The Antibogan Is (still) Racist…

“…if you don’t stand up and be counted in the things that concern you in life, well you might as well blow your head off.”

The old guy has a point actually. In fact, that’s exactly what theantibogan does. It recognises that there are problems with racism in this country, and seeks to expose them and devalue their ideas. Within the walls of theantibogan, we find a minority of Australians who:

  • Call for violence and murder of people fleeing persecution;
  • Denounce people of non-white origin;
  • Denounce homosexuals;
  • Denounce disabled people and their carers.

Paul isn’t the first person to go down the path of calling theantibogan authors racist, because they refer to ‘bogans’ as though they are a race. Bogans sadly don’t even qualify as a culture: this is something that they lack. Bogans may distantly pass as a religion, however, as bogans are ‘anti’ many things, including non-Anglo citizens, homosexuals, environmentalists and disabled people. The bogan isn’t representative of the white-Anglo race, as the majority of people posting here, and authoring the posts are in fact, white Anglo Australians, sick of being embarrassed by the comments and actions of other white Anglo Australians.

Finally, Hobo Toohey signs off with “…[the antibogan are] against poor defenseless (sic) bogans that are not out to hurt anybody.”. Perhaps he should read over the archives of theantibogan, in particular the post ‘Shameful, Inhumane Australians’. Of course, his interpretation will be that we are referring to ALL Australians. But anyone with an IQ of more than 40 will realise that we are referring to a deeply disturbed, vocal minority.

11 thoughts on “The Antibogan Is (still) Racist…

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  2. ‘poor defenseless bogans that are not out to hurt anybody’ – LOL! I’m collapsing on the floor in tears of mirth! And Toohey is serious????

  3. “poor defenseless (sic) bogans that are not out to hurt anybody”

    Ah well let me see…how many reports of harassment, threats to posters and their children and stalking do the admins of the major anti-racist groups on Facebook get as a result of the activities of these “poor defenseless (sic) bogans”?

  4. Bogan means nothing but a person with a unenlightened view towards cultural diversity and equality. It is synonymous to “redneck”. It does NOT mean a white person and/or a working class person (or else I am one).

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