5 thoughts on “More Aesthetics Based Racism

  1. So, posting photos of brown people who conform to popular european notions of beauty is an unsound way to refute the ignorance of that comment about Indian people. It quietly reinforces the ugly racist comment through your (unconscious?) rejection of ways of being beautiful that are not like white people’s. This is what the whole ‘bootylishus’ thing is about, as are big ‘fros, cornrows, braids and other African forms of beauty that only look severely dumb on white people. Your presentation of beautiful brown people with straightened hair, button noses and other white stereotypical forms of beauty in effect says brown people are only beautiful if they look like beautiful white people. I hope you keep up the good work in challenging the limits of your societal norms. Regards.

    • Hi Tom, it seems only one of us has sterotypical concepts of beauty. Who are you to judge that ‘black’ influences on fashion and beauty are hideous on white people? Would you prefer it if the images in the post were of Indians in traditional dress? As though Indians are somehow less Indian as soon as they wear fashion influenced by European culture? The images are of Indian people, and they have been used in response to the comments made by a girl who most likely hasn’t been to India to see Indians in traditional dress. Indians in Australia often dress like the Indians in the post response and the images used are hardly a comment on the tastes of theantibogan authors. Personally, I prefer Asians anyway. And I don’t care what they’re wearing!

    • One word Tom. Bollywood. This is the current aesthetic in India itself, and has been since the movie industry started there, when Hollywood was still a paddock.

  2. As someone who spent nearly half a decade with a beautiful indian woman , I can tell you right now that most Indians are hotties.

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