This Blog is Racist Against Whites… Or Is It?

Apparently theantibogan blog is racist, according to this knuckle dragging neanderthal. In fact, this douchebag was the sole reason that we needed to display a disclaimer. Nonetheless, here are some reasons to suggest that this blog is not anti-white, or racist towards white people:

* The authors are all white Australians;

* Nowhere in the antibogan’s nominated definition of a bogan does it suggest that a bogan is white, or Australian, although the bogan is generally someone living in Australia, hence the material in this blog being exclusively Australian. The bogan is similar to the ‘redneck’, but not one and the same, as the ‘redneck’ is specifically white and specifically American. To denigrate a redneck, however, is not racist, as it isn’t a comment on all white Americans –  just white Americans who display recurring traits such as xenophobia, homophobia, sexism, alcoholism and a reliance on Government handouts;

* If theantibogan authors were commenting on all white Australians, they would be commenting on themselves, and that is in itself a paradox. The antibogan comments on specific individuals, who have shamelessly put themselves and their opinions into the public forum. Because of the individuality of each post, the antibogan disconnects these people from the rest of the intellectual population of Australia, and hence they do not comment on whites or Australians specifically, just the incompatibility of these particular individuals with a free-thinking, tolerant, educated and rational society;

* The antibogan expresses a desire for all Australians to be humanitarian simply by highlighting individuals who are intent on expressing anti-humanitarian perspectives, such as the need to kill asylum seekers, the need to kill anyone who practices Islam, the need to cut off or separate Aboriginal Australians from the mainstream Australian community, the attitude to openly discriminate against homosexual Australians and the evident drive to personally threaten anyone who stands against them.

Clint: Racist bogan

18 thoughts on “This Blog is Racist Against Whites… Or Is It?

  1. In any case no one is “racist against whites” in Australia.

    The ones whom anti-racists despise are ignorant xenophobes and bigots who in this country are mainly white.

    When challenged, these pinheads cannot give ONE SINGLE VERIFIABLE example of “racism towards whites”.

  2. The anti bogan is an anti white racist.

    This is a leftist hate site.
    Run by card carrying members of the celebrated ‘victims’club of the left..

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