Followers of Allah Are Deluded

Thanks for the tip, Chris. Not too sure what the ’21’s century’ is.

It’s a long shot, but it appears as though you believe that anyone who believes in Allah are ‘blindly led’, because Allah is fictitious. But the inference you make is that Allah is the only God that is fictitious, and that anyone who follows a more westernised God is not blindly led at all.

Karin then takes this opportunity to remind everyone of her hatred of Muslims, simply for being Muslim. Her reasoning? Anyone that follows a fictitious God obviously don’t like our rules and laws and ways, and should ‘GO HOME’, even if they were born here of white parents.

3 people like this. We don’t. And judging by the Census data below, there are a lot of people living in Australia that need to ‘GO HOME’. Because although there may actually be a God, he remains definitively fictitious until his (or her) existence is proven.

4 thoughts on “Followers of Allah Are Deluded

  1. Buddhism is the fastest growing religion in Australia. Atheism/agnosticism grows faster than all religions combined.

    Now how does this sit with the ignorant bigots who are trying to tell us that Islam is going to take over, Sharia Law will replace our common law and women will all be made to wear burqas?

    Actually the Thai Buddhists have an interesting custom. Adolescent boys join a monastery for several years and learn the Buddhist virtues of self-discipline, compassion, humility and self-control. Virtues which the racists and bigots singularly lack.

    • Exactly. The Buddhists with their compassion and self-control clearly lack Australian values. Like bigotry, hatred, and stupidity.

      What I think is hilarious is that a huge proportion of the people who say that Allah is fictitious are actually Christians, and they all have the same fucking God! Arabic-speakers in the other two Abrahamic religions even refer to God/Jehovah/whatever as Allah. Clearly they mean to insult their own faith and religion.

  2. The fact that Islam was not built nor spurred on by conquest itself.

    It is a by-product of Moorish, Timurid, Mamluk, Turk conquest, which are motivated by more temporal means than jihad. After these areas are conquered, settlers, who happen to be Muslim move in and start working. A modern takeover is absurd. Changing laws will take a while. And most just want to get about on their own business.

    Nice reference on the Thai buddhists.

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