ‘multi-culturalism’…and you’ve got the nerve to mention CONTRADICTION???
    Liberalism absolutely revolves around rampant contradiction!
    So-called “multi-culturalism” is a veritable nest of contradiction!

    I’m not an “abosolute contradiction”, no, I’m complex and realise the dynamism and balance of life and the world.

    By all counts, liberalism and ‘multi-culturalism’ are impossibly contradictory!
    You denounce “white supremacy”, on a computer, speaking English, using electricity, in a society that only White people could have created…you promote a damaging, destructive, divergent, absolutely illogical, intolerable agenda such as “multi-culturalism”…AND you have the audacity to mention contradiction?

    Yes indeed, each day now in Australia…in what was until very recently a brilliant country…my life is a venture into a darkened and confused place.
    That is the fault of those engineering “multi-culturalism”.
    Thankfully though, I have the light of knowledge and understanding, the light of conscience and truth, literally God’s Light…to guide my way.

    People like you think that darkness and confusion should be accepted and tolerated. It shouldn’t. I’m one of those turning the light back on again.

    • Hi Scott – what do you think of the works of Jared Diamond? In particular I found Guns, Germs and Steel to be interesting, with its breakdown of the environmental influences that meant one people could settle down and develop technology while others were not in a geographical position to do so, and thusly remained nomadic hunter gatherers. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guns,_Germs,_and_Steel)

      You make a lot of claims here, and I am happy to give you the benefit of the doubt that they can be backed up. If you wanted to point me to a book or research paper that shows why heritable whiteness is the reason Eurasians developed a large amount of the world’s technology I would do you the courtesy of reading it. I highly recommend Guns, Germs and Steel to you.

  29. Here’s a couple of pointers to help you on your way as well Dave.
    You can actually be very interested in the world, in the people of the world…without it and them all caving in on you in your own country.
    One can actually look at, and take from, the best of the world…and we did for a long time…without the WHOLE world having to pour into your country!
    It is a big, wide, world…you should treasure that. Let’s keep some healthy space, some magic.
    We have had the ability for quite some time to see and learn about the rest of the world without the need for massive population movements.
    You can quite easily and wonderfully appreciate the rest of the world, without the rest of the world pouring into your home.
    One can also believe in, or simply realise, the ‘supremacy’ of their people…and it does not preclude appreciating or liking others.

    It’s staggering how liberal indoctrination causes people to forget that. You should get back to being able to realise it though.

  30. Oh Scott,
    You truly are confused but I will respond to some of your points in no particular order.

    “There is NO good reason why I should “accept” or “tolerate” the loss of my country and our future”

    So you truly understand and empathise with the Indigenous plight.

    “There very much IS Satan in Buddhism! Satan and many demons. Satan tried to tempt The Buddha away from his mission…as he did with Jesus and all of God’s other prophets, messengers and sages.”

    Buddha was on the earth 400 years before Christ, you must be reading some very distorted history books.

    “The Buddha was a high-caste Aryan prince, with white skin and blue eyes.”

    You truly are misguided. The Buddha walked away from all worldly goods and relinquished his title before he became the Buddha.

    “You’re clearly a liberal, and pushing ‘multi-culturalism’…and you’ve got the nerve to mention CONTRADICTION???”

    Wrong again misguided one, I am actually right wing, a Liberal party supporter, with humanitarian qualities and I stand against racism that is destroying the harmony in our society. I also have looked into Buddhism and visited many temples through out South East Asia, so I have a fair idea on Buddhist philosphies. Your idea of Buddhism doesn’t quite fit. One does not use Buddhism to preach separation amongst mankind.

    “I’m not an “abosolute contradiction”, no, I’m complex and realise the dynamism and balance of life and the world.”

    I don’t think there is any balance in your life,let alone you understanding the “balance” and dynamics of life.
    White Australia is only a new concept in the time scale of life, I think white settlement here greatly upset any balance that was in place.

    “You denounce “white supremacy”, on a computer, speaking English, using electricity, in a society that only White people could have created…you promote a damaging, destructive, divergent, absolutely illogical, intolerable agenda such as “multi-culturalism”…AND you have the audacity to mention contradiction?”

    Once again you are truly confused. The Arab world is responsible for mathematics and alphabet , Greeks philosophy, Chinese for many things. Japan revolutionised the technology world. People from many nations contributed to the modern day world.

    “Thankfully though, I have the light of knowledge and understanding, the light of conscience and truth, literally God’s Light…to guide my way.”

    Are you Buddhist or Christian, I really think you are confused. You need help Scott. I think the medical term is schizophrenia.

    SCOTT, if you want to live under a blanket of ignorance,denial and hatred then I pity you. Maybe turn to one of the religions you follow and ask for redemption/saving/help!!!!!

  31. I couldn’t, sadly, agree with you more Rudolf…both Capitalists and Communists ARE pro ‘multi-culturalism’!
    Extremists ARE initiating ‘multi-culturalism’ PRECISELY so as to take over!
    The reduction of immigration, or better still the ending of it…would be a VERY wise idea for Australia!

    • Did you even read the above? And wait, if Caps and Coms are pro multi-cults, and extremists (vaguely defined) want to take over with ‘multi-culturalism’? What the hell are you conveying?

  32. It’s truly flabbergasting, just how very wrong multicultists can be, and so regularly are. It’s as though you actually enjoy it. As though you mean it.

    Should I get into it all, yet again?

    Dave, basically everything that you have written there is wrong, I could just leave it at that and have you go back through your words and claims, but whilst it is tiring to have to continually point out the errors of multicultists, to point out the obvious…I shan’t be put off.
    Here goes…

    I’ll start at the finish and work my way backwards.

    Schizophrenia? That could almost pass as a definition of “multi-culturalism”…an artificially fabricated social schizophrenia. It’s highly ironic that you wish to see a secure, coherent society broken up and split into a divided and divisive ‘multi-cultural’ mish-mash…AND claim that those who oppose that are schizophrenic!

    I’m religious, I’m spiritual, put it that way. I’m an ardent monotheist. The founders of all bona fide religious traditions were sent in their time by God.

    You’re going to try your hand at schooling me in history, religion, and culture? Me?
    The “Arab world” only exists because the Arabs invaded and conquered much of an already highly advanced White/Caucasian world. The Arabs are NOT responsible for mathematics! They later added some brilliant things to already well existent mathematics in lands they invaded and conquered, such as Egypt, India, and the Greek world.
    We already had the alphabet. Arabic script and language has nothing whatsoever in common with Indo-European languages and alphabet.
    The once great Arab civilisation reached a zenith, and began to sink into decline, many centuries before Europeans arrived to wrench them out of their sloth.
    Greek philosophy has direct influence on later Western traditions, and upon the Arabs.
    The Chinese developed much, thousands of years ago, and then stagnated. Much that was once attributed to the Chinese has now though been proven to have originated with Caucasian peoples of Central Asia.
    The Japanese ONLY revolutionised technology, to some degree, that they received from Caucasians.
    Are you aware of what Japan was like until the late 19th century? As interesting and developed as it very well was…it had remained at a point it had been since the middle-ages.
    There is NOTHING to indicate that the Chinese or Japanese would have proceeded with any further development without contact with the Western powers.

    It’s staggering just how little of genuine history multicultists actually know…and how clogged with a liberal revision of “history” they are.

    Even just going along with your attempted rationale there…why would anything that the Arabs, Greeks or Chinese did in remote antiquity, or that the Japanese may have achieved recently…mean that Australia now has to be opened to massive immigration (especially from areas such as Africa and the Pacific) and be turned ‘multi-cultural’?
    And so much…darn near ALL that Japan has utilised in recent decades comes from some other people, nation, or culture…why then is Japan then not forced to go “multi-cultural”?

    Wise up Dave. As I said…the VAST majority of everything that you utilise every moment of your life is a result of the genius of White people and Western civilisation!

    The only balance that was in Australia prior to White (British!) arrival was a very tenuous balance between the Aboriginals and a radically compromised environment that thousands of years of their mismanagement had created.
    Don’t be fooled by the myths about the “balance” of all aboriginal/indigenous/native societies either…they were not always as well balanced as you’ve been led to believe.

    I do understand, profoundly, the balance and dynamics of LIFE…of the WORLD!

    I refute the notion of either Right or Left wing…both are fabrications of those engineering all this. I’m absolutely centrist, third position, balanced.

    There CANNOT be a “racism” that is destroying some falsely perceived “harmony” in this society! There CAN’T be…if the people that are made to seem as the “victims” of “racism” have not been here more than five minutes, and whose increasing presence itself is DESTROYING the genuine harmony of this country!
    Australians were well harmonious as Australians. There was no reason to destroy that. By it’s very definition ‘multi-culturalism’ is not harmonious, it is DISCORDANT!

    God willed a healthy seperation in mankind, nature confirms that, and the Buddha validated that.
    Are multicultists actually stupid, or id their wilful ignorance just an accurate facsimile of stupidity?
    Of course I know that the Buddha lived some 500 years before Christ, as Muhamman lived some 500 years after him…and as prophets, messengers, and sages (as my earlier words clearly indicated) lived before them all.

    I wouldn’t even dignify the corruption that all of you are under the influence of as being even distorted history books…they’re not history books at all…just sheer distortion!

    Each people and nation of the world deserves it’s place.
    We have ours, we made it, it is a great place. We have not been defeated and so do not deserve the nightmare that is being made to befall us.
    Australia shone like a gem and still can again.
    It is perfectly in accordance with all genuine history, religion, philosophy, culture, and wisdom…that I speak up for my own people and nation!

    I ONLY hate what is deserving of hate. If people wish to stop such hate, then they should stop doing hateful, and thus hateable, things. The hatred shown by people such as yourself, for Australians, is the issue.
    YOU are the ones promulgating denial! Denial of history, of facts, of conscience…of our sovereignty and right to our own existence.
    It is multicultists who ply a very deliberate IGNORANCE! An obnoxious and wilful ignorance…of all that i have spoken of, and so much more.

    God grants redemption, safety, and help…and by God’s good grace we are actually meant to help ourselves as well!

    • Any proof of the above regarding your historical facts? I’m pretty sure the people in the Middle East aren’t white since the biblical era.

    • Of COURSE you’re a monotheist, Scott.

      There’s only one person here practicing historical revisionism. Hysterical histrionics of hilarious proportions.

      You’re so fucking vanilla. You’d still bang Asian slutz though, right?

      • Oh and could you PLEASE define what “multicultists” means?

        For someone who is so pumped about the English language you appear to be abusing a term that doesn’t actually exist.

    • Lurid obsessive or psychotic fantasies are often “interesting”? The visions of saints and shamans would fall into this category. So would Scott’s rant.

      Scott is on very shaky ground with just about everything he’s written.

      When the Arabs (strictly speaking they were Berbers from North Africa who had embraced Islam) conquered Al-Andalus, the former Roman colony had declined considerably. Visigoth robber barons had parcelled up the land amongst themselves and held the local population as slaves who farmed the land for the benefit of themselves. Superstition, disease and iliteracy were rife. The Visigoths were also Arians, which made them heretics in the eyes of Rome and subject to attacks from forces allied with the Pope.

      The “Moors” as the Muslim invaders were known brought with them science, literature, governance and in early medieval terms an enlightened system of government where Christians and Jews were well-treated. Knowledge flourished under a succession of generally benevolent rulers.

      The Latin alphabet came from the Greek, which in turn came from that of ancient Sumeria. Modern mathematics derives from both Hindu and Arabic sources – “zero” is Hindu-Arabic, differential calculus likewise was developed from both Hindu and Arabic origins.

      As for the invaders of the Indian sub-continent, we know that speakers of a Proto-Indo-European language arrived about 4,000 years ago in India but no one knows what their ethnicity was. Language does not determine or indicate ethnicity, culture or skin colour. Since the Indo-European family of languages has a Central Asian origin then one must assume they were people of Central Asian origin, and probably the descendants of nomadic herdsmen, since Proto IE contains many root words indicating this.

      To historians and linguists it does not really matter what they looked like.

      But go ahead Scott, keep on with your race-myths. This blog is syndicated and has thousands of readers who are all having a good chuckle.

  33. Scott:

    You are are either retarded, insane, or both.

    THE WORST and most painfully overused defense of racism/ racial supremacy EVER.
    Ofcourse every dumb fuck supremacist hick thinks their opinion is the truth.

    It’s up there with “multi-cultists” as the dumbest thing to ever come out of a racist hicks mouth.

    I expect to see you on a street corner some day ranting and raving about how the satanic multicultist illuminati is coming to destroy our society with hideous divisive lies like :

    “White people are not inherently better than non whites”
    “Not all 1.5 billion muslims are psychotic murders”

    Not treating one another like worthless pieces of shit based on race and religion will surely be the undoing of our society!

    Keep watching the sky you fucking nutball, since you know all their secrets i am sure the illuminati will be after getting rid of you.

  34. Although you do make a good point, a white guy did invent the computer, so i guess i should get a swastika tatooed on my forehead and go out and lynch some blacks.

    • I dunno man. Wasn’t he a poof? Also weren’t there women involved? For some reason slutz never wanna hang out take speed and bang to Johnny Reb songs, it’s cos they all like black cock aye

  35. Where should I go then, Scott? I am a child of those ‘non-Australian’ immigrants you speak of, who did indeed pay their taxes by ‘stealing’ jobs. Yep, they spent many years taking those dollars from the mitts of ‘real’ Aussies who I’m sure would have jumped at the chance to be a cleaner, or labour outdoors in the 35 degree midday heat.

    I’m sorry, but it’s too late. They spent most of that dirty money putting me through school, where I got an education I was not entitled to, taking the place of an ‘Australian’ child.

    When I left high school, I went and took the place of a real ‘Australian’ in university. While I was there, I stole even more jobs; I’m sure there would have been many willing to trade places with me working long hours scraping bits of bone and rotten meat off the equipment in the back of the butcher’s shop. Evil of me, I know, but I had to take someone else’s place to put myself through a university degree I didn’t deserve. Those poor ‘Australians’, missing out.

    Now I am about to graduate from medical school, and work long shifts in a crowded public hospital; just another spoke in the wheels of a medical system which is propped up by those damn job stealing international medical graduates.

    My goodness, I feel terrible. It seems like my entire existence has just been crushed by your diatribe. I’d better quit medicine now, leave Australia and go back to ‘where I came from’.

    Whatever, Scott. Please stop embarrassing my country.

  36. +1 white Australian who is against Scott. Scott, I am starting to feel sorry for you. I actually have no idea what you are going on about. Clearly you wish for the “Melbourne of old” where you seem to recall there being less people with skin colours other than a pinkish hue and no other languages spoken than english. Where this strange recollection comes from, one can only wonder as foreigners have migrated here for donkeys years.

    You may be better off moving to Finaland. 80% white skin, blonde hair. If that makes you feel more comfortable?

    My recommendation though, would be to make friends with the people who make you feel uncomfortable. That way you will no longer hate them.

    I have made friends with Indians, Chinese, Arab, Thai (of all different religions) and this has helped me understand their personalities and cultures a lot more. I spent 18 months living in the Middle East which has helped me understand Arabs and Islam a lot more. I also feel a lot more comfortable being around these people in my own country because I understand a little better how they think and feel in terms of THEIR culture.

    It really is a great feeling becoming familiar with unfamiliar nationalities.

  37. oh how i wish i had the time to respond to everything scott has said here. what an ignorant moron. for now, ill focus on one point.. highlights the misinformation/wishful thinking that spills from his head like so much bile.

    “The only balance that was in Australia prior to White (British!) arrival was a very tenuous balance between the Aboriginals and a radically compromised environment that thousands of years of their mismanagement had created”

    the Irish have a phrase for people like you. it is ‘feckin iidjit’. you actually intend to argue that the environment has not suffered from the arrival of europeans here? or that the effect of the current ruling society is merely on par with whatever changes the aboriginals brought about? seriously.

    against my better judgement, lets examine this somewhat properly. current culture implies the destruction of water ways and coastal environments as a result of wwtps etc, the transfer of almst all arable and much of the arid land to either plant based agriculture or cattle grazing, both destroying the previously existing env, the release of foreijn species that have decimated whatever was left after all this, plus carbon emmissions etc that will effect things locally as well globally etcetc.

    indigenous people on the other hand, are merely the possible cause of the extinction of the megafauna (any expert on this will tell you that the evidence is at best circumstancial) which was in relative terms a minor events, given that the niches vacated have been filled by other species etc., and slotted themselves into already established cycles of native flora aging as a collective before burning owing to bushfires from a number of sources, only later the primary being inducement by indigenous people. even you can understand this one im sure. evolution of plant species and systems takes a lot longer than the 60, 000 years the aboriginal people are thought to have resided here, as in probable millions. there is no way the indigenous effected the flora of this land significantly.

    there was indeed environmental balance here prior to european arrival. the sort of fragile balance that is in constant yet slow flux, as are all environmental systems. but balance none the less, and one far different to the shattered eco system we have now owing to rapid changes and poor managment employed by ignorant industrialists.

    so as someone whose double degree is law and sciene (environmental), i can tell you that you are indeed ignorant of the facts, and your willingness to commit verbal diarrhoea all over our blog about subjects of which you have little to no understanding, shows you to be the sort of person who should not be listened to, ever.

    might i just add, though i do not share your concerns about space for immigrants etc, if there ever was a problem, we could solve it easily. we can simply deport you in the same way you would deport others, back where you came from as your ilk puts it(somewhere in britain i assume?). this way we rid ourselves of retarding individuals such as yourself, and replace them withthe genuine assylum seekers we have desperately trying to reach our shores (although their numbers will never match the number of wasteoids we could potentially get rid of). In my experience, these folk are grateful, ready to work hard, are often educated (sri lanka afghanistan etc are hardly refuges for intellectuals atm) and almost to an indiv add hugely to any society fortunate enough to accept them. and when you and your peers are crying about being sent somewhere less stable, forced away from ‘your’ country and into the wide unknown by a political ideology that is hostile to you, hopefully you recieve just as much compassion and welcome as you intended to offer others.

  38. Rudolf, the people of the Middle East were White until the Islamic era, in many places still were until the Mongol and Turkish eras. Many still are, as a matter of fact.
    You seem chillingly comfortable with a sort of White-genocide around the Biblical era though!

    Josh, the Berbers were and are Caucasians. Spain was formerly primarily Celtic, then came under Roman rule, later invaded by the Visgoths. All of these are Caucasians. The Jews in Spain may well have fostered the Muslim invasion (it’s funny how comfortable you liberals are with some invasions!). Islamic Spain was VERY interesting, and was a balance between Muslims, Christians, and Jews…but not always the idyll you’ve been led to believe.
    The Muslims brought with them science, mathematics, and medicine which they have largely adopted from the Caucasian societies and civilisations they had conquered around the Meditteranean and the Middle East.
    The Berbers rebelled against Arab rule because they were treated as second class citizens.
    Later Muslims of North Africa, the infamous Barbary Corsairs, took over a million White/Christian slaves from Europe and treated them horrendously.
    The ancient Greeks were White, Mesopotamia and the Sumerians were White (they portrayed themselves as white and with blue eyes), the early Hindu Indians, the Aryans, were and are Caucasians, were White…they are/were directly related to the Iranians/Aryans.

    To historians it often does matter what people lookd like, and history declares what they looked like. Linguists, no, not completely, of course.
    I am not talking about “Race-myths”…I am talking about Racial truth!

    Josh…the future of my people, and my country, is under severe threat! I DO NOT CARE about vain, foolish, insensitive people having a “chuckle” at me and my words!!!! That only proves how hate-filled, how spiteful, and how ignorant, you and they all are.
    You will not be chuckling when all this envelops YOU! When you have no job, no home, when you’re children have no place in school, when your country is taken from you, when the knives are at your throat. I’m one of those striving to stop that! Wake UP!

    Mamoru…it’s NOT your country, and you’ve no right to be “embarrased” by an actual Australian speaking up for it.

    Ryan, I live in Australia…which until very recently was well over 90% White!
    Have I said that I “hate” anyone Ryan? No!
    I AM friends with many people of various nations…this does NOT mean that I want the world pouring into my country!
    I’m friends with most people in my street…that does NOT mean I want them all crowding into my house to live!!!
    Are the Indians, Chinese, or Arabs allowing large numbers of foreigners into their countries to live?
    This is all a one-way street!
    They all hate each other too, by the way.
    Things going as is…100 years from now India will still be populated by Indians, China by Chinese, and ‘Arab’ countries populated largely by Arabs.
    White nations, such as Australia?….will be a crowded, mixed up MESS!!!!!!
    When you were in THEIR countries (see, they still get a “their” countries and culture) was there hundreds of thousands, or millions, of YOUR countrymen there????
    One can easily learn about the world, without having it invade your land!
    I am familiar with other nationalities…get it? OTHER nationalities! And my nationality is mine!
    I’m speaking of the Melbourne, that existed only a very short time ago!
    And there’s NO good reason why it has to be chamged so severely!!!

    maiki-T…all I can say, in response to that splurge, is that you’re wrong, wrong, WRONG!!!
    I KNOW about the world, and about the people of the world, I am extremely well learned…that does not translate as wanting it all here, in fact, quite completely the opposite!

    “Multi-culturalism” is an entirely fabricated, artificial phrase, to suit an equally artificial concept, there is NO SUCH THING as “multi-culturalism”…so we are entitled to employ a phrase, such as multicultist…that perfectly sums up this racial and social suicide cult!!!

    • ‘I’m friends with all kinds of people… Gooks, Spooks, stupid fucking Wetbacks, but I don’t hate anyone. They’re just not welcome in my country. After all, Australia’s always been white. And immigration is wrong’

      You’re right about only one thing. Multi-culturalism is entirely fabricated. At no point in our history has Australia shown anything short of antipathy, hostile and pointless hatred for foreigners. That’s not to say that multi-culturalism should be fiction, it just is. If you’re sick of Australia being crowded by ethnic, fuck off back to the nineteenth century where you belong. This is of course Australia, however, so the nineteenth century is around… 1974?

    • As an actual historian, your historical knowledge makes me laugh Scott. I give your essays on history 42 percent (which is a fail at university). And that is being very generous. You would be laughed out of my classroom, son.

    • Erroneous facts and extreme paranoia are but two of Scott’s problems.

      “I DO NOT CARE about vain, foolish, insensitive people having a “chuckle” at me and my words!!!! That only proves how hate-filled, how spiteful, and how ignorant, you and they all are”
      “Mamoru…it’s NOT your country, and you’ve no right to be “embarrased” by an actual Australian speaking up for it”

      Hypocrisy is apparently another. “You’re hate filled Josh! I don’t care that you’re laughing at me! But actually I do, cos I’ll complain that you are spiteful! And so is everyone else here! Wa wa wa! I’m not hate-filled! But Mamoru is an immigrant so this isn’t his country! But I’m not hate filled! Go ahead and laugh at me – I’ll pretend not to care!”

      By the way, Scott, Mamoru spelled embarrassed correctly. You didn’t. And yes, we ARE all laughing at you. If you’re going to be a hate-filled racist hypocrite whinging paranoid victim-card playing loser who feels like he has the right to decide whose country this is, at least have the decency to learn the language spoken here.

    • Personally I”m more concerned about Australia in 100 years being packed full of Rupert Murdoch retards like yourself

  39. According to Scott, everything is white. Even the African man.
    According to Scott, people of other cultures like him, despite the fact he is haranguing them at every breath,
    According to Scott, everybody else is a malicious fuckhead.

  40. Scott, I’m assuming you’re monolingual and can only speak the English language. So if people on the bus, train or in general Australian society are only allowed to speak English, imagine if you and a mate went on a holiday to France. It has its own French culture and language, quite distinct from our “Australian” culture and language. So the question I’m asking you is. Whilst in France with your friend, what language will you speak? English?

  41. lmao

    evidently scott believes that loud proclamations, not facts our rational points, are what makes a person correct.

    “i cant respond to what you say, but you WRONG”. lol. very telling.

  42. Yeah Scott, you don’t hate anybody. Only those ‘filthy immigrant subhuman animals’ who can’t be bothered to learn our great and pure language!

  43. Haha, guess what Scott, I am an Australian citizen, this IS my country, and I am going to work hard and take all the opportunities given to me in this paradise to get ahead and prosper in my life. I’m going to populate this country with my children, and give them the best possible education. I could sit back and whinge about whatever is going wrong in my life and blame it on the hordes of ‘immigrants’ who are ‘taking all the jobs’, but for some reason I just don’t feel threatened by them. I understand what an incredible chance I’ve been given and I’m going to do my best to get ahead. I work hard, I pay taxes, I vote, and I am as entitled to my position here as anyone else. If that bothers you, then I hope you are losing sleep over it.

  44. This guy started randomly messaging me on FB once, I must have made some comment to him on a group. He just went on and on and on about non-sensical bullshit that was basically White Power. I had no idea what the fuck.

  45. It’s actually amazing, in the worst possible way, how so many people forget, or ignore, just how the country…that they take full, and obviously blissfully ignorant, advantage of every day of their lives!
    Do you think the people of the nations that all of the immigrants/refugees that you now consider more worthy of living here than actual Australians are bisy denying and disupting their own sovereignty, or identity back home?
    Because they’re not!

    I’m wondering how long it would be before, upon fully realising that you are being surrounded by masses of people who will take from you, that who en masse fo not care about you, and that you are being sold out, actually sratch your heads and wake up to what’s going on…and realise that myself, and other Australians that spoke up about that not too far fetched fact that we, Australians, actually have every right to preserve ourselves, our standard of living, our society, and our future, and to safeguard our national sovereignty in every possible manner?
    Hopefully, not when it’s too late!

    It’s staggering what will be forgotten and glossed over, for some belatedly radical, “non-racist”(?), troublemakers to bend over and prostrate themselves, venomously insulting their fellow Australians, just to show off how suitably liberal and debased they are now, how much they’ve gone for the multicult agenda.

    It’s not good, and people need to wake up.

  46. ^ just how that country, came to actually be, it should say back up near tyhe beginning there.

    For no, it wasn’t “built on immigration”, and no, it wasn’t “always multicultural”. It was made possible by one people, and one society.

    It’s actually a legacy passed on to you all, and it was fully existent until not very long ago at all…DON’T give it away!

  47. Errrrr, ugh (picture massive sigh)…um, and? So what?
    Australia utilised the services of some Afghan camel drivers assist the exploration of the interior of the continent. Who did their job well, and have a major railway line named after them.
    We all know that.

    The British Australian colonies were very well up and running by then. Do you really think we would have thrown our hands up and said “oh no, we can’t go into the outback, we’ve got no Afghani camel drivers!”?
    Great Britain made good use of certain people when need be, in founding a great, world-wide empires.

    Other peoples and powers did similar, should THEY be turned multi-cultural?

    How does a tiny handful of Afghan camel drivers being here in the latter 19th century translate in your mind as meaning that Australia has to be opened to mass world-wide immigration now, be violently divided up and turned “multi-cultural”, and Australians be reduced to a dispossessed minority in their own country? You saying Australians should now meekly bow to social and national destruction, and impending racial catastrophe…on account of some Afghan camel drivers?

    Also, though you can still see the genetic/physical traces of earlier Caucasian peoples that originally lived in that region in many of the people there, even some pure and direct links, and remains of their civilisation, most of the various populations and cultures of what is now Afghanistan are there as a result of violent invasion, and are some degree of forced mixture.
    Afghanistan is absolutely NOT a good advertisement for “multi-culturalism”!

  48. A good point made up there though.
    Scott, If you know so much about the sinister workings of the zionist/illuminati plot, why haven’t these sinister forces removed you? You seem to claim they have the power to enforce apparently unwanted multi-culturalism and brainwash a good portion of the public, so why can’t they remove you?

    And on another point, what race are these sinister forces? By your own logic, I would assume they were white as no other race would be able to trick our superior intellect.

  49. Freddy, people such as yourself…well brainwashed, and keenly ready to help thrust the knife into the back of your countrymen, ever ready to mock and deride anyone who speaks up against the zionist/illuminati/capital/multicult agenda…ARE a part of the sinister plot to remove people who speak the truth about all this!
    Wake Up!

    We’re not yet at the point at which those engineering this have the absolute power to “remove” people, we still have the ability to avert from this.
    What they COUNT on is a compliant and docile reaction from people lulled into a false sense of security, and grimly schooled into fearing being seen in opposition to what is going on.

    Many people have been attacked, charged, and imprisoned recently, upon trumped up accusations of “racism”, in line with contrived new ‘laws’ to suit.
    People who speak up against multi-culturalism are often in many ways banned, blocked, deleted, censored, or in any other way, silenced.
    You think this isn’t part of a plan towards removing any and all opposition to the multicult agenda?

    We are still at a point at which those orechestrating this still rely on worse aspects of human nature, rely on some people’s foolishly eager involvement in their own destruction.

    We still CAN ward off what is planned for White/Western people, nations, and society!

    What race are these very sinister forces? Indeed, that is the point!

    What did you mean by a “good point made up there though”? My point about Afghanistan? Any and every point I’ve made?
    It can’t be any attempt at a point made by any multicultist on here…because there are NO good points to be made in favour of ‘multi-culturalism’! The whole point of that project is destruction!

  50. lol, so “they’ve” brainwashed thousands of people in this country yet can’t remove you?

    And to answer this… “Many people have been attacked, charged, and imprisoned recently, upon trumped up accusations of “racism”, in line with contrived new ‘laws’ to suit.”

    Then why haven’t you had a visit from the police? If this is true, I’m confident you would’ve had a visit by now.

  51. It’s not really working like that, at the moment, thankfully.

    Crucial point though, I hope you’re not suggesting that I should be getting a visit from the police?! Going by the perverted rationale of liberals that any Australian who speaks up for their people and country is committing some kind of contrived “hate crime”.

    It hasn’t reached the point of police arbitrarily interring any Australian that speaks up against the multicult agenda yet, and God forbid it ever does.
    This ploy, this plot, is adjusted to suit each nation’s specific peculiarities in which it is inflicted.
    Right now, mostly, it is the famously easy-going nature, and reticence to get into confrontation, of Australians that is cunningly utilised.

    Many Australians speaking out against immigration and multi-culturalism are mocked and pilloried as “crazy”, “racists”, “xenophobes”, “ignorant”, or “bigots”…take your pick…and a decade of PC indoctrination has led people to fear being tarred by those brushes, even ahead of their own society and people’s destruction, even at their own life’s peril!

    Interesting that you mention the police…because MANY police officers in Australia are SERIOUSLY angry at what they’ve got to deal with here now, things that molly-coddled, armchair socialist, latte sipping multicultists have no idea of!

  52. The ‘socialist’ part was directed fully at the dull-witted, left-leaning, “anti racist” liberals that frequent this website, and other such places like it.
    I am fully aware, that multi-culturalism is ENTIRELY engineered from the top down.
    In spite of the fantasies of spoiled liberals, the surge towards multi-culturalism/multi-racialism is NOT a result of some groundswell of good will on their part…they are mere puppets in the hands who seek to profit from this breakdown of Australian (and wider White/Western) society.
    Capital orchestrates multi-culturalism, and it is fostered by their (unwitting?) lap-dogs, the liberal left.
    All on behalf of very sinister, very canny forces.

    To paraphrase a certain song as well…hey dude, don’t call me dude.

    And Rudolf, this is aimed at you, ?…

  53. “armchair socialist”
    This is a joke coming from a person like Scott who has no business pointing fingers at anyone.
    Many of the people on this site and others like it have done more for their country and communities in the last year alone than Scott has done in the past 40.
    Scott refers to “latte sipping armchair socialists” in the face of the fact that he himself contributes nothing. He is 40, lives with his mum, probably has no job, spends his days watching porn and crappy american movies and TV and posting misinformed and paranoid diatribes on the internet. Then he has the audacity to call others out on their lives, beliefs and ideas???
    The only time he gets out he is attending university (or so he claims) which means he takes full advantage of the facilities, education and cheaper fees that the full fee paying international students afford him while bad mouthing them for taking the place of an “Aussie”. Hypocritical to the extreme in all facets of his life.
    It’d be funny if it wasn’t so tragic.

    • We tried but the tin foil hat interfered with our landing gear.

      Oh well, there’s always Harry the Psychic Crocodile. He could make a meal of Scotty the Psycho Xenophobe.

  54. No ‘schneke’, it’s not likely that anyone here has done more for this country in the last 40 years than I have…and even so, their insane drive to give it away to all and sundry would counter anything they’ve ever done!

    Shall I counter everthing? Yes, I’ll have to. Why not, when those such as yourself feel free to insult. Yes, I’m 40…one cannot alter their age…and thank God I’m 40 and got to live through such a golden age of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s! Thank God I have direct experience as well of when Australia was still good!
    Yes, I live with my mum, at home! She needs my help, home is good, and houses and property are now beyond the reach of many Australians!
    I work several jobs. What if I didn’t anyway? Many Australians are losing work either to incomming foreigners, or overseas interests. Many of you precious migrants/refugees don’t work here either.
    I spend some of some days watching porn…and what of it? I’m a natural, healthy, red-blooded, passionate male, I haven’t got a girlfriend…I need some outlet for that kind of frustration!
    I watch movies and TV from America… and all around the world! None of them or it are ‘crappy’.

    Here’s a real kicker! I’m posting ENTIRELY WELL INFORMED things on the internet! I want you to tell me what, of anything, I have written is ill informed…

    Australia has suffered the arrival of several hundred thousand foreigners over the last three years. Melbourne is choking under their strain. There is a diabolical plan to continue importing hundreds of thousands of foreigners into here per annum…eventually millions…I SEE this every day!
    EVERY day, if i’m not the only Australian on the bus or train, there would be NO Australian on board. Our streets, shops, workplaces and schools are crowded with foreigners…this is all glaringly obvious!
    I am NOT “paranoid” to notice the obvious, nor am I “paranoid” in pointing it out!
    There IS a sinister plot afoot to flood Australia with foreigners…as with the entire Western world…it is NOT “paranoia” to know and confront this!

    I have EVERY right to confront other peoples faulty lives, “beliefs” and “ideas”!

    I attend university, and here one can SEE close up the awful machinations of left-wing, neo-marxist liberalism! the sinister affect of a perverted academia on a generation of Australians!
    I, an Australian, have EVERY RIGHT to attend an Australian university!
    Moves are afoot to utterly flood Australian universities with foreigners…in many this is already the case…NONE of these foreign students intend to take their newly acquired knowledge back to fix their own country…, no, they ALL ruthlessly intend to STAY in Australia! As a new foreign elite!
    It IS shocking that Australians could be removed from the current Australian tertiary education system and that it wouldn’t matter one jot…it is an impending national and social disaster!
    Solely for profit’s sake!
    It absolutely wrong that a generation of foreigners are being groomed to take control of Australia, and that the Australians in attendance are being brainwashed into believing they have no right or say in their own country…and that all at Australia and the Australian’s cost!

    I am very well AWARE of all the many facets of LIFE!

    “Hypocritical”? No, that is entirely applicable to yourself, to all multicultists, and to the left-wing and liberalism in general…which all thrives upon rampant HYPOCRISY!!!

    I’ve noticed how multicultists often say first what is actually far more applicable to themselves…for it is what is done and said by multicultists…they would indeed be SO funny…if it weren’t ultimately SO TRAGIC!

  55. Can liberals/multicultists ever cease with personal insults? Is it possible?

    Can they ever just talk about the issues?

    Evidently not, for they know they’ve nothing real to stand on.

    At the risk of eliciting the typical liberal “they took our jobs” reference to South Park…just how long is it that you figure Australians will be continue to able to “get a job” whilst several thousand foreigners arrive here each week? Several hundred thousand arrive each year? If things are allowed to “progress” as is?
    As Australian farms, property, businesses and industry go to overseas interests? As schools and workplaces in Australia are filled with an influx of foreigners?


    • yo Scott.

      about 1700 Australians leave this country to go live in England alone every week. I think it balances out.

      I assume you don’t mind the 30,000 Kiwis that arrive in Australia each year. Cuz they’re white.

  56. Upwards of around 400,000 foreigners…of drastically different races, ethnicites, and cultures…arrived in Australia each year for these past three years alone Chris.
    They’re not Britons.
    They fully intend to STAY and to radically increase each of their numbers and their community here!

    No, it does NOT balance out!

    Melbourne’s buses, trains, shops, streets, schools, medical facilities, and workplaces are terribly congested with foreigners…who intend to stay.
    The current agenda from some circles is to continue and increase this trend as well.
    No, it does NOT balance out!

    Immigration is NOT a two-way street either! It is entirely one-way. It’s all into the West.
    NO massive numbers, and often NO-ONE at all, is migrating into African, Middle Eastern, Latin, or Asian nations.
    No, it does NOT “balance out”!

    White/British New Zealanders and Australians obviously have much in common and have a long and close relationship. Obviously, that is absolutely different to what else is happening here now.

    You had better think again, in fact, you ought to just start thinking.

    • Dumbarse. There was more international immigration prior to WWI than there is now

      Also, fuck the British Empire, and all those who bought into it. Then and now.

    • I’ve got some really, really bad news for you Scott.

      Thanks to evolution, it is likely that your descendants in about 500-1000 years will have darkened skin due to the climate of Australia.

      As for the rest of your crap, you owe me a Panadol and ten minutes of my life for that.

    • Actually Scott the Stormtrooper invaded a quiet little Facebook anti-racist site and started ranting there. His rants continued through the various peaks and troughs which those familiar with severe personality disorders would be familiar with, then suddenly feeling the heat (or Facebook finally responding to hundreds of complaints) he disappeared in a puff of acrid smoke.

      And found his way over here.

  57. So Scott is in fact a conspiracy theorist. I wondered.
    What a huge load of bullshit. I’d like to see him try spouting the superiority of the english language on a London bus. What’s the betting that some dude called McGinty smashes his brain to a fatty pulp?

  58. I’ve just been through all 132 comments, but I can’t seem to find where Scotty has explained why all his friends appear to by high-class Asain call-girls.

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  60. Thank god I found this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!He is starting again guys, check out the Today Tonight page! LMFAO

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