39 thoughts on “Australian Flag Poll

  1. The Federation star and the colour are most important

    As opposed to
    The Union Jack – For obvious reasons
    Southern Cross – Used like a swastika
    Green & Gold – Sporting colours should not be national colours, there are other, more important things our society values (Hopefully)

  2. The Australian flag should symbolize the colours of Australia and unity between native australians and other australians.

  3. I like the Eureka flag but to represent workers, not as a national flag. It’s special for us workers and our fights.

    I like the idea of incorporating the federation star. Most important thing to me is to get rid of the British Union Jack.

    The Canadians are a Commonwealth country like us and they don’t have the Union Jack so why do we?

  4. Union Jack has to go.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing the coat of arms on it and the federation star. There’s nothing wrong with keeping the southern cross; you don’t see Hindus or Buddhists abandoning the swastika, do you?

  5. Why do we even need an official flag at all?

    Do we need a piece of coloured fabric to remind us which country we live in?

    Can’t politicians make speeches without standing in front of half a dozen flags?

    If we have to have one, I vote for plain white with a black kangaroo in the middle. It’d be impossible to mistake it for anyone else’s flag, and it’d save on ink/printing costs.

    • Good point. Agree with your point about the need for a flag. Unfortunately, that is a harder task to get public support on…
      All countries have flags. Unless we can change that, we should just make sure ours is the best it can be, and one that represents all Australians.

      • Quote: ‘Do we need a piece of coloured fabric to remind us which country we live in?”

        I think it’s more a case of semiotics. Signs, symbols all made up, all irrlevant right? I don’t think so. People take meaning from these ‘symbols’, we make associations with them, they unite us even though we may never know all of ‘us’. On the reverse side it fragments us, divides us and generally highlights how different we are. I think that’s why people need and want a new flag. Because when my mate wears his tartan skirt proudly, it’s not because it’s a tartan skirt (bloody well hope not because it’s ugly), but because it’s a symbol of his family and his lineage. It holds values and traditions that make him unique. That’s why we have flags isn’t it? To symbolise something about ourselves and our values that make us different.

        P.S. The green and gold colours representative of Australia, where did that derive from? SA also still wear those colours (last time i saw the netball anyways …)

  6. I’d like to see a flag that incorporates the Southern Cross, maybe in a stylised form, and something which relates the flag to Indigenous Australia.

    The current South African flag or the proposed New Zealand flag (a silver fern on a black background) are aesthetic standards to aim for.

    If you want the green and gold don’t go for straight yellow and green – looks too primary school. Maybe shades of those colours.

    And please, no pugilistic fauna.

    • Not simple at all – the tri-colour would mean the roo wouldn’t stand out enough.

      Also, we need something kids can draw!

    • I hate the phrase “traditional owner”, it’s such a weak apology for a name. My understanding (limited though it is) is that the first Australians didn’t have an “ownership” concept like we do, although they did have separate territories.

      If we do make it about “ownership” then that gives credence to those who say the English did invade and now own the land by virtue of their victory.

      I was fine with “Aboriginal” or “first Australian”.

      • Most Indigenous people refer to their ancestors as being the traditional custodians of the land – traditional ‘owners’ is a term bestowed upon them by Europeans who originally decided that Australia was ‘terra nullius’ – land belonging to nobody.

        Traditional custodians is far more appropriate anyway, as the land was taken care of for over 40,000 years, yet ever since European civilisation, we are on the brink of environmental disaster.

      • I agree with your sentiment, but ask any of our megafauna whether they’re happy with the way our traditional custodians took care of the land and you’d get a different response.

      • One can only guess how many plants and animals became extinct prior to European settlement. The diprotodon would be one, but there’s also a bunch of giant roos, echidnas etc that aren’t around anymore for our viewing (or eating) pleasure.

        As a non-traditional owner of this country (or a small yuppified part of it at least) it’s no excuse for our shameful record.

        Let’s just stop pretending that the traditional owners lived in complete harmony with eachother and with the land.

        • Are you kidding? Dinosaurs lived millions of years ago. Your last comment is extremely grating: “Let’s just stop pretending that the traditional owners lived in complete harmony with each other and with the land.”… The original custodians of the land did not mine, did not landfill, did not emit carbon monoxide, did not spill crude oil into the oceans – the list would go on for hours…

      • The diprotodon isn’t a dinosaur silly!

        I believe I acknowledged our shameful record. But having said that, the traditional custodians weren’t vegans living off organically grown gum leaves. They hunted (including using fire) and some of what they hunted they hunted to extinction. Also, with their fire they changed the landscape. Try to keep it rational matey.

        • Whoops on the diprotodon…

          As for the rest of what you said in regards to hunting to extinction, it’s merely speculation. Of course Aboriginals had to eat and live off the land, but there remained a much higher respect for nature than what exists nowadays. The discussion began when someone referred to the ‘traditional owners/custodians of the land’, and you said that they didn’t do a very good job of custodianship. 40,000 years compared to a few hundred years of almost complete destruction. I think they did.

      • NP.

        Speculation perhaps, but some merit in the theory. Same for the impact of Native Americans on North America.

        An interesting read, if you can find a copy and the time, is “The world without us” by Alan Weisman. Explains the absence of a range of megafauna on all continents except Africa (in short – in Africa we evolved with the mega fauna, in the other places we invaded and they couldn’t cope)

        Anyway, I think we can agree that us whiteys have made a hash of looking after this country.

        • Agreed. And it’s not racist to say that since settlement, our environment has been drastically negatively impacted. It is disrespectful however, to suggest that our Indigenous traditional custodians treated the land even remotely as poorly as us.

      • haha ! “Pick something that doesn’t represent a small minority of the population” and “too divisive”. So is what your saying, don’t upset the racists as they won’t like it ! What about the atrocities that ‘white’ people caused?? Did you ever think that having the Aboriginal flag in the corner would actually unify. So your saying that the true owners of this land don’t deserve recognition due to the white invasion? So according to you, the feelings of Aboriginal people don’t count as NOW they are a minority??

        I don’t get it….

      • Nice rant Amara! Anything else you want to tell me I’m saying. Here’s a hint – when you’re letting your cat out at 1.14am, don’t check the blogs because (in your words) you don’t get it!

        Now, having said that I will respond to your rant. The Aboriginal flag represents some, but not all, Aboriginals, and Aboriginals make up about 3% of the population. Why not pick a standard that represents everyone (yes, including Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders)? This is not to appease racists (who should be rejected at every turn) rather it would stand to unify us all.

        As to your question about the Aboriginal flag unifying us, pray tell me how that would happen.

        Finally, I am not saying the “true owners” don’t deserve recognition due to the white invasion (where did you get that from???) or that Aboriginals don’t count because they are a minority. They count (about 3%) so do those of us with PROUD British heritage, as does every successive wave of migration that has made this country a great multicultural place to live.


      • So I write something you don’t agree with and you call it a ‘rant’ – person attacks are realy uncalled for. As for putting my cat out..FFS
        1. I don’t own animals that prey on native fauna, in fact I hate cats !
        2. You do realise that other States have diff. time zones, or where you so worked up in attacking me that it slipped your mind.
        3. The times are all out on this blog.

        That’s enough from me, I don’t feed trolls.

        ps – you don’t have to like what I write, no need to be nasty though.

      • Somebody’s a grumpy. Perhaps you shouldn’t have been up ALL NIGHT on these blogs…

        I’m pretty sure the ordinary man (or woman) would read my original post, then yours, and conclude that you were having a rant. No personal insult intended…unlike you calling me a troll!

        Having said all that, I am sorry if you thought I was being nasty. I was talking tongue in cheek a little, but at least I responded and didn’t just set up a whole bunch of strawmen (or women) like you!!!

    • Also it looks terrible. Navy blue against black, looks baaad. The Aboriginal flag is sooo beautiful and should stand alone.

      • Too you maybe, but I think it looks great ! Alot of my Aboriginal friends think it’s a good idea too. Nothing wrong with blue and black together Jayden. I love the Aboriginal flag too, it can “stand alone” but why can’t it also be included on the “Australian” flag. After all, they are the original custodians! I am no flag waving looney, in fact I hate the look of the Aussie flag – Does that make me bad ??

        • I believe that there a lot of Aboriginal people, including the designer of the Aboriginal flag that do not want to see their flag in the corner of another flag. They want it to be a stand alone flag. There is no reason why we cannot incorporate the colours or symbols from the Aboriginal flag in a new Australian flag though.

      • I’d prefer the Torres Strait Islander flag – it looks fantastic and hasn’t been politicised.

        Also, I’d agree that the Aboriginal flag as a stand alone flag to represent us all (if that could work?) is better than having the Aboriginal flag in the canton to represent only the Aboriginals.

  7. I just want to say that i am australian as in citizen & grew up here. I am Chinese & i think the flag is a great representation of australia now

    if there is no problem with it why change it? if the system works than leave it, are people that bored & and have no life to worry about something other than this mundane topic?

    This is australians country not others , if others want to come here 4 better life they MUST respect Australian Ways, you dont see the Chinese having their Temples in every suburb for religous domination

    Australians are very acceptable & tolerable but we are human & if we feel like people on purpose slacks off at work etc its like they do it on purpose, we aussies arent thick head red neck idiots, we are just generous Please dont take advantage of our kindness!!

    • Kidding aren’t you? Are you sure you’re Chinese?

      “if (sic) there is no problem with it why change it?”

      Well, a lot of people are now speaking up and saying that there is a problem with it actually. It doesn’t incorporate our cultural diversity or our Indigenous population/ancestors. The system doesn’t work, because a lot of people are demanding that new arrivals kiss the flag and automatically respect/accept our way of life and ditch their own. How can a foreigner or an Aboriginal person automatically respect a flag that has another country’s flag in the corner, and doesn’t even recognise them as Australians? It’s not a matter of people being bored, it’s a matter of people wanting to act to make the national flag more inclusive of all inhabitants of that land.

      Your comment about Chinese people not having their temples in every suburb for religious domination leads me to believe that you are not Chinese, but merely a Muslim hating bogan pretending to be a Chinese person who supports the current flag. Especially when in your last paragraph you say “…we aussies (sic) arent (sic) thick head red neck idiots, we are just generous (sic) Please (sic) dont (sic) take advantage of your kindness!!”

      Piss off you thick headed red neck bogan.

      • what would you do if he actually is Chinese? admit you’re wrong? Or just judge that he is a redneck bogan if he doesn’t think your way?

        • The arguments still stand. The ‘Chinese’ person has fuck all understanding of the flag debate. And his race is irrelevant. The suspicion that it’s a redneck pretending to not be a redneck simply to make their POV seem more broadly reaching across the Australian population is justified.

          If that person can prove that they’re Chinese, they’re still pretty dopey.

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  9. I agree with tab, it doesn’t read like what a Chinese person would write.

    Actually I like the Aboriginal flag. The colours resembles that of PNG and neighbouring countries, emphasising the originality of this country. I think sticking to these colours rather than the WESTERN RED WHITE AND BLUE is a good move for change.

    “The Aboriginal flag represents some, but not all, Aboriginals, and Aboriginals make up about 3% of the population. ”

    So the Aborigines make up 3% of the population, that doesn’t make them any less significant. Australians have done enough to try and wipe up these people and their culture especially during the early years. Australians must do everything to respect the Aborigines, they let us have our future!

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