8 thoughts on “The Wisdom of A Racist Nobody

  1. The “right to a good education” was obviously respectfully declined by our hate-filled little friend?

    Sometimes, when i’m angry, i type really and fast and completely forget the basic laws of English grammar.

    Oh wait, no i don’t!

    Anyway… Muzzo’s! “Your” not penguins! and you never will be! so don’t even bother trying to be penguins! yeah think about that! (sic) (sic) (and fully sic)


  2. Why dont you gutless CUNTS use your real name, scared of getting hunted down and belted, YES. FULLY FUCKEN SICK. Anti Bogan cops it up his bum, dooooo da, dooooo da. And his mum has a big smelly cunt doooo da doooo da

  3. whatyoureadingfor, meatpieintheface, the antibogan. If we put you all in a room, you are all from minority groups, yes a muslim (for sure), a indian (probobly getting ready to make an insurance claim, and blame an aussie for his own inability to torch his own car) and a black african with all your dirty diseases caused from rooting your father. All a pack of gutless cunts. I will make you an offer Anti Bogan, give me a date, place and time and we can meet. Perhaps we can laugh at the first head that caves in???????

      • Funny how the boneheads always are dying to “meet” us. I have had several offers from lovelorn Klansmen, but I do require my paramours to wash.

        These fellas must be terribly lonely.

        But I suppose it’s pretty hard to get a date with anyone if you’re an abusive xenophobe with nil social skills. Never mind Jigapoo, the lads at Silverwater will make you feel very welcome.

  4. Lol!

    Dems fiiiightin werdz!

    But i’m not much of an alpha male… so I’d much rather hit up some gnarly corner in the inner-city and smoke pole all night than have to stand your incoherent bullshit for a single second.

    The stench of your testosterone drips from every foul, stupid word.

    I might suggest you actually make an argument to defend your ‘views’, but we both know that the second you tried to rationalise a single fucking word of it, the sheer force of the cognitive dissonance would force a splutter of grey-matter and mucus out of your nostrils before you dropped in a hulking, gelatinous pile to the floor.

    Smoke will billow from your ears as your feeble, brittle intellect bursts into sputtering flames under the sheer pressure of a desperately over-heated under-intelligence.

    Jog on Princess,

    Adults are talking.

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