True Blue Hates Coons

“I’m an Aussie, I despise abbo’s (sic) & (sic) I believe the coons should apoligise (sic) to white people for their embarrassing actions.”


4 thoughts on “True Blue Hates Coons

  1. Yeah, I want an apology True Blue. Im a fucken coon, and proud of it. Oh, hi anti-bogan, let me introduce myself, my mate is Dave, and a few of mates have been leaving shit on your blog, and im here to do the same, and I believe that I am Jigaboo John the XIII. Now suck my dick mother fucker. Oh and by the way, I was a bouncer in the Cross until 6 months ago, and used to love belting the fucker out of Lebanese cunts, woooooooo hooooooooo. Now I live on a beach and get paid to surf all day, no doubt by tax payers like you.

  2. “Demonstrable illiteracy… blah blah blah, stereotype, slur, slur, slur…

    Former bouncer.

    Blah, slur etc.”

    Ha! Bouncer? Likely story!

    Which pub in ‘the Cross’ would that be? Is the address 123 Fake Street by any chance!?

    As a former KX resident, I think I speak for everyone in our community when I say… good fucking riddance to nazi rubbish.

    Try running that mouth in Darlinghurst and see how long it takes before a diva, towering seven and a half feet tall on nine-inch stilettos, picks you up by your ratty pony-tail and slams your pigshit-thick-head into the side of a passing bus.

    But we all know there’s no way you’d cop to any of this fascist wingnuttery without hiding behind your computer.

    So I guess we’ll just have to relish the mental image.

  3. Really sounds like your getting upset there Mr ‘hide behind a computer’. Ohhhh, whats up big guy, didn’t get to suck your bosses cock? Oops, better go, swells on Alexandra Headland tomorrow, enjoy working guys, keep those tax dollars rolling in. Thanks, I will enjoy my lunch after I get my PAY from the teller machine.

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