9 thoughts on “The APP’s View On Aboriginal Australians

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  2. We always have that seminal quote from Dazza about whom he’d give the Baby Bonus to. Which pretty much seals the deal as far as his attitude to Indigenous Asutralians goes.

  3. Whether or not this is real (and whether or not you are really Darrin Hodges), Darrin Hodges and his miserable excuse for a political party are outspoken seething and overt racists.

  4. Darrin’s attitude towards the Indigenous of this land is both hypocrisy and political suicide.His support for a foreign Indigenous party(BNP) is second to none and almost comical.I thought the Australian Protectionist Party was about protecting Australia, not worshipping foreign nationalists. Maybe he should focus his policies on protecting Australians, including the recognition of our own Indigenous population.Well Darrin, the world is not black and white, there is no line of division.But you fail to see the grey area and this is your demise.

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