Ten Hundred (10,00) More To Come


Seriously, was this written by a 5 year old? Was this written by Mr Wilson Tuckey himself?

Fact: This is incorrect. Just 11 of more than 13,000 people who sought asylum in Australia last year were rejected on “character grounds”. Only one was regarded as a security risk because of suspected terrorist links. He had come by air, not by boat.
Government intelligence briefings concerning the threat of terrorist attacks have not mentioned asylum seekers. There remains no evidence that any asylum seekers currently arriving by boat have any connection to terrorism. Those who perpetrated the September 11 attacks did not arrive in the United States as Asylum Seekers. They flew first class using valid papers.
The people in the boats are fleeing from the terrorism of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan and Saddam Hussein’s Iraq. Linking the atrocities in the United States with the boat people is akin to blaming the Jews for fleeing Hitler. People fleeing oppression have a right to claim asylum and have those claims assessed.


8 thoughts on “Ten Hundred (10,00) More To Come

  1. Tuckey is a senile fool and a felon who was convicted for assaulting an Aborignal man. Him making comments such as those mentioned emphasises his bigoted and racist character. It is alarming that idiots vote for this fool, the fact it happens it happens in Australia… and then you have those retarded bogans saying why the country is so fucked up. Case and example.

  2. do you fucken cock smoking pieces of leftwing shit ever watch the news, look at what is going on in the UK and Europe. WAKE THE FUCK UP.

    • Oh yes we are very much aware of what happens in the UK and Europe.

      There has been a volcanic eruption in Iceland which has disrupted airline flights around the world.

      Greece is in the middle of a financial crisis brought about by the effects of the GFC.

      The death of Polish President Kaczynski is being mourned by millions of Poles.

      The Vatican is embroiled in the paedophile sex scandal.

      And in the UK the weather is warming up, Wayne Rooney’s fitness is causing concern and Britain is gearing up for a general election in May where a bloke called Nick is likely to win some seats…

      That is, before you get too excited, Nick CLEGG of the Lib Dems.

      So Kev, you can go back to pulling the wings off flies.

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