I’m Not Heartless, But Fuck Off!

Selina! How can you support people fleeing inhumanity and going to a country that supports the UN Convention on Asylum Seekers but then want them to fuck off? You think that Australia has no obligation to ‘treat them better’? Do you think that the Australian Government should just murder their families, lock them up, torture them, rape them, make them victims in their own society and disallow them from leaving the country via the means that you and I are used to? How could asylum seekers possibly expect better treatment here than the places they’re escaping from when there are ‘heartless’ Australians like you that don’t want them here simply because you don’t like playing ‘spot the Aussie’.

We’re going to go ahead and assume that you live in a highly Anglo community anyway, and that if you Google the demographics of your suburb, you’ll find that the game will most likely be ‘spot the non-white Aussie’.

This is not ‘your country’, Selina. You just happen to live here. This country belongs to all of the people living here, not just racists like you who decide that appearance alone should dictate whether or not a person can stay here.

8 thoughts on “I’m Not Heartless, But Fuck Off!

  1. Selina is not only racist she is stupid. Like many others she clings to this tiny period in history when this country was flooded by convicts and frees from Britain (who appeared ‘paler’ in colour – though I must add advertisers, TV producers, movie producers etc are equally as stupid pushing this ‘one look’ that is supposed to represent ‘us’ for so long). She ignores the fact that there were people who lived here before then, and since then people from many different cultures have settled here. It’s always a source of sad amusement to me when I notice that many racist sentiments come from the mouths of those who are resettled people themselves (or generally their children).

    • I thought this was really well put, Carol.

      You’re very right about the media. I took a vow on moving back to Australia this year that I would not watch channels 7, 9 or 10.

      I’ve had similar experiences with “1st generation Australians”, including an acquaintance with whom I had to agree to disagree. Her argument was essentially, “My Polish parents assimilated into Aussie culture but Africans don’t!”

  2. How do people think like this? She says one thing, and then says something completely contradictory. She needs to see a psychiatrist.

  3. The sad thing is that this is coming from a girl.

    I know most girls are considerate and more compassionate than that.

  4. When I pull my nob, I tickle my butt hole with my finger. No wonder my hands always smell like……………..shite

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