Racist word bank

It seems that racists and ignorant bigots have been regurgitating the lines of the fear mongering mass media and hysteria inciting politicians for some time now. Here at theantibogan, we’ve decided to start a little word/phrase bank to help them out, as they are clearly unable to form any rational thoughts or opinions by themselves. All the racist bogans have to do is pluck random words from the following list and put them in some kind of semi-coherent order, and they’ve got themselves an antibogan-worthy spray.

These are the most commonly used words and phrases, as used by the lowest of the low xenophobic minority of Australians: (Please, feel free to add to the list at any time)

* Comm/ie/unist

* Halal

* Bleeding heart

* Lefty/ist/ard

* Scum

* Make a stand

* Forefathers

* Ragheads

* Proud

* Diggers

* Muzzies

* Ruining

* Integrate

* Way of life

* Leaky/holey boats

* Pedophile

* Hardworking, decent people

* Change our laws/values

* Speak English/stop talking about me on the bus/train/in public

* Filthy

* Sandniggaz

* Third world

* Stoning

* Freedom of speech

* They took our jobs

* Benefits

* Take back what’s rightfully ours

* Fight

* Terrorism/ists

* True blue

* Camel

* Bombs

* Taxi drivers

* Rapists

* Lowlife

* Self-hating

* Christmas carols/decorations

* Burqa/hijab

* Respect

* Parasites

* Ban

* Deport

* Shoot

* Civil libertarian

* Jewish

* Marxist/ism

* Krudd

* Refugees

* Crims

* Soldiers


* Homeless

* Abbos

* Petrol sniffing

* Cunt/s

* Infested desert

* Mohammed

* Mussies

* Innocent women and children

* Do-gooders

* National

* Refuse

* Founded on Christian beliefs

* Fag/got/s

* Government

* Soft/hard/en

* Offended

* Diseases

* Universit/y/ies educated

* Real life experiences

* Enclaves

* Weapons

* Locals

* Flag/s

* Disrespect

* Let’s take back

* Boat people

* We’re full

* Disobey

* Invaded

* Bloody

* Gay

* Pissed

*PC (Political Correctness) gone mad


So there you go. A work in progress. If you’re a racist, and you’re trying to string together a sentence, we’ve put these words up for you and spelled them correctly. No doubt this will be an invaluable resource for you for the next time you want to have a fearful, ignorant rant about how the reason you’re such a dead shit loser is because of someone else.


* Aussie Aussie Aussie

* Oi oi oi!

25 thoughts on “Racist word bank

  1. Don’t forget “feminists”. That’s any woman who has an opinion contrary to theirs and who refuses to pose half-naked. So Muslim women in modest clothing qualify.

  2. “Anti-white racism”…according to the boneheads anyone who opposes them is an anti-white racist. Yes we are opposed to white racists. In fact we are opposed to racists of any hue, but by far the greatest number of racists in this country happen to be white.

    “Race traitor”…you mean someone who is opposed to his/her fellow humans? The correct term for that is misanthropist, since in scientific terms there is really no such thing as “race”. We Antibogan fans use the word as convenient shorthand, because our opponents are too challenged to understand the nuances of correct terminology.

    In actual fact the term “race traitor” in bonehead parlance = someone who is opposed to racists.

    Which is rather a good thing to be.

  3. It’s important to remember though, dear reader, that you must only use these words in a pejorative manner that is completely removed from any and all historical context.

    i.e., start a ‘White Pride’ blog as a vehicle for spreading propaganda and misinformation, as well as ATTEMPTING (I cannot stress the use of that word strongly enough) to apologise; and thus legitimise; naked, manifest racism.

    Sounds good so far I hear you say, but here’s the catch… you must then proceed to scream and moan pathetically at AARD for being ‘racists’.

    It’s like Glenn Beck calling Obama a Nazi-Marxist-Socialist, or Abbott accusing Kevin Rudd of being in anyway shape or form ‘left wing’.

    If you think about it for a single second, the correct response is to collapse in fits of incredulous laughter.

  4. I will provide a sample.

    Dear Patriot,

    It is time to wake up, and defend our way of life!

    Our way of life is being threatened by filthy sandniggaz who come in holey boats and refuse to integrate with our culture, nor speak ENGLISH, and are ruining our way of life, and RAPE innocent WOMEN and CHILDREN.

    These camel-loving Muzzie TERRORIST scum will BOMB our country, change our laws, make our food HALAL, stone our women, make them wear BURQAS, claim BENEFITS and take our JOBS from hardworking, decent Aussies, who are being defended by soft, bleeding-heart university-educated JEWISH marxist K rudd loving leftard civil libertarian COMMUNIST do-gooder faggot cunts who disrespect our flag and spit on our DIGGERS!

    Come on, our forefathers did not fight to see our country INVADED by boat people. Our country founded on CHRISTIAN values and FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

    MAKE A STAND, like the ANZAC diggers and take back our flags, our innocent women and children, our CHRISTMAS, our way of life from these TREASONOUS TRAITORS and persuade our weak GOVERNMENT to harden up and close the gate, deport these fucking PARASITES and shoot these Mussie fuckers, and make our nation, and our forefathers PROUD!!!!!!!!!!!!

    *obviously it’s all stupid and non-sense, but for the purposes of research, this is how it would be constructed and I do it the name of satire.

  5. You really need to incorporate the simple words they have trouble with like –
    Let’s face facts they can’t string them together without those simple words and they have a LOT of trouble with the simple things.

  6. A book some of the people involved in this discussion might find interesting is Unspeak by Steven Poole (http://unspeak.net/the-book/). It’s about how language is spun for ideological benefit and a deconstruction of some current jargon like “climate change” and “community”. Of particular note is the chapter on the loss of the word “refugee”.

  7. I need to read that book!

    Thanks for the suggestion… bookdepository.co.uk here I come.

    ‘PC gone mad’ is a wonderful suggestion.

    Hundreds of Australian ‘journalists’ have made comfy careers by striving everyday to ferociously tackle this totally imaginary problem. Which, coincidentally, relieves them of the burden of covering ANYTHING that actually matters.

    And the result?

    Our current state: Cronulla-riotNation.

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  9. My current favourite (as constantly brought up in the “boat-people” debate) is “Charity Begins At Home”.

    Which of course makes it totally sweet to be a right cunt to every other person on the planet.

    • Notice how they suddenly develop a social conscience about groups like “teh_homeless”, “teh_pensioners” and even (I kid you not) “teh_aboriginals” when they can use them to bash refugees and asylum seekers. Groups which normally they couldn’t give a stuff about and downright hate the rest of the time.

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