White Babies Are Worth More

(From the Baby Bonus Fact Sheet):

“The Baby Bonus is intended to benefit the primary carer. A natural parent, an adoptive parent, a long-term foster carer, a family carer or in some cases more than one of these could qualify in respect of the one baby.”

Darrin Hodges heads a political party that is in more ways than one, an epic failure. After offering free membership for over a year, his party still hasn’t got enough members for Federal recognition.

Clint Holmes posts this on a website that pushes the ‘love it or leave it’ message. Clint, if you love Australia so much, surely we don’t need a ‘better Australia’.

Darrin spends all of his days and nights sitting on chat rooms such as Facebook and Myspace and neo-Nazi site Stormfront talking about how white culture is threatened by the Aborigines, Sudanese, Middle Easterners, Muslims, Asians and Indians.

Darrin, (if elected haha), intends to make the baby bonus available only to white children, thus increasing the gap of socio-economic status between white and coloured/ethnic families raising children. Given that socio-economic status is a factor in determining levels education, unemployment and involvement in drug/alcohol addiction and crime such as murder, rape, domestic/child abuse and theft, Darrin would like nothing more than to see pockets of the very people he accuses of being lowlifes of society turn to life’s negative vices more often.

If you were thinking that the APP was an upstanding party with a moral conscience, just realise that many of the people you’ve read about on this website are quite probably new members! Ah, the APP: The party for me and my family!

17 thoughts on “White Babies Are Worth More

  1. What kind of inbred, knuckle dragging fucktards come up w/ this half witted shit as policies? The things they propose create MORE inequality, MORE, poverty, MORE gaps & MORE social problems, which then puts everyone, inc WHITE PEOPLE in MORE danger of crime & violence. But I’m guessing they must already be aware of that.

    Seems they regurgitate knee jerk fuckin dribble all to get themselves elected and if they really gave a shit about “white people” they’d be advocating things that actually help instead of sensationalist, populist crap that a 5 year old could see through.

  2. i am sooooooo happy that screenshot is around. this ‘party’ are now attempting to look ‘normal’. when clearly, they are not.

  3. Dazzling Dazza’s last electoral tilt yielded a stunning vote of 2% in his local Council elections.

    I could just imagine a local government campaign nAPPy style – garbage collections for whites only, all graffiti to be in English, jackboots for Council rangers, year-round 24/7 Christmas lights, the local library to be purged of leftist foreign works like Dr Seuss?

    I think a decent solid campaign from the Sex Party or the Monster Raving Loony Party would see that percentage fall even further in the APP’s relentless race to the bottom.

  4. Let’s not forget, though, both Clint and Darrin are now saying their party is pro-Aboriginal, because they have two Aboriginal members, though no policies to do with aboirignes, and no plans to change their baby bonus policy to include aboiriginals.

  5. Just look at the socialist fuckwits that are running the country at the momment, and all of you are leftwing ‘fucktards'(sic) that voted for Rudd and the abortion known as Peter Garrat.

  6. Peter Garrett was handling Environment. Sorry. Nothing to do with immigration. Socialist? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!!!!!

    Well, with Howard around, I suppose work choices could’ve screwed you hard.

  7. Yes, Garrett just fucked the home insulation program, that we all pay for. Work Choices doesn’t worry me dick head, your a tax payer, you pay me and I get heaps. You buy me a brand new Harley every year as well, you payed for me to study, you gave me a free house. Garrett needs to go back to singing, he’s good for little else. Next time you submit you tax return, take note of the amount you pay and think, That is going to buy the Jigaboo his next Ultra Glide. Thanks Belka, you Belter. Wank wank, nudge nudge, say no more dick head

  8. I advocate a ration-card style dole system. Businesses that provide necessities of life that sponsor this will get compensation. This will stop the dole being abused, and that people can actually now live on it.

  9. Shit man, be careful, the other idiots on this blog are self confessed civil libertarians, you can’t say that sort of shit man. But anyway, my local Harley dealer is a crooked cunt, he will swap anything for my new bike, even if it is for food rations. But, sip sip, just had a sip of the beer you bought me, thanks mate. Oh, and I am in fact overseas at your expense, thanks, BUDDY

  10. BLAH BLAH BLAH. You know the best thing about being on the dole, I have actually been able to buy four houses over the last 30 years, thanks guys.

  11. Honestly, I spent a good portion of last year trying to argue with and destroy the APP, but then I realised it was a complete waste of time – not because they can’t be destroyed, but because they are doing a fine job of destroying themselves without outside assistance! Spend your time spreading positive messages and let the APP fuck itself. It will be so much more satisfying knowing that when it finally dawns on Darrin Hodges that his party and his life have been an epic failure he will be most bitter and twisted about the fact that he failed on his own 🙂

    • This blog’s sole focus is not the demise of the APP, but we will not let any opportunities to make them look even more pathetic than they are slip by. They are merely a needle in the haystack of racism in Australia.

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