Let’s Bash Wogs For Australia Day

Ah Andrew. Bondi… A rich, beachside suburb. Hard working people, including Greeks and Italians driving BMWs. We understand your jealousy.

But what you said about Indians… Well, it doesn’t quite add up! Are you suggesting that Aussies like yourself don’t rape women? And that Aussies like you don’t kill each other? What country are you living in?? It seems your Catholic education at MMCC has failed to instil any humane values. Should we blame Catholicism for the way you turned out? Or can we just blame you?

16 thoughts on “Let’s Bash Wogs For Australia Day

  1. His thoughts and opinions are wrong. Education can only guide people it is up to the individual themselves to make their own decisions in life. Why would you blame Catholicism? This has nothing to do with a Catholic School or the Catholic religion. Just a cheap stab at religion i think.

  2. I do get out quite often. However i’m doing some uni work while checking back at this site and a few other sites. yourself?

      • Are you retired as in “old person” retired, or just pursuing other interests for a while? Interested to know.

        On topic – I think I get where both of you are coming from. A lot of folks will bash catholics just as quickly as they will bash “wogs” or indians or other groups. I don’t think antibogan was having a crack a Catholics here though.

        • That would be Buzza – he retired at 40.
          As for the post in question – we were blaming the person responsible for the vile comments. Not the fact that they were a born/raised/educated Catholic. Linking racism to Catholicism is like linking murder to Islam.

  3. ban all churches get rid off Religion and then we may start to look at each other as one and not of parts of some Religion from some other place

    Down with religion

  4. Is there some reason why these racist biscuit brains can not put forward an argument or make a statement without using the words “fuck”, “fucken” [sic], “fucking”, or any other derivative thereof? Or using the ‘c’ word? Or threatening violence? I think it just goes to show how feeble minded they really are that they can only resort to ethnic and racial vilification. I was born in this country of “wog” parents and I learnt English and developed something resembling a reasonable vocabulary. So why can’t these redneck bogans? Oh well, I guess this country will never run out of qualified idiots.

    • Two of my four politics teachers regularly use the word ‘fuck’ and its derivatives. There’s nothing really wrong with cursing, and it doesn’t neccesarily make our argument worse in my opinion. We’re not talking about debate and sophistry with these comments, we’re talking about the views. Saying the word ‘fuck’ doesn’t make you an idiot, it’s wanting to stab Indians in the throat for thier ethnicity that does. I agree very much with the second half of your comment though, I just thought the first half was a little elitist. For instance, people like Andrew Bolt and Piers Akerman are shocking idiot racists, but word their poorly formed beliefs well. I think they’re about as stupid as their ilk on facebook.

    • Goose, if a teacher did that they should be fired.

      Simple as that.

      Is that the kind of language you want to use at someone’s wedding? you kid’s party or job interview?

      Didn’t think so.

      People swear because
      – they are not literate enough
      – intimidation is easier (ie. Gordon Ramsey)

  5. Sorry Goose, I was not trying to sound elitist and I understand your point. I probably over-emphasized their use of expletives, although I did question their use of violent threats. Their solutions to problems that only exist in their narrow minds. Having grown up in an environment where I was picked on/punched for something over which I had no control, I have little tolerance for people with beliefs and opinions forged out of ignorance.

  6. At least we don’t rape “OUR” women! Number one women are not YOURS TO OWN! Number two white men do rape and they do kill each other and they. How stupid are these people?

  7. By debating these issues your making all the racists happy. Forget about morons like racists and live your own lives. If you seriously worry about these idiots then they win im afraid. You will have a crap life because you will always be complaining about anothers way of life or their perception of urs. Seriously it must be about 1-5% of the population that are racists and they come from all cultures and religions, you cant say its one race being racist but you can ignore all of them the same and the less people listen the more irrellevant there comments will be. There only racist if you give them an audience.

    • I’ll ignore your ignorance and spelling/grammar issues.

      Here’s the point: Racism affects people – maybe not you or me, but many, many others. So your comment, “There (sic) only racist if you give them an audience.” is complete crap. If I insulted your mother, not many people would give a shit. But you certainly would. And you wouldn’t want people attacking me silenced in the inconclusive idea that if they stop attacking me I’ll somehow lose my audience. My audience would be you and you would continue to take offense.

  8. Empty threats to make you feel like a big man. “stab a curry muncher in the neck” ? Fare thee well to jail.

    Irony is, you say you’ll bash all these ‘Wogs’ and ‘curry-munchers’ yet you have not done it. Hence, empty threats.

    You are one of the prime examples of why this world is going to implode on itself.

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