Kill My Bacon & Chicken Humanely Please


How can something be killed humanely?

Just for the record, there are varying perspectives on how halal meat is prepared, and not all accounts suggest that it is ‘more inhumane’ than the way us Westerners kill our animals.

Good on you Sam. Why don’t you go out and kill your bacon yourself? We weren’t actually aware that it was an animal.


16 thoughts on “Kill My Bacon & Chicken Humanely Please

  1. Aussie, Aussie, Aussie OI OI OI. Antibogan, how would you like me to kill you, you overeducated, civil libertarian faggot. Maybe I stick a shot gun up your loose ass. POP, your fucked (sic)(sic)(sic). I fuck you up BOY. The abo has spoken.

    • Stop pretending you’re an ‘abo’. People aren’t going to talk about how much they hate aboriginal people because of the crap you talk, they will talk about how much they hate John J Jigaboo.
      I love how you retard ‘nationalists’ always carry on about the inhumanities of Islam, yet you’re more than happy to make random death threats to men and women while sprouting regurgitated isms like ‘civil libertarian’.
      You’re a hopeless xenophobic homophobic loser who has nothing better than to get on the Internet and bitch at everyone, dropping as many F and C bombs as you can.

      By the way, (sic) implies that there is a noted spelling error and it is being quoted back to you. It’s not a LOL, as you seem to think it is. Dopey prick.

      • Yeah I was wondering about that (sic) (sic) (sic) reference.

        I momentarily thought that I was mi-informed at university when I would insert it in direct quotations where there was a recognised spelling error. It was at this stageI realised that the dip shit spouting this stuff most likely never went to university and indeed considers it to be some kind of street slang for ‘kiss my mother fucking arse mo fo’..

        Civil Liber.. what?

        ‘Isms in my opinion are not good. I quote John Lennon “I don’t believe in Beatles, I just believe in me” wise words, after all he was the Walrus. I could be the Walrus, but I’d still have to bum rides off of people’.

  2. This is rubbish.. no meat is killed humanely – halal or otherwise. They’re kept in cramped conditions, pumped with anitibiotics, knee deep in shit .. then when they’re finally put out of their misery there is a very good chance they’re still conscious. Enjoy the shit in your meat!

    Oh and John J Jigaboo – making death threats against someone online has already landed many people with very heavy fines (more than your shitty salaray would see you capable of repaying) and convictions of stalking.

    Don’t fuck with anyone!

  3. John J Jigaboo , your threats have been reported to the relevant authorities and the process of finding out who you are and more importantly what you are has commenced. You really are a dumbfuck arent you.

  4. threats directed to a blog, yeah, that has some very interesting issues ahead for the authorities. Mmmmm, can I take out a personal violence order against a person who has threatened a fictional character, mmm, maybe not. Mmmmm, under the Commonwealth Crimes Act, is it an offence to ‘Use a Communications Device to Harass’ a fictional character, mmmmm, think not. I look forward to meeting any member of the ‘Authorities’ and seeing the allegations to be levelled at me. Ah, John, you have made threats to a person, his name is the Antibogan. Yep, righto, well put me before the courts officer, and I wish you all the best. Love Jigaboo

  5. Oh, by the way mr gettin rogered, another fictional character, whats the go with the name pal, who’s been rogering your hairy little bott bott. Here’s a threat for you pal, stop smokin cock or I will get a voodoo doll and cut your head off. Take that to the cops you dope.
    Good luck, John J Jigaaaaaabooooooooooooooooo, woooowho.

  6. ‘Fictional’ implies that something is not real. If the antibogan was not real and considered fictional, how is it that the antibogan can reply to your halfwit comments? Get an education before replying please.

    • Jigaboo still doesn’t realise that theantibogan is a profile used by three authors, even though he has criticised each one. Life’s slow in the high hills of Victoria.

  7. Yeah, I know, the retired teacher now graduated with a BA and still does bombs in swimming pools like a three year old, the clown in the mask who is obviously so ashamed of his sexuality he has to wear a mask to remind everyone he fucks goats, and the tough guy with the baseball bat and wearing his grand daddies trousers and braces. Yeah, but you got me running boys. What was it, Jigaboo finds his calling. There are now roughly 14 to 15 people making comments marked the Jigaboo, it will keep spreading so your readers will get so sick of the name, they just will not log onto your blog. Hey Kev the Keg, fuck your a scary lookin dude, I bet plenty of blokes submit when they see your big hairy chest. XXXXXXXXX Jermain J Jigaboo, the youngest cousin. I bet you have a cravat, you fucken tosser.

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