Why Is It That We Are Racist?

Good question Cameron. Let’s break it down for you. You’re racist because:

  • You refer to a ‘they’, rather than referring to specific people who you believe are acting inappropriately. You’re generalising in order to push your agenda of ‘us vs them’;
  • You say that ‘they’ steal our jobs and hate Australians. You still haven’t attempted specificity and so it’s reasonable to assume that you’re referring to anyone who isn’t Australian;
  • You identify a problem with ‘them’ ‘breeding’, which suggests two things: you think of them as no more than animals, and you have a problem with them having the same rights to procreation as Australians;
  • You refuse to accept that a non Australian could possibly be a refugee, and you seem to imply that anyone claiming to be refugees are just ‘pretending’ in order to come here and ‘take over’ as though the best possible plan to take over a country is to take up less than 3% of their total immigration intake and arrive in that country with no clothes or belongings after surviving on a leaky boat for a few weeks after fleeing atrocities;
  • You feel a need to ‘protect’ Australia from people who ‘can’t deal’ with being treated like subhuman beings by corrupt governments and insurgent dictatorships.

Happy to help.

8 thoughts on “Why Is It That We Are Racist?

  1. You people are so naive in suggesting that we should take all of the worlds sewerage. This country can not sustain 50 million poeple as most of it is desert. You need to wake up, forget about your education for a minute and see the real world. What area’s do you three in, I would suggest maybe Paddington, Sydney??? Good guess, yes I thought so. When there is armageddon in Australia, its people like you that will be held to account. Oh and Tony Aboott will win the next federal election, and Kevin Dudd Rudd, and his left wing socialist idiots will not get back in for another 12 years. Mark my words. That is if he even gets to the next election.

    • Hi Jeff, thanks for dropping by. I see you work for TAFENSW – do you think it’s wise calling people sewerage? In the same breath as you refer to non Australians as sewerage, you try to deflect your argument to represent a fear of population, rather than a fear of loss of purity and sovereignty.
      It is unquestionable that the climate is changing around the world. Australia, like most other countries around the world, faces environmental challenges. Preventing people from coming here will not solve any issues with our drying Murray Darling Basin. Nor will it pour water into our major catchments. In NSW alone, 81% of the state was stricken by drought. In the same year, we now find that only 7.3% is drought affected. Population density has not changed during this time – in fact, according to people like you, our flood gates have opened and we are letting in lots of sewerage (human beings).

      Australia has the world’s third lowest population density. But even in Sydney, Australia’s largest and most dense city (approximately 1,100 people per square kilometre), we see water restrictions lifted, and we have a similar climate to Shanghai, in China, which has a population density of approximately 180,000 people per square kilometre. China has a very similar climate to Australia.

      Now, Jeff – as a person working in education your comment, “What area’s (sic) do you three in (sic), I would suggest maybe Paddington, Sydney??? (sic)” is so void of any signs of intelligence or articulation, and it’s generalising at its very best. I live in Sydney’s South West (G) but I don’t even expect an ‘armageddon’ anywhere around Bankstown. Your assumption that letting refugees in is somehow going to cause civil unrest is perhaps a sign that you need to start gathering some information and thinking rationally. Because the only people rejecting these survivors are xenophobes like yourself. If there are going to be any physical confrontations at all, they won’t be from people like me, who respect a human being’s right to asylum and to basic human rights.

      Tony Abbott will not win the next election, but I’m still unsure whether or not Rudd will get my vote. He has far more intention, integrity and determination than Abbott, and he has policies at the very least. My vote will probably go to The Greens Party, which will in turn end up going to the Labor Party anyway. But it’s not people like me who can be held accountable. The very fact that Rudd has ceased refugees arriving from Iraq and Afghanistan (only) is a sign that he is bowing to pressure from xenophobes like you – who influence the far out ridiculous comments from Abbott (eg. expect ‘millions’ of refugees next year) – WTF?

      Refugees and asylum seekers make up less than 3% of Australia’s general immigration intake. And immigration is an integral part of Australia’s growth and future, and has been since the eradication of the White Australia Policy.

      Jeff, you need to get over your inadequacies and labelling desires. I am a person who supports the arrival of asylum seekers, but that doesn’t make me any less concerned about how we handle our own internal affairs, such as the handling of the Education, Environment and Health portfolios, and on a state level, Transport. Does that make me a left wing socialist idiot?

      Good finishing point Jeff, being an apparent employee of the DET: “That is if he even gets to the next election.”. If nothing else, it almost sounds like a death threat. If I was Kevin Rudd and I was reading that comment it certainly does sound ominous.

      Good day, fuckwit.

  2. And David Oldfield has the right idea, lets electrify the fences on Christmas Island, and fry the buggers. Go hard Davy boy. At least somebody has the right idea. Hey fuckwit, I hope, if you do, live in the south west, get rollled by a gang of lebs and get the absolute living crap kicked out of you. Go and bleed your weak pumping heart to people who really give a damn. St George TAFE asswipe, ring me tomorrow, come have coffee and lets talk this out face to face.

    • Sooo I take it you’re unable to scramble together an intelligent response? And you think that because you have a couple of dusty coins bouncing around in your empty head that you’re somehow any chance of taking me in a fight? Typical fucking redneck shit for brains.

      “St George TAFE asswipe, ring me tomorrow, come have coffee and lets (sic) talk this out face to face.”

      No problems. I’ll give St George TAFE a ring tomorrow. But you can forget about coffee and ‘talking’ (throwing punches).

    • If you work at TAFE then I am Robert Menzies. Guess what Jeffy boy I live in Western Sydney.

      Never been accosted by anyone except a drunken yobbo one night of your favourite ethnic group (white) who wanted to impress his girlfriend. Needless to say I kinda persuaded him it was not a good idea to take on an ex-Rugby player with several centimetres height difference.

      Now one of the characteristic habits of neo-Nazis I notice is that they love to invite their opponents for coffee. I have no problem with you being same sex attracted, neither has the AB. However we are both straight so I don’t think we’d be in a position to satisfy your yearnings.

      Go hard sonny.

  3. Wow, you Australians are soooo backward! Do you still think you live in Europe? You’re surrounded by Asia so it’s inevitable that you will be Asian in economic terms and eventually political and social terms. Embrace it you silly misguided fools!

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