Koalas vs Foreigners

We present to you Susan: comparing immigrants who help to build this country, pay taxes, have jobs, have children and families and contribute to our economy by being resident customers, and koalas who just happen to be Australian icons, possibly because all they do is sit on their arses, eat and sleep all day.

If Susan is so intent on not killing the wildlife ‘out of habitat loss’, why isn’t she knocking down her housing commission flat to erect a couple of eucalyptus trees?

7 thoughts on “Koalas vs Foreigners

  1. Pardoning the shit about the foreigners in this.. Do you honestly think the animals should be forgotten about, just because they sit on their arse and eat and sleep all day? They’re not just an ‘Aussie Icon’ they’re living, breathing creatures. Would you smile and wave if you got taken out of your home?

  2. Ah, me and koalas have somethin in common, we were here first, we own the land, and the ANTIBOGAN is the antichrist. The abo has spoken

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