We Need A Bad Reputation

“…we really need to get ourselves a rep [reputation] as the unfreindly (sic) country that does not want more migrants.”

Is this really the path our Aussie priders want to take us down? Get their Southern Cross tattoos, bash some immigrants, and leave Australia as the place NOT to go for tourism, study or employment? Doesn’t this clown recognise how much our economy depends on these three things?

One of the good things about this country is its reputation for being a tolerant multicultural society, where we look out for the underdog and are happy to have a beer/coffee/cup of tea with anyone, just for the company. And now that particular way of life is being eroded by gangsters like this who celebrate violence and turmoil, and fear those that are different.


5 thoughts on “We Need A Bad Reputation

  1. So I trust that means these cretins will not be imposing their nasty presence on nearby Asia-Pacific holiday spots?

    Good, another win for Australia’s image abroad.

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