Nazi Asians in Head Scarves

I don’t know about you, but I find this very worrying indeed. Not only are the Asians taking over our country with their blah blah language, but they are now wearing head scarves and imprisoning us for doing as they do. Not really sure what country this is happening in, nor if there is any suggestion of such inhumanity occurring in Australia, but I have a right to feel shit scared of it, because I am a stupid bogan.

3 thoughts on “Nazi Asians in Head Scarves

  1. What I love most about these types of comments is the parochial belief that they will be imprisoned for such actions in Muslim majority countries. So easy to refute the,m over these statements but not really worth the effort.

  2. It’s one thing making statements like this, it’s another thing leaving your profile pictures public. Smart cookie Tahlor!

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