12 thoughts on “Islamophobia Makes Men Dictate What Women Wear

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    • I believe so which makes me wonder why he’d be so interested in taking away the rights of someone to lawful free expression. After all gays have been and still are persecuted by the same bigots who are persecuting women who wear jillbab (Muslim women’s religious dress).

      Maybe JMH has a bad case of Stockholm Syndrome.

      • Ah, you cunts always have to support poofters, cause?????? oh thats right, Josh, you are a spoof swallower, right. OOOOOH, don’t threaten me with that baseball bat big boy, show us your cock.

  2. Seeing this sort of thing makes me sick. Especially when JMH KNEW that the Muslim guest caller would say that she was not “oppressed” and he still argued that the burqa was indicative of an oppressive unAustralian culture. wtf with banning the burqa because of crime? People wear shirts, shorts, dresses, singlets, pants, coats, beanies etc. etc. when committing crime. Should we ban every item of clothing and go around naked? Will that make crime stop??

    • The best way to stop Islamic crime, is round em all up, put em on a boat, send em to sea and bomb them. Yeah, Parmesan Pete for PM……………………………………..I have to have a pull im that funny

  3. Why are people so incenced about women wearing burkas. There are many other modes of dress I personally would take offence to before this: budbgie smugglers, muffin tops, jean haning round your bum with your boxers haging out and the list couls go on..

    Just because we live in a sexualized world where our young women think it is ok to let everything be on display does not mean it is right.

    I have spoken to a few women about this and I actually think the Muslim women have it right, they do not have to try and have a conversation and have their breasts stared at, they are respected for their intelligence not their looks.

    • Michelle, hopefully Pedestrienne does not get jealous, but can I stick my blue veined, heat seeking, one eyed, moisture missile up your smelly moot and fill you with my warm jism??????? No strigs attached, just a good ol rogering love. Hey Hey. Yeah Yeah.
      Bet your moisty smells a bit like parmesan………….yeah

  4. Iniviting someone to comment, leaving them hanging only to later dismiss them is downright rude. No questions asked, no context necessary – it’s a basic manners FAIL.

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