Homophobia Goes Nicely With Racism

David thinks that his outspoken ways are good for Australia. He is clearly a white supremacist, as his profile picture glamorises Nazis. He is a guy who usually talks about how non-whites are poisoning this beautiful country, yet our soldier veterans would probably be full of disappointment in him, as he supports one of the things they were all fighting against.

Now he turns on Australia’s gay population in what can only be described as true homophobia – believing that the blood of a homosexual is somehow detrimental to those in urgent need of transfusions. Goodness – we wouldn’t want trauma patients to leave hospital diagnosed with ‘gay’, would we?

Racists usually attack anti-racists with homophobia, calling them ‘fags’, ‘cock-smokers’, ‘arse-bandits’ and the like. It just goes to show, homophobia goes hand-in-hand with racism.

13 thoughts on “Homophobia Goes Nicely With Racism

  1. Amazing how all the other negative “-obias” and “-isms” travel so often and so comfortably with Nazism and Fascism.

  2. Does that mean men who treat their ladies to cunnilingus have fishy blood too? So that leaves us straight women and only the straight men who don’t engage in anal sex or oral stimulation of their female partners. Also, no thank you, to H.R. Pufnstuf and that Magic Dragon fella.

  3. please send me some pictures of animals having sex. i like it and i touch myself when i see it

    PO BOX 623, Blacktown, Sydney, Australia.

  4. How terribly ironic that “VKLBSEFPM” (gosh, really trying to tick off all the fahionably PC boxes there!) includes STRAIGHT edge in her title!
    As though declining to drink and use drugs (as admirable as that is) somehow makes up for the conceited sexual depravity!
    Which is also an insult to her stated ancestral strains as well.

  5. Indulgece in either form of homophilia/homo-sexuality is deeply anti-social, and is a major sin.
    It is also highly ironic that the ‘anti-bogan’ would with on breathe advocate major Muslim immigration into, and the potential Islamisation of, Australia…when Islam (RIGHTLY!) strongly forbids and condemns homo-sexuality…and then goes on to promote homo-sexuality, and poses those indulging in such depravity as “victims”!
    Interesting, in a whole ‘nother manner as well, that the ‘anti-bogan’ expresses such clear Marxist influence…and that all Communist states, as bad as they were, at least had the decency and level of social conscience left to equally forbid and condemn homo-sexuality!

  6. I agree with Scotty you Lesbo-Maoist-Islamophiles!

    You’re all obviously Marxist-Islamic-Homosexuals and don’t realise how conflicted you have to be by these competeing ideologies. I’m going to skirt around the fact that you are mostly rational, liberal-minded people that can ascribe to certain attributes of a number of competing ideologies because that irritates me and gives me no basis to lash out at you!

    And I’m not pidgeon-holing you, mind you… Far be it from me to do so as that would be childish and immature… and carry allusions about beastiality that make me shudder….”pidgeon-holling” – I mean that’s just disgusting!!!

    And I hasten to add that I am not lashing out incoherently for no apparent reason because I actually have no basis for an argument.

    Neither am I type-casting you all or jumping to massive conclusions from the names or avatars you have chosen or that have been chosen for you on this site. As a pyramid I should know this! Do you realise how often you Facist-Zionist-Feminists keep accusing me of being Egyptian and into Necrophilia simply because I happen to look a bit like the tomb of Cheops (Khufu)! I would never stoop so low as to do that back to you – you tools!

    Keep up the good fight Scotty!

    Make sure these ABOMINATIONS have their citizenship revoked because they all clearly want the Jews to rule the world through Communist brain-washing from loudspeakers on the backs of the dugong they are so desperately trying to save!

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