I’m Not Racist… But… (File #11,364)

A quick summary of this most recent raping of the eyes by insanely stupid racists:

  • I’m not racist but I hate it when Muslim women wear those ‘things on their heads’ and then tell their husbands that females who wear bikinis deserve to be raped. What the fuck? When have you ever been close enough to a conversation between a Muslim woman and her husband to hear such a comment, Karlie? Why must you satisfy our suspicions of your racism by making shit up?
  • We feel hot and we would feel more temperate if Muslim women also felt hot and stripped off;
  • If you don’t like chicks walking around in bikinis then piss off home. Again, what the fuck? When I wear jeans in summer I don’t hate people that wear shorts – it’s got nothing to do with me, it’s a matter of choice;
  • Chicks should show more skin than they already do, and ethnics don’t deserve to be here;
  • Muslim women who wear the hijab are ‘sand creatures’. Aren’t we the superior white race who respect women?
  • Muslim women who wear the hijab should be rounded up and sent home;
  • The male desire for females to wear no clothes in public knows no boundaries – yet we pride ourselves on our respect towards women.

Deep shame at the attitudes displayed above. Nothing else to say.

11 thoughts on “I’m Not Racist… But… (File #11,364)

  1. I guess she has no idea that the way many peoples from desert areas dress to handle the heat is to wear long, loose-fitting robes to wick away perspiration, and veils over their faces to protect from sand. By all means Karlie-Sarah, wear as little as you want because your cultural background dictates it and you want to follow the crowd. Meanwhile, other people are going to do the same thing from their culture, and as it happens, the thing that is acknowledeged to be better than what you are doing.

    It might be me making a giant stretch, but I’m going to assume her comment is inspired by the old 2006 Sheik Taj Din al-Hilali “uncovered meat” business. It’s an interesting topic to me, particularly as I consider myself a feminist. While I want to defend women’s rights to wear whatever they want (ALL women), I find it hard to respect girls wearing what Karlie-Sarah is currently displaying on her Facebook profile page. I might ask her to do a deal with me: I’ll work on my prejudice if she’ll work on hers.

  2. I enjoy reading this blog, and I agree with the spirit of what’s being said here. But I do have one suggestion to make: if you’re going to talk about respecting women, how about not using rape as a ‘humorous’ metaphor, EVER, let alone for something completely unrelated and as banal as reading a facebook status?

    • A good point, but a little irrelevant. Rape doesn’t only mean sexual assault, although that’s its most common usage:

      “4. an act of plunder, violent seizure, or abuse; despoliation; violation: the rape of the countryside.”

      It’s just a saying: my eyes have been raped, meaning my eyes have been abused/violated/attacked, in this case by sheer bigotry and stupidity.

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  4. I thought Muslims didn’t speak English and needed to learn it – at least that’s what bogans are always telling us. Unless Karlie speaks Arabic, or Malaysian, or Farsi, or Urdu, or one of several other languages spoken by Muslims in Australia, I think I’ll pass on accepting her expertise in the area of conversations between Muslim women and their husbands.

  5. I particularly enjoy what amounts to, “you can’t say people deserve to be raped! people who say that deserve to be shot!”

  6. excuse me, i never said i was racist, are all you blind? Of course i know that muslims can speak english you fucktards, THATS HOW I HEARD IT! The woman blatantly said it aloud to her husband, I HEARD IT! Fuck some of you people are stupid.

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