More signs of racism:

  • Most of ‘them’ are criminals. ‘Most’? ‘Them’? ‘Criminals’?
  • ‘They’ use a language barrier to get away with ‘these crimes’. Do they? “Sorry officer, I’m going to leave now, because I don’t speakie the Englie.”
  • ‘They’ only live here because ‘they’re’ desperate?
  • OUR COUNTRY? OUR STREETS? Well firstly, it’s a country we stole from the Aboriginals, but it’s supposedly unAustralian taboo to remind people about this black armband view of history. And secondly, the country belongs to no single demographic – the country belongs to all Australians that pay taxes and/or vote.
  • OUR LANGUAGE? We no longer have the right to be bilingual? Paul wanders the streets, wondering what ‘these people’ are saying. He’s so vain that he believes that these people have any interest in talking about him. And even if they are – will they really have any influence in swaying the opinions of people who matter to him? Of course not. They have no mutual friends.

Make no mistake, people. This is pure xenophobic boganism. Claiming ownership of something that was stolen and inherited. Claiming a monopoly on public property in a democratic country. Fearing that all people who choose to speak their primary language with their friends are talking about him. Suggesting that all non-whites are criminals, and that they are getting away with crime because they speak more than language.

Fuck off we’re full of racists Paul.

9 thoughts on “OUR COUNTRY… OUR STREETS…

  1. I always get a laugh when I see bogans complain about others not knowing “our” language, yet they invariably cannot spell themselves.

    The correct word is “their” and not “there”. Idiot.

  2. The country “We” stole. I presume “we” doesn’t include our traditional custodian friends, or perhaps more recent immigrants?

    What about those forced to come here as slaves/convicts? Or those who came afterwards fleeing tyranny overseas?

    Who is the “we” you are talking about. You certainly seem to be using the “us” and “them” language that your racist enemies employ! 😉

    • We do like to draw a line between real Australians, who include Indigenous people and immigrants and who are not racist, and the small minority of raucous ignoramuses whose dribblings provide material for this blog.

    • I don’t understand your name, I really think you must believe that the term bogan refers to a working class person or a white Australian or both. If this is the case then I am a bogan on both counts.

      I think that it is still understandable that people take offense to this term when used in this context. For the majority of people that can be classed as “bogans” are just misinformed, they are simply products of a greater evil: the ideas of fascist nationalism, and those people who are in power using mass media to drive us all into a frightened frenzy.

      Also I understand your disagreement with the wording of the Anti-Bogan’s retort, but the fact of the matter is that European settlers came here and used force to drive the indigenous peoples who they saw as merely some lesser race not deserving of this land. So for white people to claim this is their land, they can only be referring to ownership through usurpation.

      • As has been discussed several times on here, the term ‘bogan’ does not refer to all white Australians, nor does it refer to a working class Australian. Recently there was a little bit of hoo-ha over a bogan published here who was of Asian descent, and who went to University while living in an affluent suburb. She referred to herself as a bogan, for a start, but we referred to her as a bogan because of her xenophobic and ignorant opinions. Boganism has taken on a new meaning since Cronulla, and it now tends to represent anyone who is racist, homophobic, sexist, generally ignorant or all of the above.

        I would be extremely interested in taking a survey of all people who have Southern Cross tattoos/car stickers on how they feel about Muslims/boat people/immigrants. I predict that over 90% would be in staunch opposition, which leads to the more generalist view that people with the S.C displayed on their skin or cars are generally bogans. Muslims, refugees and immigrants have all been in this country for over a century, and Australia is in no means threatened by their numbers or influence. If anything, different cultures have almost entirely contributed to the Australia we see today.

      • Yeah, I guess I’m an old school “bogan”. A country boy who doesn’t mind wearing flannies and blunstones, and drinking a VB.

        I disagree with the way people (especially today tonight) are now using the term.

        I’m a true bogan, but don’t consider myself to be racist.

  3. Oh, goodness gracious me, why are there so many Indians being bashed in Australia? You people are so racist. We just come to take your university places, jobs and dole.

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