A Massive Racist… With No Idea

At least this guy admits his racism. But…

“…its (sic) our right as humans to hate these 3rd world invaders…”. Yes, it is our right to hate, but hate speech is against the law. So if you hate, keep it to yourself.

“…smell the shit moving in the 1000s weekly…”. Asylum seekers are averaging out at less than 70 per week. Immigration in general works out at over 3400 per week. Australians leave this country to live overseas at a rate of over 1900 per week.


7 thoughts on “A Massive Racist… With No Idea

  1. what do the figures tell you?? 70 in(if your figures are correct – but highly under-exagerated. Then 1900 leave. Why are Australians leaving, because we have a useless, left wing Government, run by a four eyed twit that looks like Mr Garrison off South Park. Australians, except for you group of left wing cock smokers have had enough. You fools are a minority. There will be violence against these third world scum bags, and maybe against you idiots like you three and your followers. Arrrrrgh, I love you all. JR

    • Australians don’t leave because of a shitty left wing government.

      Australians leave because of a job abroad, or moving with a partner who lives in another country or for any number of reasons.

      • There are something like a million Aussies abroad long-term for all of the reasons you mention Rudolf.

        They include people like Clive James, Germaine Greer, Geoffrey Robertson QC, Gareth Evans, quite a few Hollywood stars, sports stars, former World Bank head James Wolfensohn…plus thousands working all over the world, including many working in neighbouring countries in the NFP sector.

        Certainly a far more illustrious list than the grumpy racists like Spurty, who are still infecting this country and trolling endlessly and pointlessly on this blog.

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