Addressing The Issues With Homophobia

Mark Hesketh, brother of Craig Hesketh (Riverina representative of the One Nation Party), and avid homophobic racist responds to a reasonable question regarding immigration in true One Nation party line style.

Just to be clear, refugees that come via boat to Australia make up less than 1% of our total immigration intake.

But apparently you are automatically a left-wing faggot if you acknowledge this point.

15 thoughts on “Addressing The Issues With Homophobia

  1. Um, let me see if I’ve got this right. Telling the truth means you are a “left wing faggot”. So assuming Mark Hesketh does not want to be a “left wing faggot”, he better make sure he speaks nothing but bullshit 24/7. Hmm, well actually that shouldn’t be too hard for him.

    • More often helicopter strafing kills civilians, especially in the lowlands. Insurgents often use higher-ground as their bases, which are harder to strafe (and therefore explains actual use of ground troops in such operations).

      There is such an image of a US helicopter killing insurgents who turn out to be innocent villagers. Wikileaks, look up collateral murder.

  2. Hey! Do you have any stats to back up the claim that boat refugee’s make up less than 1% of immigrants?

    I’ve looked around but can’t find a reliable source.

    I’m asking because I wanna use the stat, but need evidence (it’s how I roll).

    Would be great because I also love the MCG comparison, but don’t want to say anything I can’t back up.

    Post a link! 🙂

    • I thought this looked interesting too, so I have just done a basic poke about on a couple of government sites (Bureau of Statistics, which didn’t prove töo helpful and the Department of Immigration and Citizenship –

      Curiously, there are two different sets of figures for refugees issued humanitarian visas within the 2008-2009 period. The overall summary table says 11,645 out of 158,021 (giving us about 7.4% humanitarian immigration), but the page specifically about the visas for refugees says there were 13,507 issued (about 8.5% humanitarian immigration).

      The discrepancy could be something to do with the different ways families and individuals are counted in each report, or maybe I’m just a dummy and reading things incorretly.

      Either way, both percentages come out as less than 10%, so maybe there was a missing 0 in the way that figure was remembered? Mind, I couldn’t find (in my brief hunt) exact detail on how many of the refugees arrived by sea, but I guess there’re some jumping off points for you to look into it further? It still seems like non-refugee immigration is by far the greater source.

      The humanitarian visa page is here:

    • Click to access 49c796572.pdf

      Number of people who sought asylum in 2008 4750

      % who came by plane 97.3%

      Number who arrived by boat 171 (2.7%)

      Number of people who sought asylum in Australia in the last five years 18650

      Number of asylum seekers per 1000 of population 0.2

      Not that the xenophobes let the truth stand in the way of a good scare.

  3. Ignore Jigapoo he gets off on sex with animals and imagines it everywhere.

    Patrick Harrison is spot on. Most refugees come by plane. Very few make the desperate, hazardous and sometimes deadly journey by boat. You have to be pretty frightened of what could happen to you otherwise to do that.

    So the asylum seeker haters would rather see these frightened people drowned or murdered than settled in Australia? So I am fast coming to the conclusion that it’s the haters who have no place in this country, and I’ll swap a decent hard-working Tamil or Afghani any day for these crazed xenophobes.

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