Muslims Whinging About Aussie Tradition

Hey Amanda, I have something to say. Your stupidity burns my senses. But your underhandedness at making up a story in order to promote hatred is just abhorrent.

You went to town and just happened to see Muslims ‘windgin’ (sic) about Australian tradition? How did you know they were Muslims? And you were close enough to hear them? Yet you’re not ready to include just what they were saying.

And then you want to whinge about them ‘bringing there (sic) violence, wars’, when these Muslims you see are simply standing there in a shopping centre, not starting any violence or wars.

You then go on to whinge about these Muslims being allowed to walk into a bank fully clothed. How do you usually enter a bank? And if you’re referring to a burqa in a bank, have you ever seen a Muslim wearing a burqa in a bank? And have you ever been in an Australian bank where a female Muslim has robbed it while wearing a burqa?

“i (sic) honestly think that if a musilm (sic) child is allowed to wear there (sic) gear in a class room (sic) because its (sic) there (sic) tradition (sic) well what about ours (sic) its (sic) a tradition for us to wear a hat in side (sic).”

Amanda: Muslim girls don’t even think about wearing the hijab or the burqa until they hit puberty. If you want to wear a hat inside, go nuts. Nobody’s stopping you.

Learn some English, and develop some compassion and decency.


27 thoughts on “Muslims Whinging About Aussie Tradition

    • As a first generation immigrant to this country, if find that the single characteristic which makes me an undesirable element in Australia is my ability to speak english at a higher register than your average hillbilly for whom english is allegedly a first language.

  1. Because to protect our way of life properly, it requires education. It requires you to understand that there is more than just ‘you’ in the picture. Education doesn’t just mean school, either. It means educated in life, being tolerant and being knowledgeable enough to know you don’t know everything, and to seek answers rather than just rely on stereotypes.

    We all do it, it’s just that on the whole, we on this side of the fence are willing to actually look at what it is we ‘fear’ and then make up our minds, rather than just go ‘oh, UFO, weird, argh, get away, digusting eeewww’. It’s like we think rather than just react knee-jerkedly.

  2. Yeah, How dare those Musilm (sic) women get about fully clothed?! Where is their PRIDE?! Don’t they have anything to prove??? I am extremely uncomfortable with their decency!!! It’s like a Ben Elton book hahahaha

  3. Now let me see…

    Demonstration at Bondi Beach in support of asylum seekers – over 300 people. No police.

    A dozen outlaw bikers – 15 police.

    Darrin Hodges’ mini demonstration at Villawood – 15 police

    Now WHO are the troublemakers? Not us.

  4. You know what I love, whoever the gutless pawn is that makes the in itial comment????? You, the issuer of your leftwing justice, bag the crap out of all these bigots, but you are too gutless to put your name to your comment. YOU ARE A COWARDLY LITTLE COCK SWALLOWER

  5. There are problems with the Burqua.IT is’nt about rights, not for the women anyway, they are conditioned to accept the wearing of it.I’ve spent enough time in the UAE to realise this and the double standards.There is something always unsettling about not being able to even look someone in the eye or read cues from their facial experessions, so you avoid communicating.The hijab wearers are the only people I never got to talk to.They are like ghosts in every sense.

    why dont you people ever protest for the thousands of seriously deprived Australians ? Im always saddened that you will gather and protest for those that are’nt even here yet but dont seem to care about Aboriginals or the homeless, street kids, abused children and those in need right here and right now ? It is almost like the refugee thing is what matters to the Art students and nothing else.

    • And women in our society are conditioned to reduce themselves to sexual objects. What’s your point? Women should be allowed to wear whatever they wish. Including the burqa.

      Okay, if you’re unsettled by not being able to look someone in the eye, that’s your opinion and you are entitled to it. You are also perfectly entitled to feel unsettled by someone if you can’t, as you put it, read their facial cues.

      However, you are not legally entitled to restrict the freedoms of others, just because you are unsettled by their clothes. Girls can wear whatever their social niche dictates. It’s called freedom.

      The issues with the deprived Australians in our society are tragic. We do care about them. Whi wouldn’t? However, that is not what this post is about. There are, however, many organisations that are dedicated to assisting the minority groups that you have mentioned.

      Thanks for your time.

    • 1. How unsettled are you Bill? You feel uneasy when you can’t look at a person’s nose and lips because you can’t communicate with them? Remember the last time you went to the shopping center? Did you stop and talk with every single person you saw? You walk past hundreds of people on a daily basis without even nodding hello. If a Muslim woman has made the choice to wear a face covering here, she may or may not be saying that she does not want to communicate with anyone other than her friends and family. Is this wrong? Human beings raise their guards to being approached all the time. Muslims women do not struggle to communicate with their friends and family. Why does it bother you so much? It sounds like you are incredibly insecure.

      2. We do. Very often. You have just happened to drop in on a side project of ours. Got a problem with it? Then go fuck yourself. None of us here are ‘Art students’, and it’s shallow of you to assume that only ‘Art students’ give a fuck about the rights of people fleeing inhumanity. Piss off bogan cunt.

    • big-baggy…. wow… as a non-burqa wearing muslim… dude i really think ur full of sh!t… the only reason why they refuse to communication with u is coz like… umm… ur racist… and prolly ugly too… either way… if ur gonna spin sh!t then make sure its correct….

      muslim women are not forced to wear burqas… they choose to wear it… we must dress conservatively n wear the hijjab when we go to pray but we can walk around wearin barely anything if we choose to… we choose to leave the kinky clothes for the bedroom n not the outside world…

      now just to clarify the bimbo at the top… wearin a hat indoors is not frowned upon by the muslims its actually a western tradition to remove one’s hat when entering a house or building of any sort… i’ve watched enough “western” movies to know tht even john wayne took his hat off when entering a building… including a saloon lol…

  6. Josh, the anti racists like Matthew Hau and the like stalk those they deem racist.They ring up employers and report their online activity, they involve anyone they possibly can, they say so themselves.

    • That doesn’t bother me in the slightest. More power to them. If FDB were doing anything illegal or committed any crime they’d be arrested and they have not been.

      Now let’s discuss the activities of some of your friends. Firstly, the hate speech and defamation, which is illegal. Secondly, stalking and threats, intimidation and attempted extortion by e mail and by telephone. Thirdly threats to the children and other family members of anti-racists. And these haters you are so eager to support have weapons which are probably not licensed – “Razors Edge” is not the only Facebook warrior to be depicted with penis substitutes…err guns.

      We know that many more racists have criminal records compared to the population as a whole. We know that a few of them are even happy to openly boast they have served time.

      Furthermore we have seen people’s property fire-bombed and vandalised, cemeteries desecrated and perhaps half a dozen racism-related murders, including racists murdering each other. And there’s the bashings of Indian students.

      Plus that same mindset can be seen in homophobic assaults. It would not surprise me in the least if the two were closely linked. They are all hate crimes.

  7. Esh,it is debatable wether the burqua is always what they want.These women are often conditioned to wear these items of clothing.It is taught they must wear them so men wont be preoccupied with their bodies.I just find the burqa a sign of oppression and therefore repellent. A woman who chooses to wear it chooses to be submissive (as is her right), and she directly supports a practice that so many women in the Middle East suffer terribly because of, and abhor! I think a show solidarity would be nice for our sisters. I accept it obviously, but I don’t like it. You can reconcile the burqa based on a political theory….I can’t do that.
    I think many men who support the burqa, have a vested interest in keeping women down. People, and ironically, many ‘leftists’ are so accepting of women being treated differently under a cultural or thought paradigm. But what if there was a religion that said all black people must be covered and maintain their modesty, but all whites can wear what they want? Such hogwash wouldn’t be accepted (and nor should it!) It’s the exact same thing IMO, a group if people being treated differently just because of the way they look!

    I made no statement on women in our society,this is not the debate.

    The antibogan, you come across as icredibly hateful and I really cant be bothered engaging in discourse with you.You clearly have scant emotional control and do your cause no good at all.

    but hey, thats a great thing!

    • It is debatable as to whether or not the burqa is what ‘they’ want. And I’m going to go ahead and listen to the girls who wear the burqa, and choose to ignore you. Of course, you would know what women you’ve only seen pictures of want, right? We know you’re a really deep character too, especially after your materialistic comments about the mother and her child on the post about the ‘Save the Refugees’ post.

      Australia is a different place to the Middle East you know. Muslim women have rights here, and Muslims have freedom of religion and cultural expression. Don’t pretend that you give a fuck about the oppression of Muslim women, when the very first time you brought this subject up was to talk about how uncomfortable you felt not being able to talk to these women.

    • Why would you say that I have scant emotional control? I defended your right to be scared by others, surely that was kind of me?

      Of course, whether Muslim women who wear the burqa in Australia actually want to do so is difficult to discern. Unless we performed some kind of national survey, I don’t think we could know for certain.

      If black people wanted to remain modest and cover their skin, well, that would be fine with me. People can wear what they want. These values are integral to me.

      People are free to cover their faces with beards, cover their bodies with tatoos, this doesn’t intimidate me. I’ll speak to anyone who I find entertaining/wise, regardless of their appearence.

  8. She just doesn’t want Muslims to go around fully clothed because as a ganga it goes against all her principles.

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  10. It is difficult to believe that anyone could really spell that badly. I get the impression that it is a fake post put up to out-bogan the bogans, you might say. Though I don’t like the term.
    What intrigues me, as a person who has studied Islam at university and lived in various muslim country over a period of 5 years, is why so many desperately- nice people seem to have no idea of just how free they are and don’t seem to place any value on that freedom. Why do you think so many people want to come to Australia? Go and live in a muslim shit-hole country for as long as you can stand it and you just might appreciate what you have here. I know we all want to be ‘nice’ but is it worth losing your freedom? Go and read a few books about Islam and you may learn something. It is quite frightening how ignorant the morally superior reveal themselves to be when you start asking a few questions. The less they know the more adamant they are.
    I say give up your children’s freedom if you want but don’t ruin the country my children and their children will live in. Call me a redneck wanker if you want but I suggest the war between the muslims and the rest of us will be the biggest and fiercest ever seen on planet earth.

    • Okay, you’re a redneck wanker.

      You might have ‘studied Islam at university’ – what was that? A Semester’s worth of theology? You might have lived overseas while serving for the ADF.

      Who cares?

      Australia is a secular country. People of all cultures and backgrounds tend to ENJOY this.
      Terrorism and killing of non-believers doesn’t happen here.

  11. Religon creates hate .Get real with yourselves people ,who cares what some uneducated shepard said about his son 1000s of years ago its all crap.
    The real god and real devine is inside your own brain.The only religon that is actually gaining in this is satanic worship.The worship of evil doers and things.Religon turns rational people into brainwashed followers.

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