Chris Likes Snapping Indians’ Necks

No reason given whatsoever as to why Chris wants to snap Indian people’s necks other than they ‘aint (sic) got no (sic) fucken ballls (sic)’.

Is this our way of life, Jason? Breaking people’s necks because of their skin colour? If that’s the case there would be very few people willing to respect the Aussie way of life.

Of course, we know this isn’t the Aussie way of life, it’s just the only way of life known to people like Jason, Chris, Andy and Andrew.

8 thoughts on “Chris Likes Snapping Indians’ Necks

    • Of course I forgot to add the word probably.

      What I implied was someone who picks on people who have apparently no balls in a fight, will usually lose. Russia had this kind of attitude towards the Japanese in 1905. To cut the long story short, Russia got defeated many, many times. Including losing their fleet in 30 mins.

  1. Yes matthew, they were both making assumptions here, they are joking and their comments are not the point.

    You know you don’t have to nit pick EVERY fucking post on here matthew.

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